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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

“And, When You Can’t Go Back, You Have To Worry About Only The Best Way To Move Forward.” The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.

“And, When You Can’t Go Back, You Have To Worry About Only The Best Way To Move Forward.”                   The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.

Garz Chan, Founder of Alchemist’s Arts Healing, has mastered numerous energy healing modalities throughout the course of her life. In this interview, we find out more about Garz, a multicultural alchemist, and how she provides the necessary environment and tools to empower the people she works with.

Please tell us a little about your upbringing and background.

My parents are from Hong Kong but I was born and raised in Oxfordshire. I moved out of home when I was sixteen and went to college to study acting, dancing and singing. I went to a college in Oxford, a couple of colleges in London, Drama School and then I moved to the States in 2002. 

I had always wanted to go to America. It seemed a lot sunnier and I felt like it offered a lot more opportunities than back home. I liked the sensibility towards pursuing your dreams, your life purpose and life goals which I never felt in England. I thought I would live in New York but I was led to believe that if I wanted to get into film, L.A. was the place to be. I wasn’t mad about L.A. as it didn’t feel like a city, and for about six years I was unsure of my feelings for the place. As fate would have it, the acting career was bate, because it was in L.A. that I started working with energy healing. I gave birth to my son around about this time, and it was about a year after his birth that I started doing healing and mediumship workshops and it hasn’t stopped since.

Do you think your gift for energy healing was passed down to you or was it something that you learned through various workshops and disciplines?

My grandfather did Tai chi, Wing Chun, and was a martial art expert. He did calligraphy, grew his own fruits and vegetables, and would heal me with the palm of his hand. He would make his own healing ointments with oils for bruises and cuts. He was a very holistic man and I just associated that with the older generation of our culture. However, when I grew up I realised that this was actually quite special and that not everybody’s grandad did that. 

Having said this, I teach workshops (and to absolute beginners sometimes), and what I have come to realise is that we are all gifted, and that we all have the ability to heal. For example, when you cut your finger, YOU are the one that heals the wound. No one does this for you. Every single person has the ability to heal themselves but we have this tendency to shut it off and disconnect. All we need to do is reconnect. We all have different gifts, but through my training and learning of different modalities, I have learnt how to fine tune, strengthen and expand this ability. I think ANYONE can be a psychic, a medium, a healer.

You speak of Chinese energy healing. Can you highlight the difference between the Chinese methodology and that of others?

Chinese energy healing is probably the modality that I use the most. I use it to clear trauma, Karma, past life issues, limiting beliefs, negative beliefs, trapped emotions, abundance blockages, career and relationship blockages. DNA Theta healing is quite similar to Chinese energy healing except for the fact that it clears the conscious mind whereas Chinese energy healing clears the subconscious mind. I feel that when we work with the subconscious mind, there is just so much more to work with. 

There are other modalities such as Energetics which is a spin off of Chinese energy healing, Akashic records which tunes into your ‘library’, Quantum touch healing which energetically scans the body… All these modalities fall under the same umbrella of energy healing. 

“Transform, Transmute, Transcend”. How important are these three words and what role do they play in each of our lives?

Our whole life is about transformation; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological transformation. 

We are here to transmute things; trauma, negative experiences, abuse.

We are supposed to transcend everything in our life, turning everything into a beautiful lesson.

You are certified in many healing modalities. Is there one (or several) that you feel you are more in tune with than others?

I have learnt many different modalities and they all have their strengths and weaknesses but I would say that the fastest, most effective and expansive modality is Chinese energy healing, for me in any case. Although nowadays, whilst in a session I may choose to combine a whole host of different modalities.

What is the definition of an ‘Alchemist’ in our modern world?

I would say it is someone who is able to transform pain into freedom, anger and rage into love, abuse and trauma into healing. Someone who turns negative into positive. Someone who is able to shift from a very powerless, hopeless and disempowered place into an inspirational, purposeful and powerful place. Being able to shift your state of being, shift a core belief, or a negative story is the core of alchemy.

Can you describe to our readers some of the workshops you offer?

They offer various healing modalities and they are there to empower an empath, a star seed, a highly sensitive person, a psychic, a healer.

What are Star Seeds?

Indigo children, rainbow children and crystal babies are all part of star seeds. Star seed just means that your soul originates from a different galaxy to Planet Earth. A lot of people feel they don’t belong to their family or race, or in this society. They often feel as if indeed they don’t belong anywhere, they feel out of place and disconnected. This is mostly because they are star seeds. I do meditation on this in my workshop to help people connect with their families in other galaxies. A star seed can be anyone of any age, sex and race. When we speak of past lives, it is important to remember that we also have past star seed lives. 

For a new client who is entering into unfamiliar territory, what energy healing modality would you most likely offer and why?

Definitely Chinese energy healing.

What is the difference between a certified ‘Life Coach’ and an ‘Energy Healer’ in your opinion?

A life coach will, like a personal trainer, help you organise your life, help motivate you in your life and give you very clear steps, They make you accountable for your decisions and achieving your goals. An energy healer will drop into your energy field and energetically clear blockages. An energy healer won’t necessarily tell you how to live your life as they find this to be disempowering. An energy healer will clear the blockage, connect the person to their intuition so they can get guidance from Source. This is far more empowering for the person in question and also avoids the development of a co-dependent relationship between the healer and the client.

Do you work with your clients from a distance (online) or do you prefer to practice in the same physical space?

I actually prefer to do it online. There is no real difference as energy is energy. However, some of my clients, perhaps 30%, prefer to be in my energy field, mainly for relaxation purposes.

After a session, do you find yourself energetically fatigued or depleted?

Some sessions can be very emotionally taxing. However, as an energy healer we are trained to be neutral about a client’s issues and not to become too attached to their problems. If you become too attached you are thrown out of neutrality which makes it extremely difficult to work on someone.

Sometimes your client’s issues can trigger your own issues. In this case, you file it temporarily in a corner of your mind, and then once the session is over, you whip out your file and get to work on your own blockages.

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