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The Best Love and Relationship Psychics of 2020

The Best Love and Relationship Psychics of 2020

Luckily looking for the best love and relationships psychic is a piece of cake – not like the actual search for love! 

Thanks to these ranges of recommended psychics reading websites, the search for the best love and relationships psychics has never been easier. 

I’ve personally tried and tested each of the below-recommended sites, to bring you only the best love and relationships psychics online.

In a rush? Here are some quick links to the best love psychics online

  1. Kasamba – best for its very specific love and relationship specialisms
  2. Oranum – best for live streaming love psychics – see if you click before committing
  3. Keen – best love psychics starting from $1.99
  4. AskNow – best love psychics with decades of experience 
  5. Hollywood Psychics – simple, straightforward love and relationship readings 

If you’d like to learn more about how to find the best love and relationships psychics online, click here. 

The Best Love and Relationships Psychics 

1. Kasamba – Best for its range of Love and Relationships Specialisms

What I Liked 

  • Almost 300 Love and Relationship psychic specialists waiting to speak with you 
  • 7 specific Love and Relationship categories to choose from including marital life, divorce and more 
  • Prices starting from $1.69

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Most popular Love and Relationship psychics can charge up to $30 per minute

Kasamba is my top pick for Love and Relationship psychics, and that’s mostly due to the range of specialisms it has under that Love and Relationships section: breaking up and divorce; cheating and affairs; gay and lesbian friendly; marital life; parents and chldren; single and dating; soulmate connections. 

I love that Kasamba recognizes that not all Love and Relationship psychic issues are equal, or even similar, and for that, it earns my number one spot on my list of recommended best Love and Relationship psychics. 

While prices start at just $1.69 with Kasamba’s new customer promotion, those more popular Love and Relationship psychics can charge up to $30 a minute (but you can easily filter out these more expensive options).

Visit Kasamba

2. Oranum- Best for its Range of Live Streaming Psychics

What I Liked 

  • Multilingual Love and Relationship psychic specialists  
  • 4 specific Love and Relationship categories to choose from 
  • Prices starting from $2 per minute (2.99 credits)

What I Didn’t Like 

  • The site can be a little overwhelming for newcomers online psychic reading 

I really love Oranum because it’s so modern, taking all of the best features of social media, such as live-streaming and wall posting – and marries it with really solid psychic reading. 

Oranum uses credits as currency to buy time with its psychics, so you’ll need to buy a pack of credits. Most psychics charge around 2.99 per minute, which works out to about $2. You also get the chance to experience a 10 credit conversation for free when you sign up! 

Check out each of the psychics before committing to one by tuning into their bio as they live stream, and then choose your favorite. Oranum offers Love Reading, Love Horoscope, Love Compatibility and Karmic Love Reading as specific specialisms in its Love and Relationships category.


3. Keen – Best for its Range of Love and Relationships Specialisms

What I Liked

  • Calls and chats starting from just $1.99 per minute
  • Get your first 3 minutes free with introductory offer
  • Prices starting from $1.69

What I Didn’t Like

  • No sub-filtering within the Love and Relationships category

Keen looks amazing, has decades of online experience, and has a really solid Love and Relationships category.

With psychics starting from just $1.99, it’s also a really solid option if you’re looking for love and relationships psychics and are on a budget – there’s also a nice three minutes free introductory offer for new signups.

One thing that annoyed me slightly – there’s no filtering available for the Love and Relationships subsection, although once you click through to each psychic’s bio, you can see several Love and Relationships subsections….

Keen specialities

Which would have been really nice to have seen filtered on the home page.

Visit Keen

4. AskNow – Best for its Three Levels of Psychics

What I Liked

  • Three tiers of psychics available, at different price points
  • Easy booking online via each psychic’s bio
  • $1 a minute introductory offer for new signups

What I Didn’t Like

  • No specific specialisms within the Love and Relationships category

I love everything about AskNow, from the way it categorizes its psychics (using three tiers –

AskNow Pricing

ensuring everyone looking for a Love and Relationship psychic can find one well within their budget) to its generous introductory offer – 30 minutes for $30, with 5 free minutes for those more expensive Elite and Master psychics.

