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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on September 24, 2023

7 Signs You’re Under Psychic Attack & How to Stop It (2023)

7 Signs You’re Under Psychic Attack & How to Stop It (2023)

Psychic attacks are more common than you may think. If you’re experiencing consistent headaches, extreme fatigue, or recurring nightmares, these are all common signs of a spiritual or psychic attack — someone else’s negative thoughts, emotions, or intentions are causing a negative impact on your life and well-being.

If you’re experiencing these (or any of the signs listed below) and can’t find a medical explanation, this guide is for you. Through my experience and thorough research, I’ve discovered the best ways to deal with a psychic attack. By following proper guidance, you can rest assured that you will find a solution that best suits your situation, too.

It might be a good idea to seek more personal advice, so I’d also recommend contacting a psychic to discuss your particular symptoms. This is especially important if you are experiencing extreme impacts or feel there’s a risk you could be harmed by a paranormal phenomenon.

It’s best to find a psychic that specializes in psychic attacks, so you don’t waste time and money. I recommend California Psychics because it has so many trusted psychics to guide you through this difficult time. You can get your first reading for only $1/minute and are covered by its satisfaction guarantee for added assurance.

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Warning! Always consult a medical professional if you are experiencing severe psychological, emotional, or physical distress, as this article or any of the recommendations throughout it does not replace any professional medical advice.

7 Signs That You’re Under Psychic Attack

Psychic attacks often fly under the radar for quite a while, causing the symptoms to ramp up in severity over time. So, to shield yourself effectively, I’d suggest diving into any unexplainable symptoms you might be experiencing, to figure out if they could be indicating a psychic attack. Here, I’ve listed the most frequently encountered signs of a psychic attack for your reference.

1. Persistent Physical Illness

A Persistent physical illness that a medical professional has ruled out is the most common sign of a psychic attack. The physical manifestation of a psychic attack can include intense headaches and other unexplained illnesses that onset suddenly. People often experience symptoms in areas where they have the weakest or most open chakra.

For instance, when your crown chakra is weak/open, you might encounter severe headaches during psychic attacks. This occurs because when negative energy infiltrates your energy field, it seeks out the area of your body with great energetic holes. If your energy center is not strong, it becomes more easy for negative energy to pass through your energy field, allowing it to gain control over that specific energy center.

As you start encountering these symptoms, it becomes essential to identify whether there’s a recurring trend in the timing of these physical symptoms. For instance, if severe headaches strike each time you return home from work, this might indicate the presence of negative energy within your work environment. This negative energy could originate from your colleagues or the environment itself.

2. Difficulty with Mental Illness

If you’ve never experienced any mental illness before and find yourself unexpectedly dealing with symptoms of depression or anxiety, it could be psychic attack affecting you. Similarly, if you already have a mental illness and notice a sudden and unexplained intensification of your symptoms, it may be attributed to a psychic attack. There is a very straightforward reason why this happens.

Negative energy and negative entities need low vibrational energy to feed off of, otherwise, they can’t survive. Look at it as a parasite that feeds off your negative emotional states and grows stronger as a result. People with mental illnesses can become easy targets if they aren’t taking the proper steps to maintain a strong auric field.

If you’ve never had mental health issues, you may begin to experience unexplained symptoms associated with them if negative energy can attach to you. Negative energies manipulate your moods and distort your perceptions, making you more susceptible to feeling depressed or anxious. This is their way of taking you from a high vibrational state, which they cannot survive within, to one lower in frequency.

3. Unexplainable Fears and Phobias

As mentioned above, negative energies work overtime to alter your perceptions and emotional states. This is the energy’s way of feeding off of your low vibrational state, and their favorite emotion to feed off of is fear. That’s because fear leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable, powerless, and weak. The weaker you feel, the easier it is to continue manipulating you and create an illusion to trigger more fear.

Negative energies are aware of your fears and can most easily take your energy if they can keep you fearful. Any unexplainable intrusive fears and phobias you may be experiencing are not coming from you. However, because you are experiencing them internally, it isn’t easy to discern whether these thoughts are yours. Sometimes it can feel like you’re falling victim to your own mind.

However, sometimes extreme fears and phobias can result from an inability to process stressful events from the past. If you feel unsure about dealing with a psychic attack and have already consulted with a medical professional, I recommend seeing a psychic to see what they pick up on. You can connect with a trusted psychic on Keen and receive your first 5 minutes for $1.

