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Written by Lillian Maclean | Updated On June 06, 2023

7 Best Love & Relationship Psychic Reading Sites in 2023

7 Best Love & Relationship Psychic Reading Sites in 2023

When you’re in over your head with your love life and can’t tell fact from fiction, a love and relationships psychic can help. They can enlighten your situation with unbiased insights, but selecting an appropriate psychic platform can be confusing.

To help you make an informed decision, I’ve rigorously reviewed and shortlisted the most reputable psychic sites for love and relationship readings. When you get a reading from one of these sites, you can expect to approach your love life with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.

But if you’re in a rush to get heartfelt advice, I suggest you check out my top pick for love and relationship readings — California Psychics. It is a trustworthy psychic platform that only accepts the best psychic readers. You can download its free app and get your first love reading for as low as $1 per minute.

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In a rush? Here Are My top Picks for Love Psychic Sites

  1. California Psychics – Best site for love and relationship readings with highly rated psychics and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  2. Purple Garden – Great for its user-friendly app and video reading option but no refunds for unsatisfactory experiences.
  3. Keen – Enticing introductory offers and over 200 love psychics to choose from but slow customer support.
  4. Psychic Source – Experienced psychics with 20+ years of experience and audio messages on each advisor profile but outdated app.
  5. PathForward – Use detailed search filters and schedule readings ahead of time, but a limited selection of love psychics.

Plus Two More Love Reading Sites

Best Love and Relationship Psychic Sites in 2023

By checking out my top picks for the best love and relationship psychic sites, you can make a conscious decision about where to get advice. I selected the following platforms for their rigorous screening of advisors and fine selection of psychics. Plus, they’ve all been in business for an extended period.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Love and Relationship Readings


  • Only accepts 2% of applicants
  • High-quality selection of love readers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • User-friendly app
  • Karma rewards program

California Psychics is my top choice for love and relationship readings because it takes advisor screening seriously. It has kept a high-quality psychic roster by only accepting 2% of all applicants. This means you have an impressive pool of accurate love readers to choose from.

While investigating California Psychics, I discovered that you can get a reading at your leisure using its free app. In addition to its easy navigation, I appreciate the ability to view video bios on some advisor profiles. Video bios are useful because they allow you to feel an advisor’s energy and determine whether or not you will be compatible with them.

One of the things I like best about California Psychics is that, despite its low introductory rates, it never sacrifices session quality. If you’re new to the platform, you can get your first love reading for just $1 per minute and speak to multiple love psychics without spending lots of money.

Even if you are dissatisfied with your reading, you don’t need to worry because California Psychics offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can request a refund for your reading by contacting customer service via its 24-hour hotline. This is great because it helps ensure a high-quality session.

It’s worth noting that California Psychics has different tiers of love psychics with different rates, which makes higher-tier readers more expensive. However, you can cut costs by joining its Karma Rewards Program, which provides a $20 credit when you join and free points with every purchase.

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2. Purple Garden — Get Accurate Love Advice From Anywhere


  • Video readings available
  • Large selection of psychics
  • Love readings on the go
  • 5% cashback
  • Community building on Journey’s

Purple Garden is a great alternative if you prefer a video reading with your love psychic. If you are conscious about your privacy, you can also access call and chat readings. The platform stands out because it’s one of the few sites offering all 3 reading options, which can help you feel more comfortable revealing personal love matters.

If you prefer to have the option for mobile readings, you’ll enjoy the intuitive nature of Purple Garden’s app. I appreciate the app’s user-friendly interface and how it lets you connect with a love psychic from any location. This makes Purple Garden an ideal choice if you’re a frequent traveler needing love and relationship guidance.

One of the features I liked the most while checking out Purple Garden was its Journey’s feature. This feature is unique to Purple Garden because it lets you be part of an interactive community. You can submit your love experiences or read other people’s posts in similar life situations.

I also appreciated the high level of transparency with client reviews on Purple Garden. Its review section is nicely organized and divided based on positive and negative reviews, which helps you get an idea of the quality of your love psychic. Having it clearly showcased makes it easier to understand if the advisor is right for you.

An inconvenience is that it does not offer large introductory discounts like other platforms. However, it does offer a $10 credit, 5% cashback on all readings, and a free reading for referring a friend. While you may not save as much upfront, you save a lot in the long term, which is great if you plan to get more love and relationship readings in the future.

