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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 06, 2023

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023 — Accurate & Reliable

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023 — Accurate & Reliable

With so many reputable advisors available, finding the right psychic on Keen can get overwhelming and time-consuming. After all, who wants to take the risk of connecting with an unsuitable psychic advisor?

To make your life easier, I’ve shortlisted the 10 most accurate and experienced psychics on the site. These readers have an average rating of either 4.9 or 5 stars based on thousands of reviews, so you won’t be disappointed by the quality.

Eli Casey is my reader of choice when it comes to psychic readings. Besides being highly experienced, he is also compassionate and patient. And if you’re new to Kasamba, you can get the first 3 minutes of your reading with him for free.

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In a rush? Here Are My Top 5 Picks

  1. Eli Casey — Best psychic for love and relationship readings and is widely trusted by many.
  2. Annie Heaven — Great for life psychic readings and tarot card interpretations, but only does readings in English.
  3. Shoushan — Highly-regarded psychic favored for her kind and helpful nature, however, she only performs life readings.
  4. PennyC — Accurate psychic with a proven track record, but her rates are quite expensive.
  5. Sister Teressa — Appreciated by many for her kind and direct approach, but her availability is limited.

Plus Five More Psychic Readers You Can Rely On

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

1. Eli Casey — Best for those looking for a compassionate love and relationship psychic

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Eli Casey has been on Keen for more than 20 years. And during that time, he has provided more than 175,000 accurate psychic readings. He has earned a solid 5-star rating from more than 78,000 clients, which indicates a high level of trustworthiness.

Looking at his profile, I can see that Eli is often praised for providing exceptionally accurate love and relationship readings in a warm and compassionate manner. He has helped clients with their person of interest (POI) and offered relationship advice. As a 5-star psychic, Eli also provides finance and spiritual readings for $7.97 per minute.

2. Annie Heaven — Highly-accurate psychic with a warm yet direct approach

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Annie Heaven is a clairvoyant who made her first psychic connection when she was just 4 years old. Since then, she has been advising her clients on all life-related matters. She has worked with Keen for 2 decades and has earned a 5-star rating on the site. Besides psychic readings, Annie also performs tarot card readings.

A self-described “ethical psychic” with more than 36,000 readings, Annie will only tell you what you need to hear, not what you want. I prefer this approach as I know that my psychic is honest with me. Annie’s rates are $9.99 per minute, and you can book a reading through Keen.

3. Shoushan — Friendly psychic who can help you with general questions

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Shoushan is an intuitive psychic who started out performing Turkish coffee readings. Her sweet and kindly nature has helped her earn a 4.9-star rating on Keen. Unlike other psychic advisors, Shoushan uses a self-made deck of cards called the Nefertiti Psychic Reading Cards, which makes for a unique reading experience.

Looking at her customer reviews, it’s clear that Shoushan is highly praised for her accurate readings and powerful psychic connection. All of this makes paying her rate of $5.99 per minute all the more worthwhile.

4. PennyC — Professional psychic with real-world experience for those willing to pay more

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

What’s unique about PennyC is that her psychic skills are used in real life. Her profile mentions that she has consulted privately for celebrities and has been in private practice for at least 50 years. So, it should be no surprise that she has received a 5-star rating from more than 19,000 clients.

PennyC covers all types of psychic specialties and takes a non-judgemental approach to readings. Although her rates are quite steep at $49.89 per minute, PennyC’s clients often mention how impressed they are by her precise readings. So if you’re not tight on cash, then PennyC is worth considering.

5. Sister Teressa — Offers traditional gypsy-style readings for love and relationship problems

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Sister Teressa is a self-described “gypsy psychic” specializing in love and life readings. Descended from a long line of psychics, Sister Teressa has performed nearly 30,000 readings on Keen and comes with a 5-star rating.

An honest and direct psychic, she does not believe in using scare tactics or sugarcoating. But she is also compassionate and warm in delivering her message. And if you’re new to Keen, you can get your first 3 minutes of Sister Teressa for free.

6. Saaqi — Comforting psychic who specializes in general life readings

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

A gifted psychic, Saaqi had her first encounter with the spirits at the tender age of 8. She has since then used her talents to perform life readings for her clients. Saaqi’s clients often compliment her precise readings and positive energy. So it should be no surprise that Saaqi has a 5-star rating on Keen.

Comments left by clients include “She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. I don’t trust anyone else” and “This advisor is always on point with my questions”. As she is regularly in demand, Saaqi’s charges $8.99 per minute for her sessions.

7. Therodman35 — Direct, straight-to-the-point advisor for life and love and relationship questions

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Patient, honest, kind, and gifted are some of the things Therodman35’s clients have to say about him. He provides psychic readings on all topics, including love and relationships and life’s questions. And from what I’ve seen on his profile, many of Rodman’s clients have found comfort in his consistently accurate predictions.

Others also appreciate how he gets straight to the point and doesn’t try to waste his client’s time. This is something that I’d be thankful for as well if I’m paying $5.99 per minute for a reading.

8. Storm Cestavani — Get love and career readings from a celebrity psychic

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Storm Cestavani’s credentials speak for themselves. He has appeared on TV and radio and even performed a psychic reading for Dionne Warwick on air. Storm has served more than 47,000 clients and earned a solid 5-star rating on Keen.

His specialties include all things related to love and relationships, along with career/work readings. Given his credentials, Storm’s rates are on the pricey side at $9.99 per minute. But if you’re new to Keen, you can take advantage of their first 3-minutes free offer to try him out.

9. Empress Tarot — LGBT-friendly love & relationship psychic who performs tarot card readings

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Just as her name suggests, Empress Tarot or Robyn performs psychic readings using tarot cards. Robyn has such a strong psychic connection that some of her clients admit they’re sometimes frightened by how precise her readings are.

