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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 06, 2023

5 Best Dog & Pet Psychic Sites (2023): What Is Your Pet Saying?

5 Best Dog & Pet Psychic Sites (2023): What Is Your Pet Saying?

Sometimes you just can’t figure out what your pets are trying to say and that can be frustrating or alarming. If you have tried everything and your pet still seems distressed it might be time to turn to a pet psychic for help.

A pet psychic can tune in telepathically and relay messages between you and your pet. However, finding a genuine pet psychic can feel challenging and take a lot of time. There are so many sites available but not all of them are trustworthy or have what you need.

I tested several psychic platforms with pet psychics and shortlisted the best ones, so you don’t have to waste time finding the perfect fit. The best site to get a pet psychic reading from is California Psychics. It has lots of pet specialists to speak to as well as generous introductory offers that let you seek guidance at a reasonable cost.

Contact a California Psychics pet expert

In a Rush? Here Are My Top Pet Psychic Sites

  1. California Psychics — Best overall for quality pet psychic readings with talented advisors and great introductory rates.
  2. Keen — Great for its “find a psychic” tool that helps you navigate the largest pet psychic network, but some of its pet psychics don’t have many reviews.
  3. Psychic Source — Offers video readings and has free articles about pets, but you need to make a payment when signing up.
  4. PathForward — Has multiple introductory offers and more standardized pricing, but it doesn’t have many pet psychics to choose from.
  5. Kasamba — Allows to contact a pet psychic by email and has a good satisfaction guarantee, but the site is tricky to use.

Best Pet Psychic Sites in 2023 — Full List

1. California Psychics — Best Site Overall for Quality Psychic Pet Readings

California Psychics

  • 54 experienced pet psychics to choose from
  • Easy to search for the psychic you need
  • Offers a starting rate of $1 per minute
  • Connect by phone or chat
  • Sign up for Karma Rewards Programme

California Psychics is the best site overall for pet psychic readings. I found it has plenty of advisors available and offers a great range of introductory packages. Only 2 out of every 100 psychics that apply are accepted to the site, after which they are monitored continuously for quality control.

Finding a psychic you can truly connect with when discussing your pet’s troubles is also important. I was pleased to find over 58 pet psychics on California Psychics, as this shows it offers plenty of variety. I found it was easy to filter the pet psychics’ profiles on California Psychics. This means you’ll be able to narrow the search down to who meets the tone and style you’re after, no matter what your preferences.

I also like how the site offers 3 pricing tiers to choose from as a new customer, at $1, $2, or $4 a minute. You can get a reading of up to 20 minutes at a discounted rate, or if you prefer, you can use the minutes across several different advisors.

While California Psychics doesn’t allow you to get a discounted rate with its 8 premier psychics, I didn’t find this a deal breaker as none of these psychics offer pet readings anyway. Even though the premier psychics don’t offer pet readings, I found several highly rated pet advisors with equivalent experience and ratings to the premier options.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place, which offers you a credit if you’re not happy with your reading. However, I’d be careful with Google Play and App Store payments because the guarantee is at their discretion.

If you start to form a strong bond with your chosen advisor, you can become a regular customer at an affordable rate by joining California Psychics Karma Rewards program. This way, you’ll have more time to discover the intricacies of your pet’s behavior and strengthen your relationship with them whilst still saving money.

Explore Pet Psychics on California Psychics

2. Keen — Search Pet Psychics With An Easy to Use Find a Psychics Tool


  • 196 pet psychics available to consult
  • Sophisticated site matching tools help find a pet psychic quickly
  • Introductory offer gives you 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Speak to your psychic by phone, chat, or email
  • Free articles and resources for pet readings

Keen has an intuitive “Find a Psychic” tool so you can easily filter for its pet psychics. Since Keen has the most pet psychics on this list, at 196 total, this will help your search go much smoother. You can look only for pet psychics who have at least 10 years on Keen to be sure you’re contacting a highly experienced advisor.

Besides the search tool, I found Keen to be simple and straightforward to use on desktop as well as mobile. The most common reading topics are located in the “Advisors” drop down at the top of the site, and while pet psychics are not listed here you can still find it in the “More Categories” list by going to “All Categories”.

Out of the 196 advisors who do pet readings, 154 psychics on Keen are pet ‘specialists’, meaning their main focus is on your furry friend. Many of them have been pet psychics or ‘animal communicators’ for well over a decade or more.

There are several free articles on Keen that could help you with your pet dilemma. While you might still need to contact a pet psychic, reading through the articles will help you formulate questions that you should be asking.

