Written by Jeff Williams Published on September 20, 2020

The Best Tarot Reading Psychics of 2020

The Best Tarot Reading Psychics of 2020

Want to know what the cards have in store or you? Looking for specific answers, or just to hear about your possible future outcomes? Whatever you’re looking for when it comes tarot reading online, this range of my top, tried and tested psychic reading sites will have just the tarot reader you’re looking for.

I’ve reviewed over 10 of the best online psychic reading sites and their tarot card readers.

Here are the sites that I recommend for the best tarot card readings online.

In a rush? Here are some quick links to the best tarot reading psychics online

  • 1. Oranum – Best for tarot reading subspecialists
  • 2. California Psychics – best for its easy filtering and sorting
  • 3. Hollywood Psychics – Bets for its ‘Compare Psychics’ feature
  • 4. Kasamba – Best for its range of tarot reading psychic specialists
  • 5. PsychicCenter – Bets for its affordable, specialist approach

If you’d like to learn more about how to find the best tarot reading psychics online, click here.

1. Oranum– Best for its Tarot Reading Subspecialisms

What I Liked

  • 6 subsections in the tarot reading psychics section
  • Check out and get to know psychics’ live streams before even signing up
  • Free chat available, and a free 10 credit introductory offer

What I Didn’t Like

  • The credit instead of cash system can become quite confusing

Oranum is one my favorite ever psychics reading websites. Not only is it a very modern update to psychic reading, but I like just how generous it is to its customers: before you even sign up, you can see every single psychic’s live streaming straight from their bio, giving you a really good sense of the type of person the psychic you’ll be speaking to is, and to see whether you might have a connection.

That and, Oranum really delves deep into its tarot reading specialisms: it separates the section into 6 further subsections: Angel cards, Gipsy cards, Lenormand cards, Rune cards, Symbolon cards and tarot cards.

One thing – Oranum charges you with credits not cash. You’ll have to buy a package of credits (which cost roughly $2 per credit), with most psychics charging around 1.99 – 2.99 per credit, for me, I found it a little confusing, but if you’d like to check how it works out for you before committing, Oranum offers you a 9.99 credit package for free to test out the site.

Visit Oranum

2. California Psychics – Best for its Easy Filtering and Sorting

What I Liked

  • Prices starting at $1 per minute for psychic calls and chats
  • Easy to use, effective filtering and sorting options on the site
  • 200+ tarot reading psychics available

What I Didn’t Like

  • No tarot reading category subspecialisms

California Psychics is another fantastically modern psychic reading site, in a whole different way. It’s a super easy to use site, with really exciting filtering and sorting options. In fact, it’s so easy to use, I could easily find some of the best tarot readers among the 200+ tarot reading psychic specialists hosted on the site.

With a super generous introductory offer of just $1 per minute for new signups, it’s really a site for everyone looking for solid tarot card reading, but who are also on a budget: California Psychics caps its psychics from charging more than $15 a minute, which is a move any tarot card psychic reading fan can embrace.

With 200+ tarot card psychic specialists on site, you can easily find one that’s well within your budget, thanks to the really awesome filtering and sorting options available. But be warned, if you’re looking for a specific type of card reading, there aren’t any subspecialisms available to choose from here, but you can always ask more about any psychic reading specialisms with the psychics you’re interested in speaking with.

Visit California Psychics

3. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ’Compare Psychics’ Feature

What I Liked

  • Tarot readings starting from just $1 per minute (as an introductory offer)
  • Compare up to 4 psychics at any one time
  • 62 tarot card reader specialists on site

What I Didn’t Like

  • Chat and call readings only

Don’t be put off by the name – Hollywood Psychics is as down to earth as you can get, when it comes to psychic reading sites. It’s unpretentious, straightforward and easy to use – and that’s before I go on a rant about that awesome ‘Compare Psychics’ widget.

There are 62 tarot readers on the site, which you can filter and sort down by price, reading style and specialisms too. Hollywood Psychics also offers readings in Spanish, which was a nice little inclusive touch that I appreciated. That and, new members can receive an introductory offer of just $1 per minute for any psychics chat or calls – and not just tarot reading.

Like other psychic reading sites on my list, you won’t be able to filter down the tarot readers available by any further subspecialisms, so if you’re interested in a specific type of card reading, it’s best to ask the psychic reader about it directly.