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3. Keen — Connect With a Trusted Love Psychic Who Provides Clarity


  • 200+ highly-rated love advisors
  • 3 free minutes offer
  • Psychic match tool
  • Keen credits for unsatisfactory readings
  • Ping love psychics for free

I highly recommend Keen if you’re after personal love advice for an affordable rate. Keen is one of the few platforms that offers you 3 minutes free and 10 minutes for only $1.99. With its competitive introductory offers, you can test out a higher-priced love psychic and receive accurate relationship advice for a quarter of the regular price.

While reviewing Keen, I was impressed with its “Psychic Match Tool” feature. I found it handy because it does most of the work for you when looking for a specific type of love psychic. Keen will give you a handful of options to narrow down your picks without wasting time browsing through profiles.

But if you’re lost for choice, you can contact a love psychic directly to clarify any doubts before a reading. With the email option, you can get in touch for free and get answers for any information that may not be on the advisor’s profile. I like this because it helps ensure certainty before committing.

Even though Keen offers refunds for unsatisfactory experiences, it won’t refund you back to your original payment method, which is disappointing. You can only get Keen credits added to your account. The upside is that you can save time by not having to add more funds to your account when you get a reading next.

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4. Psychic Source — Listen to Love Advisors Through Audio Clips

Psychic Source

  • 30+ years in business
  • $0.66 per minute and 3 minutes free
  • Audio clips on love advisor profiles
  • Code of ethics & donations to charity
  • 24 hour customer support hotline

Psychic Source is one of my top picks for love readings because it has the largest selection of experienced love psychics. It’s been in business for over 30 years and many of its love readers have remained loyal to the site. This is great because it increases the likelihood of receiving accurate love predictions and unique insights.

While browsing through advisor profiles on Psychic Source, I noticed you could listen to audio clips from advisors. I appreciate having the chance to interact with the psychic before booking because I can get a better feel for the delivery style. By listening to audio clips, you can tell if you’ll like the energy of the love psychic.

Using Psychic Source feels secure and safe because it has an accessible customer support and a money-back guarantee. I feel this is a big perk of using it because you can call and speak to someone directly if you have any issues, and you won’t have to wait a long time if you decide you’d like a refund.

One thing you should be aware of is that its app is a bit difficult to navigate, which can be problematic if you like getting relationship advice from your phone. However, its website has an appealing interface and even offers video readings, which are not available with every platform you come across.

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5. PathForward — Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Promotion of $0.83 per minute with 3 free minutes
  • Detailed filter options for browsing
  • Schedule love readings in advance
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Large selection of articles on blog

PathForward is a great option if you have a busy schedule and prefer to book your love readings in advance. You can easily book your appointment to connect with a love and relationship psychic during a day and time that suits you. I prefer to book my sessions in advance because I don’t have to wait in a queue in case my favorite reader is busy.

As I was looking for a psychic on Path Forward, I was impressed by its highly detailed search filters. I look out for this while testing different sites because the search filters save a lot of time. It’s also great because you can ensure you’re only looking at love psychics that fit your criteria.

A small drawback of using Path Forward is that there aren’t as many love and relationship psychics to choose from compared to other sites. However, this is likely due to its rigorous screening criteria, as it accepts less than 5% of all applicants. I feel that it’s still worth it because you get quality psychics for a very affordable rate despite the lack of options.

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6. Kasamba — Browse its Love Reading Niches For Accuracy


  • Large selection of love reading types
  • 3 minutes free and 70% off first reading
  • Detailed FAQ section
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Mini-profiles for advisors

I find Kasamba to be unique compared to other sites because it offers niche reading categories. You can select from divorce, cheating, soulmate connections, LGBTQA+ friendly, and more. This is valuable because you can connect with love advisors experienced in specific situations, so you feel safe when opening up.

During my review process, I was surprised to see how many love advisors Kasamba had available. The platform has over 300 love psychics for you to choose from, and its support team has verified that each reader is carefully reviewed and monitored. Knowing this helps ensure peace of mind since you have many qualified options.

I would prefer to see Kasamba requiring a more detailed bio for each psychic, as the amount of information can vary. That said, I like how Kasamba’s love psychics have plenty of detailed information on their mini-profiles. They make it easier to browse as it saves you from having to click on each profile.

