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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On June 06, 2023

Is Oranum Legit? Find Out if Its Psychics Are Real (2023)

Is Oranum Legit? Find Out if Its Psychics Are Real (2023)

Before you hand over cash for a psychic reading, you need to know that the site you’re using is legit and its readers are really gifted. I researched Oranum to find out if you can actually trust it. After scrutinizing Oranum’s history, satisfaction guarantee, and screening process, I’m still not sure what to think.


Oranum has been around for a decade. Its mission is to bring “ancient knowledge to the digital age” via its innovative live streaming platform. There are dozens of types of reading available, but Oranum doesn’t say how many psychics use its site to share their insights.

Generally, I prefer it when sites are upfront about their background and provide information about what they do. For example, Keen Psychics and Kasamba have full “About Us” pages. This really helps me feel like I can trust them.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some psychic reading sites offer complete satisfaction guarantees. If you’re not happy, you can claim a refund. Unfortunately, Oranum doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee. Instead, it only has a limited refund policy. You have 24 hours to file a complaint, and will only receive site credits if your claim is approved. Additionally, Oranum’s refund information isn’t easy to find. It’s hidden inside the Terms and Conditions and written in confusing legal terms.

I was disappointed to see this. Kasamba gives you a full 24 hours in which to file a complaint, and Psychic Center has a dedicated refund policy page in its “Help” section.

While its lack of satisfaction guarantee doesn’t mean that Oranum isn’t legit, I feel more confident using a site that really stands behind the service it offers.

Screening Process

I searched the site for information about how Oranum screens its psychics. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about Oranum’s vetting process. I was really disappointed to see this. Not all sites are open about how they make sure their advisors are legit, but I definitely have more faith in sites that vet their advisors.

Then again, Oranum doesn’t claim that it vets its psychics. It’s up to you to decide who to trust.

This is where I think Oranum does better than other psychic sites. You can start researching advisors and finding the right ones for you without even signing up. When you go to Oranum’s website, you’ll find different psychics running live sessions.

oranum home page

You can click to watch a live stream, and even join the chat as a guest.

oranum psychic reading

While some sites give you your first session or some minutes for free, Oranum’s approach is unique. You can watch psychics in action and join in their public sessions before you buy credits or sign up. You can drop in on as many sessions as you like to make sure that the advisors are really legit.

Conclusion – Is Oranum Legit?

Honestly, I’m still not sure. While many psychic reading sites offer 100% satisfaction guarantees, Oranum only offers a partial refund policy. There’s not a lot of information available about the site’s history, and Oranum doesn’t reveal if and how it screens its psychics.

However, I really like that you can interact with an unlimited number of psychics without making any kind of commitment. I clicked into lots of live stream sessions and got a really good feel for how authentic and gifted each reader is. This made me feel far more confident about signing up and buying site credits.

In conclusion, I think that while Oranum could be more transparent, it probably is legit. You can get legit readings from Oranum’s advisors if you’re willing to spend time looking for one you trust.

You can read more about Oranum in our full review here.

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