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Written by Predrag Vlatkovic | Updated On May 31, 2023

Achieve a Parasympathetic State with David Gilbert

Achieve a Parasympathetic State with David Gilbert

David Gilbert is an Alchemical Advisor and Insight Instigator, who helps people accelerate their transformation journey through healing and growth. He also incorporates HeartMath techniques to activate the parasympathetic state, a necessary state for healing. In this interview, David shares insights on these topics, as well as his podcast and his upcoming show. MysticMag has the pleasure.


What does it mean to be an Alchemical Advisor & Insight Instigator?

First of all, what is an Alchemist? An Alchemist is someone who consciously transforms things for the better. They have the ability to transform their inner and outer world. I call myself an Alchemical Advisor because I help accelerate people’s transformations, whether that is healing or growth.

The next question I usually get asked is “How did you get into this type of work?” Well, I lost my father suddenly at the age of 11, and this changed everything. I started asking the deeper questions of “What makes life worth living?” and “Why can life be this painful?” My path has been seeking answers to these questions, and trying everything under the sun when it comes to my own growth and healing.

Lastly, I graduated from the Art Center College of Design. I have always been a creative type who is passionate about discovering new ways to look at problems. I am driven by possibility and potential. Now I get to apply my creative (or design thinking) education toward helping people accelerate inner or outer transformation. Since one of my gifts is my ability to think creatively and reframe situations, I call myself an insight instigator because I am able to challenge and expand my client’s thinking. This opens them up to new insights and ways to perceive life.


How can you help a person grow and heal?

If you are driven to fulfill your potential in this lifetime, there are two main “categories” to focus on fulfillment (external growth) and integration (internal healing). I help people accelerate both in a variety of ways.

When it comes to integration my specialty is taking your “lead” (trauma, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs) and either dissolving them completely or turning them into “Soul Gold.” My main offering is a 2 1/2 day intensive where I take people step by step through the Alchemical process so they can experience transmuting their traumas into gold. This is where I get to test the limits of what’s possible and perfect a protocol that can bring accelerated healing to the masses. We have seen life-altering results, where clients are letting go of decades, if not a lifetime of trauma, and walking away completely transformed.

The modalities of this intensive involves: breakthrough mental “lead” (limiting beliefs) coaching sessions, somatic breathwork, ceremonies, teaching the power of rituals and peak states of consciousness, HeartMath training, and step-by-step lessons on integration. I also offer somatic breathwork and breakthrough mental “lead” sessions digitally.

For growth, I help people either 1:1 or in community. When it comes to 1:1, I guide them through the pillars of performance and stack on the practices that expand the client’s access to peak states (ie flow ultimate state or the state of consciousness where we feel and perform at our best). For the community, I currently offer a Mastermind on the 4 pillars of fulfillment: Legacy, Impact, Freeform, and Energy. This provides people with the insights, systems, and support to create their most fulfilling life.


What sparked your interest in HeartMath and how did you become a HeartMath practitioner?

I forgot exactly because I stumbled upon them a decade ago. They have been a pillar in my life when it comes to my own healing.


How do you implement HeartMath techniques into your work?

The only way I am able to help people experience massive healing in a short amount of time is to teach them to be in a parasympathetic state. Healing only happens when we are in a parasympathetic state and HeartMath is the perfect tool to activate that on demand.


I saw a sentence that caught my attention on your website – “You are being human, not a human being”. Can you elaborate on that one?

This is originally from my mentor Peter Crone. This quote acknowledges the absolute truth of who you are. You are an energetic being having a human experience. Your cells will die and evolve, your identity will always evolve, but the energy that makes you always stays the same. We can acknowledge this truth and live with a more soul-centric view of life. This frame of life can help alleviate our suffering as the ego loves to make everything life or death when 98% of the time that is not the case.


You are also a podcast host. What topics do you cover on it and are they related to your other work?

“Exploring Possibilities Over Coffee” is my podcast where I get to be the Insight Instigator. I help clients reframe whatever challenges they are facing. Topics range from performance to leadership, acknowledging, and realigning with what matters the most in life.

My new show will be launching soon called “The Golden Life Show.” I will be sharing my own experiences and lessons on how to alchemize your golden potential. I will cover practical and spiritual subjects such as healing and integration, altered states, Alchemy, and the transmutation process, as well as topics on how to accelerate your growth. This is where share The Golden Life philosophy and hopefully shift some people’s mindsets about the way they view and honor life!

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