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The Voice For Those Who Cannot Speak - Marcie Draheim

The Voice For Those Who Cannot Speak - Marcie Draheim

Animal communication is a way of sharing deeply in a conversation beyond only spoken words and physical behavior. It is a way of relating to animals and recognizing them as sentient beings with thought, emotion and wisdom. It is a two way stream of information also called telepathy and based in unconditional love.  In this interview we learn more from Marcie Draheim, an Intuitive Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, White Wolf Energy Emerging Practitioner and Founder of the Coyote Freedom Method, residing in Durango, Colorado.

Please could you tell us a bit about your background, how you first discovered that you had a gift of communicating with animals and what made you decide to pursue this passion?

When I was a young girl, I often spent time with animals, not understanding my gifts and why I felt so different. I realized I felt better and calmer around them and I began to notice how they responded in the same way. One of my kitties, Sebastian, pushed my hands around his body with his nose, which is when I started to understand how to work with energy and heal, under his tutelage. Seeing him relieved of pain and living his best life fueled my passion and continues to through my many clients.

What are the most common reasons that animal owners come to you?

Owners seek assistance with anxiety, depression, pain and mobility issues, behavioral issues and transitions of all kinds: Moving, an addition to the family, marriage, birth of a child, transition into Spirit. Animals experience many of the same emotions, anxieties and reactions that we humans do. The variety of needs is as varied as individuals.

Are there any times when it is difficult or impossible to communicate or connect with an animal?

The animal ALWAYS has the right to say no to communication. I’ve never experienced that with my own practice. The only time I have experienced an impossibility in communicating was when a lost pet was in the transition, or dying experience. It can be very unsettling and difficult for them to describe what they are experiencing.

Is there anything that you would tell pet parents not to do when communicating with their pet?

The most important things to keep in mind when communicating with your pets is to remain calm and only envision what you want them to do, not what you would like them NOT to do. Animal communication through telepathy often involves mental pictures.  For example, if you are telling your pet to not get on the couch, while envisioning them getting on the couch, you will likely give them impression to continue doing it, as you communicated to do so.

As part of your energetic body work services, you offer White Wolf Energy Emerging and The Coyote Freedom method. Could you tell us a bit more about this and how it differs from Reiki?

All are forms of hands on energetic healing. White Wolf Energy Emerging works with and through the energy meridians in the body to push through or remove blocks and then add healing energy for balancing. The Coyote Freedom Method is very similar and is the moniker for what I have been doing since childhood.  It is a balancing energy technique that balances out and heals through a whole body, systematic approach.

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