Psychic Source Review 2020 - Is it Trustworthy and Worth Your Money?

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Average Call Cost
66 cents-15$ Per Minute
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Written by: Jeff Williams on May 31, 2020

Psychic Source Overview

Psychic Source has a solid range of carefully selected psychics: almost 300. That’s quite a lot less than rival Keen’s 1700+, but more than California Psychics’ 200+.

But, then again, huge quantities doesn’t necessarily mean quality, and I’ll go into more detail regarding what I mean about that in the sections below.

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Psychic Source Psychics and Services on Offer

Psychic Source has almost 300 psychics on offer, split across these types of psychic gifts and abilities:

Career psychics

These psychics are work and career-related, and Psychic Source says they’re the most popular psychic types of all. Psychic Source hosts around 150+ Career Psychics.


Psychics with the ability to “hear clearly”, and receive audial messages from the realm beyond. This is a great option if you’re trying to get in touch with a spirit guide, gain a sense of direction in life or to hear from one specific person.


Psychics who have the gift of feeling and sensing energy or emotional responses.


A psychic with the gift of the Third Eye– with the ability to tap into the energy that’s beyond the scope of you or I.

Intuitive/Empath Psychics

Intuitive psychics can see the future or communicate with the dead, while empaths can sense the emotions of those around them.

Love Physics

This is the category you’re looking for if you want answers about your love life, or a specific person.

Pet Psychics

Whether you’re looking for a psychic to read your pet’s inner thoughts or to communicate with a dearly loved pet who’s passed, this is the psychic you’re looking for.

Psychics Mediums

Otherwise known as ‘Channelers’ these psychics can connect with loved ones who have passed on.

Psychic Source also offer the following psychic reading topics:

  • Love, Relationships and Family
  • Career and Finance
  • Life, Destiny and Meaning
  • Loss and Grieving

I think the range of types of psychics on offer is definitely the biggest, most diverse group that I’ve seen in any of the psychic reading sites I’ve reviewed. The closest I saw that came to it was California Psychics’ huge range of types of psychics and topics.

When it comes to the categories on offer, Keen just about beats Psychic Source…although Keen tends to separate categories that could really go together (e.g., relationships, divorce and love- I thought they could all be one category), so I appreciate what Psychic Source has done by combining these.

There’s also the really intuitive Find a Psychic service: I started by answering a few basic questions (and by the way, I actually found this more intuitive than Keen’s ‘find a psychic’ questioning system):

psychic source menu

I was looking for love advice, so I clicked through to find these ultra-specific options:

psychic source pink menu

Ok…some of these options might be a little too specific – what if I wanted to ask questions about both? But nevertheless, I picked the correct option for me, and was taken to this screen, asking about which type of psychic I wanted to speak to:

service menu

The definitions are super helpful here – I had no idea about some of these options before, and I wasn’t really sure which type of psychic would be the best option for me. So I chose ‘I don’t have a preference’.

Next up – a very good question: was I looking for any types of psychic tools? Personally, I’m not really a fan of any types of cards or numerology, so I chose the ‘I prefer a psychic who doesn’t use tools’ option.

types of psychic

Lastly, I was asked about my preference for the delivery. This question wasn’t as good as Keen’s “how do you like to receive information?” question, but I still appreciated being asked it:

my preference for the delivery.

And then, I was given my results! I was grateful that I was given a selection of three psychics to choose from, as trying to choose a psychic by myself was a little overwhelming, even when I filtered down the specialisms, reviews and price range.

psychics to choose from

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But still, I wanted to see what else was out there, and I headed over to the ‘Our Psychics’ page.

When it came to choosing a psychic from the range of psychics on offer the filtering options were pretty good: I could choose between phone, chat and video psychics, as well as filter by specialities, expertise, tools and reading style.

You can also search for a psychic by name, and sort through them by their online status, and even their pricing!

search by name

I really liked just how many sorting options there were – after all, Keen’s filtering and searching options left me a little underwhelmed…although California Psychics’ was pretty great and intuitive.

My favorite filter, though? This:

search by style

I do love a direct reading style…but I understand that not everyone does.

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Psychic Source – Is it Trustworthy?

I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to blindly trusting things online – whether that’s psychic readings, insurance sites or otherwise. So I checked out the following things to see whether or not Psychic Source was worth my (and your) trust, time and money.

Psychic screening process

Psychic Source’s psychics have to apply to become a member, and are asked a rigorous set of questions about their work history, their life experience and their psychic gifts. They’re then invited to a video call interview, and if this goes well, the psychic will be invited to join the service and receive onboarding training.

