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Written by Danai Christopoulou | Updated On April 01, 2023

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Wednesday, February 22

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Wednesday, February 22


Unsure whether you should take initiative in a new relationship (or friendship), or sit back and wait to be pursued? The planets are giving you the go ahead; be your usual, fiery self.


Your career is on your mind a lot, today. What does it look like, ideally, in five years from now? It may be time for a big change, to make that future happen.


All Geminis are great storytellers, and today you get to show off your skills to an unexpected audience. Don’t hesitate: there may be a new professional opportunity coming your way as a result.


Secrets resurfacing at home may make you question how much you are willing to sacrifice for your family and loved ones. What if you started putting yourself first? Now that would be something!


In a relationship? It may be a great time for an in-depth conversation about something that’s been troubling you. Single? Be true to yourself about your needs and your boundaries before dating someone.


You’ve always had an eye for organization and detail, and today you’re finding great joy in planning an event or work project. One thing’s for sure: your co-workers will really appreciate your efforts.


If you’re single, you can definitely balance your flirty mood toward someone new and intriguing, with your need to do things for yourself and prioritize self-care. Who says you have to choose one?


Try to avoid making any big decisions today: you’re not thinking rationally, and your emotions may be clouding your judgment. Take a deep breath, and sleep on it instead. Tomorrow, you’ll know more.


You may feel torn between your need to communicate and your need to isolate today. How about reaching out to people in your own terms? A text message can go a long way.


As you work through your budget today, you may realize that you have more money to spend than you originally thought—and you don’t have to put everything aside. Live a little; spend some.


Explaining yourself twice may be necessary today. With Mercury still in your sign your thought process may be too complicated for your co-workers to follow, and although frustrating, there’s nothing you can do.


If you feel hurt by something or someone today, don’t be quick to discount your emotions as over-reacting. Instead, consider whether you may need to change your relationship to them, or set boundaries.

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