Visit Hollywood Psychics

4. Kasamba – Best for its Range of Tarot Reading Psychic specialists

What I Liked

  • Almost 200 tarot reading psychics specialists available to call and chat
  • 20+ years of experience online, with tens of thousands of customer reviews
  • Prices starting from $2 per minute

What I Didn’t Like

  • Most popular tarot reading psychics can charge up to $30 per minute

Kasamba is pretty much the leading psychics reading site online. With 20+ years experience, it’s clear that its users really love their Kasamba psychics – most psychics have tens  of thousands of reviews and ratings.

Kasamba offers new customers a free first 3 minutes, and with almost 200 tarot card reader specialists online, that might not be enough. Luckily, with tarot card readers starting from just $1.99 a minute, you can easily filter down any that are outside your budget or who don’t read in the specialisms you’re looking for.

With a free 3 minute introductory offer you can easily find a tarot reading psychic to speak with. It might be a tad overwhelming for you, as there are 200ish to choose from. But still, with some good filtering, you should be able to find a tarot reading psychic to suit your tastes, preferences and budget.

Just a word of warning – don’t be freaked out by the more popular tarot card readers who charge up to $30 a minute. If that’s out of your budget (and I suspect it is for most of us), keep looking around for tarot readers who fit your budget.

Visit Kasamba

5. PsychicCenter – Best for its Affordable, Specialist Approach

What I Liked

  • Very niche, specialized psychics reading site
  • Calls starting from $2 per minute
  • Awesome introductory offer – $5 for a 10-minute reading

What I Didn’t Like

  • The site is very simple and straightforward – I don’t expect anything too overwhelming

I have a huge soft spot for Psychic Center – not only is it a very straightforward and easy to use site (unlike some of the other psychics reading sites I’ve reviewed), but it’s also very affordable, with calls starting from just $2 per minute.

There’s also a very generous introductory offer of 10 minutes for just $5, which should be more than enough time to find out if you like the site, and the psychic you’re speaking to.

There are around 60 tarot reader specialists here, and you can learn more about each of them from their bios.

One word of advice – this site doesn’t have a lot of specialisms, and doesn’t really separate the tarot readers specialisms into an easily filterable menu. I propose finding a tarot reader you like the look of, then clicking into their profile to see if they read for the specialism you’re looking for.

Visit PsychicCenter

How to Find the Best Tarot Reading Psychic for you

Finding the best tarot reader for your needs can feel like looking for a needle in the haystack, but really, it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve scoured the internet and checked out a whole range of psychic reading sites’ tarot readers, and here’s what I learned:

  • Take a breather before starting a tarot reading, as not only will this help the psychics read you better, but it will help you use your time more effectively and be very certain about the answers you want. That and, you don’t want your cards to come out confused.
  • Be prepared that your tarot reading might require some follow up readings, or more than just a 5-minute one-off session. The tarot follows you and your thought processes, so sometimes it’s best to take a little breather, or allow time to pass before going for further answers. It’s always a good idea to remember to be patient!
  • Remember that the tarot doesn’t lie, and that might mean you discover something you wished you hadn’t. Try to be prepared for every case, and while we can’t predict what we might dread, we can always prepare for it once we know the full picture.

How to Find the Best Psychic Reading Website For You

While finding a solid tarot card reader is one thing, finding a top psychic reading website is a whole other ballgame!

After reviewing tens of online psychic reading sites, here are the top tips you need to know before committing

  • Not all sites are as trustworthy as they seem. In my in depth reviews, I’ve really delved into several aspects of the site in question – such as how it recruits its psychics, and how stringent is that process, and how generous is its satisfaction guarantee. These two things can tell you a lot about how a site uses its customers, and therefore whether it’is honest or not. I really advise either checking out my reviews, or checking the site’s psychics application processes and satisfaction guarantee policies for yourself.
  • Don’t settle for the first psychic reading site you see. It takes just a few clicks to compare all of the psychic reading sites that I’ve handpicked to recommend you, so you can find the one with the best introductory offer, pricing and psychics specialisms for you even better – signing up to a few of them and claim their introductory offers so you can get a really immersive feel for each of the site’s you’re interested in!

Try to be open minded – with tarot reading, anything is possible, and the same goes for psychic reading sites. You might not like the way a certain psychic reading site looks, but then discover it has the perfect tarot card reader for you. You might even discover a whole new type of psychic reading, tool or specialism that you’d never even heard of before but fall in love with!

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