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The Best Mediums Online of 2020

The Best Mediums Online of 2020

Maybe you have questions you’ve wanted to ask, need closure or just want to get in touch with a loved one who’s passed; either way, there’s a whole range of psychic mediums online just waiting to help you in whatever way they can. 

I’ve reviewed over 10 of the best online psychic reading sites and their online medium offerings, scouring for the best introductory offers, per-minute rates and services on offer. 

Here are the sites that I recommend for the best online medium readings. 

In a rush? Here are some quick links to the best mediums online psychics online

  • 1. California Psychics – Best for its easy filtering options and range 
  • 2. Kasamba – Best for its range of mediums online 
  • 3. Psychic Source – Best for cheapest range of online mediums
  • 4. Keen – Best for affordable online mediums 
  • 5. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ‘Compare Psychics’ feature

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1. California Psychics – Best for its Easy Filtering and Range

What I Liked

  • Prices starting at $1 per minute for online mediums
  • Fantastic filtering and sorting options on the site 
  • 100+ online mediums available  

What I Didn’t Like

  • No online mediums category subspecialisms 

California Psychics is one of my favorite ever psychics reading sites online. It’s so easy to use, thanks to its wonderful array of filtering and sorting options and it’s stocked up with over 100+ online mediums, so I could really pick and choose. 

Plus, it has a very generous introductory offer of just $1 per minute for new signups, meaning I could try out a few different mediums, until I found the right one for me. I really feel California Psychics has so much to offer anyone looking to speak to an online medium, no matter their budget! That and California Psychics caps its psychics from charging more than $15 a minute, which I think every fan of online psychic reading will be happy to hear. 

There are over 100+ online mediums available, and thanks to the fantastic filtering and sorting options, you can quickly and easily find one within the eight specialisms, budget and style for you – I know this, because I did! 

Visit California Psychics

2. Kasamba – Best for its Range of Online Mediums

What I Liked 

  • Almost 100 mediums online, available to call and chat  
  • 20+ years of online experience, and tens of thousands of customer reviews 
  • Call and chat readings starting from $2 per minute 

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Most popular online mediums can charge up to $30 per minute

Having been around online for over 20 years, you could probably say that Kasamba is the leading psychic reading site online. In fact, most of its psychics have tens of thousands of reviews and ratings. 

There are almost 100 online mediums available onsite, ranging in price from $2 a minute, all the way up to $30 a minute for the more popular ones. Having said that, new customers receive a free first 3 minutes, so you could even try out those more expensive ones if you so wish! Plus, you can easily filter down your chosen online medium search by price, rank and  even search for new psychics online! 

Visit Kasamba

3. Psychic Source – Best for its Cheapest Online Mediums

What I Liked

  • 55 mediums online for you to choose from
  • Chat and phone call readings available 
  • Online mediums available from just 66 cents per minute

What I Didn’t Like

  • The site looks a little old-fashioned, but that’s not really a biggie 

Psychic Source is one of my favorite online psychic reading sites – with decades of online experience, I’m always impressed by the psychics it hosts. 

That and, thanks to an awesome introductory offer , some of the online mediums charge just 66 cents per minute, with the most expensive charging $12 per minute – I think you’ll definitely be able to  find a medium online that’s within your budget. 

With hundreds of happy customer reviews to their name, Psychic Source has all that you’re all looking for in the way of affordable, knowledgeable mediums online: Psychic Source is a really solid option.

Visit Psychic Source

4. Keen – Best for its Affordable Online Mediums

What I Liked

  • Get your first 3 minutes free when you sign up
  • Psychic readings via call or chat from $1.99
  • Book online mediums in advance

What I Didn’t Like

  • Only 6 mediums online to choose from (at the time of writing)

Keen is one of my favorite online psychic reading sites – it’s a super easy, clean and fun online psychics reading site, and I enjoy every experience I have there. 

Keen will also earn my undying respect as it caps its psychics from charging beyond 

9.99 per minute. Its online mediums have calls and chats starting from just $1.99 a minute too, meaning there’s a medium online for every budget and type of person. 

