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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On December 03, 2022

4 Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2022 (Verified & Accurate)

4 Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2022 (Verified & Accurate)

It’s perfectly normal to wonder when or if you’ll have a child or to question what’s in store for you when you’re actively trying to conceive. With millions of women asking these exact same questions, finding the right advice around fertility can be a daunting task. If you aren’t careful, worries of infertility can keep you up at night and anxiety will overwhelm you.

Luckily, there are several fertility fortune-tellers and pregnancy prediction psychics who offer expert guidance around fertility matters. But how do you know who to trust with such intimate information when there are so many fertility psychics to choose from?

To help you answer this question, I tested over a dozen fertility reading sites and shortlisted the top 4. My favorite is Kasamba  since you can take advantage of its attractive introductory offer to get your first 3 minutes free.

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In a Rush? Here Are My Top Fertility Site Picks

  1. Kasamba – Great for its wide selection of fertility fortune tellers and 3 free minutes, but website is hard to navigate.
  2. Keen – Benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee and message fertility readers directly, but no video readings.
  3. Psychic Source – Easily schedule a video fertility reading with your psychic at a suitable time, but little information on screening process.
  4. PathForward – Take advantage of standardized pricing and experienced readers, but small selection of psychics.

Best Fertility Reading Sites in 2022

1. Kasamba – Overall Best Site for Fertility Readings

  • Over 210 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Readings via live chat, phone, or email
  • First three minutes free and 70% off your first reading
  • Free blog articles
  • Flexible pricing structure

Although Kasamba has been around for decades, it has still managed to remain one of the most unique psychic reading sites out there. You’ll find some of the most diverse reading categories on Kasamba, and among these, there are over 210 skilled fortune tellers ready to provide insight into your fertility journey via live chat, phone call, or email.

My favorite feature on Kasamba is the flexible pricing model, as the site offers the functionality to chat with the psychic beforehand and negotiate your payment. This means that you can speak to a highly-rated fortune teller at a discounted rate while still taking advantage of your first three minutes free and 70% off your first reading.

Kasamba also gives you access to a number of helpful articles on spiritual topics. These have been written by the site’s advisors themselves, so you are bound to find useful advice from one of the 28 fertility specialists on Kasamba.

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2. Keen – Different Reading Tools to Choose From

Best Fertility Reading Sites in 2022
  • Over 550 fortune-tellers to choose from
  • First three minutes free
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Nifty “find a psychic” tool
  • Blog featuring free fertility-related content

If you’re looking for a site with an abundance of options, Keen is perfect for you. The site is home to over 550 life advice psychics with rates to meet any affordability. These advisors make use of a number of psychic reading tools, like crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, and more, to offer pertinent advice on your fertility journey.

Since payment is only needed once you choose to begin a reading, I created an account in a few seconds using only my email address and password. I had no reservations in choosing a psychic for a quick session because the site instills confidence in its quality with its 100% money-back guarantee. As an added bonus, I also got my first three minutes free.

Keen makes it easy to gauge how reliable its advisors are by offering detailed psychic profiles that allow previous customers to leave reviews and endorse spiritual skills. You’ll also be able to connect with fortune-tellers via phone call or chat, or request an appointment for a time slot that suits you best.

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3. Psychic Source – Enjoy a Video Fertility Reading in Real Time

Psychic Source
  • Over 235 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Phone, chat, and video readings
  • Appointment scheduling in your own time zone
  • Introductory rate of $0.66 per minute plus three minutes free
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Dealing with fertility issues can make you feel vulnerable, so Psychic Source lets you speak to your fortune teller via video call, ensuring a sense of personal touch. This can be very comforting when dealing with an emotional topic. Chat readings are also available, should you prefer non-verbal communication.

The site also makes it convenient to schedule your reading at a time that suits you, so you can be sure of having the privacy to discuss a sensitive matter like fertility. I scheduled a reading with my preferred advisor for a time when I knew I would be in the comfort of my own home, where I had the freedom to enjoy an honest and uplifting session.

