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The Best Dog and Pet Psychics of 2020

The Best Dog and Pet Psychics of 2020

Whether your dog won’t stop barking, your cat won’t stop destroying your furniture or your rabbit is listless (or your pet has any number of other hundreds of issues, besides) pet psychics are there to help. 

Where your pets’ vet might not have the answers, and you yourself feel like you’ve exhausted all possibilities, a pet psychic can communicate and be on the same wavelength as your pet

It’s a very specific niche within the psychic community, and growing – and not all psychic reading sites host pet psychics. 

Luckily, having reviewed over 10 of the best online psychic reading sites, I’ve checked out the sites offering dog and pet psychics: here’s what I honestly think and recommend for you and your four-legged friend. 

In a rush? Here are some quick links to the best dog and pet psychics psychics online

  1. Kasamba – Best for its huge range of dog and pet psychics 
  2. Psychic Source – Best for 66 cent p/minute calls
  3. Keen – Best for affordable dog and pet psychics 
  4. California Psychics – Best for its excellent filtering  
  5. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ‘Compare Psychics’ feature

If you’d like to learn more about how to find the best dog and pet psychics online for you, click here

The Best Dog and Pet Psychics 

1. Kasamba – Best for its range of dog and pet psychics

What I Liked 

  • 35+ dog and pet psychics, available to call and chat  
  • 20+ years of online experience 
  • Calls starting from just $1.69 per minute 

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Some more popular psychics charge up to $20 or even $30 per minute

Kasamba has been around online for 20+ years, and might even be the biggest psychic reading site online, with 1700+ psychics on its books. 

Of these, 35 or so are dog and pet psychics, some of them have thousands of reviews and ratings from adoring customers. Interestingly, dog and pet psychics calls and chat go anywhere from $1.69 per minute, which is highly affordable for anyone, to a whopping $20-30 a minute or some of the more popular psychics. Still, there are some good filters you can use to find the best dog and pet psychics for you – filter out certain price brands and even sort them by highest ranking! 

Having said all of that, you get a nice introductory offer when you sign up, for your first 3 minutes free and reduced per minute pricing. I’d say it’s best to test out a few dog and pet psychics before committing to one – and that ultimately, your pet will clue you in to which one is best for you both! 

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2. Psychic Source – Best for its 66 cent p/minute calls

What I Liked 

  • 26 dog and pet psychics for you to choose from
  • Chat and phone call readings available 
  • Top dog and pet psychics available from just 66 cents per minute

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Mostly female dog and pet psychics – could be an issue of your pet doesn’t like women  

I really love Psychic Source, and I’m always impressed by the types of psychics it has to offer, so it didn’t really surprise me when I found a solid dog and pet psychics section. 

Psychic Source also has a really great introductory offer for new signups, with the prices of calls slashed. You’ll see some of the 12 dog and pet psychics offering readings for just $1 or $2 a minute, which is suited for any budget.

One thing I did notice (for some reason), most of the dog and pet psychics at Psychic Source seem to be women. That’s fine with me and my pets, but if your pet has an issue with women, there are far fewer male readers available. 

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3. Keen – Best for its affordable dog and pet psychics 

What I Liked 

  • Get your first 3 minutes free when you sign up
  • Psychic readings via call or chat from $1.99
  • 17 dog and pet psychics available 

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Not a lot of feedback for dog and pet psychics 

Let me start off by saying that Keen is one of my favorite online psychic reading sites of all time. I just love the way it looks, the psychics it hosts and its specialisms. I enjoy every single reading I have there. 

As I mentioned above, since dog and pet psychics are a relatively new psychic reading niche, it’s sometimes tough to find psychic reading sites that even offer it, let alone have a lot of dog and pet psychics on its books…which sometimes results in a lack of customer feedback, because it’s not that popular a niche as say, Love and Relationships. 

Luckily at Keen, there are 17 or so dog and pet psychics waiting to speak with you.  

Keen’s dog and pet psychics have calls and chats starting from just $1.99 a minute, going up to around $6 a minute for the more expensive psychics. There’s really a dog and pet psychic for every budget out there, and this is some of the most affordable pricing I’ve seen at a psychic reading site online.

