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Discover Benefits Of Energy And Soul Healing With Bente Hansen

Discover Benefits Of Energy And Soul Healing With Bente Hansen

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Bente Hansen, an intuitive wellness consultant. She is also an energy healer, soul healer, inspirational speaker, energetic channel, spiritual counselor, author, radio host, and teacher.

When did you first know that being a Soul and Energy Healer was your calling and how did it come about?

From my very early years, I enjoyed the company of invisible friends, who were great teachers. About thirty years ago I pursued this career change as ordinary life was not fulfilling.

It was an inner strong feeling that natural therapies needed to be pursued. Once I started everything fell into place. I learned massage, kinesiology, spiritual healing, and other modalities.

As I’ve always been intuitive it quickly became apparent that my innate knowledge surfaced constantly, thereby ensuring I didn’t follow prescribed methods. Instead, the natural therapies enabled the learning of basic physiology, anatomy, health, and healing.

At all times there was energy by my side encouraging and guiding further learning along with enabling soul knowing to surface in my client practice.

How would you describe Soul healing and Energy Healing? What are the differences?

The differences may seem minimal, yet they are significant. Soul healing involves connecting with a client’s soul, getting a feel for what’s happened, and then communicating telepathically to help figure out how best to resolve/heal a deep core issue. These issues may be from earlier years and/or other lifetimes.

A session is never forced, it must be with the full agreement of the client and the soul itself. I go into a deep alpha/theta state and work soul to soul.

Energy Healing entails working with the full energy body – with the permission of the client’s Higher Self/Higher Awareness/Soul. This involves sending healing to the client and the client’s Higher Self accepts the energy that streams via my hands, third eye, heart center and it’s used wherever it’s needed.

This healing works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma pain. When undertaking a session I enter a light alpha state and pick up (broadly) on issues that have caused grief, pain, and discomfort. Telepathic communication with the soul does not take place.

Can you describe one of your healing sessions?

Nowadays I’m semi-retired and work remotely with clients. This I’ve found to be more beneficial to the recipient. A session consists of four thirty-minute segments of energy healing sent over a period of a week. At all times I’m guided by inner knowing.

I call in the client by name and location. If there are specific issues and concerns, energy is directed to those. Energy streams from my hands and chakras (as needed), I’m in a light alpha state. Images, emotions, and sensations fly rapidly into my awareness.

The first thirty-minute segment supports the release of stress from the cellular level. This is an essential component of the process as the body heals best when it’s not in a stressed state.

The second thirty-minute segment generally focuses on issues/concerns that are relevant to the client.

The third segment involves the clearing of a multitude of cellular memories, going through lifetimes. A pendulum is used for this clearing.

The fourth, and final, segment is an energy infusion, resulting in alignment, balancing, and strengthening of the energy field. After completion, a detailed email summary is sent to the client.

What can a person expect from these sessions?

These sessions are like spring cleaning a house, though I refer to them as an energy-declutter. This means that a large amount of old energy that is no longer beneficial to the client is cleared. Clients report a wide range of outcomes, including feeling calm, clear, and without the constant feeling of being stressed.

Thinking sharpens, decision-making is easier and generally, life becomes easier. Clients report that they no longer worry incessantly, that they feel rejuvenated. In addition, there’s the physical healing that occurs, often on old injuries or from recent illnesses.

A session consists of four thirty-minute segments for good reason. There are three distinct phases to the process. First is the de-stressing phase. The second is the purge/release phase. The final phase is healing with the healing continuing for up to six weeks after a session

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers/clients?

I’ve found that being honest, respectful, and taking time to understand client needs and issues is paramount to ensuring a healthy relationship.

Often this means taking extra time and even offering to do that bit extra because that’s what my intuition says is needed. In addition, I find that often clients appreciate a more in-depth explanation along with any suggestions made as to how they can support their own well-being.

What do you love most about your profession?

Working with people. I love the interactions and connection, love supporting them in their own journey into wellness and spiritual seeking.

Best of all I love that they are also my teachers, we work together, a bond of mutual respect develops. I’m inspired by them to continue my own learning and growth and have published a couple of books on energy, frequency, and vibration-based on the many experiences undergone in over twenty years of working with clients.

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