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PathForward Psychics Review (2024) — A Reputable Site?

Our Score
$6.00 per minute
Tarot, Astrology
Chat, Call
10, 20, or 30 minutes for $0.83 per minute

Navigating life in today’s complicated world is far from easy. Among the many online psychic reading sites, PathForward stands out as a great option for authentic and accurate readings, thanks to its solid reputation and strict hiring policies.

After thoroughly reviewing the site and its advisors, I can confidently say that PathForward caters to your needs. I was impressed by the quality of its advisors, who possess a strong psychic connection and are genuinely warm and eager to help with my problems.

Although PathForward requires a minimum deposit of $10, you can get your first 3 minutes for free. Plus, if you’re new to the platform, you’ll be protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you won’t be out of pocket.

PathForward Main Features

  1. Competitive Newcomer Offer — As a newbie, you unlock a starting rate of $1/min plus 3 minutes free. Explore more about this offer.
  2. Experienced Psychic Advisors — PathForward has a generous selection of well-versed psychics, some with over 15 years of experience. Here are my top picks.
  3. Extensive Reading Filters — With its detailed filters, you can narrow down your search with more than 15 options. Browse its reading categories.
  4. Strict Vetting of Psychics — The psychics on PathForward are rigorously screened and only 5% are accepted on the site. Discover what makes it trustworthy.
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee — On PathForward you can stay protected with its “peace of mind” guarantee in case of a sub-par session. Here’s how to contact its support.

Types of Readings on PathForward

Aside from the reading categories below, you can tailor your search with more than 15 filter criteria. Sort your options based on gifts, tools, communication style, and even language. With the added flexibility, you can find a psychic with the right expertise and skill sets.

Career & Money

In a career and money reading, you can expect insights into your professional life, financial endeavors, and the overall trajectory of your career path. The goal is to bring clarity on career decisions and to uncover potential opportunities or challenges. If you’ve been feeling lost in this area of life, this reading category can empower you to take guided action.

There are more than 40 career and money psychics available on PathForward. Each psychic has their own unique set of gifts and reading styles that can offer you a different experience. For instance, you can find psychics that specialize in career and money readings and use tarot as a tool.

Family & Friends

In this category, you can dive into the foundations of your interpersonal connections for much needed clarity. This reading aims to provide support on family dynamics, friendships, and relationships so you can navigate challenges and enhance your connections. This can be helpful if you keep bumping heads with someone in your life and don’t know why.

The majority of the psychics specializing in this theme have 4.7 stars and above. To me, this is a strong indicator of supportive and gifted psychics. Depending on your preferences, you can even select a psychic based on their reading style. Regardless of whether you want a compassionate or direct psychic, you have the freedom to choose.

Love, Sex, & Romance

The love, sex, and romance theme can offer guidance on current relationships, potential romantic prospects, or ways to enhance emotional intimacy. No matter the state of your love life, you can get answers. Whether you want to know about the intentions of your partner or whether the relationship will last, a psychic in this category can help.

The psychics in this category are multi-talented, so you can find a clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient advisor. A clairvoyant can be great when you need a visual idea of what may be going on in your relationships. On the other hand, a clairsentient psychic can tap into your partner’s emotions to bring you clarity on how they feel.

Self-Love & Care

This reading type centers on your well-being, personal growth, and self-discovery. You can get tips on cultivating self-love, understanding personal strengths, and fostering a positive mindset. Whether seeking insights into self-care practices, overcoming personal challenges, or enhancing self-awareness, this reading is designed to empower you.

I was impressed while browsing through the reviews for the self-love and care psychics. I noticed many clients were raving about the practical guidance they received and how it helped them see changes in their lives. This is important when getting self-love guidance because it makes self-improvement feel attainable.


For those on a spiritual quest, you can gain insights into spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and connecting with your destined path. A psychic in this category can help with spiritual development and uncovering your divine purpose. You can get answers about spiritual experiences and foster a deeper connection with the divine.

If you’d like, you can connect with a psychic in this category that channels your spirit guides or ancestors. I’ve found that this can make the reading feel more impactful and bring you closer to your spirituality. The best part is you can ask for tips on how to connect to your spirit guides or ancestors on your own.

How to Book a Reading?

Before starting your reading, you must select a newcomer package, make your account, and input your payment information. However, you can browse and select a psychic before doing any of this if you prefer.

1. Create an Account

Joining PathForward is simple and should take less than 5 minutes. To do so, go to PathForward’s homepage and click the “Sign In” button. This will take you to the login screen where you can make an account by clicking “Take the First Step”. From there, you’ll be redirected to the sign up page where you can select your newcomer package.

