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Written by Michelle Cardillo | Published on April 14, 2021

7 Signs You’ve Met Someone From a Past Life in 2021

7 Signs You’ve Met Someone From a Past Life in 2021

According to Pew Research Center Analysis, 33% of adult Americans believe in reincarnation.

So what’s the deal? Is it possible to meet someone from a past life in this lifetime? And how can you tell if you have?

The short answer is yes – read on to discover what the signs are. 

But first…

A Look at Cellular Memory & Reincarnation

If you think that past lives and reincarnation are topics of metaphysics, with no scientific support, think again. Cellular memory, or body memory, is a theory that suggests the cells in your body are capable of storing memories. This means the cells that make up other parts of your body, and not just your brain, are somehow capable of “remembering”. Not only that, but these cells are actually capable of transmitting their memories to the replicas they create of themselves during cell division. If that doesn’t sound like reincarnation, then I don’t know what does.

You might be asking, how did this hypothesis come about? Scientists have observed examples of cellular memory that question our understanding of what memories are, and how they are stored. Cellular memory becomes visible when cells respond the same way to a stimulus. The striking part of this discovery is that new cells (of the same organism) have been seen responding to a stimulus the same way an old cell does, even though that cell itself has never been exposed to the stimulus before. In a nutshell, that’s how we arrive at the hypothesis of cellular memory— for a new cell to exhibit this behavior, then the old cell must have somehow passed its memory, or consciousness, to this new cell, when it was created or “born”.

7 Signs You’ve Met Someone From a Past Life

While science is certainly a long way from providing evidence of the reincarnation of entire human beings and their consciousnesses, that doesn’t mean we don’t experience uncanny feelings that suggest we’ve been here before.

Have you ever met someone who felt familiar, even though you’ve never met them before? This could be reincarnation at work. Here are the signs that suggest you might have encountered someone from a past life.

#1 You meet someone for the first time, yet they’re instantly familiar

Maybe it’s in a crowded room, or maybe you bump into someone on the sidewalk. But in those first moments of contact, something clicks in your brain and you’re convinced you know this person from somewhere. This is the most common sign that you’ve just met someone from your past life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every time you get that “familiar” feeling, that person was automatically from a past life. Sometimes you just click with people. Finding out whether that person feels that same pull might help prove this is a past-life connection.

On the other hand, if someone expresses this to you, and you didn’t feel that instant connection, that doesn’t mean they’re not from a past life. It’s possible that they are, and you just don’t remember. This type of situation happens very commonly with animals. Have you ever had an animal randomly come straight up to you, staring as if they know exactly who you are? There’s a good chance they do, and you just don’t realize it.

#2 Whether it’s been 5 hours, or 5 years since you last spoke, it’s like no time has passed at all

And that’s because if you’ve known each other in past lives, then what’s a few years compared to entire lifetimes? This type of connection is common between friends and family members. There are also those people who you rarely ever fight with, people you know will always be there if you need them.

When you’ve been connected for so long, you’ve had all the time in the world to work out any differences, and now you’re just on the same wavelength, effortlessly. You won’t meet many people like this in your lifetime.

#3 You saw them in a dream before you met

This goes for both animals and people. Have you ever dreamt about someone that you’ve never met, and woke up wondering who they were? Only to then meet them days, or maybe even years later. Since time is relative, past lives can occur parallel to your current life. That’s why it’s not unusual to come across people in your dreams for the first time and meet them face-to-face later. 

#4 Your birth charts show you’re compatible

For this one, you’ll need some guidance from a psychic or astrologer. If you suspect that a friend, family member, or partner may be someone from a past life, you can consult with an astrologer who is skilled in creating and reading astral chats to examine if there is a deeper connection.

Once you find a top astrologer you trust, you’ll need to share the date, time, and city of birth of both people with them. Using this information your reader will create birth charts for both parties and reveal whether or not you are astrologically linked.

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#5 A brief encounter leads to drastic life changes

While most life changes happen relatively slowly, if you sit down and think about your own life, you can probably pinpoint a few moments when things changed forever. Some of these moments are positive, some negative, and some are linked to other people. Someone doesn’t have to be in your life for a long period of time for them to be from a past life. Sometimes, people from our past lives show up very briefly, reorient the direction of our lives, and then disappear. 

For example, maybe a police officer pulls you over on your way to the airport and you miss your flight. Maybe someone compliments you on your outfit right before a job interview, and that little boost to your confidence makes all the difference in landing the job. These are the kinds of brief, micro-interactions that you might have with someone from your past life, and before you know it, your whole path has shifted.

#6 They understand your emotions, without you having to explain

This is similar to sign number two. When someone is from a past life, you may have spent more time together than you even realize or remember. But just because you can’t consciously remember it, doesn’t mean those memories aren’t there, inside of you. That’s why it takes little to no dialogue for you and your person to understand each other’s emotions.

This sign also applies to animals. Obviously, you and your pet don’t speak the same language. And yet, when you’re upset, they come close to comfort you. Not because you expressed how you’re feeling, but because they’ve seen you this way in the past and know how to comfort you.

#7 You long for someone you barely know

Sometimes you can spend an entire lifetime with someone, only for them to be far from you in the next. There are some people we can live without, and some we just can’t. If you are separated from a past life connection, then no matter how much time passes, that ache never subsides. This longing may be for a person you’ve never met or someone you met only briefly.

What to Expect from a Past Life Reading

Psychics who perform past life readings use their natural abilities and tools such as tarot cards to tell you more about your past lives and the people involved.

A psychic can tell you whether someone you know is from a past life and whether you may still encounter other people from a past life by tapping into your energy. Psychics also generally consult with your spirit guides to find out more about your past lives.

It’s important to keep in mind that every psychic uses different methods to conduct past life readings. My advice is to always research your chosen psychic before entering into a paid session with them.

If it’s possible, go ahead and send them a message ahead of time explaining your situation to determine whether they can assist you. This way, both you and your psychic are on the same page from the beginning, and you can get the best guidance possible.

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