AskNow’s customers clearly love its psychics, and there’s a really good range of psychics from each of the three tiers in its Love and Relationships psychics category. I wished there could have been a few subspecialisms (as there are at Oranum and Kasamba), because ‘Love and Relationships psychics’ are a pretty broad category. But still, if that’s what you’re looking for, AskNow is definitely the place to find it.

Visit AskNow

5. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its Cool ‘Compare Psychics’ Feature

What I Liked

  • Awesome ‘Compare psychics’ tool, where you can compare up to 4 psychics you’re interested in
  • $1 per minute introductory offer for all new signups
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) psychics available

What I Didn’t Like

  • Set prices per psychics – $5 per minute

I always enjoy my time at Hollywood Psychics, and that’s thanks to a few things – the ease of using the site, the smaller more community-like feel of being there (there are ‘only’ around 70 or so Love and Relationships psychics at the site), and that Hollywood Psychics’ customers love their psychics so much, they’re bordering on cult-like.

There’s also a super cool ‘Compare Psychics’ feature, which I’ve used time and again to decide which psychics I would like to speak with. I get to compare specialisms, tools and reading style too!

One thing I both like and dislike – while Hollywood Psychics has a really generous introductory offer (up to 30 minutes for just $1 a minute, plus your first 3 minutes free), after the introductory offer expires, the psychics have a set rate, site-wide of $5 per minute. While I love that these rates are set by the site, I also think it’s a tad pricey.

Still, if you like Hollywood Psychics as much as me (and the other Love and Relationship psychics customers), then it’s totally worth paying.

Visit Hollywood Psychics

How to Find the Best Love and Relationships Psychic for You

Just like finding love itself, finding a Love and Relationships psychic that’s worth your time and money can be tough.

Here’s what I recommend you look for when it comes down to it:

  • Take some time to quietly reflect why you want to speak with a love and relationships psychic. Being very clear in your own mind, about the questions you want answering and the general situation you’re seeking advice on can make the world of difference when it comes to a psychic’s reading.
  • Check out the range of Love and Relationships subspecialists at some of the above mentioned sites. Certain sites, like Oranum and Kasamba, have even more specific Love and Relationship categories – and psychic specialists within each of these categories – that you could very easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Be prepared for it to take longer than a 5-minute phone call to resolve your situation. Just as with life, some psychic readings need more than 5 minutes, or even more than one phone call, in order to see the greater picture.
  • Be prepared that you might hear things you didn’t really want to. Again, as with life, the truth – and the situation – is what it is. Just because you’re having psychic reading on Love and Relationships, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive the answers you want. Keep breathing, keep your mind open, and listen to what the psychic is telling you. After all, it’s better to hear the truth than what you want to be the truth!

How to Find the Best Psychic Reading Website for you

Before you even get to finding the perfect love and relationship psychic, you need to find a psychic reading website that works for you.

Firstly, there are several things you should look for when choosing a psychic reading website, before even looking for a specific live and relationships psychic! These are –

  • Make sure the site is trustworthy. In my incredibly in-depth reviews, I’ve looked at each psychic reading website that I’ve reviewed policies for satisfaction guarantees, customer ratings and reviews and even their psychic application process. Not all of the psychic reading websites have a customer satisfaction guarantee, and some have a very lenient application process for psychics wanting to join their sites!
  • Check out a few psychics reading websites, to see the types of pricing on offer, as well as any cool introductory offers. Every psychic reading site has introductory offers, reading from free minutes, to slashed rates for up to a certain period of time. It’s even worth signing up to a few psychic reading sites just to see which payment structure, introductory offers and even psychics are more suited to you.

Open your mind. While there’s something to the idea of sticking to your comfort zone and checking out categories and specialisms, even psychics tools that you know and love, some of these websites have so many specialisms, tools and other exciting things on offer that you might just discover something you really enjoy!

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