Explore Kasamba

7. Oranum — Enjoy Free Content and Narrow Your Options


  • Instantly connect with a love psychic
  • $30 worth of Oranum points upon credit card validation
  • Chat with psychics during free live streams
  • Subscribe to your favorite advisors
  • Live chat customer support

Oranum is great if you are someone that likes to browse psychic apps like a social media platform. You can subscribe to different love psychics and watch their live streams for free. I like this because it feels like a community and helps you decide if you want to establish connections with your favorite love psychics.

When I scrolled through the free content on Oranum, I was happy to see that you can chat with psychics during their live streams. This is a great addition to the site because you can have some back-and-forth with any love psychics you’re considering. Doing so can help you decide if you’re a good match with that advisor.

While I feel that Oranum would benefit from offering a satisfaction guarantee, it gives you 10,000 Oranum coins upon validating a credit card, equivalent to $30. I find this is a redeeming factor because you can receive a full-length reading with a love advisor for free, giving you a go-to choice.

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Comparison: Best Love and Relationship Psychic Sites

Delivery Method Introductory Offer Number of Love Readers Satisfaction Guarantee?
California Psychics Live Chat & Call $1 per minute 400+ Yes
Purple Garden Live Chat, Call, & Video $10 credit 100+ No
Keen Live Chat & Call 3 minutes free & 10 minutes for $1.99 200+ Yes
Psychic Source Live Chat, Call, & Video 3 minutes free & $0.66 per minute 200+ Yes
PathForward Live Chat & Call $0.83 per minute 50+ Yes
Kasamba Live Chat & Call 3 minutes free & 70% off 300+ Yes
Oranum Live Chat & Video  10,000 Oranum coins upon validating credit card 100+ No

Tips on Choosing a Site for a Love and Relationship Reading

I recommend you keep in mind these pointers when you’re deciding on a website for a love reading. They can help shield you from landing on a platform that may not satisfy your requirements. By scrutinizing your alternatives through this lens, you can trust in the knowledge that you’ve picked the right place.

1. Familiarize yourself with customer support

I find that a quick investigation of a platform’s customer support can make the difference between feeling taken care of and being left out in the cold. Choosing a psychic site for your love reading with accessible customer support is very important because it helps you make the most of your experience and solve problems immediately.

If you don’t have a way to get immediate support, you may be stuck in a situation where you have to wait multiple days to get a solution. I recommend going with psychic love sites with a customer support line or a live chat feature, as it guarantees real-time help.

Alternatively, you want to ensure your site has a detailed FAQ section. This is a useful feature if you’ve decided on a platform that doesn’t have direct access to its support team. You can sometimes get what you need by looking solely at a FAQ page, which can help you while waiting for a reply.

2. Evaluate your preferences

I recommend you take a piece of paper and contemplate the following before deciding on a psychic site for love insights. Firstly, choose the type of delivery you feel most comfortable with. If you are set on getting a reading via video, you need to select a platform with that option, as it’s not always available.

Secondly, you should determine the reading style that you would get the most emotional benefit from. If you are more sensitive, you should look for platforms that disclose the reading style of each love psychic. Then you can browse through love and relationship readers with compassionate deliveries and avoid any that are too direct.

Thirdly, ask yourself if you need a love psychic with specific abilities, as this can vary. If you like psychics that can see visions of your love life, I suggest picking a platform with particular search filters so you can filter for love psychics with clairvoyance only. Doing so will help you avoid readers that don’t have the specific criteria you’re after.

Finally, decide if you’d prefer an older reader with more experience or a newer reader with a fresh perspective on love. Both can deliver useful insight, depending on which energy you feel most comfortable with. Some psychic sites have one type more than the other, so determine which one you’d prefer.

3. Be clear on your focus

It’s always a good rule of thumb to get clear on the focus of your love reading before choosing a psychic reading site. If your reading focus is particular to a relationship situation, you may want to go with a site with more niche reading themes. That way, you can ensure to cut to the chase.

Additionally, I recommend you establish a set of specific questions about your love life and write them down. Open-ended questions about things you don’t already know are always best because they help pinpoint your main concerns. This ultimately saves you minutes as you won’t go around in circles with your love psychic.

Getting clear on your most essential inquiries can also help you determine if the love psychic you’re interested in has experience with your situation. Some platforms will outline the psychic’s expertise in its advisor profiles, making it easier to connect with a reader that typically deals with the same type of love situations.

4. Set a budget

I find that coming up with a budget ahead of time is helpful because it allows you to determine which platform will give you the best bang for your buck. Once you have your budget set, you can select a few platforms that offer introductory packages in line with the financial criteria you’ve set.