4. Constant Physical Exhaustion

Another common manifestation of a psychic attack is feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. You may notice that out of nowhere you have no motivation, only want to lay in bed, and struggle to maintain your regular routines. This happens because the negative energy attacking you is draining your life force.

As explained previously, negative energies attack you to steal your life force, also known as your energy. They do this because your energy is what they feed from. In order to guarantee themselves an energetic supply, negative energies have to keep you in a constant toxic loop. 

This cycle can manifest as constant exhaustion, where your lack of energy trickles into self-isolation, then into depression, and into a vicious cycle that repeats. Ultimately this is done to keep you in a low vibration so that you can continue feeding into the negative energy.

5. Intrusive Negative Thoughts

Experiencing intrusive negative thoughts can look similar to experiencing unexplainable fears and phobias. Just like you can hear your spirit guides through your intuition, you can also hear negative energies. Negative energies can manipulate your intuition by feeding you false narratives and distorting your perception.

If you have a difficult time discerning your thoughts from your intuition, it may be difficult for you to even realize the negative thoughts aren’t yours. However, the easiest way to know is by asking yourself if these thought patterns are typical for you. If you feel that you usually have a positive outlook and nothing out of the ordinary has happened to affect that, it’s likely a psychic attack.

It’s important to note that people most vulnerable to psychic attacks typically vibrate at a lower level. So if you usually have a negative internal voice, it can be even more challenging to discern if it’s a psychic attack. That being said, if you notice the negative thoughts have become more intense and you feel overly negative even during positive moments, it’s likely a psychic attack.

6. Nightmares and Night Terrors

Psychic attacks often happen during a dream state, especially for individuals who aren’t as easily influenced by negative energies when conscious. This is because when we are in a dream state, our auric field becomes more vulnerable and can easily be hijacked.

If you are experiencing repeated night terrors, sleep paralysis or negative dreams, you likely are under psychic attack. Negative energies like to steal our energy the most when we are trying to rejuvenate ourselves during sleep. This is because they want you to remain on low so they can keep feeding off your energy.

As previously mentioned, by keeping you in a constant state of fear, you emit continuous low vibrational energy to keep the energy satiated. This can also manifest as a fear of falling asleep because you worry that you may have a nightmare. Keeping you sleep-deprived is just another way to keep your energy low and your auric field weak.

7. Facing a String of Bad Luck

Much like how a curse is described, psychic attacks can manifest in a similar way. This is because when you have an excessive amount of negative energy in your auric field, your energy centers become blocked. This means they are obstructed and cannot produce the energy necessary to work efficiently. Imagine your energy centers as gears and negative energy as the bolt blocking the gear from spinning.

When our energy centers and auric fields are blocked by negative energy, we attract more negative experiences into our reality. As a result, this blocks the natural flow of blessings that manifest in your life. You may feel like you are on a constant spiral of negativity regardless of what you do.

You may feel like everything is suddenly going wrong in your life and like there is a constant flow of chaos everywhere you turn. You may be fighting with others more, losing good opportunities, and acting out of character. Remember that this happens because the negative energy needs a constant source of energy to feed from. So by creating extra chaos, they can guarantee an energetic fix.

Contact a Trusted Psychic

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Psychic Attack

Feeling that you may be under psychic attack can increase feelings of anxiety and fear that you are already experiencing. However, trust that the situation is not hopeless and that there are many things you can do to protect your energy. If you still feel confused about your situation, remember that you can speak to a psychic to shed light on personal matters.

1. Shield Yourself Using Intention

Shielding yourself is one of the quickest and most effective ways to protect yourself from negative energy. It’s best to shield your energy before you leave the house or enter into environments with negative energy. However, if you feel especially vulnerable at any point in time, you should shield your energy.

You can easily do this by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and visualizing a golden light around the periphery of your body. As you trace your body, you can visualize a golden light surrounding you with protective energy. Additionally, you can also imagine yourself in a violet flame and set the intention to transmute any negative energy into positive energy for your highest good.

It is also very powerful to speak your intention. You can do this by confidently saying that you release and expel any negative energy or entities that may be feeding off your auric field. Always make sure you set an intention before visualizing so that it can make the shield more powerful.

2. Implement Cleansing Techniques

Make sure you cleanse your energy and home whenever you are out in a negative environment, as you can bring the energy home with you. Additionally, maintaining a routine to regularly cleanse your home and auric field is a great way to practice energetic hygiene. This is because stagnant and dense energy can collect around your home and energetic field, so it’s best to cleanse regularly.

