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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Mia Simone on Intuition

Mia Simone on Intuition

Mia Simone, Founder of Prescience Life, has been an intuitive reader for many years. Her profound desire to help heal and teach others the fascinating science and art of intuition incited Mia to create Prescience Life. MysticMag finds out more.

How would you define “intuition” in the broad sense?

As nature is self organizing, everyone is born with Intuition which makes it inherently existent within each one of us. It typically presents as a feeling, a knowing, a voice or even a gut instinct. In prehistoric times, it was an early warning system which alerted us to potentially dangerous situations. It functioned to assist the very basic fundamentals of survival – protecting ourselves from physical harm as well as finding food and shelter. If we didn’t have an advance warning in the form of a strong feeling, emotion or foreboding sense, we wouldn’t have time to initiate a response to any type of threat.
As human beings evolved, intuition evolved with us. It gradually became less about environmental survival and more about creating happiness. As the industrial age began to emerge, intuition started to subliminally process unseen information that was too complex for rational thought. Over time those diverse skills were organically integrated to reflect our modern environments by becoming more detailed. We began using intuition to evolve our senses to live, love, find our tribes and even plan careers. Over time we expanded into three types of intuition; what’s known as Analytical, subtle memory recall and prognostication (literally seeing into the future). Intuition also began to be utilized to support our emotional growth and intellectual thinking. Although Analytical Intuition sounds contradictory we can view this simply as balanced thinking, which directs us away from emotional extremes.
One way Albert Einstein described intuition between two or more people as “spooky action at a distance” or entanglement as a phenomenon by which one particle can effectively “know” something about another particle instantaneously, even if those two particles are separated by a great distance.
The simplest way I personally can describe intuition is that our hearts and minds emit electricity which functions like a cell phone pinging a satellite. The signals travel while sending and receiving information. Although it is very subtle energy the energy can be perceived, yielding information that can be deciphered by almost anyone. An easy way to experience this phenomena is to practice with friends by sending elementary, bright colored shapes to each other. Over time you begin to recognize them quickly. It’s both fun and informative.

Do you believe that we are Masters of our own Destiny, or is there something more?

It’s complicated! We’re both masters of our destiny and there is so much more. Modern Quantum Physics suggests that we may live in a multi-dimensional universe. That’s a lot to take in, understanding what it’s like to exist on many levels when we take into account that even if we only exist on the earthly plane, there are countless events that
could potentially affect our existence. Taking only the earthly plane into consideration we have mental and physical actions, cause and effect, inherited trauma and countless other circumstances, possibly multiplied over many lifetimes to influence our destiny! The more we understand our emotional states to better navigate the circumstances we face in various environments, the easier it is to be the master of our own destiny. Taking responsibility for our actions is the first most important step.

What exactly is Prescience Life?

Prescience Life is the coaching part of my practice. Prescience as a word that means “the art of knowing events before they take place.” I decided on this name because predicting is an art, developed over time that anyone can learn. This is possible not because we possess special powers, but because we’ve honed our observation skills. Understanding even small events taking shape in our future supports our confidence in decision making. Knowing and understanding various influences on future events hinges on our ability to connect with ourselves and to honestly evaluate personal challenges, including our shortcomings and natural gifts.
In order to achieve this level of skill, we must consistently make conscious choices about the people who surround us and understand our own actions, cycles or patterns on a deep personal level. The most common obstacle to working with intuition is overcoming self-doubt. People in general tend to question themselves and are often easily influenced by others. The skill of predicting future events starts from trusting your own information. The first step in learning the art of prediction is to suggest that the client start by maintaining a diary of intuitive events while periodically reviewing their observations and feelings and then evaluate the information. They begin creating feedback for themselves that they can use in future situations without questioning the validity of their information. Over time this also helps to distinguish the difference between intuitive information versus feelings or emotional reactions.

How easily can we tap into our own intuition, and is this something we can all achieve?

Intuition is constantly being used whether we’re aware of it or not. Although we’re born with it, the ability to use it for many different purposes is learned, not innate. The trick is to quiet the mind and focus on it by simply paying attention and it will evolve over time. Even if we only think about that awareness a little bit with any frequency our powers of
perception will expand and yield advantageous results. It’s easier than you think to consciously access and well worth the effort.

What can one expect from an intuitive reading with Mia?

I’ve developed a unique style known as an Active Reading, which encourages client participation. It begins by asking the client to reflect on their life, formulate questions and set a goal for their reading prior to the session. Extensive details of the situation are not needed, only enough information to understand the areas of concern. During the reading, I use a dynamic healing technique to help integrate any dormant or stagnating components of the client’s electromagnetic field (Aura) while also highlighting the energy of their personal evolutionary potential. My prime objective is to empower the client with information which will assist them with creating the future trajectory they desire, discover romance or just feel happier. I believe that ultimately intuition-assisted decision making allows the client to develop confidence about their future and begin to understand any events they struggle with. Energy work is integrated into the session using the client’s own unique energy to facilitate and promote healing as I believe that our own personal energy is the most powerful in our space.

Do you believe that our intuition and soul are interlinked, meaning our intuition follows us through all life experiences?

The word soul is defined as a substantial entity believed to exist in every person who lives, feels, thinks and wills. Intuition is the ability to apply those attributes. Taking these two definitions into account, my current understanding is that soul and intuition are inextricably linked.

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