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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 06, 2022

Tarot Cards that Indicate Obsession in 2022

Tarot Cards that Indicate Obsession in 2022

Obsession comes in many forms, but no matter which way you look at it, obsession isn’t healthy. Whether someone is obsessed with you or you’re obsessed with a specific person or achieving a certain goal, obsession should never get out of hand.

How can you tell whether obsession is an issue though?

Tarot is the answer.

In this guide, I will take you through the cards that indicate obsession so that you can better interpret your reading.

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Obsession?

  • Four of Pentacles

Although this card is most commonly associated with money, it can be an indication of obsession with financial gain or control. The way the figure holds the coin demonstrates how safely he guards it and how precious it is to him. While the imagery in the coin can be taken literally, it can also be translated to an inability to let go of something in your life.

  • Five of Cups

This card is an indicator of someone who constantly dwells on and obsesses over the past. The figure on the card looks over his shoulder to see what is behind him, which relates to how the past is constantly on his mind. Because of the direction of his head, he is unable to see what is in front of him or look to the future. Ultimately, this is an extremely unhealthy way to live. If this card is drawn during your reading, it could signify that you are unable to let go of your mistakes or past experiences, which is hindering your future.

  • Reversed Six of Cups

The reversed Six of Cups is also an indicator of obsession with the past, but additionally, this card signifies that you are secretive about your thoughts or interactions with people you were supposed to leave behind. Similarly, because you remain preoccupied with events that have already happened, your growth in the present is stunted and your future is clouded by the incessant thoughts of the past. There is no harm in reminiscing, but be wary of how much space in your mind you allow these thoughts to occupy.

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  • Nine of Swords

This card is a telltale indicator of fear, anxiety, and obsessive worry. The figure shows a woman bowing her head with seeming angst, which is a sign of stress. If this card is drawn during your reading, it shows that there is something on your mind keeping you tossing and turning in bed at night. It’s important to work through these thoughts and get to the source of your anxiety in order to improve your quality of life.

  • The Devil

This card is perhaps the most significant indicator of obsession. As the imagery illustrates, the figures are bonded and unable to be set free from their shackles. It is a sign of being trapped with nowhere to go and could even go so far as to symbolize addiction. The constraints that this card indicates are impossible to remove overnight and they must be consistently worked on in order to be liberated from them.

Taking Your Tarot Reading Further

If you want a more accurate interpretation of whether you’re dealing with an obsessive situation, it’s time to speak to a psychic. Here are some of the top tarot readers to consider.

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Bottom Line

If you’re worried that you may be displaying some obsessive tendencies, these cards could be confirmation from the universe that you need to make some changes in your life.

If you’re still uncertain about whether your thoughts are obsessive, speak to a psychic with a real connection to the spiritual realm who can set you on the right path to living in bliss.

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Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.