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Written by Lillian Maclean | Updated On June 06, 2023

7 Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023 — Accurate Readings Online

7 Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023 — Accurate Readings Online

A tarot reading can be valuable when you need insightful guidance and peace of mind. Having to leave your home for a tarot reading can seem outdated and requires you to leave home, which can make online options more appealing. But with so many tarot reading sites to choose from, you can easily be overwhelmed and confused.

To help alleviate your concerns, I explored plenty of tarot reading sites and shortlisted the best ones. As a spiritualist who understands the value of tarot readings, I felt called to make a trustworthy guide for those needing authentic advice.

My findings revealed that the best platform for tarot readings is California Psychics. Thanks to its experienced tarot readers and affordable rates, you can receive accurate predictions without splashing lots of money.

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In a Rush? Here Are My Top Picks For Tarot Readings Sites

  1. California Psychics – The best site for tarot readings with over 20 years in the business and some of the most experienced tarot readers available.
  2. Purple Garden – Great for its easy-to-use app and transparent reader reviews, but no satisfaction guarantee.
  3. Keen – Get your first 10 minutes for $1.99 and add your top readers to a favorites list, but no video call readings are available.
  4. Psychic Source – Tarot readers with over 20 years of service and audio clips on reader profiles but no option to directly message readers.
  5. PathForward – Introductory offer of $0.83 per minute plus 3 minutes free, but a low number of tarot readers to choose from.

Plus 2 More Tarot Reading Sites


The Best Tarot Reading Sites in 2023

By browsing through the following options, you’ll be able to go into your tarot reading with confidence and know what to expect. I selected only the best platforms based on high levels of trustworthiness, accuracy, and affordability.

1. California Psychics – Best Overall for Tarot Readings


  • Wide selection of tarot readers
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • User-friendly app
  • Chat or Call readings on the go
  • Rates for as low as $1 per minute
California Psychics June 2023 Deal: Get a $10 BONUS for California Psychics today! Use the MM10 code at the checkout and enjoy the reading!

California Psychics is an easily recognized psychic platform that has been in business for over 20 years. Its high-quality services have made it one of the most trustworthy platforms for getting a tarot reading. Thanks to its 24/7 customer support hotline and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be assured of a service that puts your needs first.

I particularly enjoyed using California Psychics’ app as you can easily get insight on the go. Its app is simple to download and doesn’t even require you to make an account to access it. I like that it’s easy to find a tarot reader, as it contains a comprehensive filter tool that helps you narrow down your options.

But if you prefer to save time, you can quickly match with an expert tarot reader by using the “Psychic Match Tool”. All you have to do is select your reading preferences and have the California Psychics app match you with a psychic. I appreciate how it takes away the hassle of choosing a tarot reader.

The large selection of tarot readers on California Psychics makes it a worthy choice. Having more options is valuable because you get a higher chance of finding a reader with the experience and knowledge to provide heartfelt insight. So there’s no need to settle for less when using California Psychics.

It can be a bit annoying that California Psychics’ introductory offer requires a minimum purchase of $20, which you can’t use on any psychic. However, I still recommend it because you can keep spending to a minimum while still being able to connect with reputable advisors.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Convenient On-The-Go Tarot Readings to Save Time


  • Affordable rates from $0.99 per minute
  • Live chat, voice, and video call options
  • Transparent reader profiles
  • Tarot reader ranking
  • A community feel with its Journey´s feature

Purple Garden stands out for its transparent client reviews, making it a solid choice for tarot readings. The reviews for the app and its psychics are mostly positive, which also helps you make an informed choice when you get a reading. As a client, reading through the genuine feedback for its tarot readers is reassuring.

Additionally, Purple Garden is a great choice because it offers you the option for live chat, voice, and video call readings. This is a unique feature because not many platforms offer all three reading options, giving you added flexibility. The video call option makes it feel more trustworthy because you can visually see your cards.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Purple Garden aids your decision-making by ranking its tarot readers. Some readers will have banners on their profile that say “Most Accurate” or “Trending” to help you easily select a top-rated tarot reader. Its rank feature is also helpful if you are looking for readers that meet specific criteria.

Something that I enjoy about Purple Garden is its innovative concept of the Journey’s feature. This feature is unique because it provides you with a sense of community that you can’t find on other platforms. You can hear the experiences of other users and how a Purple Garden advisor helped them out, giving you unrivaled insight.

