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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on November 03, 2023

5 Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023 — Advisors You Can Trust

5 Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023 — Advisors You Can Trust

A tarot reading can be valuable when you need insightful guidance and objective support. But let’s face it, brick-and-mortar tarot readings offer little to no flexibility, whereas online options offer convenience and variety. However, the online tarot space has become so saturated that it can be debilitating to even pick a site, nevermind a reader.

As a spiritualist who understands the value of tarot readings, I felt called to make a trustworthy guide for those needing authentic advice. To make your life easier, I explored plenty of tarot reading sites and shortlisted the cream of the crop.

Overall, I had the best experience on California Psychics. Not only does the site take its screening seriously, but the majority of its tarot readers have close to a 5 star rating and over a decade of reading experience. Plus, you can get started for $1, $2, or $4/min depending on your budget.

Get Reliable Insights

In a Rush? Here Are My Top Picks for Tarot Reading Sites

  1. California Psychics — Best for its multi-talented tarot readers that can give advice on a variety of life topics.
  2. Purple Garden — Best for its transparent review sections to help you select the ideal tarot reader.
  3. Keen — Best for its experienced tarot readers with 20+ years on the site.
  4. Psychic Source — Best for its selection of live chat, phone, or video call readings.
  5. PathForward — Best for its intimate pool of tarot readers for a straightforward selection process.

The Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023

By browsing through the following options, you can save yourself time and avoid endless scouring of the internet. I selected only the best platforms based on high levels of trustworthiness, accuracy, and affordability.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Tarot Readings

California Psychics

  • 300+ tarot readers
  • Chat and call sessions
  • $1, $2, or $4/min
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Karma rewards program

California Psychics is an easily recognized psychic platform that’s been in business for over 20 years. Its high-quality services makes it one of the most trustworthy platforms for tarot insights. My tarot session wasn’t just surface level fluff and instead, I felt a deep resonance with the messages my tarot reader was delivering me.
I appreciate the layout on California Psychics because it’s easy to see each psychic’s details. This made it possible for me to find my reader, Vivian, in under 5 minutes. Once I felt confident with Vivian as my choice, I hopped on a voice call and got the support I needed all within the same hour.

Although I primarily chose Vivian because I felt drawn to her, the reviews on her profile made me feel secure. She has close to a 5 star rating and over 15,000 readings completed since 2016. I recommend Vivian, especially if you’re on a budget, because you can get started with her for $1/min.

I should forewarn you that the regular rates on California Psychics can be pricey. But, its karma rewards program really mitigates the cost of long-term support. You can earn points on each reading, unlock quarterly specials, and even get cashback. Plus, you can do what I did and use the $20 credit for a follow-up tarot session.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Feel Confident With Its Transparent Review Sections

Purple Garden

  • 250+ tarot advisors
  • Chat, call, and video readings
  • $10 credit for newcomers
  • Refunds upon request
  • 2% cashback program

Purple Garden distinguishes itself with its transparent review sections. It’s the only site I’ve seen with a numerical summary of positive vs. negative reviews, which significantly enhances the chances of satisfaction. When choosing my tarot reader, I could confidently assess their skill level, knowing that negative feedback wasn’t concealed or lost over time.

Not only that, but I also discovered invaluable tarot reader suggestions through the Journeys feature. That’s how I settled on my advisor, Bridges Light. Another user had created a thread about finding their true calling and praised Bridges Light for her exceptional tarot insights. I’m grateful I explored Journeys; it felt as genuine as a personal referral from a friend.

My reading with Bridges Light validated the top-accuracy badge on her profile. Despite providing her with minimal details about my situation, she quickly discerned what was happening and made predictions that later came true. And while she’s very kind, her straightforward style complimented the messages.

​​I was a bit disheartened that Purple Garden doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee. While there’s refunds for technical problems, the absence of a satisfaction policy can be a bit of a deterrent. However, Purple Garden does well at guiding you toward informed advisor selections, and from my observations, most users appear content with its tarot readers.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Connect With Tarot Readers of 20+ Years Experience

The Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023

  • 250+ tarot readers available
  • Chat and call readings
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • $25 in Keen credits for refunds
  • Keen rewards

Keen is yet another worthwhile choice with its large selection of experienced tarot readers. As I browsed my options, I was struck by all the advisors that have been on the site since 2001. This meant lengthy track-records that helped me feel confident no matter my choice. Ultimately, I chose MysticalcraftArriana, who has amassed over 45,000 positive ratings.

