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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Frequenting The Other Side - Beth Berry

Frequenting The Other Side - Beth Berry

MysticMag has the privilege of chatting with Beth Berry, a renowned psychic medium who has dedicated her life to bringing comfort and healing to those who have lost loved ones. Her journey into the world of mediumship began after the sudden and tragic passing of her younger brother, Brian. In her grief, Beth began to experience a heightened sensitivity to spirit communication and soon discovered her ability to connect with loved ones who had crossed over. Over the years, Beth has honed her skills as a medium and has become a respected figure in her field, bringing peace and closure to countless individuals through her readings and events. Through her website, Light of Brian, Beth offers her services as a medium, as well as resources and support for those who are grieving.

Do you find that your psychic abilities continue to grow and develop as time goes by?

It seems like my psychic abilities came in really strong when I first opened up and realized my gifts. However, over time, it kind of levels out. It takes so much practice when you first open up your psychic abilities, and you just have to go with it.
When I first opened up, it was really hard because I actually learned online in a psychic medium chat room. My biggest fear was being told “no” and being wrong because then it makes you look like you’re nuts, right? I think spirit helps you be very accurate in the beginning so you don’t give up and say, “screw it, I don’t have this ability.” I feel like it grows over time. There might be a new way of seeing something or hearing something or actually seeing with your own eyes instead of your mind’s eye. Nobody is 100% accurate, ever.

Do you believe (to some extent) that losing your brother was Divine Intervention?

I have had psychic abilities since I was very young. However, back in those days, there were no computers or any kind of research available. There was nobody I could turn to except the 800 numbers, who were mostly fake and phony. I didn’t know what to do with my gift or how to work with it. When my brother passed away, we happened to be in Germany at the time, and I saw Sylvia Browne on Larry King Live. She caught my eye, but at first, her voice and big long nails scared me.
After that, I went on a path of reading books, so much reading, and all I wanted to do was hear from my brother. He was 12 years younger than me, so he was kind of like my own child, and I took care of him. I feel like his passing and the way it all came about, along with my abilities, allowed me to feel that much grief and empathize with the people I could read for. I needed to empathize with these people rather than just know what they were going through.
When I was practicing on the psychic medium website, some of the other mediums on there would say that my brother was doing charades in front of me, showing me what to say. He guided me in everything throughout, but I don’t see him as much anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to see him; it’s just that the pain has healed, and I know he’s always with me. I don’t need to go looking for him because I just know he’s there.

Would you go so far as to say that death is reassuring?

I know that the unknown can be scary for people, including myself. Although I am not afraid of dying, I worry about going at the wrong time. When I do readings for people, it helps them understand that their loved ones haven’t truly left them; they’ve just left their physical body but are still around, watching over them. The family members and friends communicate with me by providing messages to pass along, and it’s a healing experience for both me and the people I help. Sometimes, I sit with them and cry too, as the emotions can be overwhelming.

What have been a couple of the most memorable experiences in your years of practice as a psychic medium?

Regarding my most memorable experiences in my years of practice, I would say that the skeptical ones are the best because convincing them is quite rewarding. One such experience was during a group reading a few years ago, where there were around 35 people present. I wasn’t familiar with any of them. I brought through a man, but everyone denied knowing him. I had previously instructed them that if they recognized someone and didn’t want to hear from them, they should let me know. Next, I brought through a woman who had passed away, and I described how she passed. One particular gentleman in the audience identified her as his wife, and I gave him several messages from her. It was amazing to see the emotional connection he had with his wife, and it was even more meaningful when he told me that the boat he had named after her was brought up by her during the reading. He also mentioned that the previous man I had brought through was her father.
Another thing that stands out to me is how good I am at reading my husband’s thoughts. He used to get annoyed when I knew what he was thinking, and I would often text him the same thing he was thinking. He didn’t like the fact that I could read his mind, but we’re very telepathic with each other. Our boys can also do what I do, but in their own way. My youngest son is a medium, and he can read and bring through spirits. My oldest son just says things that are right; it just comes out of his mouth.

What advice do you have for those going through the grieving process?

I understand the importance of expressing emotions and letting them out, even if it means yelling at God or punching a pillow. Grieving is a personal process and everyone takes their own time to heal. However, I believe that our loved ones in heaven hear us when we talk to them and that time does eventually heal us.

Are you following your soul purpose and where to from here?

I believe that I am following my soul purpose now. It took me many years to get here, but after my brother’s passing, I knew that I was meant to help people through readings and connecting with their loved ones in heaven. It was a scary and nerve-wracking experience to start doing readings over the phone or in person, but I am now happy with what I do.
The next step for me is to write a book, but I am struggling with procrastination and not knowing where to start. However, I know that if I sit down and focus, the words will come to me.

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