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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 28, 2022

A 2022 Guide to How Palm Reading Works

A 2022 Guide to How Palm Reading Works

Chirology, also known as palm reading, has been used for centuries by people who understand how beneficial it can be to unlock the wealth of information held in your hands. Much like individual fingerprints, no two palms are the same, which means that the lines on your hand can be interpreted as a personalized map for your life’s journey.

While rudimentary palm reading can be performed at home, chatting to an expert palmist on a site such as Purple Garden could truly transform your life and set you down your true path.

What Your Palm Can Reveal

Palm readings can reveal more about you than you realize. At a basic level, they uncover your strengths and weaknesses, the future of your relationships, and can even help you differentiate right from wrong.

However, there are dozens of lines on your palm, and, while some are fainter than others, they all bear significance about who you truly are at a fundamental level.

A palm reading can help you understand a lot about the various facets of your life. While they may not be able to give you the name of your soulmate or reveal how you will die, they can help you dissect things like the nature of your relationships and your personality.

It’s important to note that your left and right palms are unique, and because of the depth of information held in them, palm reading is a journey that you will need to embark on over a period of time if you are truly intent on heading down the right path.

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Hand Shapes Explained

Similar to your position as an earth, air, fire, or water sign, the shape of your hands has strong astrological links. Despite this, you may find that your zodiac sign doesn’t necessarily match the shape of your hand. This is because of the intricacy of individual personalities and how traits present in more than one sign can be found in a single person.

1. Earth

If you have a square palm with fewer lines and relatively short fingers, you have an Earth hand. This means that you are reliable, grounded, and clear-headed. You’re a problem-solver and approach life with logic and analytical thinking. You tend to prioritize reason over emotion to achieve the best possible outcomes in any given situation. While this character trait is extremely useful in everyday life, it may prevent you from making and achieving long-term goals if you remain too caught up in the present.

2. Fire

You’ll know you have a fire hand if you have a longer palm with irregular lines and relatively shorter fingers. This is telling of your fiery, fun, outgoing personality since, without trying, you command attention wherever you go. The inconsistency of the lines on your palm is indicative of your creativity and passion. Because you are more concerned with the experience than the details, you might find yourself a little lost if you don’t have someone more grounded by your side.

3. Air

You have air hands if your palms are slightly longer than they are wide, with spindly and sometimes boney fingers. This generally means that you are more intellectual than practical and most likely spend more time analyzing than you do taking action. You have a curious mind and you’re great at communicating your thoughts with others, but, if left unstimulated for too long, you have the tendency to become anxious and frustrated.

4. Water

Long palms, long fingers, and loads of baby lines are clear indicators that you have water hands. People with these hands are led by emotion, whether it be sadness, compassion, joy, or anger. Your heart is the decision-maker, with logical thought and reason taking the back seat. You should be wary not to become too involved in other people’s lives, as your sensitivity can lead to unnecessary emotional burdens that are not yours to bear.

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Palm Lines Explained

While there are loads of lines on your palms that are open to interpretation, there are four that stand out more than the others. The heart, life, head, and fate line are the main focus during palm readings.

Palm Lines Explained


1. The Head Line

The head line is an indication of a person’s intellectual capabilities and mental strength. It lies between the heart and lifelines and stretches somewhat diagonally to both sides of the palm. A bold, clear head line is a sign of intelligence and focused thinking patterns. A relatively shorter line generally means that the individual is more physically gifted, while a slightly arched line signifies creativity.  Other variations of this line, such as a circle dividing it or a wavy appearance, are an indication of a short attention span and inability to focus.

2. The Heart Line

The heart line is the first prominent line directly under the fingers. It is a strong indicator of a person’s behavior as it relates to emotions and relationships. A short line with a little curve is a sign that an individual experiences difficulty with relationships and these behaviors could be a result of a number of things, including trauma or even personality disorders. A longer love line signifies emotional maturity and a healthy approach to relationships.

3. The Life Line

Contrary to popular belief, the life line is not an indicator of how long a person lives, but rather their vitality and energy levels. It is the curved line that begins between the thumb and the forefinger and extends to the middle bottom section of the palm. A bolder, longer life line is a sign of physical stamina and strength – people who possess these don’t shy away from physical activity. A shorter, more faint life line signifies lower energy levels and low aptitude for sports and other similar hobbies.

4. The Fate Line

This line, also known as the fate line, starts at the bottom of the palm and extends vertically towards the other lines. In some people, the line stops just shy of the head line, while in others it cuts right through both the head and heart lines. This line is an indicator of financial success and is even sometimes referred to as the money line. A straight, clearly visible line is a sign of success and stability – these individuals usually stick to one solid career path for their entire lives. A segmented line is a sign of frequent career changes, while a shorter line could signify early retirement.

Get Help from a Palm Reader on Purple Garden

1. Psychic Kathleen

Psychic Kathleen

Psychic Kathleen is an expert palmist with 11 years of experience under her belt. She takes pride in giving honest, truthful readings that will guide her clients on the reality of what their palms reveal.

Over and above her palm reading talents, Kathleen is also a clairvoyant, clairsentient, reiki master, empath, and intuitive. Her qualifications as a life and business coach give her a unique ability to advise you on the best way forward once she has uncovered the secrets held by your palm.

2. Sara Joy

Sara Joy

Sara Joy’s youthful appearance does not bear testimony to the wealth of experience and knowledge she has in palmistry. She has spent over 17 years combining her expertise with her other spiritual talents, like crystal-gazing, tarot, and channeling, to deliver insightful readings to her clients.

Sara Joy’s gifts have been growing since she was 12, so she takes special care to help nurture the gifts she sees in others too. She can give you guidance on what the lines of your palm reveal, and teach you how to discover its many secrets in your own time too.

3. Love Whisperer

Love Whisperer

Because of her undeniable talents, Love Whisperer has performed thousands of readings in her short time on Purple Garden. She helps her clients discover the mysteries of their palms by using her palm expertise and natural gifts as a fourth-generation psychic.

Love Whisperer has over 15 years of experience in palmistry and has the ability to advise clients on all facets of their lives, including relationships, careers, and life paths.

4. Readingsbysophia


Sophia has over 20 years of experience providing clients with palm readings of any nature,  but her specialty lies in love and relationships, so she’ll be paying special attention to your heart line. She is a gifted psychic and is able to use tarot cards to enhance her readings and give you the best possible advice.

Sophia has achieved a high review ratio, with a large percentage of the clients she’s read for being pleased enough to commend her services.

5. Celestial Cindy

Celestial Cindy

Cindy is a third-generation psychic, so it’s plausible that she started exploring her spiritual gifts from a young age. She has over 30 years of experience providing honest, straightforward palm readings that will help you discover your destiny.

Cindy’s clients describe her as compassionate and kind, so while she won’t sugarcoat the truth, she’s also sympathetic to any difficulty you might be facing.

Bottom Line

Palmistry is a lot more complicated than it seems. While these may be the fundamentals, there are a million more stories that can be revealed by inspecting your hands. The mounds and plains, marriage lines, and even the lines on your fingers have significant meaning.

If you feel overwhelmed by how complex a palm reading can be, it’s best to talk to an expert. Not only do they have the experience to back them up, but they also have a divine connection that will allow them to lead you on matters that are most important first.

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