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Let The Energy Heal You With Samantha Crane

Let The Energy Heal You With Samantha Crane

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Samantha Crane, Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, and Crystal Healing Therapist. We discussed her beginnings, the Crystal Healing Therapy, and what she loves most about her profession.

When did you first realize you have a gift, and how did your career develop?

It was actually my dad who told me about Reiki in 2008 and what it could do. I have never heard of what it was before and was totally intrigued about what it could do. I remember I was told years before that I had calming energy and would be a good healer but back then I never really noticed and didn’t take it seriously.

So, I listened to my dad, started reading up on Reiki and the benefits of the treatment, trained, and had my Level 1 and 2 attunement by my Reiki Master Diane in March 2008.

Once I was attuned, I didn’t actually do anything for quite a long time as I went traveling to Australia where I did occasionally do some Reiki treatments on fellow backpackers but it wasn’t until I was back in the UK and after I had my son in 2010 that I decided to start again properly. This was mainly because I was going through a lot of issues in my own personal life and needed something to help my own mental wellbeing and I also knew it was the right time to start helping others around me.

My confidence wasn’t great at the time so I had a couple of friends who offered to be my guinea pigs and allowed me to practice on them. One of them has MS so the Reiki was a massive benefit for her and she was telling her friends about what I was doing and how much she was enjoying the sessions.

I started my own business in 2016 and by using social media I began posting on a regular basis and started gaining followers on my page which in turn started to bring in a number of clients who were interested in what Reiki was and how it could help them.

Although there were a couple of disruptions in my own personal life, I still managed to continue building up a steady flow of clients and as my confidence and knowledge grew, I was asked by my Reiki Master in 2018 if I would like to do my Master level and start attuning others and enabling them to learn Reiki and giving them the ability to self-heal which I jumped at the chance to do.

I am now teaching Reiki and have a number of students who I support and absolutely love helping them on their own Reiki journey.

What services do you offer?

My main treatment is Reiki where I can either have the client present with me or alternatively through distance Reiki.

I offer Crystal Healing too which some clients have but I find that most of them come to me for Reiki.

I am also beginning to develop my own mediumship and psychic ability and have had some interesting encounters during some healing sessions so this is something that I am looking to do eventually separately.

How would you define Crystal Healing Therapy?

Defining Crystal Healing is quite interesting.

I have had clients say how they felt so much more emotional afterward in comparison to having just Reiki.

I feel that the vibration of the crystals over the energy centers brings more of the mental and emotional aspects to the surface than Reiki alone. This is just my personal opinion on that.

Others may see it differently but from the feedback, I get from my clients that have had crystal healing and my own experience with using crystals I feel that they can be very powerful and sometimes overwhelming for some who may not be used to the energy.

Where the crystals have their own individual benefits and work on clearing the blocked energy within and around the chakras, I am always mindful of how the client is feeling at the time of the session.

What can a person expect from a session with you?

My treatment room is a relaxed atmosphere with lighting and music to suit the experience.

All my clients have a one-to-one consultation prior to the session either by phone or video call and this is to establish the needs of the client and for me to explain the treatment in detail so they know what to expect.

No session is ever the same when I treat my clients and it is very important to go over details like that to make sure they understand and are happy.

During the session, I focus not just on the physical aspects but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual too, so by clearing away the blocked energy on all levels I know that the client is going to benefit from this.

If there are specific conditions that they have come to me for help with then of course I will spend more time in that area but I will pick up where there are other blocked areas by just feeling the energy around that particular chakra.

All clients that come to see me are encouraged to have an open mind and allow the energy to flow. This is their opportunity to just switch off and relax. They can have a nap if they want to. I have had to wake up a few people in the past where they have fallen into a deep sleep.

Once the session is over, I offer a drink of water and give them some time to come round properly before they leave. We will have a chat afterward about the session and what we both experienced.

I always follow up a couple of days after the session to see how they are feeling and make sure that they are OK.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

The key to any important client and practitioner relationship is confidentiality.

Whatever the client tells me is kept between us.

It’s like any profession where there is a discussion about health and well-being. The client needs to know that whatever they are telling me isn’t going to be spoken about with someone else.

My clients trust me and if they want to speak to others about their treatments then that is entirely up to them.

I do ask them to leave a review if they would like to but there isn’t ever any pressure to do that most of them are happy to do so and I have treated new clients by word of mouth and the reviews that have been left on my social media and website page.

What do you love most about your profession?

What I love most about my profession is knowing that the energy I am sending is benefitting my client.

Whether it is to help someone overcome anxiety and panic attacks to assist the healing process after surgery, the feedback I receive is great and I love the honesty from my clients too when they tell me how they are feeling, so when they say that they are looking forward to the next session this reaffirms what I am doing is helping them.

I have regular clients that see me on a monthly basis and there are some that come to me once a year just for a reset.

However often they choose to see me and that they are happy with the arrangement, I am happy too.

There would never be any pressure to do a treatment on someone if they felt that it wasn’t doing anything for them so if that was the case then I would explore other treatments that may be more suitable for them and refer them to professionals that I know.

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