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Developing a Deeper Understanding of your Pets and Self with Denise Dunlavy

Developing a Deeper Understanding of your Pets and Self with Denise Dunlavy

Denise Dunlavy, Animal Communicator & Intuitive discusses her inspiring work as an animal communicator.  She is dedicated to helping people deepen their connection and understanding of their animal companions.

Please tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to continue this path professionally?

The programming that I had from early childhood is that you are supposed to get a good job, get married, have kids and then climb the ladder.  That was how I thought life was supposed to be so I tried and succeeded at most of those things and then realized that they didn’t make me happy.  I was constantly thinking that when I reached the next goal, I would finally be at peace but it wasn’t happening. I attributed a lot of this to my corporate career and I had a dream of having my own business for many years but no idea what that business would be.  

Then I met someone who told me I was psychic and it changed everything.  I started taking clairvoyant classes and eventually I was giving aura clearings and energy healings as a student. Shortly after, I was called to move to a new city and started looking for a similar community.  The first person I met was an animal communication teacher so I took her course. It took a few years but she encouraged me to do animal communication professionally. Her support gave me the courage to get started.  Now I know that this is truly my calling.  Animals have always had special meaning to me but now I have an even better connection with them.

What are the main services that you offer?

Animal Communication is my most popular service.  I connect to pets energetically and interpret messages from them. The pets can be living or in spirit and they do not need to be present.  I look at a picture to connect to their energy. The sessions can cover various topics as well as talking TO animals so they can feel prepared for life changes.  I am primarily an interpreter but I like to provide clients with tangible steps for how to move forward after a session to incorporate what came through.

I also offer readings and energy healings for people. This can take different forms depending on what the client needs.  My sessions are interactive because I get intuitive information when a person is sharing with me. However, sometimes quiet healing is needed and then I will guide them through a meditation and get messages by looking at their chakras.

I am also teaching animal communication workshops and courses. Everyone can talk to animals, you just have to learn to focus your attention and practice, practice, practice!

For anyone who has had a close relationship with an animal it would be clear that animals have recognition, memory, decision-making abilities, intelligence, and a wide range of emotions. Could you tell us a bit about your own experience of this and how you connect with animals?

Above all else, animals represent unconditional love.  That is even more evident since I have been communicating with animals.  This comes through in sessions because often pet parents feel guilty, worry that they aren’t doing enough or have trouble making decisions because they are afraid of doing something wrong while pets focus on positive experiences. They are grateful, forgiving and want to bring comfort to their people.  Pets have memories, emotions and opinions about many things and that includes their people. Often a pet will tell me their person is sad or stressed out so they are bringing up issues that can be healed. My intention is that through this work, people will develop better relationships with their pets and peace with those that have passed. 

What are the more popular aspects that your clients seek guidance on?

A topic that comes up often is end of life questions. This is a very emotional time and it can be very difficult if a person has to help their pet pass.  I ask the pet if they are ready and/or what would make them more comfortable. These are heartbreaking but I try to provide as much peace and comfort as possible.  Often the animals will talk about happy memories-they stay positive.

I also get a lot of questions about behavioral issues.  I always start by asking an animal why they are doing a certain thing.  Sometimes it is an emotional reaction, sometimes they are having anxiety or sometimes they just need training.  In the case they need training I will ask them what type of training they would be open to.  

When pets have passed, people often want to know if their pet is okay, if they are mad at them or if they are coming back. Other frequent topics include finding out about a rescue animal’s past, why they aren’t getting along with a family member, health questions and reincarnation of pets in spirit.

In your experience in working with people, what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like to live?

Not believing that anything is possible. Our minds are very powerful and just having faith will start to attract possibilities.  We tend to talk ourselves out of our dreams.  Imagine how many times you have seen someone living their dream and you think “That is so cool but I could never do that.” 

Next time, say “I can do that too even if I don’t know how to get there yet.”

What advice would you give someone trying to develop a richer connection with themselves and in overcoming obstacles in their lives?

My advice for connecting to self and overcoming obstacles is to develop a spiritual practice and set intentions.  Try different things until you find what works for you.  It can be taking a walk in nature, meditating, yoga, breathing techniques, journaling or something else. Having a regular practice helps to build a foundation for being present and letting go of the outside world even if it is just for a few minutes each day. Also, get a pet! Animals are amazing teachers and examples and they remind us to be in the moment. 

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