Written by Jeff Williams Published on September 20, 2020

The Best Fortune Tellers Online (Updated for 2020)

The Best Fortune Tellers Online (Updated for 2020)

The best fortune tellers online are accurate, have a great attitude and will give you all the answers….but how do you actually find them?

Lots of sites out there claim to have the best fortune tellers around, but how do you know that you’re actually going to be speaking with a quality fortune teller who’ll give you all the answers you need, accurately?

Never fear – I’ve prepared a solid roundup of trustworthy, accurate and personally tested best fortune telling sites, complete with in-depth reviews of the 10+ psychic reading sites I’ve reviewed.

Short on time? Check out this quick list of the best fortune teller sites:

Fortune telling rally is an art: there’s so much to it that it pays to really do your research beforehand, as well as understand what you’ll be getting out of a fortune telling reading.

For more information about how to find the best fortune teller for you, and the best psychic reading site, click here.

1. Psychic Source – Best fortune tellers on a budget

What I Liked: 

  • Best fortune tellers from just $0.66 cents per minute
  • Get your first 3 minutes of every reading free
  • Easily find your favorite fortune teller with the awesome ‘Find a Psychic’ tool

What I Didn’t Like: 

  • Most popular fortune tellers are usually busy at peak times
  • Some users might find the site looks a little old-fashioned (not really that big a deal for me though!)

Psychic Source is – hands down – one of my favorite psychic reading sites of all time, and especially so due to the huge range of psychics with fortune telling abilities there.

One of my favorite things about Psychic Source? That each psychic specialism and subject is broken down into further subspecialisms, so you can really hone in on the topic you want to discuss.

You’ll also be able to find the best fortune teller for you, thanks to Psychic Source’s really handy filtering options. That and the 3 free minutes introductory offer and psychic readings starting from just $0.66 a minute (the cheapest I’ve ever seen on the psychic reading market), make Psychic Source a must-see if you’re looking for the best fortune teller online.

Visit Psychic Source

2. Keen – Best fortune telling for in-depth readings

What I Liked: 

  • Fortune teller readings starting from just $1.99 per minute
  • Super generous $1.99 for 10-minute reading introductory offer
  • Super easy to use filter and sorting options, so you can find the best fortune teller for you

What I Didn’t Like: 

  • The most popular psychics can charge anywhere up to $28 per minute
  • No video fortune telling readings

Browse through Keen’s customer reviews and ratings, and you’ll find that most of them seem really, really, well – keen – about their psychics.

Its fortune teller reviews are no different: screaming of accuracy, and how awesome the fortune teller readings were all-round, I too was skeptical..until I actually tried a reading for myself, and I saw what all of the fuss was about.

With a fabulously generous $1.99 for 10 minutes introductory readings, as well as calls starting from just $1.99 per minute, once you try keen’s best fortune tellers on for size you’ll become pretty keen on Keen yourself!

Visit Keen

3. Kasamba – Bets for its massive range of fortune tellers

What I Liked: 

  • Huge range of 1700+ psychics readers and best fortune tellers to choose from
  • Fortune teller readings from just $1.99 per minute
  • One of the most experienced online psychic reading sites

What I Didn’t Like: 

  • The desktop site is a little tricky to use – I recommend using the smartphone app instead
  • The most popular psychics can charge anywhere up to $30 per minute

Over Kasamba’s 30+ years online, it’s wracked up a LOT of happy customers. With 1700+ psychics to choose from, it’s no surprise – Kasamba really has a lot of the best fortune tellers online.

Even better – Kasamba gives you 3 minutes free for every new fortune teller you speak with, allowing you to suss out if you have a good connection and if not, then you move on to your next fortune teller, and next 3 minutes free. It’s an amazing idea, and it really works…which is why so many people love Kasamba’s psychics!

Visit Kasamba

4. California Psychics – Best fortune-telling freebies

What I Liked: 

  • Fabulous fortune telling freebies on offer with the ‘Karma Rewards’ club
  • Fortune teller readings starting from just $1 per minute
  • Fantastic filtering and sorting options – the best I’ve ever seen online, period!

What I Didn’t Like: 

  • Premier Psychics are a little pricey – up to $15 per minute
  • Call and chat fortune tellings only

California Psychics might just be the best psychic reading site you’ve ever seen, or even one of the best-looking websites online, period.

Thanks to a really superior array of filtering and sorting options, you can easily find the best fortune teller for your budget, your specialism and a whole host of other topics.

But, that’s too even the best bit – for every fortune teller reading you get with California Psychics, you’ll wrack up points which you can convert to a whole range of on-site freebies in its Karma Rewards club!

These can be free minutes, free calls and other amazing fortune teller readings. I do love a site that gives back to its customers, and if you do too, I highly recommend you look into California Psychics.