I think this is a pretty intense process, and is good enough to earn my trust. Keen’s psychic reader application process is very quick and straightforward, while California Psychics’ application process requires applicants to undergo a reference check and criminal history search.

Psychic bios

Each psychic has to create their own page, complete with a lot of information:

schedule a psychic

I really liked that I could easily see each psychic’s schedule, to see if they would fit in with my own schedule, as well as how long they would be around online for. Keen has a ‘call me back later’ option, which is similar but not as good as actually seeing a schedule, while California Psychics doesn’t have either option.

I also really liked that I was straight-out told that the reading style was direct. Just as with Keen, I prefer knowing I’m going into a session with someone who can be direct with me.

Customer ratings

I really liked how honest the reviews of the psychics I looked into were…and that other users could vote for the usefulness of the comment (which is a feature I haven’t seen anywhere else).

Reviews such as these really helped me get a sense of who I was going to speaking with

review from the site

And also what to expect, when comparing to other advisors on the site.

Money-back guarantee

Psychic Source has a Satisfaction Guarantee in place, where if you’re not happy with your last reading, it will be given to you for free. You’ll need to request a credit (for use on another Psychic Source reading) within 1 day of your unsatisfactory call or chat session, and this can be applied to your next reading for up to 20 minutes.

I’d say that, given all of the above factors – especially the psychic acceptance process, which is actually longer and more rigorous than even Keen’s – it’s very likely that Psychic Source is trustworthy. Obviously, there may be psychics out there who aren’t all they seem…but I have almost 100% certainty that Psychic Source will do its best to root these out before they get anywhere near to you or other customers.

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Psychic Source Pricing

You can sign up to Psychic Source for free, but you will need a credit card in order to finish the signup process. You won’t be charged – it’s just there for when you want to start speaking with psychics! I signed up for free but was only charged once my call had ended.

I understood this, but was still a little annoyed – after all, Keen only required my credit card once I had decided on a psychic to speak with, so this was a little bit of a pushy move by Psychic Source. Although California Psychics also require a credit card upfront.

After that, it’s up to you to choose the price range of the psychic you’d like to speak with: you can easily sort the psychics by low-high pricing (the lowest I found was 66 cents a minute, although this was due to the special promotion as a new customer), and the highest I found was $12 a minute. Most psychics, however, charged around $3-$4 a minute, for video calls, phone calls and chats.

This is a narrower price range than with Keen, where the prices went a bit over the top at the more expensive end, but actually more reasonable than California Psychics – I get that the psychics at both Psychic Source and Keen are independent contractors, but still, they should keep one eye on the market…especially if readings run on for over ten minutes.

Psychic Source Customer Support

I get the feeling that Psychics Source really, really care about its customers – the Customer Care page details proudly exclaims that the support team are an in-house (as in, not outsourced) team, because that’s how much it cares about customer satisfaction.

If you do have an issue, however, there are a few options for you to get in touch:

  • A detailed FAQ section, so you can easily search and find an answer to your question
  • A contact us form, where you select the issue you’d like to discuss (such as requesting a refund credit)
  • Weirdly, a postal mail address (who uses mail anymore?!)
  • A live chat, where I received an answer within 45 seconds:Psychic Source - Chat

It was strange that there was no phone line– I had a really positive experience with the phone customer support agent over at Keen…if Psychic Source are so proud of their in-house customer support, why wouldn’t they want to show that off with a phone line, if they’re available?

Expert Bottom Line on Psychic Source

I really liked just how selective Psychic Source was about its psychics – I really got the impression that not just anyone could become a psychic on its site, thanks to the rigorous interview process. That and the filtering option to find a psychic (and that cool ‘recommended psychics’ widget) really sold me.

If anything, I thought maybe the distinctions between the types of psychics (clairvoyant, clairaudient etc) might have confused me a bit when it came to choosing a psychic…but at least the psychics I chose had a range of gifts, and thanks to the ‘Reading style’ filter, I only spoke to psychics who could tell it to me straight.

While some people might find the ‘only’ 300 psychics on offer limiting when compared to the 1700+ over at Keen, I thought the selection was heartfelt and very personalized, and I liked that touch.

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Psychic Source Bottom Line

It’s one of the oldest and most respected psychic reading sites, having been around for 30 years, and I really liked its affordable price point and range of psychics on offer. There are also some cool categories of psychics I’d never heard of hosted here, and it was pretty easy to find the right psychic for me.

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