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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On June 06, 2023

7 Best Astrology Reading Sites (2023) Enjoy Accurate Readings

7 Best Astrology Reading Sites (2023) Enjoy Accurate Readings

Seeking out guidance from the stars can help you find your way in this turbulent world. But when you struggle to interpret the cosmos yourself or connect with an inexperienced astrologer, things can take a turn for the worse. An astrology reading can result in wasted time and money if professional standards aren’t followed.

To help you make the right decision, I’ve shortlisted the 7 best astrology reading sites for accurate readings. Seeing an experienced astrologer will enlighten you with a deeper understanding of your personality, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can navigate life’s challenges with added confidence.

My favorite astrology reading site is California Psychics. It features a decent roster of highly-talented astrologers who specialize in various niches. And with the site’s satisfaction guarantee, you can receive compensation if your astrology session doesn’t go to plan.

Discover California Psychics

In a rush? Here Are My Top 5 Picks For The Best Astrology Sites

  1. California Psychics — The best site for astrology readings with a 20+ year history and a proven track record of providing quality consultations.
  2. Purple Garden — Great for live chat, phone, and video astrology readings and get readings on the go with its mobile app, however the site has no satisfaction guarantee.
  3. Keen — Has a well-designed, user-friendly web interface with an excellent astrologer filtering tool, but the site does not provide video readings.
  4. Psychic Source — Offers a good collection of quality astrologers and a transparent refund policy, but its screening processes are unclear.
  5. PathForward — Features affordable psychic readings from talented astrologers and 3 free minutes for new users, but the selection of experts is small.

Plus Two More Astrology Reading Sites

Best Astrology Reading Sites in 2023 — Full List

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Astrology Readings

California Psychics

  • Large selection of gifted astrologers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly-detailed astrologer profiles
  • Flexible introductory offers
  • Karma Rewards program

California Psychics features a roster of more than 120 talented astrologers. Most of them have been with the site for over 10 years and specialize in a variety of topics. Having so many experienced astrologers to choose from gives you more ways to make sense of the stars and receive unique insights.

With California Psychics’ satisfaction guarantee, you don’t have to worry about going out of pocket if you’re unhappy with your reading experience. This impressed me as it shows me that the site is serious about providing a great experience. Your request must be sent within 24 hours of your latest session and will be approved or rejected at the discretion of the site.

Another plus point for California Psychics is its highly-detailed astrologer profiles. They let you view the total number of readings performed, style, abilities, and tools, which help you make an informed decision. Plus, every profile has a short bio that gives you a glimpse into the astrologer’s personality.

But remember, you’ll need to deposit $20 first to enjoy the site’s introductory offer. Fortunately, California Psychics’ discounted rates are some of the lowest in the industry. For example, you can enjoy sessions with the site’s premium psychics for as low as $1 per minute, so you won’t have to worry about going over budget.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Enjoy Video Astrology Readings From Anywhere

Purple Garden

  • Offers live video astrology readings
  • Introductory video on each expert’s profile
  • Mobile app lets you get readings on the go
  • Highly-experienced psychics
  • 5% cashback reward

Purple Garden offers live video readings which help you form a deeper connection with your astrologer. This is because video readings let you pick up on an astrologer’s expressions, body language, and other important physical cues. All of this paves the way for more meaningful sessions and unique insights.

Another thing I like about Purple Garden is how all of the site’s astrologers have introductory videos on their profiles. Viewing the videos allowed me to learn more about my chosen astrologer’s skills, experience, and approach. You can then use this information to understand what to expect from an astrologer and whether they’d be a good match for you.

Using Purple Garden’s mobile app lets you interpret the stars on the go. It includes all the features found on Purple Garden’s website, including video readings, and is well-designed and easy to use. You can use it to look up psychics, book readings, and access additional learning materials.

