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Oranum Review (2021) — Watch Psychics Live for Free

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Written by: Jeff Williams on December 3, 2021

Oranum: Overview

Getting to know a psychic via a live video session before you pay for a reading is what makes Oranum stand out from other sites. Unfortunately, you are probably going to need to sift through hundreds of psychics to find your perfect match.

Does this mean you should give Oranum a skip though?

In this tell-all review, I will take you through Oranum’s top features and show you how to find a psychic who is perfect for you.

Types of Readings on Oranum

While Oranum used to be known for its long list of unique and niche reading topics, the site has now condensed their list into 12 main categories: love, clairvoyant, tarot, astrology, dreams, guides, family, career, fortune teller, numerology, sound paths, and pet psychics.

Types of Readings on Oranum

If these categories feel like they’re a little all over the place, it’s because they are. And unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer any filtering options to help you narrow down your search.

That being said, each psychic is required to host free, live sessions every week, so you can watch them in action, or read more about their capabilities in their bios. 

Here is an overview of their main categories to help you navigate the site:

Love and Relationships

This is a popular category on every psychic reading site I have ever tried. On Oranum, you can pick from hundreds of 5 and 4-star psychics who deliver love and relationship readings using different gifts and tools, including tarot and astrology.

Tarot and Cards

This is a tool that almost every psychic uses. Tarot, angel, gipsy, and rune cards are all options. I’ve yet to find another psychic reading site that offers such an interesting selection of card-related readings. Some of which I haven’t heard of before – symbolon cards being one of them.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are really personal and aren’t something you want to divulge to just anyone. This is where the free live and chat sessions really come in handy. They give you the chance to decide whether you feel a connection with a reader before you schedule a paid session.


This is another category that offers a lot more options than most other psychic reading sites. While you can easily find a psychic who can assist you with a general horoscope reading, there are also advisors who specialize in karmic, vedic, chinese, and indian astrology. There is no shortage of choices here either.


Oranum has countless psychics who specialize in delivering readings through the use of their spirit guides. Some readers refer to them as “guardians” or “angels”, but they all belong to this category. These readers are also experienced in helping clients discover and establish a connection with their own spirit guides.


If you want to speak to a psychic who is clairvoyant and can provide you with predictions without necessarily using tools such as tarot, you really have a wide selection available to you. If you really wanted to get specific and speak to someone who is clairsentient or clairaudient, those filters are available too.

Other Reading Categories

If you do some digging you’ll still be able to find psychics that specialize in more unique reading types like palm reading, runes, crystals, reiki, past lives, and more.

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How to Use Oranum

From the moment you land on Oranum’s site you’ll see a bunch of psychics’ images who are currently hosting live sessions. Even without making an account you can click on a psychic and start watching their live session. 

You are able to interact with these readers as a guest, but you can’t type and send your own personal messages in the chat box. You can only choose to send one of the predefined messages that the site has available, which include, “I need your guidance” and  “What can I do to feel better?”

How to Use Oranum

Once you’ve created an account, you can then interact with psychics during their live sessions using the chat function. It should be noted that you need to purchase a coin package when creating an account though. You can also earn an additional 1,000 coins just for validating your credit card.

The truth is that finding a psychic you’d like to connect with before you create an account is quite challenging. This is because psychics have the ability to hide parts of their profiles from non-subscribers.

You’re also unable to see a psychic’s rates for private readings without signing in to your account. If you try to check out a reader’s rate as a guest, you’ll be redirected to the site’s signup form. 

Once you purchase a paid reading, you can interact with your reader via chat or video – video being the more popular option. During a reading, your psychic will have their camera on so that you can see and hear them. You have the option to keep your camera off and communicate using the chat function, or you can turn your camera on too.

While I was able to join live sessions using the app, the video feed would not format correctly to fit my phone screen. The mobile app may be convenient for browsing psychic profiles, but if you want to enter a paid session, the website is better.

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Is Oranum Trustworthy?

Oranum has been around for over 8 years, and is one of the largest online psychic communities in the world.

Even though Oranum doesn’t have any information available about their psychic vetting process, their customer service department confirmed all psychics are tested.

I do prefer it when a site is upfront and publicly confirms they screen their psychics, so it is difficult to know how true this claim is.

Free weekly live sessions are also a requirement for all psychics. That means you’ll never have to go into a private reading blindly. You can chat with the psychic you’re interested in during their live sessions and get to know them better before paying for their private time.

If a psychic is dismissive of your questions or insists that they can only speak to you in private, you can easily switch  to another psychic’s live channel.

Is Oranum Trustworthy?

