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Written by Danai Christopoulou | Updated On May 28, 2023

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Friday, March 31

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Friday, March 31


Surprise gifts and unexpected luxuries may find their way into your life today. Embrace them. It’s a great day to manifest a more affluent lifestyle and material comforts: the Universe is listening closely.


With Venus in your sign in conjunction with Uranus today, you may just meet the next love of your life — or entirely reconsider regarding a romantic relationship. Everything is changing. Expect the unexpected.


That ex who may have resurfaced in your life these past few days, reaches out today with a shocking proposal. Don’t respond immediately. Take time to consider your options and talk to friends.


Hobby, or hustle? Today, a group activity you’ve been enjoying a lot may turn into something much more: a new potential way to make money, or even a different career path to consider.


With the Moon entering your sign today, you are a bit in your feelings — but do snap out of it. A once-in-a-lifetime work opportunity may come your way; you need to grab it.


A great day for a trip to a place you’ve never been before. You may feel a kinship with this place, as if you’ve visited it in a previous life. Explore this further.


If you’re married, today you may discover something you didn’t know about your spouse — and it might change everything. If you’re single, you may be drawn to someone who seems mysterious and aloof.


In a relationship? A marriage proposal may surprise you today. Think whether you’ve wanted this for a while now, even if you hadn’t admitted it to yourself. Single? A new work partnership begins.


The mood improves drastically at work today, and you may even reconcile with a co-worker you’ve been fighting with for a long time. However, do remember there is a life outside of work.


If you’re single, meeting your next big crush is extremely likely today. For those of you in a relationship, a pregnancy may be in the cards sooner than you think. Are you prepared?


You yearn for familiar settings and faces today, but instead you may end up making a surprise acquaintance (perhaps a friend of a family member) that will affect your worldview in the future.


You’re seeking out your close friends and siblings today. You need to make a decision about a certain responsibility you’ve been putting off, and only they can convince you to go for it.

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