The best deals include low per-minute rates and free minutes because you can get a lengthier love reading at a lower cost. It’s also best to go with sites that have rewards programs, as you can typically get credit by joining. You can stick to your budget by stacking promotions and still receive valuable advice.

Since most platforms require you to add funds before your reading, having a budget will help you figure out how much to load up so that your love advice doesn’t get interrupted. It’s also a great way to set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend so you don’t go overboard with a love psychic outside your price range.

5. Vet relevant love psychics

Before you decide on a love psychic platform, you should look through a select group of relationship psychics that meet your criteria. Then you want to read client reviews, look at star ratings, and compare the rating to the number of readings they’ve done.

You should further look into love psychics with a proven track record of completed readings and plenty of high ratings. This usually indicates that the psychic is highly experienced and helps you determine the quality of the love psychics on the platform.

This is another instance where search filters come in handy, as most platforms will let you search by star rating and experience. If you search for readers with favorable star ratings and only come across relationship psychics with a handful of readings completed, you may want to browse on a different platform.

Normally, platforms with credible and accurate love advisors will let you choose from many psychics with many completed readings under their belt. I always suggest sticking with platforms with a high-quality selection of love advisors, as there is a higher chance you will connect with a gifted psychic who can guide your love life in the right direction.

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FAQs on Love and Relationship Psychic Sites

When is the best time to talk to a love psychic?

You should consult with a love psychic if you feel that you’re having bad luck in love, or if you’re in a confusing situation that could benefit from unbiased advice. If you’re having a hard time in love, a psychic might be able to tell you why this is happening and give you advice on how to remove this block from your life.

Additionally, sometimes when you’re in a confusing love dynamic, talking to friends and family can only make it worse. If you want to speak with someone who can give you outsider insight, a love psychic can give you an objective opinion while getting advice from your spiritual team. This will provide you with strength and clarity.

I wouldn’t recommend consulting with a psychic if you’re not ready to hear the honest truth about a situation, as a psychic’s job is to tell you how it is. However, I recommend you determine your reader preferences, so you don’t experience a disappointing love reading.

Can an online love psychic help me find a soulmate?

No, an online love psychic can’t help you find your soulmate, but they can give you indicators of when and how you will meet them. This is because psychics can’t control your life’s destiny, so if you aren’t meant to be with your soulmate until a certain time frame, then they have no control over the matter.

However, you can look for a love psychic on a reputable psychic site to get details about your soulmate. You can learn about why you haven’t met them yet, what you can do to prepare for the union, and any additional information about the when and how of the meeting. I always suggest going in with an open mind and letting go of expectations.

Can I get reliable love advice from online psychics?

Yes, you can get reliable love advice from online psychics if you browse through a trustworthy psychic platform. While most reliable sites can’t guarantee you 100% reader accuracy, you can feel more at ease when you receive an online love reading from a psychic site with a satisfaction guarantee and accessible customer support.

Which types of tools do love and relationship psychics use?

While not all love psychics will incorporate tools, many use tarot, astrology, numerology, angel cards, and reiki for additional depth during sessions. These tools help you get confirmation on any information your psychic picks up on intuitively.

Tarot and angel cards are great if you like visual representations of insight, while astrology and numerology help with specific timing predictions. Reiki is healing if you’ve dealt with serious heartbreak and want to clear the energy. Ultimately, no tool is better than the other as each has a special use.

However, deciding if you’d benefit from connecting with a psychic that incorporates tools is essential. Determining the focus of your love and relationships reading can help you narrow down your choice of psychic and ultimately bring you closer to receiving unique insights.

Bottom Line

Love can be a complicated subject, but finding a psychic platform that provides love and relationship advice doesn’t have to be. While getting an online psychic reading can feel like a gamble, you can make the process smoother by making an informed decision that matches your needs.

When you choose a tried and tested psychic platform, you can go into your love reading without anxiety. Additionally, you should refer to some valuable tips that help you get closer to your preferred platform and love psychic.

But if you don’t have the time to choose a site carefully, I recommend getting a love reading from California Psychics. The platform has given me plenty of unique and useful insights, so I can confidently recommend its services. Best of all, you can get a love and relationships reading for only $1 per minute and receive a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

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To summarize, the best sites for love and relationship psychics are…

Rank Provider Rating Review

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