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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

"Words and Magic were in the beginning one and the same thing,..." Sigmund Freud

"Words and Magic were in the beginning one and the same thing,..." Sigmund Freud

Rev. Corbie Mitleid, top US Psychic Medium and Author, gives us some insight into her life and profession, from eighteen years on the road to now working online from home.

Corbie, can you tell our readers a little about your childhood and background?

My father was a doctor, my brother went to Medical School and my mother was a nurse. I was an actress and a writer. I must have dropped in there from Planet Zorch. I went to Brown University for Theatre but there was always that question niggling the back of my mind of what else was in the world. I was definitely interested in magic and had a deep desire to learn of what else was out there.
When I was nine, I read a book called The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes and instead of being scared, I was more intrigued than ever and my attitude was…”And your point is?” I knew there was magic in the world, I just had to find it.

Fast forward to 1973, I was a senior in High School, working part-time at a store. I bought my first tarot deck there. Back then we were all hippies and we all dabbled with the tarot. Five years later, everyone else had moved on and I was still working with the cards. They were fascinating. For the next twenty years I did readings for my friends being careful to keep my ego out of it. After twenty years of reading the cards, Spirit handed me my “draft notice”, as I call it, and all of a sudden I was able to do hands on healing and talk to the dead, having had no training.

I started practicing professionally alongside my other professional activities (and there were many); actress, author, inspirational speaker, legal assistant, graphic novel writer, video producer, executive recruiter, UNTIL I watched the Towers burn on 09/11. That is when I decided to do this work full-time. People needed to know there was something else out there. I have never looked back! I used to be on the road (for 18 years) but now, for the most part, I work online.

Did you always know you would be a psychic working with people to help heal and guide them?

No! I wanted fame as an actress. I had no idea I would be doing what I’m doing now. Having said that, I still have that fame that I hankered after so much. I make people laugh and I find that when people laugh they let their shields down and they can get the information they need much more easily.

Why did you become an ordained minister?

For practical reasons. First of all, when I went down South to do readings, I would often be confronted with ‘You’re doing the devil’s work, you’re doing fortune telling’ and I could reply ‘no I’m a reverend, I’m doing counselling” and they would be happy for me to get on with my business.

The other reason was because I had many gay friends who, before the law was passed, were unable to ‘be married’. As an ordained minister I was able to give them this gift of a sacred ceremony.
It is non-denominational but I am very spiritual and open to understanding most religions.

Do you find that more people need guidance because of the emergence of COVID-19?

Absolutely. Since COVID, I have had many more career and finance questions from adults. I have also seen a rise in teenage need for guidance.
I work very well with teens especially those who have been down difficult roads. I can give those teenagers the tools to come off that rocky road.

Which psychic modality resonates the most with you and why?

I love two things. I read with multiple decks and each deck has a specific purpose, whether it be for, relationships, career, destiny etc…When I get a new deck they always tell me what topic they want to read with me and so it gives depth and nuance to any card reading.

The other thing that I love is past life retrieval and analysis. There is a big difference between past life retrieval and past life regression. Regression is when the client is hypnotised and goes wandering around in the Akashic records in search of answers. Retrieval is when a client asks me a specific question related to a phobia let’s say, and I then go to the Akashic records to bring the answer down for them.

I believe that Spirit uses what we are good at. For example, I don’t use a pendulum and that is because I have a very slight benign tremor in my left hand. I can therefore never trust completely what the pendulum is telling me.

My background is theatre, I love words and have always loved history. When these three elements are used together to do a past life retrieval, you can imagine how effective this can be. I see an incredible amount of detail, which is why I ended up working with Robert Schwartz’s on his breakthrough series, Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift.

How do you think past lives shape the person we are today?

Karma is five things; contrast, unbalanced energy, healing, service and healing of beliefs. If you understand that karma is not punishment, then you understand, especially through the past lives you have lived, what it is you are wrestling with this time round and why. I teach with what I have learned and honestly, past lives can be so instrumental in changing the current one.

How important is it to know and understand our past lives in order to live this ‘current’ life to its fullest potential?

If we were supposed to know all about our past lives, we would.
We need to live this life in order to clear karma.
I can compare it to taking supplements. You don’t need supplements to survive, but they make you healthier. Knowing a past life that seems to hinder you in this life may make it easier, but it’s a luxury not a practicality.

Did you ever consider delving into palmistry?

No! For one, my eyesight was not so good before surgery.
I am a storyteller by nature. The palm of a hand tells considerably fewer stories than a deck of cards.

Can you tell us a little about your three books?

The first book I wrote was Clean Out Your Life Closet and this is self-help. It is about clarity, adaptability, simplicity and making friends with stress.

The Psychic Yellow Brick Road. How To Find The Real Wizards And Avoid the Flying Monkeys. This explains how to choose a quality psychic, teaches you what we can and cannot do, and helps you use the information you receive in the best possible way.

You’ve Got The magic. Who needs A Genie? This is everything you need to know on the holistic circuit and things that people don’t generally think about. For example, what fairs to do, designing your booth look, how to dress, all the social approaches, all the intangibles, private parties, webinars and workshops etc… If you are not from a business background you simply don’t think about all these things so this book is to help psychics make a substantial living out of what they do.

What are your views on the future of the human race and Planet Earth?

Not particularly positive. I think that it will take twenty or thirty years to come out of the authoritarian period we currently find ourselves in. If mankind is to survive, authoritarianism must vanish, global understanding has to come back on line, and all supremacy must disappear. The human race needs to be more about ‘us’ and less about ‘me’. However, I see it as more of a marathon than a sprint. Hopefully, we will get there in the end, but I doubt I will live to see it since I’m already in my mid-60s.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I love to do this work and I am happy to help the next generation learn. I could not be this person had I not lived through my own experiences (of traumatic and happy nature) in both this life and others.

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