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Health, Happiness and Success with Dr. Abdul Samad

Health, Happiness and Success with Dr. Abdul Samad

Dr. Abdul Samad is a brilliant researcher and author of several books with the mission of spreading the message of a healthy, happy, and prosperous life through positive and practical exploration of yourself and the natural world around you.  He also discovered the successful Healing System “SAMDA”, which teaches people how to become self-sufficient, successful and healthy beings on earth capable of recognizing and fulfilling their divine purpose.  In this interview Dr. Samad shares insights to his professional journey and how he helps people realize their natural powers as human beings and utilize these in a positive way.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey into energy healing and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

Sometimes I feel I have lived on this planet for thousands of years, and I have seen how the world and people evolve day by day; as time passes, people require immediate solutions to their problems in the current time.

When I became able to think and analyze the environment around me, I heard from others that I was a very different child. I was born with unique abilities, I began thinking and analyzing myself, and I feel I am probably thousands of years old because I knew many things that the common person did not. So, I started working on myself and read about the world’s most extraordinary people and Spirituality, Sufism, Meditation, and Yoga.

I improve my healing abilities by practicing Sufism, meditation, and through my own healing and meditation techniques.

I started healing for others in various countries, and they had excellent results. After that, I heard about other healing methods, but I never learnt anything from other healing masters because I felt some invisible spiritual powers guiding me from childhood. They enhanced my healing abilities, transforming me to be the most positive person in an unfavorable environment. They made me humble, patient and, the most amazing successful energy healer.

I felt the difference when I used to heal thousands of patients daily and was surrounded by doctors, psychologists, researchers, authors, spiritual masters, celebrities, yogis, natural health professionals, and everyday walking people who came to me for healing. I always felt the center of outpouring love, prayers, and positive vibes from everyone.

With the passing of time and circumstances, I was also confused about why I am different from others, and these questions raised more questions, and I began to look for answers to these questions. I researched healing energies and ancient history. How did healers work for others and themselves thousands of years ago when there were no contemporary treatment procedures or cures?

I dedicated my entire life to this research; I worked extremely hard alongside my research and study; I began to join the WHO and UNICEF, and NO BORDER DOCTORS. Similarly, some further years have gone. I could not experience the inner peace and fulfillment of serving humanity with all these efforts. After a few years, I chose to abandon everything and focus exclusively on healing, but I want to say thanks to the world’s wonderful health organizations; I learnt many things from them.

During these years, I continued to meditate, heal and conduct research on bioenergy, vital forces, brain waves, energy medicine, exobiology, psychology, reflexology, mind power, anti-matter-energy, dark energy, weak and strong forces, gravitational force, and my favorite subject, universal and human electromagnetic force. Now I can feel my healing powers have significantly increased, and patients had excellent results.

After seeing these results, I felt peaceful mentally and emotionally, yet something was still missing because people depended on me. Then I decided to share my knowledge and empower others to become healers as well. After many years of research, meditation, and prayers, I found a way to make Samda healers.

After 1993, I introduced, and I gave the name to my own healing energies techniques or Discoveries and developed the comprehensive courses, and introduced them as




I started to make healers and empowered people to heal themselves and others. This chain has grown into a comprehensive professional system, authoring several books, conducting thousands of seminars and practical workshops, and hosting live top-rated television shows from which millions have benefited, and it continues.

What healing modalities are you into?

I’m utilizing attunement-based spiritual and holistic healing modalities. It is entirely compatible with all other therapies or treatments, and it is beneficial, natural, safe, miraculous, works everywhere. Samda healing modality is like the oldest treatment systems and considers the person as a whole; the goal is to have everything functioning in the best way possible and have a mind, body, and spirit connection. In addition, Samda spiritual and holistic healing allows people to improve their health.

What are some of the more common aspects people approach you with, and how can energy healing be beneficial?

Overall, health can be measured in many ways and broken down into various diagnoses, which do not always present the most accurate picture of a truly healthy body and mind. Health issues have also intensified due to the hype surrounding technology and a fast-paced lifestyle. People want quick solutions, and Samda Healing Energy produces fast and excellent outcomes. On the other hand, people need spiritual and holistic support to overcome life issues that other treatments cannot address.

Most people who approach us struggle with physical diseases and psychological disorders or a desire to increase brain capacity, mind power to accomplish life goals. Professionals such as physicians, herbalists, homeopaths, and psychologists, among others, wish to use Samda to achieve the quickest and most incredible results for their patients. Holistic and Spiritual healing energy is considered a whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and focused on treatment and prevention both at the same time. It helps to improve the internal natural healing system of the body.

Traditionally when people feel unwell, it is a visit to the doctors’ rooms. Often, treatment is through medication, even more so with the rise of anxiety following the world pandemic we have all faced.  What are your thoughts on this and the importance of turning to self-healing in a holistic sense?

Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequency – ALBERT EINSTEIN

Everything is energy, and everything has a frequency. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – ALBERT EINSTEIN

Health does not always come from medicines. It comes from the peace of the heart, mind, and soul most of the time; between—80% to 90% of Physical diseases links with our psychological wellness. A new vision of wellness is emerging with Spiritual and holistic health ways. The professional practitioner recommended that prevention is superior to treatment; holistic and spiritual therapy can prevent several illnesses.

Regular Samda self-healing increases our healing frequency to support and reactivate our body’s natural healing system and enable us to fight and avoid illness—mainly psychological health. Additionally, the more we understand ourselves, our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious brains, the more we may improve our health by boosting immunity and improving our mind-body health.

Through spiritual and holistic healing, we may improve our lives.

Collectively Body Healing

A vital, strong energy field

Boost the immune system

Increasing mental strength

Increasing emotional control

Being an Energy Healer and having to heal and help others consistently, how do you conserve and protect your own energy?

According to science, the human body is an electromagnetic machine that can receive and transmit energy, and healers are already connected with high frequency and playing act as a conduit between Healing Frequency and patients. Samda Healing Energy is an attunement basis method that heals patients while increasing the healing frequency for healers. Healers do not utilize their own energy to help others.

Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom to share with our readers in overcoming obstacles in their lives?

Scientists, psychologists, philosophers, thinkers, poets, and spiritualists believe in unlimited invisible powers. Therefore, if you want to succeed in any area of life, you should seek to discover your limitless abilities. However, in research statistics, we can see only 1% of the visible light spectrum, which means we can see only 1% of what is happening around us. In other words, we are unable to observe 99% of the world in which we live. As a result, our existence is largely hidden. We can solve many problems by studying the hidden powers.


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