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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On April 01, 2023

Heal Your Unwanted Intergenerational Family Patterns With Ariann Thomas

Heal Your Unwanted Intergenerational Family Patterns With Ariann Thomas

This week, Mystic Mag‘s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to interview Ariann Thomas from Ancestral Lineage Clearing. We talked about her beginnings, what services she offers, and what she loves most about her profession.

When did you first know that being a healer was your calling and how did it come about?

I began studying metaphysics, spiritual teachings and healing in the 1980s. I was drawn to the concepts that we are all connected and can influence our bodies, lives, and energy. I began taking classes in healing energy. I discovered I could move energy and help heal with touch, sound, and intention.

About thirty years ago, the history of generational sexual abuse in my family was uncovered. This revelation created an upheaval and split in the family that was unresolved years later at the time of my parents’ death. Although I was not directly involved, I was certainly affected by the atmosphere of shame, secrecy, abuse, and trauma.

As a result of this family pattern, I held an unconscious belief that nothing would go right for long, and that something disastrous would happen to take away my happiness, success, and achievement. Although I had a successful career, I carried feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, and fear unrelated to my daily life. After much soul searching, I cried out during a meditation for the Spirit to help me.

Spirit honored me with the gift of a healing meditation based on journeying which I call Ancestral Lineage Clearing. I met an ancestor who helped me understand the sexual abuse history in my family and, more importantly, to release the energy from my body and other energy systems so I could free the trauma. I could then forgive my parents, grandparents, and other relatives. I began sharing this clearing process with family and friends and discovered it effectively healed unwanted intergenerational family patterns of health, finances, relationships, and emotional difficulties.

What services do you offer?

My primary practice is Ancestral Lineage Clearing, to heal unwanted intergenerational family patterns through Shamanic journeys.

In addition, I am trained and certified to facilitate Shamanic Journeying for soul retrieval, curse release, and karma clearing. I am a Certified Akashic Record Reader and Healer.

What exactly is Ancestral Lineage Clearing?

Ancestral Lineage Clearing is an advanced healing technique where a person energetically journeys back into his, her, or their family’s historical past to change an unwanted family pattern in order to bring more happiness, health, joy, prosperity, or better relationships into this present life. ALC is not a new technique. It has been practiced for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in other cultures under different names.

I take the client on a journey into the past to meet the ancestor when the original pattern was created. Then we ask the ancestors to shift their life path to create a positive outcome. The ancestors are always willing to change the undesirable pattern.

When the new energy is brought forward into the present time, it not only changes the energy for the client, but it also changes the energy for all of the present living family members of that particular ancestor. This is the power and the beauty of the Ancestral Lineage Clearing process! The client has changed all the presently living relatives associated with the family who carries the DNA from that family line and the children or potential children, and grandchildren, and their descendants’ epigenetic genomes are changed. For more information see

What can a person expect from your healing sessions?

Here are some testimonials from clients after they have received an ALC Session:

“The Ancestral Lineage Clearing breaks the vibrational link with which the cellular memories are passed forward through the generations. It is an extraordinary process, and I am very grateful to Ariann for her skill and awareness, as she guided me into the understanding of discovered truths and compassion for my family and myself.”

“Ancestral Lineage Clearing made me aware of issues which have affected our family for generations … it has enabled me to see my family members without a lot of the old emotions that got in the way of healthy relationships with them.”

“It has been a great experience with the ancestral healing session… The day we did the session, I could feel a tremendous energy shift within myself…I have been feeling extraordinarily calm ever since and it is as if a lot of energy related to lack of abundance and love has dissipated.”

“Ancestral Lineage Clearing made me aware of issues which have affected our family for generations … it has enabled me to see my family members without a lot of the old emotions that got in the way of healthy relationships with them.”

“[ALC] is a very personal process that allows me to review my own story, to learn, to coach myself, to formulate and receive insights as well as to acquire strength and motivation to the journey; it is a process that re-centers me and that gives me a lot of peace, pleasure and a deep sense of purpose.”

Clients generally experience an immediate sense of relief as the ancestral burdens and wounds are healed. The release of the undesirable ancestral pattern frees energy bound by the unwanted pattern. The release continues over the following months, shedding the blocks as needed. The clients find their relationship to others, health issues, financial patterns slowly shift over time into more positive outcomes. Others, including family members, notice the change and respond to the new energy.

I give the client a set of exercises to perform over 30 days to firmly establish the epigenetic shift in the DNA. As the client alters their pattern, the change resonates to other family members with similar DNA, such as children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings who are ready and willing to change those patterns.

Ancestral Lineage Clearing allows clients to turn off negative epigenetic patterns and turn on the positive genomes.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with clients?

Before the session, I clear my space (even though I connect with clients mostly over Zoom) and set up an altar with the four elements and the clearing tools I use—rattles, bells, and a gong.

I open the session with a discussion of the goal and outcome desired by the client. I hold this interaction with respect and confidentiality as we clarify the issues. Then, I create a safe and sacred space at the beginning of the session calling in the Divine, the elements, spirits, and ancestors to guide us to the right ancestor to help. I hold this sacred space during the journey to the ancestor ensuring the client is held in love and safety throughout.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love doing this work. I am so honored that clients allow me to guide them to the ancestors who love them and want to help them be happy and successful in this life. The wisdom, love, and guidance are so positive and healing, my heart fills every time a client feels the shift of energy leading to greater freedom, confidence, and joy. The healing the ancestors experience is such a blessing as they change the negative memories and lifetimes and choose an alternate life path filled with success and joy.

Every session opens up hearts and minds to pathways leading to fulfilling the client’s destiny. I feel this work is fulfilling my life’s purpose and personal destiny. I find great joy in all the sessions I do for others.

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