I was impressed by the sophisticated search filters on Keen. I utilized them to find MysticalcraftArriana, particularly benefiting from the “10 Years On Keen” sorting option. What’s more, since I was in search of a tarot reader skilled in pet readings, these filters proved invaluable. Within two minutes, I had a curated list of relevant tarot readers.

Speaking from personal experience, I was deeply impressed by MysticalcraftArriana. She offered comforting insights regarding my missing pet and instilled in me a renewed hope of reuniting with him. Remarkably, just a week after my reading, I found my pet at the local shelter, aligning perfectly with her prediction.

MysticalcraftArriana’s regular rate is $7.95, which might be a stretch for some budgets. However, with Keen’s offer, you can get the first 5 minutes of your reading for just $1, allowing you to assess her abilities. While I initially intended only to use those 5 minutes, I was so impressed that I extended my session to 10 minutes.

Explore Keen

4. Psychic Source — Take Your Pick From a Chat, Call, or Video Reading

Psychic Source

  • 200+ readers on site
  • Chat, call, and video readings
  • $1/min plus 3 minutes free
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Membership rewards

Psychic Source stands out due to its versatile options: live chat, voice, or video readings. I opted for a video call reading, and it was a rewarding decision. Being able to see the cards pulled for me not only deepened my trust in the process but also created an experience akin to sitting face-to-face with the tarot reader.

Psychic Source offers a unique feature that immediately caught my attention: audio messages on tarot readers’ profiles. Before my session, I listened to Angelica’s audio message, which gave me a reassuring sense of familiarity and safety. It felt as though I already knew her to some extent, which made our session all the more connected and intimate.

In my session with Angelica, she mixed in angel cards, giving the reading extra depth. I’ve always felt connected to angels, and this made the session hit closer to home. Plus, there’s something genuinely angelic about Angelica herself, which made everything more relatable and grounded.

Though Psychic Source might come off as a bit outdated in design, I experienced zero technical issues. Surprisingly, it boasts more features than some sleeker, modern-looking sites. For example, its live chat customer support stands out since it’s something I haven’t seen on other platforms.

Explore Psychic Source

5. PathForward — Avoid Indecision With Its Intimate Selection of Readers

Psychic Source

  • 50+ tarot readers
  • Chat and call sessions
  • $1/min and an extra 3 minutes free
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • In Sight rewards

PathForward might seem like an underdog with its smaller selection of tarot readers compared to other sites. However, this is precisely what makes it one of my top choices. Its limited pool ensures a more intimate and curated selection. I appreciate that instead of being overwhelmed by countless options, I had a handpicked group to choose from.

​​I appreciated that PathForward offers consistent regular rates of $5/min for all tarot readers. I chose Mayhayley, who boasts over 40 years of experience, and I was thrilled that her vast expertise didn’t come at a premium. This flat-rate approach contrasts sharply with many other sites where prices spike based on reputation or tenure.

On my first go with PathForward, I got a rate of $1 a minute to chat with Mayhayley and an extra 3 minutes on the house. Considering her expertise, I felt I got good value for my buck. The reading with Mayhayley had a genuine, nurturing touch. She took the time to understand my concerns and offered guidance without any rush or judgment.

Even though PathForward only offers live chat and call readings, my session left me thoroughly fulfilled. I usually lean towards video readings, but I was pleasantly surprised by the appeal of the call format. The voice call allowed me to lounge on my couch, not stressing over how I looked, and just focus on the reading itself.

Explore PathForward

Comparison: Best Tarot Reading Sites

Introductory Offer Number of Tarot Readers Reading Types Satisfaction Guarantee?
California Psychics $1, $2, or $4/min 300+ Live Chat & Phone Yes
Purple Garden $10 credit 250+ Live Chat, Voice, & Video No
Keen 5 minutes for $1 250+ Live Chat & Phone Yes
Psychic Source $1/min plus 3 minutes free 200+ Live Chat, Phone, & Video Yes
PathForward $1/min plus 3 minutes free 50+ Live Chat & Phone Yes

Consult a Tarot Expert

How I Ranked My Top Picks for Online Tarot Readings

To ensure the integrity of my list and to provide you with the most trustworthy and accurate recommendations, I’ve meticulously selected the top tarot sites based on the following criteria.

