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Written by Maria Rincon Updated on September 10, 2023

4 Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2023: Verified & Accurate

4 Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2023: Verified & Accurate

Having a child is a significant milestone in our lives. This exciting step involves embracing a new role with unexplored responsibilities and challenges. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal to wonder when or if you’ll have a child and to question what’s in store for you.

A fertility reading can ease your anxiety by offering valuable information regarding this new stage in your life. However, finding the best place to discuss such a sensitive topic isn’t easy, especially when there are so many scam artists online.

For this reason, I shortlisted the top fertility reading sites that you can rely on to get answers to your most delicate questions. My favorite fertility reading site is Kasamba since you can benefit from its professional approach to your fertility questions.

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Important: Fertility readings can only give you an insight into what fertility means for you. Psychic readings should never take the place of professional medical help.

In a Rush? Here Are My Top Fertility Reading Site Picks

  1. Kasamba – Best site for fertility readings with a thorough screening process and highly professional approach.
  2. Keen – Great for a wide range of fertility readings and you can message advisors directly, but no video readings.
  3. Psychic Source – Lets you schedule a video fertility reading at a suitable time and has empathetic readings, but very little information on its screening process.
  4. PathForward – Has experienced fertility readers and a rigorous screening process, but a small selection of psychics.

The Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2023

1. Kasamba – Best Overall Site for Fertility Readings


  • Over 200 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Readings via email, live chat, or phone call
  • Active and empathetic listening
  • “Notify me” button for alerts on advisors’ availability
  • First 3 minutes free with 3 new readers

Kasamba is the best option if you are looking for a reliable online fertility reading. It prides itself on working only with psychics who have been tested and proven to be highly qualified, experienced, and accurate.

You can get a reading from Kasamba through live chat and phone call. I was very impressed that Kasamba offers you the option of getting a fertility reading via email, in case you don’t want to chat with your psychic face-to-face.

Talking about fertility issues can be overwhelming for some people. I found that customizing my communication method to suit my emotions at the time helped me overcome my anxiety over the reading. Getting an email reading also ensures that you’ll be able to get advice that fits in with your schedule.

Plus, Kasamba offers a blog feature with enlightening articles about different topics, including fertility. I like that Kasamba shares helpful tips on choosing the right advisor, which personally helped me pick the best reader for my query.

In addition, Kasamba has a professional approach to your fertility questions. I was respectfully guided through my fertility reading, and my reader explained valuable concepts without overstepping my boundaries.

This site does not want your budget to hinder your experience. Therefore, Kasamba lets you chat with the psychic beforehand and negotiate your payment. This means you can speak to a highly-rated fortune teller at a discounted rate while still taking advantage of 3 minutes free.

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2. Keen – Many Fertility Psychics to Choose From

The Best Sites for Fertility Readings in 2023

  • Over 550 fortune-tellers to choose from
  • Satisfactory screening process
  • Readings via chat, video, or phone call
  • Blog featuring free fertility-related content
  • First 5 minutes for $1 and a 100% money-back guarantee

Keen is a fantastic option with a lot of fertility readers to choose from. The site is home to over 550 life advice psychics that all offer pertinent advice on your fertility journey. Its advisors use a wide range of psychic reading tools such as crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, and more.

This site makes it easy to gauge how reliable its advisors are by offering detailed psychic profiles. On top of this, I liked that Keen has a helpful “find a psychic” tool to make it even easier to find the right reader.

You’ll be able to connect with fortune-tellers via phone call, video, and chat. I also liked that you can request an appointment for a time slot that suits you best. I had no problem finding a suitable psychic, regardless of the time or day of the week.

In addition, Keen has a blog section featuring free fertility-related content and other helpful articles. Besides assisting me in understanding the reading process better, I gained a lot of valuable information about other interesting topics.

I had no reservations about choosing a psychic for a quick session because Keen Psychics offers a 100% money-back guarantee. As an added bonus, I also got my first 5 minutes for $1 .

