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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 28, 2022

11 Best Zodiac Matches (Will Your Relationship Last in 2022?)

11 Best Zodiac Matches (Will Your Relationship Last in 2022?)

When you meet someone new and you feel like those butterflies are starting to cloud your judgment, it’s important to stop and consider whether you’re truly a match.

Realistically, with enough effort, it’s possible to make almost any match work. But some zodiac signs are simply more compatible than others. By checking whether your stars align, you’ll be able to better equip yourself to handle any possible differences that may get in the way of your happiness.

I’ve listed the most compatible zodiac matches below, but if you want to get even more details on your specific relationship, you can get an exclusive MysticMag discounted reading with a love psychic on California Psychics.

11 of the Most Compatible Zodiac Matches

1. Pisces & Scorpio

Being water signs, Scorpio and Pisces have a naturally intuitive understanding of each other and share a strong mental and emotional connection. They balance each other out and make up for each other’s shortcomings when needed. They are also very well-matched physically and have an almost electric attraction that is blatantly obvious to anyone in their company. This passionate pair is such a force to be reckoned with that it would take an other-worldly event to split them up!

2. Aries & Aquarius

Spontaneity and passion are common themes in a relationship between Aries and Aquarius. They are fun-filled, adventurous, and keep each other on their toes – much to their delight. They are creative individuals, so the spark of their relationship provides new inspiration to both of them every day. It may take a while for this couple to fully commit to each other since they both place high value on their individuality, but once they experience the security of their partnership there will be no turning back for either of them.

3. Aquarius & Gemini

Because of their independent natures, it’s difficult to imagine that these two signs might find themselves in a relationship, but once they hit it off they won’t want to have it any other way. They lead similar lifestyles, which might be challenging to merge at first. Their unbreakable bond is solidified by their unparalleled mental connection and communication skills. They feed off each other’s energy quite well but also value their alone time when it’s needed.

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4. Virgo & Taurus

Virgo and Taurus are both loyal to a fault, so they tend not to fall too hard too quickly, but once they start to feel the commitment from each other, their relationship blossoms into a beautiful partnership. Because of their honest nature, they communicate well with each other and meet each other’s emotional needs on every level. They put a lot of effort into understanding each other, which really strengthens the cosmic connection they naturally feel when they’re together.

5. Taurus & Capricorn

Taurus is the apple of Capricorn’s eye and vice versa! This couple is so enamored with each other that it can sometimes make people in their company feel uncomfortable. Their chemistry only adds to their emotional connection and leaves them feeling completely safe and secure in their relationship. This couple might need to be careful to not let their symbiosis lead to monotony, but their unending passion is a great tool to combat any complacency.

6. Libra & Gemini

Libra and Gemini are able to balance and complement each other very well. They are intellectually tethered – and this acts as a strong base from which they build their emotional connection. They are a social couple that feeds off the energy and admiration they receive from their friends and family. They have loads of fun together, but they’re always able to bring each other back to earth before things get too out of hand.

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7. Leo & Sagittarius

This pair has well-aligned interests that fuel their intimacy as a couple. They are outgoing, passionate individuals with a zest for life, and their like-mindedness strengthens their bond. They shower each other with adoration and live completely in the happiness of the moment they’re in – with no care for the future or any worries it might bring. They are both fiery people but have a knack for calming each other down when the need arises.

8. Sagittarius & Aries

Sagittarius and Aries are great friends before they become lovers – which forms a strong foundation for their relationship. They are both adventurous and spontaneous and love living their lives to the fullest – whether together or apart. They are passionate and have great chemistry, and, while they may not sync up 100% intellectually, they’re always up for some healthy debate to settle their differences in a non-destructive way.

9. Scorpio & Cancer

Being water signs, Scorpio and Cancer understand each other on an emotional level to a tee, which makes any other potential match pale in comparison. Their minds are in sync and they are able to easily find themselves in a healthy symbiosis that can make a budding relationship feel perfect from the start. They have similar values and aspirations that make building a life together effortless.

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10. Cancer & Pisces

Because they are both water signs, this couple bonds over their shared compassion and kindness. They have a deep love for people and sustaining valuable connections, and will enjoy spending time on these things together. They are very well matched emotionally since they meet each other’s needs 100% of the time and they both have a strong intuition about how the other is feeling. They complement each other and make up for each other’s shortcomings, which allows them to better themselves as individuals and as a couple.

11. Taurus & Cancer

Although it’s likely that these zodiacs are soulmates, it might take them a hot minute before they realize it. They are both very cautious people who don’t take things at face value, so before hopping into a relationship, they might prefer a long friendship or “talking” phase. Once they are together, passion and chemistry are strong themes in the relationship. They have loads of interests in common and have a similar outlook on life that makes it easy for them to plan for a future together.

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Bottom Line

When things are fresh and you’re dealing with infatuation, it’s difficult to tell whether the stars are aligning or whether you’re simply excited about a new relationship. That’s why it helps to look to your zodiac for guidance – it will never lead you astray.

If you’ve read up as much as you can but still don’t feel confident in the future of your relationship, it’s best to chat to a professional love psychic on California Psychics.

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