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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On June 09, 2023

Connecting to the Divine with Andrea Knight

Connecting to the Divine with Andrea Knight

Psychic Medium Andrea Knight is a certified Reiki Master, Theta healer & reader, crystal reader and Psychic Medium who can connect with those crossed over, archangels, ascended masters, guides and angels.  In this interview Andrea shares how she receives spiritual messages and offers advice for raising vibrations to get the most out of guidance and healing.

Could you explain what your intuitive gifts as a psychic medium and spiritual healer entail, and how they differ?

I do have intuition, or claircognizance, as well as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling).  Of all these abilities, I use clairvoyance and clairaudience quite a bit in my readings. I can see clairvoyantly with my eyes open as well as with my eyes closed for both predictions as well as spiritual information. I find that the clients often times like to really receive messages with visual confirmation or details that they can use as validation so my clairvoyance has improved over the years with the use of crystal’s and energy healing. When a client receives a visual or message that they can connect to I find the client is a lot happier at the end of the reading so that’s what we shoot for best we can and often times I will get comments such as “I just said that to him yesterday”, or “I just saw that today”, or “I’ve been experiencing that” even though the client hadn’t told me earlier. This helps the client leave a reading or healing feeling positively charged and confident with a stronger connection to their spirituality.  Intuition is essentially “a knowing”, or you will receive a thought from the Divine that will be accurate or informative. As far as using my abilities for energy healing a lot of what I do is guide the client through what spirit is helping them heal, what it means, even how it will change things for the better if provided. When clients come to me to go through healing sessions they want changes for the better, so I really ask spirit to focus on the areas that they’re asking for whether that is financial abundance, love and relationships, or career. In Reiki I will use clairsentience, which is “psychic feeling”, quite a bit, but I use clairvoyance and clairaudience for all of them for additional detail and information.  If you are looking for a validation in a reading I would relax, stay open to what it may be, and listen to all that is given during a reading.  It may happen more than once.

When would you say your passion for helping and healing others began?  Was there someone who inspired you or an experience that sparked this?

Well actually I’ve been doing it all of my life but I didn’t realize I was. I had three older brothers that had a very difficult time getting along (ego). What I would do is I would sit and listen, and often times I would tell them I’m very empathetic (clairsentience) because I would understand all sides of the issue. I would also notice people in my life getting significantly better or changing their lives for the better from just listening, giving guidance and being in their presence. Listening for a long period of time can be healing unto itself and often times even though I received a B.S. in Zoology and a Master’s in Business, I would say that I should have been a Psychology major. I would also have predictions come true before I even got into psychic mediumship and energy healing full-time. I would have dreams or I would have thoughts at work and it would come true. There was also a couple incidences where I knew exactly what my boss would say in two separate companies and they would say it, it wasn’t something simple like “hello, how are you”, it was technical jargon that I wouldn’t have been able to guess on my own. Ultimately what happened was I met my twin flame close to a decade ago and that turned my life upside down. I didn’t understand everything was going on, even though I had predictions before in my life that would come true, I didn’t know what to make of this, the energy was so strong and it just seemed to take my focus away from life and business. So in less than a year I got 7 certifications in different energy healing modalities including Crystal, Shamanic, Theta, and Reiki. After popping open my chakras larger and working on my energies a lot more I was able to receive more predictions and even receive more clairvoyance and clairaudience from spirit. While working in Corporate as a manager I attended psychic fairs as well as joining a number of psychic phone sites such as Bob Olson,,, Voice of psychic, and now the app Zodiac. When I built a clientele that was large enough to exceed my income in corporate then I went into being a full-time psychic.

What is the process when you are reading for a client?  How do you receive your information?

When I do a reading for a client whether it is on a psychic phone-in site or through my website I first meditate for a period of time. I usually use crystals or I’ll use those YouTube vibration videos. I’ll ask for a number of things such as focus, to connect to the highest being that has accurate answers, I’ll use affirmations and I’ll make sure that I’m grounded as well. Then I’ll use a visualization to go up to the highest area in the universe that I can and connect to the Divine, the angels to seraphim, other guides that are selected for that reading, anyone crossed over if that is requested, guides on multiple planes depending the kind of reading since I do animal readings as well. I ask for protection from the energies and entities connected to client and whoever they’re asking about. The last bit is very important for clarity and focus because I found sometimes souls and spirits on a lower level may try to interfere with the reading for various reasons. So focus is very important and getting my information from the highest source that has all the details and foresight possible is very important to me.

Do you set an intention for your spiritual readings?

Absolutely. In fact just like a business I have a mission statement that is next to my business permits on my wall. My intentions are usually around giving accurate psychic readings that help the client, even if it’s something they don’t want to hear, that they’re able to be open to and receive that is in their best and highest good. What I mean by that is sometimes the client wants to hear that they’re going to get together with the boyfriend that is on their mind. However that’s not always in their best interest and a psychic seeks to lead them in the best possible way for them, so I do ask for diplomacy and guidance as far as how to navigate their expectations and wants. I include asking for validation whenever I can give it so that clients can believe their readings and move forward with confidence. I also have intentions to achieve excellence in my work using not only my metaphysical abilities but also social skills such as diplomacy. It may benefit you as a reader to stay at agile and flexible in some of these readings because people will come to you with a lot of emotion and sometimes anxiety. Focus is incredibly important.  I would recommend to connect to Earth as much as possible, use the four elements. If you have fears around the four elements healing modalities can help you move past it such as Theta, which I provide over the phone, but I find that using the elements such as air, water, earth and fire has only enhanced  my abilities further.

What could people do to raise their vibration to get the most out of spiritual guidance and healing?

For me it was energy healing. That’s what really skyrocketed my abilities and after my courses I was seeing more, hearing more from Spirit, feeling more. With raising vibrations I would highly recommend you learn “clairsentient maintenance”, which I teach, so that you can use your psychic feeling without feeling overwhelmed, and be at peace. Aligning your chakras, clearing your meridians, healing your aura as well as becoming more grounded may help expand your abilities as well as your experience with spirit. As far as raising your vibration I would highly recommend healing your grief which is what my Orca energy healing package addresses, and removing anything that’s really weighing you down such as guilt, shame, anger, and revenge.  We all have these things, even grief which may come from loss of relationships, career, loss of hope and it is good to heal from them.  Talking to Spirit more will also help raise your vibration, and even visualizing yourself going to higher vibrations also helps manifest this for you. If you’re not getting the results or what you expect I usually recommend to my clients and remind myself to go higher, so continue to visualize flying higher up into space until you reach an area where you feel warm and at peace while staying grounded.

Did you pursue any training to help you develop your skills as a psychic and spiritual healer?

Yes I did both for psychic reading and energy healing. I went through the Reiki courses I, II and Master, Crystal healing, something called Theta healing which works on fears and beliefs, as well as a healing modality that uses shamanic, angelic and sacred geometry to raise the vibration of and heal your chakras. Much of this can be used to manifest the things you want as well as open up your connection of spirit to receive more self guidance from the divine.

What is the one piece of advice you want to share about intuition and spiritual guidance?

One thing I do tell clients a lot is to ask God to sync their feelings with their intuition so that when they make a decision they know it’s the right one because both their thoughts and feelings are matching. When you don’t feel like there are any obstacles or doubts in your way to move forward that helps you make better decisions that you feel good about. This can be used for my more common questions to receive as a reader being “when should I reach out to my boyfriend”, “should I take this job”, or “should I move forward with this side project in my career.”

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