Since there are so many fertility experts to choose from, the site’s introductory offer of $0.66 per minute is a steal. It’s possible to try as many fertility fortune tellers as you need until you find the right fit — without breaking the bank. You can also use the site’s 100% money-back guarantee to claim a refund if you were unsatisfied.

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4. PathForward – Fertility Readings at an Affordable Rate

  • Introductory rate of $0.83 per minute
  • Over 53 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Quick connect tool
  • In Sight rewards program
  • Great for beginners

PathForward is a great option if it’s your first time with a fertility fortune teller. Its desktop version and mobile app are well-designed and easy to use for a beginner, as they aren’t text heavy. What also helps is its standardized pricing and fewer, quality advisors, which prevent you from being overwhelmed by choice.

Many of the psychics who call PathForward home have decades of experience providing fertility readings. When I used the site’s Quick Connect tool, I got a total overview of the advisor’s availablility and background. But what impressed me most was my psychic’s ability to immediately pickup on my feelings around fertility during my reading.

PathForward’s rewards program is one of the best, as it’s free and provides generous savings over the long run. You’ll even receive a $5 bonus simply for including the rewards program when you create an account. This is over and above PathForward’s introductory offer of $0.83 per minute.

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Comparison: Best Sites for Fertility Readings

Starting Price Communication Methods Introductory Offer Trustworthy?
Kasamba $0.90 per minute Phone, live chat, email Free minutes & discounted on first reading Yes
Keen $1.99 per minute Phone, live chat Free minutes & discounted per-minute rate Yes
Psychic Source $0.66 per minute Phone, live chat, video Free minutes & discounted per-minute rate Yes
PathForward $0.83 per minute Phone, live chat Free minutes & discounted per-minute rate Yes

Tips for Choosing the Right Fertility Reading Site

1. Decide on your preferred gift type

You’ll want to choose a fortune-teller whose gifts and tools correspond with the problem you’re facing. For example, if you’re having troubling dreams about pregnancy or fertility, a dream analysis expert should be able to offer helpful advice. Or if you prefer tarot card readings, then consider using a fertility fortune reader who specializes in tarot cards. Take a close look at the profile of your preferred psychic to gain insight into how they use their gifts.

2. See how affordable its pricing plans are

High-quality fertility readings don’t necessarily need to come with a high price tag since many sites offer non-standardized pricing and introductory rates. This means that you can speak to top-rated psychics about the future of your fertility without spending too much up front, or opt to choose someone whose rate you’ll be comfortable with in the long term.

On the other hand, if you choose a site with standardized pricing, you’ll have the benefit of a session with the site’s most talented psychics at a much lower rate than you would pay elsewhere.

3. Select an experienced fertility reader

Be sure to read the bio of your psychic of choice before committing to a paid session. It’s here that you’ll find pertinent information about their overall experience and any relevant qualifications they may hold.

Not all fortune-tellers have experience with fertility, so if the site you’ve picked offers the functionality to chat with them before the reading, don’t be afraid to ask for more detail on their experience with this topic.

4. Take note of the number of positive reviews

While many fortune tellers may portray a specific persona in their bios or even introductory videos, the real reflection of their abilities lie with the experience previous customers have had with them.

Aside from helping you gauge an advisor’s talents, customer reviews can offer guidance on reading styles, intuition, and even whether the psychic is worth spending money on. Be sure to look for a psychic who’s received a high number of reviews to gain a realistic idea of how accurate their star rating is.

5. Check out its refund policy or satisfaction guarantee

Most sites have a satisfaction guarantee in place, but the terms differ from site to site, so it’s vital to take a closer look at these policies before signing up. Some sites offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which means that a full refund of your session will be credited to your account if you were dissatisfied.

However, it’s important to look out for clauses in the guarantee as there may be a minimum requirement for the number of minutes spent in the reading to be eligible for a refund. Other limits could also be in place, such as the amount you’ll receive back in credit or a maximum number of times you are allowed to claim from the guarantee.