Create an Account

PathForward has a special offer for new users
After making your selection, you’ll be asked for a first name, last name, email address, password, and date of birth. Click the “Proceed to Payment” button and input your card information. Once you purchase your package, the minutes are added to your PathForward account.

2. Select a Psychic

Selecting a psychic on PathForward isn’t demanding. Thanks to its intimate pool of experienced advisors and detailed filter selections, you can easily find the right psychic. There are even audio messages on profiles that allow you to learn valuable information about your psychic while feeling out their energy.

Select a Psychic

You can filter for psychics by subjects, gifts, tools, communication, and even language

3. Start Your Session

After deciding on a psychic, choose between a chat or call session. All readings on the site are live, so you’ll have a prompt back and forth with your psychic. If your psychic is available, you can start your reading immediately. However, if they’re busy and you can’t wait in the queue, you can schedule a session for another day or use the call-back feature.

Start Your Session

All psychics have a specified hour that they’re available until

Is PathForward Trustworthy? Yes

PathForward stands out for various reasons that contribute to its trustworthiness. Firstly, it has a rigorous screening process with a 5% acceptance rate, ensuring that only highly skilled and authentic psychics join. This level of scrutiny highlights its dedication to providing you with genuine and reliable psychic readings.

Moreover, PathForward has over 15 years in the industry under its previous name, Hollywood Psychics. When I found this out, it added a layer of longevity that speaks to its trustworthiness. Plus, its code of ethics underscores a commitment to ethical psychic practices and professionalism.

One remarkable feature about PathForward is its in-depth psychic profiles. The audio messages on profiles make its psychics more relatable and provide a tangible demonstration of their authenticity. Hearing your psychic’s voice before booking makes the experience more personal, knowing you’ll be connecting with a real psychic.

Beyond the detailed profiles, PathForward is a transparent platform with genuine testimonials. Having access to these firsthand experiences allows you to make well-informed decisions for the best possible experience. Even if you don’t, you’re also covered by its no-catch satisfaction guarantee.

Top Psychics on PathForward

I tested several psychics from all of the available categories on PathForward and narrowed down my top picks. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a psychic, I encourage you to check out one of the readers on this list.

1. Serena


Best for Career & Money Readings

Psychic Serena has a 5-star rating and is favored for her warm, caring, but honest style. Having descended from a family of Celtic psychics, she now uses her gifts to advise on career and money matters.

Besides career readings, she also taps into the cosmos with her extensive knowledge on astrology and numerology.

2. Terri


Best for Family & Friends Readings

Psychic Terri is a clairvoyant that has done more than 12,000 readings on PathForward. She comes from a formal psychiatric nursing background but now dedicates herself to guiding others in domestic matters.

She’s a great listener with a calm demeanor who has helped many people work through their issues with loved ones.

3. Mayhaley


Best for Love, Sex, & Romance Readings

Psychic Mayhayley has over 40 years of experience as a psychic medium. She has a motherly energy and is very empathetic, but she doesn’t sugarcoat her readings.

With her vast experience and knowledge, she can offer sound advice on matters related to soulmates, twin flames, and much more.

4. Lucine


Best for Self-Love & Care Readings

Psychic Lucine is a 5-star psychic who has a non-judgemental, empathetic style. Her main gift is her clairvoyance and while she doesn’t normally use tools, she can incorporate tarot, astrology, and numerology.

With more than 15 years of experience, Lucine is gifted at tapping into your energy field to help with your self-love.

5. Armin


Best for Spirituality Readings

Psychic Armin works with a range of tools like dream-interpretation, tarot, and clairaudience. Armin is the type of psychic that will work with you to get the answers you’re after in life.

Whether you’re dealing with tough existential questions or trying to find your true path, Armin is committed to helping.

Is There a Mobile App? Yes

PathForward has a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. One of the best things about its app is that it lets you get readings from anywhere. I tried the app on both my iPhone and iPad and found its interface well-designed and easy to navigate. You can easily find psychics, make favorites lists, schedule appointments, and even send DMs.

Is There a Mobile App? Yes

The mobile app is ideal for last-minute sessions and on-the-go advice
I appreciate the DMs feature because you can have follow-up conversations with your psychic. Keep in mind that the reading needs to take place over DMs and the psychic must initiate the follow-up conversation first. But from my own experience, many psychics tend to follow up a month or so after the initial reading.

After your reading, you can share your experience by leaving a star-rating and testimonial on the app. Keep in mind that you can’t block or unblock advisors on PathForward, but this shouldn’t be of concern since the site has a strict code of ethics.