One thing – at the time of writing, I could only find 6 online mediums at Keen. While each of those 6 were ideal for me, and I had great chats with all of them, it’s not the massive range of online mediums that you might see at other sites on my list.s this wasn’t a big deal for me, and I’m sure it’s not a big deal for you. 

But still, if you’re looking for affordable, knowledgeable online mediums, I think Keen is where you should start your search. 

Visit Keen

5. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ‘Compare Psychics’ Feature

What I Liked

  • Mediums online starting from just $1 per minute (as an introductory offer)
  • Compare up to 4 psychics at any one time
  • 14 online mediums on site

What I Didn’t Like

  • Chat and call readings only 

Hollywood Psychics is really unpretentious and fun to use (not like its name might suggest!). That and, it has an unparalleled ‘Compare Psychics’ widget, where you can choose up to 4 psychics to compare, across pricing, style, years of experience, tools and specialisms. It really helps to narrow down and find the right psychic for you. 

While there are ‘only’ 14 mediums online, I really think that’s more than enough choice for anyone, as all it takes is one. With an introductory new member offer of calls from $1 a minute, you could also check out each of the mediums to see which one you click with the most. 

There are also some nice filtering options on the site, and you can select as many types of specialisms, tools and even the language you would like your reading in.  

Visit Hollywood Psychics

How to Find the Best Mediums Online For You

Not all mediums online are created equal, and depending on the type of reading you’re looking for – and especially if you’re looking for video readings – the search for the one that’s right for you might be even trickier. 

Having been there and done that, I’ve come up with a tried and tested set of tips to help you with your online medium search – do let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment, below! 

  • Clear your mind before your online medium reading: your medium has a tough enough job – connecting with the other side – and if your head is so muddled, it might be difficult for them to give you the reading you’re paying for. Just by taking a few minutes to yourself – practicing deep breathing, meditation or mindfulness – means you can have a more effective, deeper reading, and get more of what you wanted and expected out of it too.  
  • Be prepared to have more than just one reading: spirits can be a little finicky and tough to pin down; sometimes, the right just does not appear when you really want them too, and if that’s the case then you should be prepared to try another time, or even another online medium. Otherwise, regardless of whether you speak to your intended spirit or not, you’ll doubtlessly need a follow up session. Sometimes patience is all it takes. 
  • Try to keep a clear head, and be calm: if you do manage to get in touch with the other side via your online medium, remember that you might hear things you didn’t really want to. Spirits don’t have any obligations to either of you, once they’ve passed on – and they might be incredibly honest with you. Remember that the truth is objective, and if you’re looking for closure, you have to accept when you’ve found it. Either way, it’s easier to be prepared for every eventuality, rather than being blindly optimistic.  

How to Find the Best Psychic Reading Website For You

As you can see from my list of recommended online psychics reading services above, no two psychic reading sites are completely alike: whether that’s due to the specialisms you’re looking for, the ease of using a site, your budget or even your language preferences, here are a few tips I’ve put together to help you find the best online psychic reading site for your every need. 

  • Check out how trustworthy a psychic reading site is before committing. I’ve gone really in-depth to a site’s trustworthiness in each of my psychic reading site reviews – and you might be shocked at what I discovered. In particular, two policies really defined if a psychic reading site was trustworthy or not – it’s customer satisfaction guarantee, and its psychic application process. By checking out these two policies, you can see exactly the way that your chosen psychic reading site feels about both its paying customers and its host psychics! 
  • Shop around for a psychic reading site. You can easily do this by checking out my above list, or even just looking around for yourself- all it takes is a few minutes! That way, you can take advantage of every psychic reading site’s introductory offers, different pricing structures and even discover some new specialisms you might not have thought about otherwise! As with anything in life, it’s good to compare a few options, before committing to anything! 
  • Keep your mind and heart open. Online mediums and psychics reading sites come in every shape and size. Although you might like the way one online special reading service looks, it might have the best options for your budget, or a fantastic range of mediums online. As well as checking out a few options, as I mentioned above, try to keep an open mind while doing so – you might discover some cool new tools, specialism or otherwise that you could have missed out on!

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