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Written by Jeff Williams | Updated On September 24, 2021

California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Here’s How to Decide

California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Here’s How to Decide

California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: An Overview

If you’re looking to schedule an accurate psychic reading, California Psychics and Psychic Source are two obvious options.

Where California Psychics is known for its advanced and intuitive search features, Psychic Source is preferred for its satisfaction guarantee. In the end, both sites are committed to providing their customers with an excellent psychic reading experience. So, how do you choose between them?

After trying both sites, I found some key differences across categories like trustworthiness, pricing, extra features, and website usability. This review will tell you exactly which site is best for you.

California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Types of Readings

California Psychics

Types of Readings_c

California Psychics only provides nine types of readings:

  1. Career Advice Reading
  2. Love & Relationship Readings
  3. Life Path Reading
  4. Money Readings
  5. Pet Readings
  6. Deceased Loved Ones
  7. Lost Objects
  8. Past Lives Readings
  9. Missing Persons Readings

You can narrow down your search for the right psychic across these categories using criteria such as reading style, tools, and psychic abilities. To simplify your search even further, you will be pleased to know that California Psychics only has 500 psychics to choose from.

I also appreciated how California Psychics classifies psychics based on their star ratings and skill level.

Psychic Source

Types of Readings_Psychic Source

Psychic Source takes an equally straightforward approach to the types of readings available on the site. The site’s unique filtering options make it that much easier to find the right reader for you. Filter your search based on specialties, subject, reading style, and tools.

Some of the main reading categories offered on Psychic Source include:

  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Numerology Readings
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Love Readings
  • Dream Interpretation.

There are also some unique categories such as past life readings, lost objects, angel readings, cartomancy, and energy work.

Winner: Psychic Source for its unique selection of reading categories.

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California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Pricing

California Psychics

California Psychics rates range from $4 – $15 per minute and are based on a unique three-tier pricing system (popular psychic, preferred psychic, and premium psychic). These rates are undoubtedly reflective of each psychic’s skill level, but there are gifted psychics at each tier.


Also, as a new California Psychics customer, you are eligible for their “New Customer Introductory Special,” with rates ranging from $1 to $4 depending on the type of psychic you choose.

 Psychic Source

Psychic Source can be the more expensive option, depending on the advisor you select. Because each psychic sets their own rates and there is no price cap, psychic reading rates can go as high as $17.99 per minute.

Pricing_Psychic Source 

On the bright side, Psychic Source provides numerous rewards and incentives to both new and returning customers. As a new customer, you get your first three minutes free; however, before you can speak with a psychic, you must first purchase 20 minutes of reading time. Fortunately, this is at a discounted rate. 

Winner: Psychic Source for its attractive introductory offer.

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California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Website Usability

California Psychics

The California Psychics website is very compact, but user-friendly too. Everything you need is well-organized into tabs and categories, in addition, all of the necessary information you need to make a decision is provided right away.

For example, each psychic’s profile includes information such as their number of active years on the site, total number of readings, abilities, reading style, and tools used. You can also read reviews from previous customers, including the negative ones.

Website Usability_p

As an added bonus, I had the same experience on the mobile site and the California Psychics app (iOS and Android), as I did on the desktop site.


The only issue I had with California Psychics was the sign-up process, which was slightly confusing.

The sign-up process is normal in the sense that it requires your email address, name, and date of birth. However, if you do not select a plan from their introductory offer page and simply create an account, you are automatically enrolled for a random package.


Psychic Source

The Psychic Source website appears to be a little out of date at first glance. On closer inspection, however, I discovered that this helps simplify the customer experience.

To learn more about an advisor, simply click on their name, and you’ll be taken to a full page with costs, reviews, and other important information on their experience. You can also see which psychics are online when you are or you can schedule a session at a more convenient time.


I really love the “Find a Psychic” tool that you can use if you need help choosing an advisor. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and it will recommend three advisors based on your responses.


Once you’re ready for a reading, you need to create an account and pay for a plan with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

The Psychic Source app for iOS and Android runs just as smoothly.


Winner: Psychic Source for their transparent signup/payment process and Find-a-Psychic tool.

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California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Trustworthiness

California Psychics

California Psychics has been offering psychic readings since 1995, which attests to their reliability. The site states that each psychic is subjected to an intense screening process before being listed on the site. California Psychics goes a step further by regularly re-evaluating their psychics in order to maintain the quality of advisors on the site.

Trustworthiness psychic_source

They also provide a money-back guarantee – if your first psychic reading is unsatisfactory, you can claim a refund within 24 hours. While their money-back guarantee is excellent, I would have preferred if it extended beyond the first reading.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source has been in business for over 30 years and has a positive reputation overall. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any information on how they hire their psychics.

This would be a red flag if they did not have thousands of reviews from previous customers (including negative reviews) that serve as an objective source to assist you in making an informed decision.

Trustworthiness califronia_psychics

Psychic Source also provides a money-back guarantee that covers every reading you will ever have on their website. So, if you are dissatisfied with any of the readings you receive on their site, file a claim right away and you will receive a refund that can be applied to another reading on the site.

Winner: California Psychics for its psychic screening process and quality control.

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California Psychics vs. Psychic Source: Added Extras

California Psychics

California Psychics’ standout extra feature is their rewards program called Karma Rewards. Customers can earn points that can be accumulated and used for future readings.

Added Extras_california_p

Other benefits of the reward program include anniversary and birthday gifts, a $20 credit when you sign up, a free detailed birth chart, free daily tarot draws and horoscopes, and access to a Zodiac compatibility checker.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source provides a bunch of fantastic extra features.To begin, there is a ‘Favorite Tool,’ which allows you to create a customized list of psychics on the site.

On each psychic profile, you can also schedule psychic readings and listen to introductory voice messages to get a sense of what to expect.


Lastly, there are free horoscope readings for your star sign, which are available up to a year in advance.


Winner: California Psychics for their Karma Rewards program.

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The Bottom Line on California Psychics vs. Psychic Source

Even though California Psychics is a trustworthy site that offers an excellent psychic reading experience, Psychic Source is the clear winner in this review. From a simple sign-up process to a generous money-back guarantee, Psychic Source has a lot to offer new and seasoned customers.

Overall Winner: Psychic Source

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