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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 31, 2023

Navigating out of the Darkness with Alix

Navigating out of the Darkness with Alix

Alexandra Hope Flood (Alix), is an Intuitive Consultant who describes to us her fascinating childhood journey into spiritualism and eventually intuitive healing and how she came out of the proverbial ‘spiritual closet’. 

Please tell us a little about your background.

When I was a child of about the age of three, I became very afraid of ghosts and the unknown. It was the early 70s and most people back then, including my parents, were quite conventional in their way of thinking. However, my parents were very supportive of this fear that was increasingly manifesting inside me; they would allow me into their room at night, tell me gently that ghosts didn’t exist and generally try to ease my fear away. We lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a beautiful, cheerful and energetically warm and light Victorian house. However, I was scared to open my eyes at night for fear of seeing things that I did not want to see. I was scared to be alone in my room at night and I would always run through to my parents room, to my father primarily, who always seemed to be more receptive. It became a chronic issue. My father would take me back to my room and wait for me to fall asleep before leaving again. This went on for years and years, on and off, and what is strange is that I have no idea where I even learnt the word ‘ghost’, or how I came to know of their very existence.

When I was nine, my father ended up visiting a psychic. He was a little sceptical at first but chose to go because he was doing some research on somebody in the American Revolution and all traditional methods of research had led to a dead end. My mother had read an article on a fantastic psychic in Philadelphia and so my father agreed to give it a go. This is when everything changed. He came back overly impressed with what he had learned and told of messages he had received from ancestors and past loved ones, things that would be impossible for this ‘psychic’ person to know. In addition, my father was informed that he himself had psychic abilities, and his oldest daughter too (me). When he reported this, it resonated profoundly with me even though I didn’t really know what it meant.

During the 80s, my father started to explore the psychic world in more depth and actually began to have his own psychic experiences in his early forties. He started seeing colors around people and consulted his psychic friends and read books to understand and learn more. As he developed his knowledge and understanding, he started to have paranormal experiences himself. It was at this stage that he gave me some spiritual tools to work with, in particular, a protection prayer which I would work with every evening. The more I used this prayer, the safer I felt until eventually, over time, I was able to sleep alone in my room, in the dark with the door closed. I shifted out of fear. I also became very spiritual and read any book I could get my hands on that had something to do with spirituality (astrology, numerology, Buddhism etc..).

In your opinion, why were these experiences of a negative nature and something you feared as opposed to something that you were drawn to?

I realised in my later years that these ‘ghosts’ were in actual fact beings who were trapped in the fourth dimension, in an unsettled state. They were in pain, they were unhappy and afraid. It was more of a sombre and oppressed energy as opposed to an angelic feeling of light. Nowadays, I like to describe it as lost or trapped beings in a kind of darkness, looking for the lights on the runway. They are looking for a place to land. These are the beings I can help. I think that these people may have died in a traumatic fashion, or were in a lot of pain when they died. I don’t like to generalise, but my sense is that when someone dies and they cross over, they are embraced by the light, but if somebody dies suddenly or is thrown out of their body and they are not prepared to die, they may not be ready to cross over. It’s a complex subject which is multifaceted and varies according to different beliefs.

You have engaged in many career paths in the course of your life. How did they help shape you into the ‘Alix’ you are today?

In my early twenties, I knew at some point in my life this psychic part of me would have to be launched but I was nervous about making the move. I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived by others, or how I could possibly implement it so as to help others. I pursued many different career paths such as modelling, journalism, editorial work etc. but when I turned forty, I realised that my time had come. It was the end of the road for all the other professional journeys and I simply had to come out of the spiritual closet, so to speak. When I eventually did, nothing that I had feared would happen actually did. I had been so afraid of judgement, persecution and ridicule but these emotions all disappeared and my whole life began to make sense when I started to do this line of work.

“My sole goal now is a soul goal”: A beautiful philosophy. Please could you elaborate.

I understand my purpose; my own personal soul’s purpose is to, as best I can, help others. It is to help them feel aligned with their gifts, with their purpose, with what they are here to do, and to provide people with safety. We actually live in a much safer world than it seems. We have so much more energetic and spiritual support than we realise in the form of guides, angels and spirits. When we are conscious of this, we can start to work with it, heal and grow.

I have come to realise that I’m not an A La Carte person when I work. I take more of a holistic approach. When I work with someone for the first time, I really trust whatever messages come through. Of course people can ask questions, but my focus is really on their bigger path. 

You describe yourself as a ‘second-generation intuitive, psychic, medium, and past life reader’. What do you mean by second-generation?

I inherited the psychic gift and abilities that my father was blessed with. My father was in banking and finance but he did do readings for people on the side. It was never a full-blown pursuit. He once helped the police with information on a Missing Persons case because he had psychically received images and messages, so he very much wanted to help people with his abilities. He really opened up and became psychic throughout the course of his lifetime.

How important is knowing and understanding our past lives for the growth and healing of our present lives?

I will quote my father on something he once said while doing a past life reading on myself in actual fact: “It doesn’t even matter if you believe this, it’s still helpful because it awakens something inside of you”. I really have the sense that when a past life appears in a reading, and we do a healing around it, it shifts your consciousness and your frequency, it clears trauma and can heal a phobia. It really allows for a profound healing process.

Why do you think love and relationships are almost always a topic of concern amongst us mortals? 

Love is the greatest force in the Universe. If you have ever had a Kundalini meditation experience, where all your chakras open up at once, you feel the energy rising from the base of your spine, it’s like the God force coming through your body. It’s as if your body melts away and it really is pure bliss. It’s the sort of thing that people take psychedelics to try to experience in a short-cut way. The Oneness is so profound. It is just pure love. It is complete love. There is no judgement, and it is so profound that it would melt the walls of this room that I am sitting in.

Love is what binds us humans together; the love for your children and animals. LOVE IS. It is who we are in our core. Love is such a vital element for our survival as a species therefore love and romance in the psychic world is like an entry point where a lot of people begin to seek. It’s a way in. I quote The Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need” and it comes from love.

Can you describe to us the meaning and relevance of Twin Flame identification?

That could be a whole article in itself. I would say a Twin Flame connection is a somewhat unusual experience. It is two souls that have come from one. They have incarnated in order to shift into unconditional love through their reunion. However, there is often a lot of healing and confusion that comes into the connection. It is a very profound journey to embark upon, definitely not for the faint of heart. Not everybody has a twin flame whereas we all have soul mates.

Everybody has heard of Karma, and in fact it is so often used that the word has become part of our common vocabulary and carries quite a negative connotation? 

Karma is almost like a spiritual contract or a sacred contract in terms of souls’ education and lessons. I don’t really see it as cause and effect, as in you did something bad, so now something bad will happen to you. It is an opportunity to understand better who we are and what we are here to do. I find it very liberating knowing what we are here to do, and how we are here to evolve. Once you embrace that, obstacles can be cleared very quickly. In short, Karma does not condemn us, it liberates us.

Have you written any books?

I AM writing a book, and it’s been a long time in the making (I started in 2018). I’m actually writing a book about my father’s book which he worked on for 25 years, and never finished.

On your website, you ask people to provide birthdays and phone numbers so as to ‘better serve them’. Does this mean that you work with numerology?

I’m neither an astrologer nor a numerologist even though astrology was my first love. In a professional way, I love to know when people began their journey which is why asking people their birthdays is my favourite question. It simply opens up another channel of information.

About the author
Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.