The only thing I don’t like about Keen is that some of the pet psychics have a lack of reviews, even if they’ve been on the site for a few years. However, this isn’t much of an issue since you can sort by highest rated to make it easier to find the most reviewed advisors.

There is a range of prices for pet psychics, depending on their experience. However, if you’re a new customer, Keen offers a 10-minute reading for just $1.99 per minute, so you can get used to site before paying the full rate.

Explore Pet Psychics on Keen

3. Psychic Source — Video Chat Function for Face-to-Face Insight About Your Pet

Psychic Source

  • 28 pet psychics on hand to connect with
  • Easy to filter the psychic you need
  • Choice of introductory rates for your 1st reading, plus 3 mins free
  • Contact advisors by phone, chat, or video
  • Range of free pet articles such as ‘Connecting to Animals’

Psychic Source offers video calls that add a personal touch to your pet reading that helps you to establish a real-life bond more than chat and phone readings. The site is one of the few psychic sites that offer this functionality, and you won’t have to worry about paying more for it since rates are standard across all reading types.

There are 28 pet psychics on Psychic Source and all of them are rated 4.5 stars or higher. While this doesn’t seem like a lot of psychics, I found that there is still plenty of variety in the types of reading tools and styles available.

On the off chance that you don’t like your reading, Psychic Source offers a satisfaction guarantee that gives you a new 20 minute reading for free. However, you shouldn’t have any issues as all psychics on the site are fully screened to ensure they’re experienced and accurate.

If you need urgent advice about your pet when money is tight, Psychic Source has a low rate and an introductory offer of $1 a minute. Unfortunately, you will have to make a money deposit to sign up to the site, so make sure you’ve picked out a psychic you definitely want to talk to before signing up.

Explore Pet Psychics on Psychic Source

4. PathForward — Offers Generous Introductory Readings for Your First Pet Reading


  • 7 pet psychics available for readings
  • Introductory messages on each psychic’s profile
  • Get a $1 a minute reading as well as 3 minutes free
  • Choice of phone or chat readings
  • Insight Rewards Programme for those who sign up

PathForward has the best discount offer to new users who are looking for pet readings. Not only does it offer initial rates of $1 a minute readings, but it also offers you the first 3 minutes free. You can use these discounts with any pet psychic available on PathForward.

The site is really simple and easy to navigate and the search and filter tools are really handy as you can jump right into the list of pet psychics and start browsing their profiles. I really like that PathForward’s psychics all have introductory messages on their profiles.

Unfortunately, PathForward only has 7 pet psychics, so it is limited in what reading tools and styles you can choose from. However, the limited amount of psychics available shows that PathForward is serious about maintaining quality. Its screening method proves this, as only 5% of psychics make it on after applying.

Pricing is simple too, with all psychics available to new customers for a starting rate of $1.00 per minute, so you don’t have to worry about comparing rates for different psychics. I found it much easier to choose a psychic to help me with my pet when I didn’t have to factor in differences in prices.

Explore Pet Psychics on PathForward

5. Kasamba — Contact a Pet Advisor by Email


  • 32 pet psychic readers to choose from
  • Some psychics offer negotiable rates for email readings
  • Free 3-minute reading with each pet psychic you try
  • Connect by phone, chat, or email
  • Free guidance on how to connect with your pet

Kasamba allows you to contact a pet psychics by email, which gives you time to put down all your thoughts and concerns in detail. Psychics have also been known to follow up with more details if they’ve received a further insight about your pet.

There are 32 pet psychics to choose from on Kasamba, with a good number of them offering negotiable rates for email readings. I discovered that Kasamba has a lot of free guidance articles on pets, too, so you can get help formulating your questions before getting a reading.

Compared to the other sites, Kasamba can be expensive, so my best advice is to go towards the less expensive psychics who have rates as low as $1.99. However, it can be tricky to find these as the site isn’t that easy to use. So, make sure you spend a little extra time looking for a psychic on Kasamba to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Explore Pet Psychics on Kasamba

Comparison: Best Sites to Get a Pet Psychic Reading

Amount of Pet Psychics Connect By Starting Rates Satisfaction Guarantee
California Psychics 56 Phone or chat $1 per minute
Keen 196 Phone, chat, or email $1.99 for 10 minutes
Psychic Source 28 Phone, chat, or video $0.66 per minute
PathForward 7 Phone or chat $0.83 per minute
Kasamba 30 Phone, chat, or email $1.99 per minute

Tips on Choosing the Best Pet Psychics

Check Reviews

Dealing with a trustworthy psychic is vitally important when dealing with the wellbeing of your pet. But, some psychics might lack information on their profiles. If you come across a profile you like the look of, you can gauge the quality of the advisor’s readings by looking at customer reviews. You will also get a feel for their style and the type of help or support they can provide.