Is There a Mobile App? Yes

Browse through several categories and explore new concepts for free
There is also a feature called “The Tea,” where you can browse free articles on topics like astrology, love, family, money, psychic topics, and self-care. The app even has a daily and weekly horoscope section which you can check for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I found mine to be quite accurate and helpful when I checked it.


The pricing structure of PathForward is comparable to other psychic networks where you compensate your psychic on a per-minute basis. The standard initial rate at PathForward is $4.99/min, with the typical psychic setting their rate at $5.00/min. Occasionally, you may come across psychics who have their rates established at $6.99 to $8.00/min.

As a beginner, you qualify for PathForward’s reduced rate of $0.83/min. While I’ve observed that some psychics set their promotional rate at $1/min, most are at $0.83/min. Additionally, based on the number of minutes you buy, you’ll receive extra ones at no cost. For instance, with its 25-minute package, you get an extra 5 minutes for free.

You can purchase your discounted package with most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.


The Inner Circle program offers affordable, long-term guidance
With regards to long-term savings, PathForward offers its Inner Circle subscription at $24.99 per month. This subscription comes with a complimentary 10 minute reading and a discount of 10% on all other readings. If you are a newcomer to the site, you are also entitled to an extra 10 minute chat reading and a 10 minute phone reading free of charge. Alternatively, you can consider the In Sight Rewards program, which is cost-free and provides 3% cashback.

Customer Support

You have the ability to reach out to PathForward’s customer service team through chat, phone call, or email. I found the variety of contact options impressive as it provides greater flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, they have an extensive FAQ page that’s useful for immediate and broad information.

Customer Support

You can start your live chat with support after filling a few details
I contacted support using all three methods because I wanted to see if they were all effective. All three methods offered prompt replies from courteous customer service representatives. However, if you’re after quick support, I would opt for the chat or phone method because email support can take a couple hours.

You’re eligible for a refund on PathForward if you’ve had an unsatisfactory reading but make sure you contact support within 1 business day. First time users can get a cash refund but otherwise, you’ll be reimbursed to your PathForward account. Refunds happen almost immediately but you may need to wait up to 7 business days for cash refunds.

FAQs on PathForward

Is PathForward safe to use?

Yes, it’s safe to use. PathForward has been explicit about its dedication to ensuring the safety and privacy of its users with its SSL/TLS encryption for secure data transmission. You can verify the security of the connection by checking for “HTTPS” in the URL and looking for a padlock icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Aside from its data policy, PathForward is safe to use because it’s a trustworthy platform with a lengthy track record. Its prices are clearly displayed without any hidden additional fees and it houses genuine psychics with vast experience. Additionally, you can rely on its customer support for any inquiries and are protected by a satisfaction guarantee.

What are the pros and cons of using PathForward?

There are several advantages to using PathForward. Its main advantage is its competitive introductory rate of $0.83/min plus up to 5 minutes free. Additionally, it has genuine testimonials from thousands of satisfied clients, a diverse array of reading selections, PathForward caters to individual preferences, and a satisfaction guarantee without any hidden conditions.

However, it’s essential to consider some drawbacks. PathForward maintains quality with a smaller selection pool of 50+ psychics, but it’s a limited variety compared to larger platforms. Additionally, you may need to schedule appointments or wait in a queue for available psychics might be inconvenient if you’re after immediate support.

Does PathForward offer free psychic readings?

Yes and no. As a newcomer, you’re eligible for PathForward’s discounted rate of $0.83/min and depending on the package you choose, you can get 3 or 5 minutes free. That said, you can’t unlock the free minutes until you buy one of its packages of 10, 20, or 25 minutes. So while you can get free extra minutes, you can’t get a reading without paying first.

The plus side is that you can get a substantial reading with one of its genuine psychics with its newcomer deal. So, rather than only getting a couple minutes for free and not receiving a reading of much value, you can pay a little for worthwhile guidance. There’s even a satisfaction guarantee in case you’re feeling apprehensive about a paid reading.

Bottom Line

PathForward is a genuine psychic platform with a solid track-record and worthwhile psychics. After doing a thorough evaluation, I’ve concluded it’s a reputable site with genuine psychic services. In addition to that, PathForward has a generous selection of reading categories that can get you closer to the tailored advice you seek.

Although PathForward has a smaller selection of psychics, some would argue it’s the perfect amount for a straightforward and intimate selection process. But that aside, its shining quality is its competitive offer of $0.83/min plus an additional 5 minutes free. Not only is it one of the lowest rates I’ve seen but you can stay protected with its satisfaction guarantee.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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