Although Purple Garden doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee, it makes up for this with its detailed psychic bios. Aside from every astrologer’s introductory video, you can check out their skills and experience and browse reviews left by past clients. This gives you a good idea of your chosen advisor’s capabilities and helps you make a more informed decision.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Easy-To-Use Website Makes It a Great Choice for Beginners


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee refunds up to $25 worth of credits
  • Can filter astrologers by client reviews and ratings
  • Keen Rewards loyalty program
  • Psychic matching tool
  • Attractive offers for first-time users

What I like most about Keen is that it keeps you protected with its 100% satisfaction guarantee. The site allows you to request a refund of up to $25 worth of credits if you’re dissatisfied with your reading. That way, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on a lousy astrology reading.

Searching for advisors on Keen is straightforward.I could search for astrologers by price, availability, skills, specialties, and tools by using its psychic filtering tool. This high degree of customization ensures you can easily find an astrologer who understands your needs, making you more likely to receive the guidance you require.

Additionally, Keen’s loyalty program, Keen Rewards, lets you earn rewards points when you complete specific tasks. These range from signing in to the Keen app to getting readings. You can then use these points for astrology reading discounts, although your points expire if your account is inactive for 6 months or more.

While Keen’s customer service may take some time to respond, you can refer to the site’s detailed FAQ page, which addresses the most common issues. The answers are informative, so you don’t have to worry about help being too far away.

Explore Keen

4. Psychic Source — Offers Skilled & Highly-Trained Astrologers

Psychic Source

  • Strict astrologer recruitment process
  • Offers phone, chat, and video readings
  • Filtering tool makes it easy to match with a suitable astrologer
  • Provides additional resources
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee keeps you covered

Psychic Source has a roster of highly-skilled and experienced astrologers. This is because of its strict vetting process which involves video interviews and an assessment of each applicant’s abilities. Additionally, all astrologers must adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring you receive guidance from legitimate and compassionate astrologers.

I like how you can consult with your chosen astrologer over video on Psychic Source. A video reading recreates the experience of a face-to-face session and helps you get into the right headspace. But if you feel self-conscious or don’t feel like talking, you can book a phone or live chat reading with any of the site’s astrologers.

If you’re new to astrology or looking to enhance your understanding, you can refer to Psychic Source’s astrology guide. Its astrology guide helps you understand various astrological concepts, which you can use to help you better prepare for your astrology reading. I found the tips provided well-written, highly detailed, and easily understandable.

Keep in mind that you need to deposit a minimum of $10 to join Psychic Source. But this lets you use the site’s generous introductory offer, where you can get 3 free minutes and the option to purchase an additional 10, 20, or 30 minutes at a heavily discounted rate. These minutes are applicable to any astrologer you choose.

Explore Psychic Source

5. PathForward — Save on Future Readings With Its Rewards Program


  • Earn points with the site’s In Sight Rewards program
  • Generous introductory offer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Intuitive psychic filtering system
  • In Sight rewards program

PathForward has a loyalty program called In Sight Rewards which lets you earn reward dollars with each purchase. You can then use these Reward Dollars to pay for sessions with your favorite psychics, thus letting you enjoy longer readings at a lower price. But do take note that unused Reward Dollars expire after 48 months.

Besides its rewards program, PathForward stands out for its generous introductory offer. With it, you get 3 free minutes and the option to purchase extra time for just $1 per minute. I like how this offer gives me the flexibility to explore the various astrologers featured on the site without worrying about going over budget.

Additionally, PathForward has a “Peace of Mind Promise”. It states you can get your last reading for free if you’re unhappy with the experience. You just need to submit a refund request within 24 hours, which is accepted or rejected. This commitment to quality boosts my confidence in the site’s astrologers.

Despite all this, I was slightly disappointed to see that PathForward has a rather small pool of astrologers available. However, its strict recruitment process helps improve the quality of readings and reduces the likelihood of connecting with a fraud.

Explore PathForward

6. Kasamba — Enjoy Chinese, Western, & Vedic Astrology


  • Astrologers are skilled in Chinese, Western, & Vedic astrology
  • Excellent psychic filtering tool
  • Highly-detailed psychic bios
  • New users get the first 3-minutes free
  • Site is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Kasamba has astrology experts who are familiar with Western, Chinese and Vedic astrology, which is rather impressive. This allows you to turn to an astrology field you find relevant. For example, Chinese astrology is great for self-improvement, whereas Vedic astrology shines a light on the best time to take action.