  • Qualified Readers: Each site on my list hosts seasoned tarot readers with substantial experience and have been thoroughly vetted for legitimacy.
  • User Reviews: I’ve scoured the review sections of countless psychics on each site to get a comprehensive view of user satisfaction with each platform.
  • Transparency: I prioritized sites that have a clear code of ethics for their readers and transparent pricing. No hidden charges, no vague promises.
  • Usability: I’ve only recommended options with intuitive interfaces, making it easy for you to navigate, select readers, and get readings.
  • Security Measures: Data privacy and transaction security are paramount. I checked that each site employs robust encryption and data protection measures.
  • Variety of Reading Options: From video calls and live chats to email readings, I’ve placed preference to platforms that offer diverse reading formats to suit different preferences.
  • Trial Offers & Satisfaction Guarantees: I value platforms that give you the chance to test their services, whether through discounted initial readings or satisfaction guarantees.
  • .

    Choose a Tarot Reading Site

    How Do Tarot Readings Work?

    Tarot readings are an ancient form of divination that offer insight into one’s life, revealing underlying themes, patterns, and potential future paths. But if you’ve never had a tarot reading before, you probably aren’t sure about how they work.

    The Deck

    At the core of every tarot reading is the deck itself. A standard tarot deck comprises 78 cards, divided into two main categories.

    1. Major Arcana (22 cards): These cards represent significant life events, lessons, or archetypes. They include iconic cards such as The Fool, The Lovers, and The Death card.
    2. Minor Arcana (56 cards): These cards are akin to a regular deck of playing cards, but with an additional set, and they represent more day-to-day events. They are divided into four suits: Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles.

    Typical Duration

    Tarot readings can vary in length depending on the type of spread (arrangement of cards) and the depth of insight sought. However, some common durations include:

  • Short Readings (10-15 minutes): Often focused on a single question or topic.
  • Standard Readings (30-45 minutes): Provides a more comprehensive overview, possibly covering multiple life areas.
  • Extended Readings (1 hour or more): In-depth explorations, often looking into complex situations or offering a general life overview.
  • How Readings Typically Work

    1. Setting an Intention or Asking a Question: Before drawing the cards, the person receiving the reading often sets an intention or asks a specific question they seek guidance on.
    2. Shuffling and Drawing Cards: Whoever is conducting the reading will shuffle the deck, focusing on the intention or question. Cards are then drawn and laid out in a specific pattern or spread.
    3. Interpreting the Spread: The reader interprets the cards’ symbolism, positions, and relationships to each other. This provides insights, guidance, or potential outcomes related to the question or intention.
    4. Engaging with the Querent: Throughout the reading, the reader might engage the querent (whoever receives the reading) in a dialogue, ensuring they understand and resonate with the insights provided.

    Different Approaches to Reading Tarot

    While cards have traditional meanings, interpretations can vary based on the reader’s intuition and the context of the specific reading.

    Intuitive Reading
    Rather than relying solely on traditional card meanings, intuitive readers tap into their inner guidance to interpret the cards. They can receive insights via psychic gifts.
    Symbolic Reading
    Readers who lean towards this method often have a deep knowledge of esoteric symbols, numerology, and even color theory, using these to derive insights from the cards.
    Comparative Reading
    This approach involves comparing the energies of the cards in a spread to derive meaning. For instance, how the energy of “The Sun” card compares to that of “The Moon”.
    Spirit Guide or Channeling Approach
    Some readers believe they’re guided by external energies or entities, such as spirit guides, angels, or ancestral spirits, when interpreting the cards. This approach often blends traditional card meanings with channeled messages.
    Traditional or Book-Knowledge Approach
    Some readers stick strictly to the traditional meanings of the cards as described in tarot books and manuals. This can offer consistency but might not be as personalized.
    Storytelling or Narrative Approach
    Some readers view a tarot spread as a story unfolding, with each card representing a character, event, or emotion.

    Explore California Psychics

    Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do During a Tarot Reading

    Things You Should Do

    Begin your tarot journey with introspection. It’s essential to focus on open-ended questions that delve into personal growth or clarity. Asking something like, “What can I learn from my job search journey?” provides deeper insights compared to a more direct question about job outcomes.