It’s important to make use of these free live sessions because Oranum does not offer a money back guarantee. You can, however, speak to their customer support agents via chat. Agents respond quickly and can help answer any of your questions before you purchase credits or join private readings.

Overall, Oranum has some work to do in terms of establishing trust and transparency with their users, but that doesn’t mean that the readers on this site aren’t talented and gifted.

Give Oranum a Try

Top Oranum Psychics

In addition to leaving written reviews, users are also able to vote for their favorite psychics. The site’s Awards section is based on votes and features Oranum’s top live psychics. If you’re new to the site, you might want to start out using a top psychic. Here are 5 of the top psychic advisors on Oranum:

#1 AlyciaRose


AlyciaRose is Oranum’s top rated psychic and has been on the site for over 8 years. Her clients emphasize her honesty, something that was clear by simply looking at her bio page. Alycia is very willing to pull tarot cards for visitors during her free live sessions, and is straightforward about her rates. Her bio page states that her regular rate is $5.99 a minute, and that she has a sale on Mondays. Reiki healing, dream interpretation, and clairvoyance are some of what AlyciaRose specializes in.



Sensei is the second highest voted psychic on Oranum. He has a 5 star rating based on over 229 reviews. His specialities include clairvoyance and angel readings, and his bio indicates that he receives a variety of questions about life, love, money, and more.



nourevoyance is a mediterranean psychic with a 5 star rating based on over 218 reviews. His bio page features many positive customer testimonials emphasizing the accuracy of his readings. The personal photos he posts also gives new customers some insight into his personality.



tgtarot is a 5 star psychic that specializes in tarot cards and love readings. His page features a lot of free content and videos for users to watch before deciding on whether they’d like to begin a private session. He also offers a lot of freebies, something other psychics don’t.



MysticMilena is a 5 star psychic who communicates with spirits to provide her clients with clear answers about their life and personal situations. Unfortunately, there is limited information available on her page, so you may want to check out a live session first.

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Oranum Pricing

To participate in private readings on Oranum, you have to purchase coins. Those coins are then used to pay the psychics..

When you sign up with Oranum you’ll receive 10,000 coins just for validating your credit card. Coin packages range from about $5.99 to $479.99.

Oranum Pricing

Oranum’s coin system can be a bit confusing at first because you don’t know how many coins a psychic charges for a private reading. It seems most psychics charge between 1,000 and 3,000 coins per minute. That means the cheapest package will get you around 2 minutes with a psychic. 

My recommendation is to purchase a larger package if you want to spend enough time speaking with a psychic and get answers to all your questions without being cut off.

If you purchase the most expensive coin package which gives you 227,000 coins at a cost of $479.99 plus tax, and your reader charges 2,000 coins per minute, you’ll have purchased roughly 113 minutes. This boils down to a cost of $4.25 per minute. 

Bottom Line

If you’re new to the world of online psychic readings, Oranum gives you a way to watch live psychics in action, at no cost – something you won’t find on other sites. 

Unfortunately, you do need to purchase coins to create an account so that you can evaluate different psychics, which isn’t ideal. 

If you’re more experienced with online psychic readings and are looking for a new site to explore, then Oranum might be able to satisfy your curiosity for unique and niche reading categories.

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Is Oranum safe?

Oranum tests all psychics before they are placed on the site. What’s more, they have also been around for 8 years, which speaks to their credibility. New customers can browse all psychic profiles before they enter into a paid session, giving them the chance to read through the psychic’s experience, gifts, and reviews from past customers.

Are Oranum advisors accurate?

Along with reviewing each psychic’s profile, you also have the opportunity to watch them live, which can help determine their accuracy. One of Oranum’s requirements is that all psychics need to host weekly live video sessions. These live sessions give you the chance to see a psychic in action and ask them questions via chat.

What kind of readings are offered on Oranum?

Oranum has a wide selection of reading categories, ranging from tarot, love and relationships to sound healing, rituals, and numerology. Every psychic is different too in terms of their abilities and the tools they use during readings. While you can’t filter your search results according to psychic abilities and gifts, you can pick very specific sub-categories within each of the primary categories.

How much do readings cost on California Psychics?

New users can expect to receive $9.99 worth of credits just for signing up and confirming their email address. Thereafter, psychic rates range from $0.39 to $9.99 per minute.

About the author

Jeff is an all-things-psychic enthusiast: whether it's a tarot reading, clairaudience or eastern forms of psychic reading, he loves knowing what the other realms have to say. His hobbies include discovering new psychic reading sites and forms of psychic readings, walking his dogs and reading.

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