I found Kasmba’s psychic filtering tool to be extremely useful. I was able to sort through psychics by rank, experience, and price when I used it. When you can fine-tune your search criteria, you can easily connect with an astrologer with a style and approach that resonates with you.

Another excellent feature of Kasamba’s is its highly-detailed advisor profiles. Every astrologer has a personal profile displaying their skills and experience, which can help you decide if they’re right for you. Alternatively, there’s also a comment section where you read reviews left by previous clients to get a feel for your chosen advisor.

If you find that Kasamba’s website is too dated for your liking, you can always use its excellent mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android and features a fresher, more modern look, which I like. This makes Kasamba a great choice if you’re looking for guidance on the go.

Explore Kasamba

7. Everclear — Easily Find the Right Astrologer for Your Needs


  • Strict psychic screening policy
  • Intuitive psychic filtering tool
  • Can send free message to astrologers
  • Newcomers enjoy the first 3 minutes of their reading free
  • Satisfaction guarantee credits up to $25 back to your account

Everclear has a roster of highly-talented, passionate astrologers who have all passed the site’s strict recruitment process. To be listed on the site, psychic applicants must pass interviews and live assessments with customers. In fact, I saw that one of their psychics has previously been featured on NBC live, which boosts my confidence in the site’s credibility.

What makes Everclear unique is how they match you with astrologers. When you use the site, you must first answer a few questions about what you’re looking for. After that, you can choose to be matched with an advisor or check out a list of available astrologers. I find this approach more refreshing as it provides a more personal experience.

The platform offers a free messaging service to communicate with astrologers before scheduling a session. This allows you to provide them with some background information or ask them a specific question, which can help you feel more comfortable and confident when you book an astrology reading.

Navigating the site can feel awkward and clumsy as Everclear requires you to use its psychic filtering tool every time. After I got used to it, I had no trouble using the site and appreciated the aesthetically pleasing look of the site.

Explore Everclear

Comparison: Best Astrology Reading Sites

Number of Astrologists Introductory Offer Delivery Methods Satisfaction 
California Psychics 120+ Discounted rates Phone & live chat Yes
Purple Garden 70+ 3 free minutes or discounted rates Video, phone & live chat No
Keen Psychics 30+ 3 free minutes + discounted rates Phone & live chat Yes
Psychic Source 250+ Discounted rates Phone & live chat Yes
PathForward 10+ 3 free minutes Phone & live chat Yes
Kasamba 90+ 3 free minutes + discounted rates Phone & live chat Yes
Everclear 40+ 3 free minutes Phone & live chat Yes

Tips on Choosing the Best Astrology Sites

Consider referring to the following tips when choosing an astrology site for your needs. 

1. Get To Know Your Astrologer

Understanding your advisor’s approach to readings is essential before committing to a session. Reviews can help you decide whether you can trust an astrologer or not, as they show you what past users have experienced. This helps you ensure that they are emotionally compatible with you.

Forming a strong psychic connection with your psychic will increase your chances of receiving more accurate and relevant insights. Look for information such as their background, experience, and specialties, which are normally displayed on their profile. Then, you should use this information to decide whether to commit.

While positive comments are good, don’t be alarmed by any negative ones. The total absence of negative comments could mean that the site is deleting any unfavorable feedback or some of the reviews are fake. You should be okay if bad reviews are not too common and recent.

2. Identify Your Needs

To get the most out of your reading, you must know what issues to seek advice on. This narrows your search criteria and makes it easier to find a suitable psychic. Personally, I like to sit myself down in a quiet room and reflect on my situation and feelings before a reading. This helps me identify what’s bothering me.

Keep in mind that this approach changes according to your situation. If possible, try to get a clear picture of what makes you uneasy. But if you can’t do that, note your emotions and describe them to your astrologer. This gives your astrologer some much-needed context and makes it easier for them to find the answers you’re looking for.

During your session, make sure to ask questions whenever you feel like you need clarification. Don’t worry about feeling self-conscious or shy. The key here is to work with your astrologer to find a solution and seek their guidance. Doing so will ensure you get a much more fulfilling session and address your needs.

