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Energy Healing And Whole-person Coaching With Carmen Lee

Energy Healing And Whole-person Coaching With Carmen Lee

Carmen Lee is an Energy Healer and Whole-person coach who can help you tap into your innate wisdom and capacities so that you will feel confident in fulfilling your desires with greater ease and speed. Today, Mystic Mag had the opportunity to interview her and gain insight into her knowledge and capabilities.

When did you first know that being an energy healer and a coach was your calling and how did it come about?

It didn’t hit me like the Big Bang. Realizing my calling has been a gradual and ever-evolving journey. I turned to holistic healing because of my own health issues. I didn’t like the answers from my health care providers, so I went out of the box to look for answers.

Perhaps the most indicative sign of my calling took place in 2018. I was learning Divine Mother Energy Healing to dissolve tumors in my body. Through a friend of a friend, I had a unique opportunity to facilitate healing for an Indian Reservation. A week later, my contacts from the reservation noticed a significant shift in their patients. Those who had resisted obtaining care went to the clinic of their own volition. People were more conscious about improving their well-being.

When one session with Divine Mother shifted the collective consciousness of a large group of people, I began to explore what else I could do with Divine Mother.

What services do you offer?

I offer energy healing and whole-person coaching services to clients.

Energy healing is ideal when there is too much going on, and people do not have the wherewithal to make changes at the conscious level. Coaching is ideal for those who want more interactions and are ready to implement changes in their lives. Both services help clients clear the conscious and unconscious barriers so that they can go for what they want in life.

I offer energy healing to individuals, families, and businesses. There is power in affecting changes in a group when a member of a family or business becomes the healing conduit. When one person receives the healing with the intent to benefit the group, others in the group will benefit too. It is like the healing I facilitated for the Indian Reservation.

I also offer one-on-one coaching to clients. Most people struggle with finding their way in this noisy world. My process is about quieting their mind so that they can gain clarity and confidence to leap forward. I have also had clients who had thought they knew what they wanted, but they ended up getting more than they thought was possible. When we break free from our own limitations, it’s amazing how life opens up in a new way.

I still remember there was a time I was concurrently helping two women. The first one wanted me to help her keep her marriage, and the other was thinking of leaving her marriage. By the time they completed the coaching process with me, the first woman found herself leaving a dysfunctional relationship. She is now happily dating an amazing man. The second woman realized how good she had it and chose to stay in the marriage.

How would you describe energy healing?

The most fundamental component of everything, including us as humans, is energy. This means that we are made of an invisible force that flows through us and affects all aspects of our lives.

When our energy flow is constricted, it’s like a clogged pipe that stops water from flowing smoothly. As a result, we can’t think clearly and we struggle with articulating our thoughts and ideas. Relationships become unfulfilling. Our energy level goes up and down. Mysterious health issues pop up, and there can be a strain on our finances.

Energetic blockages prevent others from seeing and valuing our work. It doesn’t matter how smart and capable we are. Everything seems to take more time and effort. We feel increasingly drained and discouraged, which further constricts our energy field.

Our energy goes beyond the physical body. It is a field that stores a lot of information or misinformation. Energy healing clears you from all sorts of interferences, which include ancestral burdens, traumas from birth, unresolved emotions from the past, or interferences from disembodied spirits, just to name a few.

When our energy field is less cluttered, we are also more able to access our intuition, which helps us make better and faster decisions. Situations that used to trigger us no longer carry the charge. Unexpected people show up to support us, and we feel more confident in our abilities to manifest our dreams and desires.

When our energy field is clear, our immunity is strong, and negative people don’t affect us. We feel alive and vibrant. Our energetic frequency draws in financial windfalls regardless of what people say about the economy or market. We find ourselves surrounded by people who truly appreciate and love us. Those who do not value us or aren’t aligned with our frequency gradually fall away.

As an example, I had a client who had all sorts of issues at home and in his business. Through our work together, he was able to work through marital challenges that he had struggled with despite years of counseling. I remember his excitement when he called me after his staff meeting. He told me he had not had such an open constructive meeting for a while. He also noticed how our work together improved his business.

What can a person expect from your sessions?

Whether it’s energy healing or coaching, the idea is to bring out the best in my clients by helping them see what they couldn’t see in themselves. I create a safe and loving container to support open and authentic communication.

Setting a clear intention is an important part of this work. Whether it’s healing or coaching, I work with clients to develop a clear and succinct intention. Developing intention the right way makes a huge difference. We are often caught up with stories that we can’t see our way through. The intention-setting process has a way to open up new possibilities.

Energy healing is like a relaxing meditative experience. I guide clients through a process that clears 9 layers of their field. Depending on the situation, I might ask questions, which often reveal deeper healing that needs to occur. There are more interactions in coaching. I ask questions and offer tools for clients to access and develop their innate intelligence.

Many people focus on what they get out of the sessions. Due to the nature of this work, the energy starts working on them the moment they say yes. I have had clients who had unusual dreams or dreamt of me before we even began working together.

My clients are usually not aware of me holding them through the duration of our engagement. Because of the energetic support, it helps my clients find the wherewithal to resolve what they couldn’t before or accomplish projects they had put off for years. They notice more synchronicities supporting them. I had a woman who told me a book fell off the shelf and that was exactly what she needed to realize her purpose in the next phase of her life.

One common trend I have found with my clients is they ended up decluttering and reorganizing their living space as a result of our work together. When the cobwebs are cleared, they know what needs to be done. I don’t necessarily need to tell them. Whether it’s healing or coaching, the whole idea is clearing the gunk in their systems so that they can tap into their authentic selves. Life becomes miraculous when we embrace our truth.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Respect, compassion, openness, and deep listening are keys to building any relationship. When I show up embodying these qualities, my clients will respond the same. Giving my clients an idea of what the sessions will entail also brings clarity and helps set expectations.

While I might share possible breakthroughs, I am also very upfront about not guaranteeing results. With Divine Mother Energy Healing, I’ve learned that the shifts are often more comprehensive and miraculous than my mind can conceive. I remind clients that setting intentions and letting go of “what the outcome will look like” is very important. When we are fixated on what the results “should” be, we block ourselves from receiving miracles.

Coaching is a dance between me and my client. Both parties need to show up and take responsibilities for powerful changes to occur. Before we engage in a coaching relationship, I lay out my commitment to my clients and I also point out a few things that they can do for a more enriching experience.

What is the best part of your job?

Because I love what I do so much, it doesn’t feel like work! Guiding my clients through their journeys is like adventures from an Indiana Jones or Harry Potter movie.

I would say the best part is that I get to be me while helping clients reclaim the forgotten gems within themselves. There was a time when I saw my work and personal lives being distinct. I told myself I couldn’t be me because of the work constraints. My first career trained me to be a linear and analytical thinker. I had forgotten the people side of things until the last part of that career when I was running the leadership development and cultural change program in an organization.

We are in a time when it is so important to embrace our mind, heart, body, and soul. When we are so focused on the thinking mind, we don’t know what we are missing. It delights me to see the sparks returning to my clients when they embrace their wholeness. The magic that unveils from our work together far exceeds any accomplishments I have had in my former career.

I also love being an instrument of the Divine. As long as I am willing to let go of control and be an open conduit, the Divine energy will take care of what’s needed. Life is easier and actually fun! There was a time I believed working hard was the only way to get what I wanted. Now I am riding the wave of Universal Intelligence. Divine Mother is the best “boss” I have ever had!

I feel like sharing the gifts of Divine Mother with your followers. To receive a free meditation on infusing Divine Feminine qualities in you, please visit the following page: https://carmenklee.com/product/celebration-of-divine-mother

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