You can cleanse your home in a variety of different ways. A simple way to do so is by setting an intention and visualizing white light hitting every corner of your house. Burning herbs is also a great way to cleanse, and I recommend burning herbs like white sage, rosemary, lemongrass, and lavender. Incense and resins like copal, frankincense, and dragon’s blood are also powerful for clearing negative energy.

If you find that cleansing with visualization and smoke is not cutting it, you can also prepare yourself a crystal cleansing bath. If you don’t have a bath, you can also take a shower. You want to set the intention with each item that you include that its purpose is to rid you of any negative energy.

Include powerful crystals like clear quartz, black obsidian, and Labodite. Mixing a blend of salt baths and herbs is also highly recommended to amplify the energy. You should include black candles for protection and play 528 Hz frequency. As you bathe, repeat affirmations to clear away negative energy and protect your field. Burn an incense, herb, or resin during the bath. I suggest you do this during a full moon to amplify the energy.

3. Appeal to the Universe

Don’t forget that you’re not in this alone! Make sure you ask for help from the Universe, God, Angels, ancestors, or whatever you believe in so that they can assist you. Permit them to intervene in the psychic attack and to help remove any negative energy around you. You can do this through prayer or by writing a petition.

To write a petition, you first want to ensure you have cleansed yourself and your home. Grab a piece of paper and pen and write the universe a letter like you would a person. Write the date, address the universe, and sign your full name at the bottom. You want to plead for assistance from the highest light to help remove the negative energy from your life.

I recommend you carve the word “protection” into a white or black pillar candle and leave it to burn on top of the folded petition letter. You want to make sure that the candle burns all the way without disruption. However, make sure you practice candle safety during this process.

4. Use Protective Crystals or Talismans

By rule of thumb, the darker the crystal, the more protective qualities it has. Dark crystals like black tourmaline, black obsidian, and black onyx are powerful protective crystals. They act to repeal, transmute, and bind negative energies away from you. Clear quartz and selenite are also great crystals to absorb negative energy out of your energy field.

You can wear these protective crystals on your right wrist as bracelets or around your neck as a necklace. Placing these crystals around hot spots in your home is also helpful if you experience negative energy in one place more than another. Typically it is recommended that you place these crystals in corners, as this is where negative energy hangs around. You can also place protective crystals above any door frames.

Using symbols, also known as talismans, can be a compelling way to protect your home. Talismans can be religious or spiritual statutes and imagery that you keep in your pocket or around your house for protection. You can also draw protective symbols and stick them above your front door or bed. Some practitioners make custom-made talismans that you can buy online.

5. Raise Your Vibration

Something to remember is that negative energies and psychic attacks tend to worsen as you give away more power. This is why it’s important to stay strong and remind yourself that you are powerful. After all, if you weren’t they wouldn’t be trying to feed off of your energy.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that negative energy cannot exist in places and around people that embody a high frequency. Therefore, the best thing you can do is raise your vibration and keep it elevated. The higher you can maintain your vibration, the more protected your auric field will remain.

To maintain a strong aura, you may want to include the following:

  • Move your body
  • Get excited
  • Go out in nature
  • Meditate
  • Listen to high-frequency music
  • Regularly cleanse your space and aura
  • Eat clean
  • Avoid excessive alcohol, drugs, and sex
  • Distance yourself from toxic people and environments
  • Recite positive affirmations

Seek Clarity on Your Situation

3 Best Psychic Sites to Help with a Psychic Attack

If none of the above works for your situation and you feel the energy becoming more volatile, I suggest consulting with a psychic. They will be able to tell you why you are under psychic attack and may be able to clear it for you. If they can’t do that themselves, they will put you in contact with someone in the community that has experience clearing negative entities.

But if you’re experiencing severe medical issues that can be identified, it’s best to see a medical professional instead.

1. California Psychics – Best Overall for Psychic Attack Support

California Psychics

  • Only accepts 2% of reader applicants.
  • Offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • 25 years in business
  • Wide selection of readings
  • $1/min introductory offer

California Psychics is a trustworthy psychic platform I highly recommend, as it has thousands of reputable psychics you can choose from. With over 25 years of experience offering psychic readings, the site has developed an elite reputation. And thanks to its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be assured that your needs will be catered to.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a psychic attack and want a credible psychic to help you, California Psychics has what you need. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that California Psychics has one of the most rigorous screening processes for psychics. This means you won’t have to worry about wasting your time or money on a reader who is not equipped to help you.