Besides that, Empress Tarot is known for her positive energy and is a strong advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She charges a rate of $15.97 per minute, which isn’t surprising given how in-demand her services are. But given her track record and client reviews, it’s well worth the try.

10. Live The Light — Honest, direct psychic readings on love, life, and growth

10 Best Psychic Readers on Keen in 2023

Live The Light or Nicole offers genuine psychic readings for love, relationships, careers, and jobs. She has been featured in several publications, including the NY Times, Bustle, and Cosmopolitan. As a certified psychic and reiki practitioner, Nicole uses her gifts to communicate with spirits and perform readings.

She has performed readings for over 17,000 clients and has received a 4.9-star average rating from her clients. Looking at her review page, I can see that many of her clients appreciate her sincere, honest approach and powerful positive energy. You can get a reading with Nicole for $5.99 per minute.

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Tips on Choosing The Best Psychic Readers

1. Check out the psychic’s style

Getting a psychic reading is a highly personal experience, this is why it’s so important to work with an advisor who clicks with you. Some are direct, while others will take the time to walk you through each reading. This is why it’s crucial to understand your chosen psychic’s style before you commit yourself. So that way, you can get the best possible results every time.

The psychics I’ve recommended on Keen are gifted and highly talented. And since the site has an extensive roster of psychics, you can easily find one who matches your requirements.

2. Look at the psychic’s past reviews

One of the best ways to get a feel for your psychic is to take a look at the reviews left by their clients. This will give you a good idea of the psychic’s style, demeanor, and accuracy. Pay close attention to the frequency of the reviews. It could be a bad sign if the psychic hasn’t received new reviews in weeks or months.

Keen has a transparent review system that displays comments and ratings left by previous clients. You can then use this information to decide whether or not you’d like to work with a particular psychic.

3. Enjoy Keen’s introductory offers

If you’re new to Keen, you can choose to get 3 free minutes or purchase 10 minutes for just $1.99. This lets you stretch your money further and enjoy longer sessions. Or you can use the 3 free minutes offered to get a feel for your chosen psychic without committing yourself. Once you’re finished with your introductory offer, you can join Keen’s rewards program to earn points for every dollar spent, which you can use to claim discounts later on.

4. See what the psychic’s specialties are

Every psychic has their own niches and specialties. Some specialize in love and relationships, while others are better suited to general readings. This is why I highly recommend that you first take a look at what your psychic’s specialties are before committing.

So that way, the risk of you matching with a non-compatible psychic becomes much lower. Keen has an extensive roster of multi-skilled psychics, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding the right one.

5. Familiarize yourself with Keen’s refund policy

Keen’s satisfaction guarantee means you might be eligible for a $25 credit if your reading doesn’t meet your expectations. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting money if you receive a poor-quality reading. Remember that you can only be reimbursed for readings within the past 72 hours and for one unsatisfactory experience every 30 days.

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FAQ on Keen’s Psychic Readers

1. Are Keen’s psychic readers accurate?

Keen’s psychic readers are accurate for the most part. In fact, some of Keen’s psychic readers are described by their clients as being “frighteningly accurate” in their predictions. The site has been around for over 20 years, and many of its featured psychics have been active on the platform for over 5.

Despite this, the company cannot guarantee that every prediction will come true. To reflect this, Keen has introduced a refund policy that promises to honor all reasonable refund requests. The fact that the site is willing to commit to this shows me how confident they are in the quality of their psychics.

2. Can you trust Keen’s psychic readers?

Yes, Keen’s psychic readers are trustworthy. The site has a stringent psychic vetting process, ensuring that only legitimate psychics are hired. Before they are approved, Keen’s psychics are assessed on their experience, skills, and past track record. Some of the platform’s psychics have even appeared on national TV and have real-life practices.

Keen also has a transparent review system that lets clients rate psychics and leaves comments. This information is available for potential clients on the psychic’s page. I have personally used reviews left by clients to assess psychics before committing.

3. Does Keen offer online tarot card readings?

Yes, Keen offers online tarot card reading services, so you can hire a top-rated psychic specializing in tarot cards to guide you. This lets you turn to the cosmos for guidance. Besides tarot cards, Keen’s advisors are also familiar with astrology, feng shui, and numerology, to name a few.

Because newcomers get the first 3 minutes free, you can try out any of Keen’s tarot card readers for yourself, risk-free.

4. Can Keen’s psychics predict love?

No, because it is not possible to predict love. But Keen’s psychics can help you find stability and direction by giving you a love and relationship reading. This gives you the guidance you need to make the next best decision in your love life. And if you aren’t happy with the results, you can rest easy knowing that Keen’s refund policy protects you.

5. Do Keen’s psychic advisors perform career readings?

Yes, Keen’s psychic advisors can perform job and prosperity readings. These gifted individuals tap into the cosmos to answer all of your career-related questions. And from here, make predictions and even provide you with advice on how you can improve your finances or career.

But keep in mind that you may not get the answers you want to hear, as the spirit realm plays by its own rules, so approach these readings with an open mind.

Bottom Line

Keen provides you with an extensive roster of highly-talented, genuine psychic readers. But sometimes, finding the right advisor can get tricky since you have so much to choose from.

This is why I have shortlisted the 10 best psychic readers on Keen after using the site extensively. All of the readers I recommend are accurate and reliable.

When choosing a psychic reader on Keen, my top pick is Eli Casey. He has a great sense of humor, is very patient, and provides highly accurate psychic readings. And thanks to Keen’s introductory offer, you can use your 3 free minutes to check out the site’s collection of expert psychics.

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