Visit California Psychics

5. Psychic Encounters – Best for fortune teller video readings

What I Liked: 

  • Video call fortune teller readings from just $1.99 per minute!
  • Call and chat psychics readings just $0/99 per minute
  • A hassle-free, no-fuss desktop site and awesome app

What I Didn’t Like: 

  • A very stripped-down, basic site – if it’s not detailed enough to you, try out the app
  • The app has way more features than the desktop site, which could be a problem for you if you don’t have a smartphone

Psychic Encounters has a desktop experience and an app experience, both of which offer customers two totally different things: the desktop site is free of anything potentially overwhelming, giving customers just the basics they need to know to find the best fortune tellers online and have a great reading with them.

The app is much more of an epic fortune telling experience: you’ll see a ton of cool features that you’ll fall in love with…but it can be a little overwhelming for anyone not so used to a psychic reading site.

Still, psychic encounters have fortune telling video calls for just $1.99 per minute – which is both some of the cheapest pricing on the market for any type of psychics reading, and video calls are pretty hard to come by when it comes down to a fortune teller reading.

If you’re looking for video calls fortune teller readings, Psychic Encounters is where you want to go.

Visit Psychic Encounters

How to Find the Best Fortune Teller Site For You

As you might have gathered from my above recommended fortune teller site list, no two fortune teller sites are really that alike.

There are so many factors to take into account when choosing the best fortune teller site for you, that it can be super confusing to even try!

Never fear, that’s why I’m here! I’ve done all of the tough work, so you don’t have to! Here’s what you should keep in mind when finding the best fortune teller reading site for your needs:

  • Your budget: most important of all, you need to make sure you can afford the fortune teller you’ve chosen! You might want a popular one, with the best custom ratings and reviews, but at some of the later sites, like Kasamba, these could cost you around $30 a minute, which might be a little out of your price range. My suggestion? Check out the pricing flyers, and set a realistic range for yourself, so you don’t blow your budget. Sites like Keen and Psychic Source even have fortune tellers from just $1 and $0.66 per minute respectively.
  • The introductory offers: these vary massively between sites: some, like Keen, will give you a certain amount of minutes or a very low price while others, like Kasamba, will give you free minutes to test out a few psychics. I think it’s best to see exactly what type of introductory offer you could receive, as well as if there are any loyalty rewards (like my favorite one, California Psychics’ Karma Rewards club), which could also help push your budget a little further.
  • The fortune teller specialists on offer: sure, once you’ve found a solid fortune teller you feel connected to, everything’s great, right? Well, no – fortune telling is usually a skill, backed up by tools – such as runes or tarot cards – but you need to make sure that your chosen fortune teller also has experience in reading the subject you want. After all, if you’re looking for answers about your future relationship, don’t speak with a career-focused fortune teller, because you’re not going to have the fortune teller reading you’d hoped for.
  • The told on offer: when it comes to the best fortune tellers, a huge part of what makes a session with them so enjoyable is the tools they use. Maybe you’re a diehard tarot fan. Or you don’t like sign tools at all – either way, you need to know what you’re comfortable with, and making your chosen fortune teller is aligned with your ideas.

How to Choose the Best Psychic Reading Site for You

As I mentioned just before, finding the best fortune teller for you is only a piece of the puzzle – you also need to find the best psychic reading site for you too!

I’m here to help: I’ve personally checked out, been a customer of (sometimes for years) and reviewed each psychic reading site that I’ve recommended above, in general.

I’ve gone really deep, checking out the satisfaction guarantee, psychic reading application process and way more besides!

Here’s what I think you need to know when finding a psychic reading site or best fortune teller online:

  • Don’t expect every fortune teller to be right for you: just as with people, you won’t ‘click’ with every fortune teller you find online. Take the time to filter down a few potentials who you might like, by budget, reading style and specialism, and then read their psychic bios to see if there’s anything you connect with there. Then, you could try using your introductory offers to see if there’s a connection, and then take it from there.
  • Check out the satisfaction guarantee of your chosen psychic reading sites: as I’ve mentioned in my reviews, these really vary: some psychic reading sites will offer you a certain time-limit, anywhere between 24 hours and 3 days, to file a complaint. You might get cash, credit or nothing at all. It’s really worth it to see the sort of psychics reading it you’re dealing with before you start spending there.
  • Psychics really vary across sites: you might be surprised to know that not all psychics are created equal. Luckily it takes just a few minutes to filter out any that won’t be up to scratch for you! The way I do it is by checking out the reviews and comments for each psychic, and see if there’s any pattern – such as lateness, lack of accuracy or rudeness. Then I use the filters to really hone in on some chosen psychics, especially via their delivery style. These tricks have meant I’ve never had a bad reading yet!

Bottom Line: the Best Fortune Tellers Online

Fortune tellers are just like fortunes, really – highly dependent on you finding the best fortune teller really means finding the best fortune teller for you – someone you can work with, who you can trust and enjoy spending time with.

Really take the time to compare a few of the psychic reading sites, and even fortune tellers at these psychic rating sites, before committing – you might just find that your fortune telling sessions go way better than you could have hoped for!

Happy fortune telling – let me know if you’ve sourced any amazing fortune tellers at any of the sites I’ve recommended!

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