Consider Your Preferred Communication Method

Some issues you may be facing with your pet are more sensitive than others, so your communication method should match how intimate you want the reading to be. Phone calls are more intimate than live chat, and you may find you can cover more ground than you could while typing a conversation.

You may also have the option of video calls on some platforms. Video calls offer a more personal reading as you can talk to your psychic face to face. If you’re a shy person, some sites even have email readings, which are best if you require flexibility and a set price upfront. However, be aware you might have to wait for your reading, which can take up to 72 hours.

Look for Satisfaction Guarantees

While all psychic sites do their due diligence when screening their psychics, not every reading will be smooth sailing 100% of the time. A satisfaction guarantee puts your mind at rest because it ensures you won’t waste money on a session with no value.

Make sure you check out the terms and conditions of each site’s satisfaction guarantee, as some may place restrictions on specific aspects. Don’t delay making a claim for a refund as some sites have a time limit. Contact customer support as soon as possible after your reading and include all the reasons why your reading was not what you expected.

Review the Site’s Screening Process

Some sites are far more stringent with their screening processes than others. In fact, some platforms don’t offer satisfaction guarantees as they claim that psychic readings are for entertainment only.

Before signing up to any specific site, take a closer look at how its psychics are selected by speaking to customer support or reviewing the fine print. This will give you peace of mind that any advisor you speak to is appropriately qualified and experienced.

Search for Introductory Offers

Pet readings can get complicated and intense, so you don’t want to risk running low on credits halfway through your session. If you opt for a site that offers a decent number of minutes at a discounted rate you’ll be able to get a feel for a psychic’s style without committing too much money.

Find a Pet Psychic on California Psychics

FAQs on Pet Psychics

What are pet psychics?

Pet psychics are psychics who can use their psychic abilities to connect with animals. They might be called animal communicators, animal intuitives, or animal psychologists. Some can connect with live animals and others might be able to connect with pets that have passed over. They typically use telepathy to connect with your pet’s energy. Check this list to see sites with genuine pet psychics to connect with.

What can pet psychics help with?

Pet psychics can communicate with your pet and let you know what it is trying to say. They can also help with finding lost pets, or by connecting with a passed-on pet to relay messages between you both.

This can help you heal and feel reassured your pet is doing ok. The sites featured on this list have pet psychics with years of experience of relaying messages from pets to their owners.

How do I choose a pet psychic reader?

You can choose your pet psychic reader by selecting the reading type you want, the tools you require, and the communication method you prefer. This will bring up a list, and you can go on to check reviews, or listen to introductory videos, and see which psychic most appeals to you.

You can use this comparison table to compare offers and site features such as satisfaction guarantees. Use any free minutes or offers to try out psychics you are interested in until you find the one that is right for you.

Are pet psychic readings accurate?

Yes, pet psychic readings can be incredibly insightful and can help you get to know and understand your pet on a much deeper level. You can find out how they’re feeling, and what, if anything, is causing them distress.

As a rule, the accuracy of your reading will depend on the psychic you choose and your specific situation. The strongest indicator of the psychics’ accuracy is recent positive reviews. I recommend you choose a site that puts customer reviews right on the psychics’ profile pages.

Can a pet psychic help with behavioral issues?

Yes, a pet psychic can help with behavioral issues. They do this by helping you to understand how your pet feels. Pets can sometimes have experiences that leave them feeling out of sorts or traumatized, and since they can’t communicate this to their owners, a pet psychic can be the conduit between them. For the best experience, you should pick a site that offers a variety of pet psychic readers.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when looking for help with matters related to your beloved pet. Since they can’t communicate directly, it can be stressful trying to understand their needs or behavior and make sense of what they’re trying to say.

Fortunately, a pet psychic can connect to your fur baby on a telepathic level and act as a go-between to provide you with solutions. There are some great psychic sites out there with satisfaction guarantees in place to give you peace of mind and make this process easier.

The pet psychic site I highly recommend is California Psychics, as its introductory offer is one of the most affordable and comprehensive. It also has lots of experienced pet psychics available to speak to.

To summarize, my top picks for pet psychic readings are…

Rank Provider Rating Review

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