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Written by Danai Christopoulou | Updated On May 31, 2023

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Wednesday, May 17

Daily Horoscope 2023 — Wednesday, May 17


Jupiter may be leaving your sign today, but he’s not going far. From his station on your 2nd House, expect a bigger influx of money, as well as opportunities for abundance and expansion.


With Jupiter entering your sign today, prepare for a new era of happiness and positivity. Suddenly no dream is too big, no goal too far out of reach. Are you smiling yet? Smile!


Time to let go of any lingering fears and embrace the possibility of a new start. During this period, pay extra attention to your dreams, as they may turn out to be prophetic.


Some new acquaintances and connections you’ll be making from today onward may prove to be extremely beneficial. These people can help you achieve your career goals, as long as you’re honest and open.


A great new chapter begins today in your professional life, with Jupiter entering your 10th house. Get ready for your hard work to be acknowledged. Awards and accolades will start coming your way.


It’s time to start feeling optimistic about your life. A big change may be on the horizon; moving to a different country or re-examining your area of studies is now a distinct possibility.


You may hear about an inheritance or a windfall from a family member today. Look into it carefully, as there may be hidden costs or taxes, but ultimately believe it’s a good thing.


With Jupiter entering your 7th house today, a new romantic era begins, where marriage or moving in together may not feel so out of the question. If you’ve found your person, don’t hesitate.


If you’ve had some minor health concerns and were feeling lethargic lately, expect all this to change starting today. You’re regaining your energy, and with it the desire to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


This may be your most creative and charming phase yet! Prepare to woo and be wooed, and to create unique art that will speak to many. Let your inner artist take the reins!


If you’ve thought about moving or even buying a new house for a while, starting today you have the chance to make it happen. Your new home may be closer than you think!


Today you’re entering an extra social phase in your life, where striking conversations with neighbors and making new friends becomes easier than ever. It will do you good to open up a bit!

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Horoscope Writer
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