But apart from the Journey’s feature, Purple Garden’s app does not offer as many features as other platforms. However, you’ll greatly benefit from its app if you are after something user-friendly and uncomplicated.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Receive Clarity From Accurate Tarot Readers


  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Detailed search filters
  • Over 100 tarot readers available
  • 4.5 average star rating
  • First 3 minutes free

Keen is yet another trustworthy and worthwhile choice with its large selection of highly-rated tarot readers. While browsing through advisors, I was happy to see that all of its tarot readers have at least a 4.5-star rating. This clearly shows that its tarot advisors are highly skilled and accurate in their readings.

The best part is that Keen gives you your first 3 minutes for free, so you can try the reader you’re interested in. While it might not seem like a lot of time, it still allows you to feel the energy between you and your reader. This way, you can ensure compatibility before proceeding.

I couldn’t help but notice how sophisticated the search filters were on Keen. I was surprised to see so many filtering options like skill and tools, which can help save a lot of time. There’s no need to browse through hundreds of readers when you can modify your search to match your needs.

But I think that Keen could improve its services by making video readings available, as I prefer face-to-face interaction with readers. That said, Keen allows you to schedule your calls in advance, which helps you to keep your schedule organized.

Explore Keen

4. Psychic Source — Find an Ethical Tarot Reader You Trust

Psychic Source

  • Readers with over 20 years experience
  • Portion of each reading donated to charity
  • Rates as low as $0.66 per minute
  • Audio clips on reader profiles
  • Ethical standards and practices

If you see yourself as spiritual, you likely feel it’s important to give back and Psychic Source does exactly that. I appreciate how Psychic Source clearly expresses its commitment to following a code of ethics and gives back to charity by donating a portion of its revenue.

Something I enjoyed while I was using Psychic Source was its old-school feel. While some may see this as outdated, I feel that Psychic Source merges a nostalgic vibe with a modern approach. I find this is not the case on other tarot reading sites, which can make the experience feel more mystical and authentic when you receive advice.

The tarot readers on Psychic Source are reliable, as many of them have been reading on the platform for over 20 years. This is rare in a world where online profiles can vanish overnight. When you find a tarot reader on Psychic Source that you connect with, there’s very little chance of them disappearing.

However, I wish Psychic Source allowed you to contact readers before jumping on a call, which would let you ask any preemptive questions before committing. The good part is that you can count on its satisfaction guarantee if you realize you didn’t select your reader wisely.

Explore Psychic Source

5. PathForward — Generous Offers to Save on Tarot Readings


  • Affordable introductory offers
  • Highly-rated advisors
  • Over 15 years in business
  • Reliable customer support
  • Strict acceptance criteria for readers

If your top priority is to get a tarot reading on a platform with transparent prices, PathForward is a worthy choice. With its upfront rates, you will never wonder if additional fees are hidden in the fine print, which makes PathForward trustworthy in my eyes.

PathForward does a fine job of helping you feel connected to your tarot advisor before your session, ultimately helping you make the right choice. Its reader profiles are very in-depth and even include an audio message that the reader recorded. Listening to the audio message helps you get a feel for your reader before the session.

Something that makes me confident about using PathForward is its strict vetting process, as it makes sure it only accepts tarot readers with plenty of experience. PathForward has disclosed that it accepts less than 5% of its reader applicants to ensure the highest quality possible, which adds a lot of peace of mind.

I was slightly disappointed not to find a lot of tarot readers on PathForward to choose from. However, what you get is a smaller pool of expert tarot readers instead, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of a bad experience.

Explore PathForward

6. Kasamba — Explore Various Tarot Themes for Deeper Insight


  • Heavily discounted services
  • Over 200 tarot readers
  • Cartomancy and Angel tarot readings
  • Thorough reader profiles
  • Interesting tarot articles

Kasamba is a solid choice if you’re looking for a little more variety in the tarot category. It has tarot readers specializing in Cartomancy and Angel readings, which is ideal if you’re looking for a niche theme. The selection of specialized tarot readings can help you receive more personal advice.

While browsing through Kasamba’s tarot readers, I was relieved to find that you don’t have to click on each reader profile to learn more. Each reader’s mini-profile is packed with helpful information like their talents and abilities to help you decide if you’d like to find out more without wasting your time clicking away.

I was also impressed by the number of tarot readers on Kasamba, as you can sometimes encounter a limited selection elsewhere. Having more options lets you use filters better to establish a valuable connection, so I appreciate that Kasamba offers many readers to choose from.

I do feel that Kasamba´s site could be optimized for easier navigation, as it can feel a bit outdated and confusing. The good news is that Kasamba provides excellent value by letting you choose from different reading categories so that you can find help in many areas of life.

