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Written by Danai Christopoulou | Updated On May 31, 2023

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Monday, May 8

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Monday, May 8


You want to cancel Monday and go back to bed, or at least snuggle at home with a good book? Completely understandable. You’re entering a phase where you need comfort more than ever.


It’s time to expand your circle of friends today. You’ve been hanging out with the same people forever and, while you don’t need to forsake them, it’s important to broaden your social horizons.


You’re entering a phase where you’re opting for champagne instead of cheap sparkling wine, and for people who treat you like royalty instead of people who play hard to get. Good for you!


With Venus entering your sign today, expect a period of beauty and bedazzlement. It’s very possible that you’ll meet a new romantic partner, or find a new passion to stir your creativity toward.


Be prepared today, as someone from your past may resurface. Resist the urge to pick a fight with them: instead, think whether having them back in your life would serve you or not.


Opening up on social media may seem scary at first, but it’s important that you find a community of like-minded people. Finding your spirit gang will enrich your life more than you know.


You’re a very charming person in general, and it’s about time to start using that charm to make life easier for you at work. Become everyone’s favorite co-worker, your career will thank you.


The recent Eclipse in your sign has shook you up significantly, and you could really use some time away from everything. Start planning a trip, preferably just for you, somewhere you can unwind.


You need to reconsider your relationship: is it time to make your commitment official? And how much of your life can you truly share with another human being? Only you can answer that.


You’re entering an era of exciting new business partnerships and life-changing romantic relationships. Make sure you are being open, honest, and willing to give attention and affection (as well as to receive it).


It’s time you started taking better care of yourself, whether it’s paying attention to what you eat, monitoring your sleep habits and your water intake or simply making a point of exercising more.


You’re starting to feel like your old self: your creativity is back, and so is your need to flirt with everyone in sight. Hey, sometimes you need to see life through rose-tinted glasses.

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Horoscope Writer
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