    The output will be the insights and guidance you receive from the medium. These may come in the form of direct answers to your questions, or more subtle hints and messages that require some interpretation. Remember, the goal is not to predict the future, but to gain clarity and guidance on your present situation or challenges.

    As you delve deeper into the reading, maintain a foundation of respect. Your interaction with the tarot reader is a sacred exchange of energy and insight. Understanding that the tarot’s guidance is suggestive, not definitive, will cultivate a harmonious session.

    While the cards and reader offer their wisdom, moments of ambiguity are natural. If a particular insight or card feels unclear, seek further understanding. It deepens your connection with the reading and ensures you leave with clarity and purpose.

    In the midst of these revelations, it’s paramount to be fully immersed in the moment. A distracted mind can miss subtle cues and messages. By committing your focus, you enhance the richness of the reading, allowing the session’s essence to resonate fully.

    Things You Shouldn’t Do

    As you embark on a tarot session, leave any skepticism or rigid beliefs at the door. Approaching the reading with doubt can create barriers, potentially hindering the insights you could gain. A receptive spirit nurtures a more profound connection and opens doors to deeper truths.

    In your quest for answers, be wary of the trap of repetition. Continually posing the same query, hoping for a different outcome, can reflect doubt and diminish the reading’s authenticity. Trust in the process and the universe’s messages to maintain the session’s sanctity.

    While the tarot can illuminate paths and offer valuable perspectives, it should complement, not dictate, your choices. In matters of significance, balance the insights from the cards with personal intuition and other informed sources, ensuring well-rounded decision-making.

    Engage with your reader in a rhythm that respects the reading’s flow. While clarifications are essential, frequent interruptions can disrupt the session’s energy and momentum. Cultivate a balance between seeking understanding and preserving the reading’s harmony.

    Shed Light With Tarot

    Online Tarot Readings vs. In-Person — What’s Best?

    The age of technology has transformed countless aspects of our daily lives, and tarot readings are no exception. I’ve listed the advantages and drawbacks of online and in-person sessions so you can decide what’s best for you.

    Advantages Drawbacks
    Online Tarot Readings

    ✔️Convenient & accessible from anywhere.

    ✔️Wide selection of readers.

    ✔️Anonymity and privacy.

    ✔️Often available 24/7.

    ✖️Potential for tech issues.

    ✖️Wait times in queue for popular psychics.

    In-Person Tarot Readings

    ✔️Face-to-face interaction.

    ✔️immersive atmosphere.

    ✔️Immediate clarification and feedback.

    ✖️Less flexibility.

    ✖️Limited to local readers.

    ✖️Can feel intimidating.

    ✖️Travel constraints.

    Get a Tarot Reading

    Tips on Choosing the Best Tarot Reading Site

    I always suggest being well-informed and ready before delving into any tarot reading, as it ensures you get maximum value from the experience. The pointers I’m about to share will assist you in selecting the appropriate platform and avoid overlooking any vital details before you proceed with your tarot reading.

    Get Clear on Your Needs

    When choosing a tarot site, consider the range of reader personalities it offers. Some people connect better with compassionate and understanding readers, while others appreciate a direct, no-nonsense approach. The site that caters to your preferred style will ensure a more fulfilling experience.

    Every site will offer different reading modes, so consider what type puts you most at ease. If you value face-to-face interaction, prioritize sites that offer video readings. If discretion and privacy are key for you, a site renowned for its live chat services might be more suitable. Just make sure the site you choose offers the type of reading mode you need.

    Top tarot sites will showcase readers with a range of psychic abilities. If you’re keen on connecting with a departed loved one, for example, the site should make it easy for you to identify readers with mediumship skills. Opt for platforms that clearly list and categorize their readers’ talents so you don’t end up disappointed.

    Evaluate the Quality of Readers

    Understanding how a platform vets its tarot readers is crucial. Typically, sites with rigorous screening procedures attract superior-quality readers. Such platforms showcase their commitment to ensuring users receive authentic and insightful readings. If a platform’s vetting process isn’t transparent, it might be wise to opt for one that prioritizes this aspect.

    And don’t underestimate the value of customer feedback, since a spate of negative comments is a clear red flag. So, take a look at reviews for a site’s most popular psychics to determine overall quality. You really want to ensure that the majority of clients seem satisfied with the services being delivered.