Explore Kasamba

7. Oranum — Enjoy Live Streams of Tarot Reading Sessions


  • Free weekly content
  • Join in on live streams
  • Instant video advice
  • Competitive introductory offer
  • Unique website concept

If you place importance in being part of a community, then Oranum could be the right tarot site for you. It uniquely approaches things since each Oranum advisor does weekly live streams where you can participate for free. I like this feature because you can be a part of a like-minded group while testing out different readers without any commitment.

I also discovered that Oranum differs in its idea of an introductory offer. When you validate a credit card on the platform, you receive 10,000 Oranum coins, equivalent to $9.99. This is cost-effective because you can get a longer reading completely free of cost, which is hard to come by.

If video readings are your jam, then Oranum won’t disappoint. With so many tarot readers, you can instantly connect with a reader via video in one click from anywhere. This is valuable because it can give you a more personal connection with your reader. Plus, it’s something that a lot of platforms don’t offer.

While it can be hard to explore Oranum without an account, but the platform makes up for this with its extensive library of free content. I like how you can use the free content on Oranum to get general insight from your favorite readers.

Explore Oranum

Comparison: Best Tarot Readings Sites

Delivery Methods Introductory Offer Number of Tarot Readers Satisfaction guarantee
California Psychics Phone Call & Live Chat $1 per minute 300+ Yes
Purple Garden Phone Call, Live Chat, & Video $10 credit 200+ No
Keen Phone Call & Live Chat 3 minutes free 120+ Yes
Psychic Source Phone Call, Live Chat, & Video 3 minutes free 200+ Yes
PathForward Phone Call & Live Chat $0.83 per minute 30+ Yes
Kasamba Phone Call & Live Chat 3 minutes free 190+ Yes
Oranum Live Chat & Video 10,000 Oranum coins upon validating credit card 90+ No

Tips on Choosing a Tarot Reading Site

I always suggest being well-informed and ready before delving into any tarot reading, as it ensures you get maximum value from the experience. The pointers I’m about to share will assist you in selecting the appropriate platform and avoid overlooking any vital details before you proceed with your tarot reading.

1. Be Clear on Your Needs

Before even deciding on a platform, you should establish your top priorities during your reading to get the most out of the session. I highly recommend that you consider aspects like delivery style, reading theme, reading method and if your reader needs specific skills in addition to being able to read tarot.

The delivery style is essential because it determines how understood and supported you will feel during your reading. For example, if you prefer a softer delivery, select a tarot reader with a compassionate style. And if you don’t like readers who sugarcoat messages, I recommend finding one with direct delivery.

Being clear on a reading theme and your preferred reading method is also important. Make sure you don’t search for a reader in a category that isn’t relevant to the life advice you’re seeking. Regardless, be clear with your reader about what you’d like to focus on during your reading, so you don’t waste time on trivial matters.

When selecting a reading method, you should consider what you feel most comfortable with. If you’d prefer to be able to see your reader and vice versa, you may like to go with a video reading. Alternatively, if you prefer the privacy that comes with getting a reading via live chat, I recommend that as an option.

Finally, the top consideration is the additional psychic gifts your reader might need. If you want to connect with a passed loved one, you should look for a reader with mediumship abilities. Otherwise, you may waste minutes and be disappointed that your reader can’t meet your needs.

2. Evaluate Multiple Tarot Readers

I always recommend that you hand-select multiple readers, even from different platforms. It’s not advised to select the first reader you see because you may miss out on connecting with more compatible readers. I suggest you create a list of options and narrow it down to the reader you feel most drawn towards.

You should also browse platforms with a large selection of tarot readers. Sites with plenty of advisors tend to give you a higher chance of finding a reader you spiritually connect with. Settling for a platform with limited options can leave you feeling like you missed out on finding the right advisor.

Additionally, you want to always read through each tarot reader’s review section to ensure there isn’t an overwhelming amount of negative reviews. Looking through each review section can also help you identify certain downfalls that a particular reader might have that you may prefer to avoid altogether.

Using your own intuition can also help you figure out which reader would be the best match. You can feel their energy out by checking their bio and seeing how they describe themselves. If there is a video or audio introduction on the profile, I highly suggest you check it out so you can feel their vibe more clearly.

3. Vet The Platform

I would argue that vetting the platform you’re considering is as important as vetting your psychic. You can easily get a feel for the possible quality of your reading by evaluating the caliber of the platform itself. Doing so will save you from having an experience that could let you down.

Knowing the platform’s vetting process with its applicant readers is also important. Generally speaking, platforms with stricter screening processes accept a higher quality of readers. If the platform does not mention anything about vetting its readers, I suggest choosing an alternative that makes this a clear priority.