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3. Psychic Source – Enjoy a Video Fertility Reading in Real Time

Psychic Source

  • Over 235 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Strict screening methods
  • Readings available via phone call, live chat, or video call
  • Highly personal readings
  • Introductory rate of $0.66/minute plus 5 minutes free

Psychic Source lets you speak to your fertility reader through video call, ensuring a sense of personal connection. This can be very comforting when dealing with an emotional topic like this. Chat readings are also available if you prefer non-verbal communication.

The site allows you to schedule your appointment at a time that suits you best, as its readers adapt to your needs. I easily scheduled a reading with my preferred Psychic Source advisor for a time when I knew I would be in the comfort of my own home. This let me guarantee I’d have the freedom to enjoy an honest and uplifting session.

Its fortune tellers are warm and empathetic which I found comforting. It is not easy for anyone to talk about the prospect of becoming a parent, but Psychic Source’s advisors lovingly guided me through my questions.

Since there are so many fertility experts to choose from, Psychic Source’s introductory offer of $0.66 per minute is very reassuring. You can even use their 100% money-back guarantee to claim a refund if you are unsatisfied with your reading.

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4. PathForward – Great Fertility Readings for Beginners

Psychic Source

  • Over 53 fortune tellers to choose from
  • Rigorous screening process
  • Simple design with chat or video option
  • Quick connect tool
  • Introductory rate of $0.83/minute

PathForward is a great option if it’s your first time with a fertility fortune teller. Its desktop version and mobile app are well-designed and intuitive, even for beginners. What also helps is it has fewer advisors, which prevents you from being overwhelmed by choice.

I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a reader that I could connect to emotionally with so few to choose from. However, my concerns were unfounded and I easily found several readers that matched my wavelength.

To further help you choose a reader, I like that PathForward’s Quick Connect Tool gives you an overview of the psychic, especially their abilities and backgrounds. Many of PathForward’s advisors have decades of experience providing fertility readings, which I could confirm during my session.

As an additional benefit, PathForward’s rewards program is one of the best, as it’s free and provides generous savings over the long run. You’ll even receive a $5 bonus from the rewards program when you create an account.

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Comparison: Best Sites for Fertility Reading

Spiritual Benefits Screening Process Deals Number of Psychics
Kasamba Highly personal, empathetic psychic readings. Professional approach. Rigorous First 3 minutes free with up to 3 new advisors 200
Keen Friendly, and intuitive psychics. Rigorous First 5 for $1 and 10 minutes for $1.99 introductory rate 550
Psychic Source Personal and empathetic readings. Unknown Introductory rate of $0.66/minute plus 5 minutes free 235
PathForward Empathetic and high-quality readings. Rigorous Introductory rate of $0.83/minute plus 5 minutes free 53

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Tips for Choosing the Right Fertility Reading Site

Selecting the ideal fertility reading platform can be quite a challenge, given the abundance of choices. But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you. With the suggestions I’ll share, you’ll find it simpler to pick platforms and consultants that resonate with your unique inquiry.

Pick a Tool

Fertility readings may vary depending on your particular situation. For example, if you want to know the progress of your pregnancy, you can choose a psychic who specializes in tarot readings. If you keep having troubling dreams about your fertility, a dream expert would be the ideal choice. In short, check out your advisor’s profile to learn what gifts and tools they offer before making your choice.

Check the Pricing

Top-notch fertility readings need not be linked to hefty expenses. Numerous platforms offer introductory rates that allow you to discuss your fertility concerns without an upfront financial burden. Alternatively, you can opt for an advisor whose long-term fees align comfortably with your budget.

Select a Fertility Reader

Before allowing yourself to be swayed by the first person who appears on your screen, take a moment to read the biography of your psychic. Many of these professionals provide relevant details about their history and overall experiences.

Keep in mind that not all fortune-tellers have experience with fertility. If the site you’ve picked offers the functionality to chat with them before the reading, ask for more detail on their experience with this topic.

Read the Reviews

Introductory videos and biographies help, but there’s nothing like the testimony of someone who has worked with that psychic. Helpful reviews can help you determine if that advisor’s abilities fit your query.

When seeking insights into reading styles, empathy, intuition, and the overall quality of a psychic’s readings, it is valuable to consider customer reviews. It is important to seek out psychics with a significant volume of reviews in order to obtain a more authentic understanding of the accuracy reflected in their star ratings.