In addition to its large variety of reading types, the site simplifies the process of consulting a psychic. All you have to do is select your reader, sign up on the website or app, and choose between a text or call reading. It even offers an introductory promotion of $1 per minute for your first reading, so you can connect with a psychic without breaking the bank.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden – Get Psychic Attack Help From Anywhere

Purple Garden

  • Friendly and clean app interface
  • Journey’s feature
  • Readings start at $0.99/minute
  • 2% cash back on every reading
  • Video readings

If you don’t feel like California Psychics is for you, Purple Garden is my recommended runner-up. It has a user-friendly and aesthetic app that makes the navigation process very easy. The app does a great job of helping you find the perfect psychic by allowing for search filters to be applied. This way, you’ll easily find a psychic who can provide compassion when you need it.

I like how Purple Garden does an exceptional job of creating a sense of community on the platform. With its Journey’s feature, you can browse through posts made by other clients that detail their experience and how consulting with a psychic on Purple Garden helped. This is a great way of feeling less alone through your personal struggles and serves as a great way to find highly recommended psychics.

With such a wide range of readers and competitive industry prices, Purple Garden is an affordable and trustworthy site for a psychic reading. One of the things I like most is how it offers a 2% cash back on all readings. If you feel like you may need assistance navigating through symptoms of a psychic attack but need an affordable option, Purple Garden is well worth it.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen – Find the Right Psychic for Psyhic Attack Guideance

3 Best Psychic Sites to Help with a Psychic Attack

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • 20 years in business
  • Highly recommended by psychics on socials
  • High quality psychics

Last but not least, Keen is a reputable psychic platform with thousands upon thousands of loyal customers. With over 20 years in the industry, it has established itself as a pillar of the psychic community, so you can rest assured of a positive experience. But if your reading falls short, know that its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee protects you.

One of my favorite things about Keen is the high-quality psychics that are available on the site. Many of them have been practicing for over 30 years and place reading integrity at the top of their list. This is so important when thinking about booking a reading because you can guarantee that your psychic has helped others through similar situations.

If you need help navigating the symptoms of a psychic attack and need professional advice to keep you at ease, give Keen a try. You can take advantage of its promotion to receive 5 minutes for $1 on your first reading. I’d also make sure your psychic can address your needs. But if they can’t, they will recommend you to someone who can.

Explore Keen

FAQs on Psychic Attacks

What is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack can be negative energy that you pick up from someone or somewhere, but it can also be negative energy that is sent to you. Typically psychic attacks manifest through a variety of negative symptoms like physical illness, mental illness, night terrors, and/or continuous bad luck. These symptoms are caused by the negative energy trying to feed off your life force.

Psychic attacks can often go undetected because they are not always severe or obviously linked to psychic phenomena. However, it’s essential to clear away the negative energy so that it doesn’t have compounding effects on your life. You do so by raising your vibration, setting protective intentions, and implementing cleansing techniques.

How can a psychic help with psychic attacks?

Since psychics are connected to the spiritual realm, they can typically confirm if you are under psychic attack. Psychics can also give you insight as to why you may be experiencing a psychic attack and steps to take to clear the energy. They may even be able to do it for you. However, in more serious cases, they may refer you to another practitioner that specializes in expelling negative energy.

Are psychics trustworthy?

Yes, there are many trustworthy psychics that help thousands of people around the world. However, it’s also important to do your due diligence before booking a reading. It’s always advised to check out several reviews, read up on the reputation of the psychic platform, and look into their refund policies. By vetting your psychic and platform thoroughly, you can avoid a disappointing experience.

Get Help from a Psychic

Bottom Line

It’s no secret that navigating a psychic attack on your own can feel daunting and scary. However, it’s important to remember that there is always a way to clear away the attack. Since we are constantly exposed to a wide range of energies, it’s important to equip yourself with tools to protect yourself from negative energies.

Remember that negative energies feed off of low vibrations and won’t be able to affect you if you keep your aura strong. It’s important to know that negative energy is only energy and that you are the more powerful being. Combatting a psychic attack can be an empowering experience if you tap into your intrinsic power.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a psychic attack and the recommendations in this guide haven’t helped, I recommend seeing a professional. If you have already consulted a medical professional, your next step would be a reputable psychic. You can find many experienced readers on California Psychics and even get your first reading for $1 a minute.

To summarize, the best sites for dealing with a psychic attack are…

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Read Review Visit Website

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