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Discover The Essence Of Reiki With Andy Chrysostomou

Discover The Essence Of Reiki With Andy Chrysostomou
Andy is an author, writer, freelance journalist, web designer, and Reiki master/teacher and practitioner. Andy writes for a number of magazines and internet blog sites. Andy has written his first book ‘The Essence of Reiki’ with his partner Dawn Mellowship. Andy is currently working on his second and third books.

What inspired you to start your Reiki Healing career?

I actually came to Reiki out of desperation! I was diagnosed with severe spondylosis of the spine back in late 1997 early 1998 I can’t remember exactly. This condition is degenerative and would continue to damage my vertebrae. The effects at the time were lack of mobility in my arms and legs and constant pain that varied in severity from just about bearable to keeping me awake nights.

There were times when walking my legs would just collapse, other times I could walk but in pain. One of my friends suggested we take a Reiki class and somehow he persuaded me to book Reiki level 1 and 2 courses against my better judgment. I thought at the time that this was a waste of money as my consultant had told me there was nothing they could do for my spine.

After taking the course and self-healing with Reiki my pain had gone and my mobility improved to the point I could train with weights and return to martial arts. A week after taking my Reiki course, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer so I used Reiki to help her and it was amazing, the Reiki really helped with her tumor.

That was when I realized that Reiki wasn’t just for me, it was something I had to share with others and I  dedicated my life to Reiki and started treating people and teaching Reiki courses.

Can you describe one of your healing sessions?

At the first contact from a client, I take detailed symptoms and medical diagnosis details. I research the client’s condition to get a thorough understanding of their symptoms and medical diagnosis. I also look at any underlying factors that may be contributing to their conditions such as emotional trauma, stress, abnormal immune response causing inflammation.. etc.

I use this information to develop an effective treatment plan for the client. Part of the treatment plan is agreed on outcomes – we discuss the healing outcomes the client wants and how to best achieve them using Reiki-based interventions and self-help techniques that we discuss for the client to use.

For the treatment, the client lays on the treatment couch and I place my hands above the areas that I will be treating. The treatment lasts an hour generally though sometimes we can have a longer treatment when needed. After the treatment, we discuss any experiences the client had and record any changes to the client’s symptoms and medical conditions.

What can a person expect from Reiki Healing?

The client should expect the agreed outcomes to be achieved over a series of treatments. There should be an improvement and movement towards the agreed outcomes from the very first treatment and after every treatment.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Working in a professional way and always ensuring I have a good understanding of the client’s medical condition through online research and prior experiences. Maintaining professional boundaries and confidentiality is incredibly important also.

Was there anything that you felt you needed to do to deepen or develop your abilities?

I spent 12 months self-healing with Reiki for a minimum of 5 hours a day every day to develop my understanding of Reiki energy and to be as healed as possible. I continue to self-heal with Reiki for three hours each day.

What do you love most about your profession?

I think the feeling of knowing I have helped someone, whether they are a treatment client or a student. The change in the individual and their life is always fantastic to see!

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