6. Choose a communication method you like

Because of the sensitive nature of fertility readings, it’s vital to choose the communication method you’re most comfortable with. If you’re someone who connects well with people face-to-face, video readings will undoubtedly be the safest choice.

However, if you’re someone who prefers typing their thoughts out to best organize what you’re trying to say, email or chat readings will be more favorable. The sites I’ve selected have a number of communication methods to suit your needs.

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FAQs on Fertility Readings

What can I expect during a psychic fertility reading?

A psychic fertility reading can offer insights into your fertility journey, but it will never provide specifics like dates or details about your baby’s appearance. Be sure to enter each session with an open mind and be cognizant of the fact that, while a fortune teller will relay the future they can currently see, it can be changed by free will.

Most importantly, you should never seek advice solely from a fortune teller if your fertility concerns are related to your physical health. A psychic is in tune with your spiritual future, but they will not be able to remedy any physical conditions you are suffering from that may be causing infertility.

Where can I get an online fertility reading?

Since pregnancy is such a delicate topic, I recommend getting a reading from a trustworthy site that has highly-experienced fertility psychics. While there are many fortune-telling services out there, not all are stringent about how they screen their advisors and the quality of the readings on offer.

My favorite site for trustworthy fertility readings is Kasamba because it’s been a trusted psychic site for so many years. Because of the sheer number of fertility fortune tellers available, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your preference in spiritual gifts and reading styles.

Why are fertility readings different?

Fertility readings are different because the process is highly personal, deeply emotional, and completely life-changing. As a result, they focus on tuning your spirit with the concept of experiencing pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. However, they still make use of the same tools as any other reading.

Because of the nature of these readings, it’s more important than ever to feel comfortable enough to open up to your psychic. Therefore, you should select a fortune-teller whose communication style fits yours and take a good look at their reviews before beginning your session.

How often should you get a fertility reading?

You should get a fertility reading every 3 to 6 months while conceiving, although every case is different. It can provide you with the right guidance and support you need to stay healthy and balanced during the fertility process, which is constantly changing. Due to the recommended frequency of fertility readings, it’s strongly advised to select an experienced fertility reader that provides affordable rates or an attractive introductory offer

How do I prepare for a fertility reading?

You can prepare for a fertility reading by choosing a suitable communication method, preparing your questions in advance, and having realistic expectations. The communication method like video or chat will largely depend on your personality. When you’re choosing fertility questions, here are a few areas you can consider:

  • How to improve your chances of conception.
  • How to approach issues and circumstances around infertility
  • How to retain equilibrium while dealing with fertility issues.
  • What are the best times to conceive
  • What to do if you desperately want children but can’t conceive.

With expectations, it’s important to accept the fact that you might hear something you don’t want to hear. Realizing you can’t control the complexity of a situation and that your fertility reader can’t control their message will also help you avoid disappointment. There are also some other factors to consider when choosing a fertility reading site, which can help your preparations.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a fertility reading?

A fertility reading’s main advantage is that it can provide you with support and guidance during pregnancy, while the biggest con is that you might hear bad news. With the right guidance, you can learn how to improve your conception chances, and how to implement strategies to deal with different outcomes. Also, keep in mind that fertility readings are never intimidating.

Since fertility readings aren’t always positive, you should accept that you can’t control the message and that the reader is just doing their job. Also, you might not like the delivery style of your reader. To reduce the negative impacts of a fertility reading, you should select an experienced fertility reader from a trustworthy psychic site, as they’ll be able to guide you through the hard times.

Bottom Line

Wrestling with the stress of fertility issues can leave you feeling hopeless and even hinder your ability to conceive. However, getting an accurate fertility reading can help you realign your aura and move you onto a better path. An experienced fertility psychic is a true blessing, so it’s vital to choose the right person and site for your needs from the get-go.

With hundreds of online psychic sites to choose from, the online fertility reading site I recommend is Kasamba. Thanks to the site’s introductory offer of 3 free minutes and 70% off, you can afford to speak to a few psychics until you find that soul connection.

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