3. Prepare a Budget

Preparing a budget makes it easier to decide on the right platform for your needs. It also encourages you not to waste time browsing sites outside your price range. I recommend you focus on getting a quality reading from a top-rated astrologer instead of saving money consulting with a cheaper, possibly less-qualified expert.

As most astrologers charge by the minute, you’ll want to prepare a list of questions beforehand to avoid wasting any money during the actual reading. Doing this will save you from wasting time and going over your budget.

4. Understand How Astrology Works

Taking the time to understand astrology readings can show you what to expect from a session. This can help you to prepare for the reading and to approach it with an open and receptive mindset. From here, you can think of the right questions to ask and communicate effectively with your astrologer.

You should familiarize yourself with the 3 fields of astrology, which are Chinese, Western, and Vedic astrology. While all 3 forms share some similarities, they have distinct approaches and cultural contexts. So, deciding which one works best for you is up to you.

Having extra knowledge about astrology also helps you identify areas for personal growth. For example, if an astrologer identifies specific personality traits causing relationship problems, you can use your astrology knowledge to seek further clarification or improve yourself.

5. Consider Astrologer Availability

Choose a site with astrologers available when you need them. So make sure you check the site’s operating hours and the availability of astrologers before committing to a reading. Some sites offer 24/7 availability, which can be helpful if you need a reading at an odd hour.

Others let you book your astrologers in advance, which can be beneficial if you’re on a tight schedule. If you’re an anxious person, scheduling sessions earlier can ease nervousness. This gives you a sense of control and allows you to prepare yourself beforehand, which can improve your overall satisfaction and the quality of your reading.

Lastly, some astrology sites may have limited astrologers available, which can impact availability during peak hours. It’s essential to research the site’s availability and ensure that they have enough astrologers to cater to your needs.

Explore California Psychics

FAQs on the Best Astrology Sites

Are astrology readings accurate?

Astrology readings can be accurate, but it depends. Since astrology focuses on the calculations of constellations and interprets planetary movements, it can lead to more accurate predictions. But keep in mind that the accuracy of astrology readings also depends on the skill and experience of the astrologer.

Because of this, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced astrologer who can use the stars and planets as a guide to making predictions. But do remember that there are no specifics in astrology, just potentialities. As a result, you should treat it as a guide and not a replacement for actual research.

What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?

Astrology studies celestial bodies in human affairs, while astronomy focuses on celestial objects and phenomena. Astrologers can give you a broader perspective on life and help you understand occurrences in your life. Meanwhile, astronomers perform research and are often employed by higher education institutions and government agencies like NASA.

Consulting with an experienced astrologer helps you gain insight into issues like love, career, family, or life. If you feel lost, you can use this information as a reference point or guidance. In contrast, astronomy can help you understand the origins of planet earth and where humankind is heading in the future, making it less individualistic.

How are Chinese, Vedic, and Western astrology different from each other?

Chinese, Western, and Vedic astrology have differing interpretations of the stars and their influence on human life. Each field has their own unique strengths, which is why it’s important to seek out advice from a multi-talented astrologer who is familiar with these disciplines.

Chinese astrology is based on a twelve-year lunar cycle and assigns an animal sign to each year, i.e., Rat, Ox, Tiger, etc. It also analyzes the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) to provide more profound interpretations. Vedic astrology focuses on the sidereal zodiac and assigns a specific placement to each planet at the time of a person’s birth.

Western astrology studies the sun’s position at the time of a person’s birth and assigns them a zodiac sign. Each sign has specific personality traits and is associated with one of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) and a ruling planet.

Bottom Line

Seeking guidance from an astrologer is an excellent way to reflect on your personality and gain insight into your place in the world. But with so many astrology reading sites around, connecting with a legitimate astrologist is not easy. This can result in wasted time and money on a less-than-stellar consultation.

Because of this, I’ve taken the time to put together a detailed list of the best, most trusted sites for astrology readings.The astrology site I recommend is California Psychics, which has a large roster of more than 120 hand-picked experts ready to provide authentic astrology readings.

To summarize, the best psychic sites for astrology readings are…

Rank Provider Rating Review

Read Review Visit Website

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