Check the Refund Policy

Double-check the terms of the guarantee policies of each site before signing up. Most of them have a satisfaction guarantee in place, but not all offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your reading.

Some sites require a minimum of minutes spent in the reading to be eligible for a refund. Others limit the amount you’ll receive back in credit or the maximum number of times you are allowed to claim from the guarantee.

Choose a Communication Method

Talking about fertility issues can be a sensitive topic. Therefore, choose a communication method you are comfortable with. Whether by phone, call, or chat, you should be able to communicate your concerns with confidence.

Discover Kasamba

FAQs on Fertility Readings

What can I expect during a psychic fertility reading?

A psychic fertility reading can offer insights into your fertility journey, but don’t expect them to give you any medical advice, specific dates, or details about your baby’s features. The best sites for fertility readings provide you with a future outlook on your fertility prospects, but everything can always change.

Enter each session with an open mind and remember that your psychic is in tune with your spiritual self. You should never seek advice solely from a fortune teller if your fertility concerns are related to your physical health. They will not be able to heal any physical conditions causing infertility.

Where can I get an online fertility reading?

Fertility issues are sensitive topics, so it’s always best to get a reading from a reliable site. There are many fortune-telling services on the web, but not all provide highly-experienced psychics or information on how they screen their advisors. I recommend you connect with a psychic from one of these top sites for fertility readings

Why are fertility readings different?

Fertility readings are different than other readings. The process is highly personal and can’t take an established pattern. Overall, they focus on aligning your spirit with the life-changing and deeply transformative experience of getting pregnant.

However, fertility psychics such as the ones from the best sites for fertility readings still make use of the same tools as any other reading. Whether it is tarot, runes, astrology, or clairvoyance, each advisor uses their gifts to approach your fertility query.

As a result, a high-quality and fulfilling fertility reading can be done through different methods. Therefore, you should select a fortune-teller whose communication style fits yours and look at their reviews before beginning your session.

How often should you get a fertility reading?

I recommend getting a fertility reading every 3 to 6 months while conceiving. A fertility psychic can guide you and support your spiritual needs during the fertility process, which is constantly evolving.

Due to the recommended frequency of fertility readings, selecting an experienced fertility reader that provides affordable rates is strongly advised. By doing so, you can build a long-term relationship with your advisor at a reasonable price. The best sites for fertility readings offer introductory offers or cheap long-term rates.

How do I prepare for a fertility reading?

Choose a suitable communication method, prepare your questions in advance, and have realistic expectations. The communication method, such as video or chat, will largely depend on your schedule and comfort level. When choosing fertility questions, here are a few areas you can consider:

  • How to improve your chances of conception
  • How to approach issues and circumstances around infertility
  • How to retain equilibrium while dealing with fertility issues
  • What are the best times to conceive
  • What to do if you desperately want children but can’t conceive

Fertility readings are not intended to tell you what you want to hear. The psychic may sometimes have bad news to share, so it is advisable to be prepared for it. Realize you can’t control the complexity of a situation and that your fertility reader can’t control their message.

For the highest quality reading possible, you should consider one of these best sites for fertility readings. Psychics on these sites are highly experienced in delivering sensitive news, and also offer a range of communication methods.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a fertility reading?

A fertility reading’s main advantage is that it can guide and support you during your fertility journey, while the biggest con is that you might hear bad news. With the right guidance, you can learn how to improve your conception chances and implement strategies to deal with different outcomes.

It’s crucial to mention that fertility readings are never intimidating. Your psychic should always deliver their messages empathetically, offering solutions and support during this vulnerable experience.

You can choose a fertility reader from a site like Kasamba, which offers a personal and intimate reading that aligns with your struggles and more in-depth needs.

Bottom Line

Fertility issues often stem from the anxiety and concerns of the parents. Therefore, getting an accurate fertility reading can help direct you to a more empowering path.

Getting the advice of an experienced fertility psychic is a life-changing experience. Hence, choosing the right advisor and site from the get-go is essential.

The online fertility reading site I recommend is Kasamba. Thanks to their rigorous screening process and talented advisors, you will quickly find the right guide for this exciting journey.

To summarize, the best sites for fertility readings are…

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We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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