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4. California Psychics – Best for its easy filtering and range 

What I Liked 

  • Dog and pet psychics starting at $1 per minute for online mediums
  • The best filtering and sorting options I’ve seen at any psychic reading site 
  • 20 dog and pet psychics available to speak with 

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Most popular dog and pet psychics can have a 40 minute wait time

California Psychics is fantastic to look at and use: it has some of the – if not the best – filtering and sorting options of any psychic reading website I’ve seen. It also has 20 or so dog and pet psychics ready to speak to you and your pets.  

Its introductory offer of just $1 per minute for new signups is very affordable, and gives you a great chance to try out the site. I also really like how California Psychics caps its psychics from charging more than $15 a minute too, which is a really solid move for customers (especially in these trying times). 

There are over 20 dog and pet psychics available which is enough of a range for anyone, and I’m confident you’ll find your perfect dog and pet psychic to suit both you and your pet.  

Visit California Psychics

5. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ’Compare Psychics’ feature 

What I Liked 

  • Dog and pet psychics starting from just $1 per minute (as an introductory offer)
  • Compare up to 4 psychics at any one time
  • 9 dog and pet psychics on site

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Only 4 psychics specialisms to choose from (if that matters to you)

Hollywood Psychics is a really easy, fun site to use – don’t be put off by its name. In fact, it has one of the best ways to narrow down your dog and pet psychics – a cool little ‘Compare Psychics’ widget, where you can compare up to 4 psychics across their pricing, style, years of experience, tools and specialisms.

I found 9 dog and pet psychics, which is really more than enough for you to choose between (after all, it only takes one ‘right’ dog and pet psychic for you). Plus, Hollywood Psychics has a new member offer of $1 a minute calls, meaning you could even try out each of the 9 psychics available. 

Visit Hollywood Psychics

How to Find the Best Dog and Pet Psychic For You

Dog and pet psychics are such niche psychic reading specialism because pets can often be unpredictable, as any pet owner knows. Whether your dog won’t sit, or your cat decides to hide during the psychic reading will all have a huge impact on exactly how the pet psychic will be able to read, and the information they’ll give you. 

I came up with a few tips from having been there and done that myself: here’s what you should keep in mind, when choosing a dog and pet psychic: 

  • Calm both yourself and your pet before your psychic reading: for the sake of the dog and pet psychic, trying to read both you and your pet is tricky enough, without one or either of you having a busy brain, or not sitting still. Taking a few minutes to ensure you’re both calm, focused and ready will pay dividends in how your session goes. 
  • Be prepared to have more than just one reading: as with anything in life, it might take a few readings before your pet’s issues are fully solved. Be ready and accepting if this is the case, and understand that anything worth anything always takes time and work. 
  • Be optimistic but prepared: when you go seeking the truth, the truth you shall find. Whether that means hearing things you didn’t want to, or otherwise unpleasant news, know that it’s better to know and be informed. At the same time, while you might not know what your dog and pet psychic will be telling you, preparing yourself for anything beforehand, and keeping an open mind, will definitely go a long way, whatever the reading might say.   

How to Find the Best Psychic Reading Website For You

While no two psychic reading sites are alike, I really believe that each one has a lot to offer each potential customer. 

Having said that, it’s up to you which psychic reading site you go with. Here are just a few things I recommend you look at or try before committing to one. 

  • Check out how trustworthy a psychic reading site is. In each of my in-depth reviews, I’ve taken a look at the site’s customer satisfaction guarantee and psychic recruitment policy. That’s because both of these displays exactly how a psychic reading site sees its customers, and how important they really are to it. At the same time, you as a customer want to know that if you have a dud reading, will you get your money back. You also want to make sure that the site in question takes their psychics seriously – you might be shocked to learn that some psychic reading sites allow just anyone claiming they have the gift to sign up as a psychic.
  • Compare a few psychic reading sites. Either check out some from my list above, or go online – it can pay dividends to see the sort of specialisms, pricing structures and even new member offers that each psychic reading site has on offer, because they all have something different to offer you. An even better move is to sign up to a few psychic reading sites and try them out for size. 
  • Keep your mind and heart open. As I mentioned before, dog and pet psychic reading is a pretty new psychic reading niche, and it’s growing. Finding a dog and pet psychic that you both like working with might take some doing – but the results, once you get into your groove, can be wonderful, and even life-changing! 

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