    Last but not least, your gut feeling is an invaluable tool in the selection process. If something feels off about the readers on a site, you’re probably right. The ideal roster of tarot readers will have professional bios with a clear list of qualifications and experience levels. Not only that, but make sure the tarot readers aren’t making unrealistic claims.

    Check It’s Customer Policies

    When choosing an online tarot reading site, double check its customer policies This includes not only its return or satisfaction guarantee policy but also data privacy measures, and payment security. A platform’s commitment to its users often shines through in these policies, offering insights into how much they value and prioritize the customer experience.

    The clarity and accessibility of these policies also speak volumes. A reliable platform will clearly present its terms and conditions, ensuring users aren’t left in the dark or forced to navigate through layers of fine print. Always opt for sites that make their customer commitments clear, as it fosters trust and assures you of a more seamless experience.

    Establish a Realistic Budget

    Before getting attached to a site, set a clear budget for yourself. Online readings can range in price from highly affordable to quite premium, depending on the platform and the reader’s experience. Knowing your financial constraints can help you filter out options that are beyond your reach and prevent any unexpected financial strain.

    However, it’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and quality. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option available, remember that sometimes, you get what you pay for. Investing a bit more in a reputable reader from a trusted platform can provide a more insightful and beneficial reading, ensuring your money is well spent.

    Enjoy Expert Advice

    FAQs on Tarot Reading Sites

    Are free tarot reading sites legitimate?

    Yes, but the legitimacy of free tarot reading sites can vary widely. You have to do your due diligence because many free tarot reading sites use automated algorithms to deliver readings, which means they provide general interpretations rather than personalized insights.
    It’s a good idea to check user reviews and trust your intuition when choosing a site.

    It’s always best to use trustworthy tarot sites with new client offers. Not only can you sample their services at a reduced rate, but it also provides an opportunity to gauge the authenticity of their readers. Such offers demonstrate the platform’s confidence in its tarot professionals and their ability to retain clients based on skill and connection.

    What’s the difference between psychic readings and tarot readings?

    While both psychic and tarot readings aim to offer insights, the methods differ. Psychic readings primarily rely on the intuitive abilities of the reader. Some psychics use tarot as an additional tool during their readings, but other psychics prefer to work without gifts. Additionally, psychics can possess a variety of gifts like clairvoyance or mediumship.

    In contrast, tarot readings use a deck of tarot cards for divination. You don’t have to be psychic to learn how to read tarot, but many psychics enjoy incorporating it into their practice. Tarot readings use the symbolism and imagery found in the cards to paint a picture of a situation or to provide people with actionable advice.

    Can tarot cards predict the future?

    Yes and no. Tarot cards don’t predict the future in a deterministic sense, instead, they offer insights into potential outcomes based on current energies and paths. The cards reflect the present moment, giving perspectives and guidance on how situations might unfold if left unchanged.

    However, some psychics that specialize in giving predictions use Tarot. So, it’s possible to receive future predictions during a Tarot reading but it really depends on the reader’s style and abilities. Just remember that neither psychic gifts nor tarot are foolproof; free will always plays a significant role in shaping the future.

    Is my personal information safe during an online tarot reading?

    Yes, your personal information is typically safe when using reputable online tarot sites. Legitimate sites prioritize user privacy and use encryption to protect data. However, don’t overshare personal or sensitive information during a reading. Trust your intuition, and if something feels off, it’s okay to end the session.

    Before getting a tarot reading done online, check things like the site’s privacy policy. A comprehensive privacy policy indicates the platform’s commitment to safeguarding your personal information. It should outline how the site collects, stores, and uses your data, ensuring transparency.

    Bottom Line

    Tarot readings have transformed with our digital age and arguably for the better. The truth is that online readings offer more privacy and comfort without compromising the depth of guidance one gets. And while the plethora of options can be a bit of a burden, it’s nothing a trusted list of suggestions can’t fix.

    But even if my list strikes a bout of decision paralysis, I feel confident that California Psychics is the best choice. Throughout my journey, California Psychics consistently emerged as a beacon of professionalism in the crowded online tarot space. It has some of the best tarot readers in the game plus get started for $1/min with its introduction package.

    In summary, the best online tarot reading sites are…

    Our Rank Provider Our Rating Review

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website
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    MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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