You should always check if the platform has a satisfaction guarantee policy or at the very least, investigate the refund process. A loud and clear 100% satisfaction guarantee policy is always best, and I recommend you avoid any platforms that make it difficult to figure out their return policy. Transparency is always key when choosing.

Beyond its policy, you must ensure that the site’s customer support is readily available. If you are having difficulty identifying how you would contact support in case something goes wrong, it’s typically not a great sign. Opt for platforms with live chat support or a hotline, as it’s easier to get help and feels more secure.

4. Give New Tarot Readers a Go

If you are open-minded to the selection process of your tarot reader, I would actually suggest you try out a newer one. While this suggestion might seem counter-intuitive, there are many benefits to trying out newer readers. Most importantly, selecting a new reader does not equal less experience or poor quality.

One of the things I like about newer tarot readers is that they sometimes use more modern techniques than long-serving readers. Plus, they can be more proficient with technology. You may end up liking the newer techniques more and find that they offer you more insight than old-school reading methods.

It’s important to note that being new on a platform does not equal being new to reading tarot. I advise you to check new advisor profiles to see if they highlight any previous experience before joining the platform. You will notice that many have prior experience and have decided to join a tarot reading site for more exposure.

Another reason to try newer tarot readers is that you can typically get more affordable rates than more established readers on a platform. This is because a reader’s tenure on the site is one of the key factors that determine their rate.

5. Establish a Realistic Budget

Establishing a clear and realistic budget will save you from overspending and regretting the entire experience. I suggest you decide how much you’re willing to spend to get advice and to make sure to stick to it. It’s also good to be flexible by determining how much extra you can spend if your reading exceeds expectations.

Another practice that helps you budget is to use platforms that provide value through their introductory offers. These offers help you test multiple tarot readers you may be considering without breaking the bank. If your offer includes free minutes, then that’s even better.

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FAQs on Tarot Readings Sites

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot readings can be very accurate and helpful if you consult with a reputable reader. I always recommend that you evaluate any potential psychics by reading through client reviews to see how accurate their readings are. Seeing the outcomes of other clients can help save you from inaccurate tarot readings.

However, despite a thorough evaluation, there is an off chance you will receive inaccurate advice. To avoid wasting time on unhelpful insight, choosing a tarot reading platform that offers a satisfaction guarantee is best. This lets you go into every reading with peace of mind and added security.

What’s the difference between a psychic reading and a tarot reading?

The main difference between psychic readings and tarot readings is that psychic readings don’t always incorporate tools like tarot. Additionally, not every tarot reader has psychic abilities that they can use while reading cards. This is why it’s important to evaluate your needs prior to committing to a reader.

Neither determines how accurate the advice you receive is, as you can gather accurate information from tarot cards without any psychic gifts. However, connecting with a psychic tarot reader can help enlighten you with more details so that you feel more connected.

Why do some tarot readers have different interpretations of the same card?

Tarot readers can have different interpretations of the same card because reading tarot is an art and is not set in stone. While it’s important to have a fundamental understanding of the symbolism and general meaning of each card, the same card can be interpreted in many different ways.

Part of reading tarot comes down to the energetics you feel when you focus on a specific card. Since everyone’s life situations differ, the card’s interpretation can also change. However, the interpretation should still resonate with the fundamental energy of that specific card.

But most importantly, you should browse through reputable tarot sites with accurate readers, so you can feel confident in their interpretations. Otherwise, you may get inaccurate advice from a reader that does not have a solid fundamental understanding of the tarot.

Should I keep a journal to record my tarot card readings?

It’s always beneficial to record the contents of your tarot reading in a journal, whether you take notes during your reading or write about it after. But it’s even better to make a live recording of your session on a site that allows it, so you can fully reflect on it in the future.

This is because sometimes information that comes up during a reading hasn’t played out yet, so it’s helpful to keep a note of any possible predictions. Doing so can feel fulfilling after the prediction comes true and can even deepen your trust in the process of tarot readings.

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Bottom Line

While it can feel nerve-wracking at first, a tarot reading can offer unique insights that can quickly improve your life. When you consider your needs and know what you want from a tarot reading site, you can overcome your doubts and feel confident when you receive personal guidance.

But if you prefer straightforward recommendations and don’t want to spend time evaluating your choices, I suggest trying California Psychics. You can enjoy the security of being guaranteed a refund in case you don’t enjoy your reading and get an accurate tarot reading for $1 per minute when you take advantage of its affordable introductory rate.

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