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Transform The Way You Feel - Christina 

Transform The Way You Feel - Christina 

Christina from Christina Cherry Healing (UK) can help overcome emotional trauma, release negative thinking patterns, grow your spiritual connection, help with pain and stress relief…She enlightens us on her healing techniques.

Christina, How and when did energy healing first find you?

I have a son with Asperger’s syndrome and OCD. I tried many holistic therapies to help him and in 2003 I found that Reiki helped him to relax and reduced his anxiety. So I decided to train in it myself. I then found it very beneficial for myself too, as life was pretty stressful. I had a particularly powerful experience in my Reiki II training. The Reiki Master said she was aware of another being working through me.

We moved to Calgary, Canada in 2004, and there I continued my training and became a Reiki Master. There is a very strong spiritual community there, and through a new friend who was also a Reiki Master, I heard about Reconnective Healing. When she described it as ‘way stronger than Reiki’, I knew I had to try it for myself. At my first session I felt the whole right side of my body tingling strongly from head to foot – a clear sign from my Inner Self that this was something to pay attention to. 

Synchronistically, I found that there was a training seminar for it in Calgary a couple of weeks later. With Reconnective Healing, I experienced powerful energy sensations in my hands. That, and the changes I saw in my clients, were clear proof for me that there is so much more than we can perceive with our 5 senses.

Why do you think your life took this direction particularly?

I’ve always been looking for a greater connection with the non-physical side of myself, what I now know as my Inner Being, my core spiritual self. I started meditating in my early twenties. I think having a son with additional needs was a great catalyst to take me further in this direction. Connecting to non-physical energies, and using them to help people with physical, mental and emotional issues, has added a whole extra wonderful dimension to my life.

How do you proceed with a client and how do you determine which therapy to pursue?

Asking clients to complete a consultation form before they arrive gives me a good idea of which therapy will be most appropriate. Often they come with a specific therapy in mind, because they’ve heard about positive results, or read my client testimonials. Other times they are unsure of what they need. They just know they need some help and are open to being guided towards the therapy that is likely to be most effective. All the therapies I offer are also available by distance healing (apart from Indian Head Massage of course), and the same approach applies for that.

Many clients come initially for an Indian Head Massage if they are stressed and feel the need to relax but they are unsure what healing is all about. For anxious clients, Access Consciousness Bars is very effective, and for many clients I combine it with Indian Head Massage for a complete de-stress and detox of mind and body. Studies have shown Access Bars reduce symptoms of anxiety by around 84%. It’s very calming, helps clear mental blocks and gives the client a great boost of positive energy to speed up their vibration and help them feel better. 

As in all my healing sessions, I combine this with guidance about how they can deal with life’s stresses more effectively, and how to pivot their energy towards more positive thoughts whenever they notice themselves feeling negative. This helps them remain in a more positive place afterwards.

When clients have experienced past emotional trauma, I tell them about the Blast Technique. It’s a quick and very effective way of helping them reprocess past trauma that has often been holding them back for many years. It uses bi-lateral eye movement, combined with specific helpful processes to work with the unconscious mind to reprocess the emotions, while in a fully conscious state. So afterwards the memory might still be there, but it no longer triggers them and they usually feel distanced from it. It’s also effective with addictions and PTSD.

Does spirituality play an intrinsic role in what you practice?

I rely on my non-physical spiritual healing team to do all the real work! I’m just the physical conduit. My Inner Being connects with the Inner Being of the client and they work out the priorities for the healing flow. 

My Inner Being also connects when necessary to an energy ‘pool’ of other spiritual beings who choose to focus their energy on healing. They each bring diverse energy ingredients to the healing ‘soup’. Together, they vary the healing energies to be a perfect match for the recipient and their needs on the day. They put together the most appropriate mix of energy ‘ingredients’ and modulate it to the required frequencies to flow effectively into that client’s body. Some non-physical healing ‘pools’ focus on the specific modalities, such as Access Bars, Reconnective Healing or Sound Healing.

If you could pick two of the many modalities you practice to speak of, which would they be and why?

The Tonal Alignment is a two part spiritual activation with a different focus to the healing. While it still uses similar faster vibrational energies to clear the person’s energy blockages, bring coherence to their system and speed up their vibration, the focus is spiritual growth and expanding their connection to their own Inner Being, their non-physical core spiritual self – the eternal part of each of us. In terms of this connection, it helps you achieve in a short space of time, what years of meditation might bring.

I feel this process is particularly important at this point in Earth’s development. We are facing so many ecological and human challenges now, the very survival of the earth is at stake. The best way to help us all develop into a more evolved race, with common goals and the ability to step beyond tribal conflicts, is for as many people as possible to develop a stronger connection with their Inner Being. 

This is how we can raise the vibration of the human race as a whole. It’s especially important in the West, where on the whole, spiritual practices have not been as widespread as in Eastern countries. It’s also available remotely over Zoom, so this means people all over the world can benefit from it if they wish.

The Tonal Alignment uses vocal sound to enhance the energy flow during the process and to provide a recording for the person to listen to afterwards for the next 2 weeks. This re-listening continues the energy shift and helps the person to remain in the faster vibrational state afterwards. 

I also offer Turquoise Healing Tones which, as well as flowing healing direct from my hands, uses this sound healing to enhance physical, mental and emotional healing. The sound brings an additional flow of faster vibrational energy into the equation. It helps to bring the client’s energy into coherence. As well as hearing the sound with their ears, the body’s cells resonate with the sound vibration. The added advantage of having the recording means they can continue the healing at home afterwards.

What aspects of your life journey are most indicative of who you are today?

The thing that probably had the most impact on my life is being able to talk to someone in spirit via a medium in full trance. The medium was first a client, then a friend. She told me she channeled someone who died in World War I. At first I was skeptical and it took me quite a while to listen to the recording she had sent me. When I finally did, I was blown away. He spoke with a man’s voice through a female medium and with a very strong Welsh accent.

He explained that he was Robert Hughes who died in the Battle of the Somme at the age of 19. He gave us lots of information about his life in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, and his parents’ dairy where he worked. Importantly, he also gave us his army number and we were able to trace him and confirm everything he told us. I have photos of his grave in Northern France. I’ve been to the house where he lived and the site of the dairy and seen his name on the town’s war memorial. We even have a photo of him with his friends, though the regimental goat is blocking a lot of Robert’s face!

But it’s everything he told me that had the most impact. He spoke through the medium to share, not the wisdom of a 19 year old who died more than 100 years ago, but to share the wisdom of his Inner Being his non-physical core self, and the importance of us all improving our connection to our Inner Beings to raise the vibration of the earth in these difficult times.

He told me many things about my own life, and about friends and family by connecting to their Inner Beings, which I was able to confirm, or which happened subsequently. He also shared many tools for people to use to have a happier life and a greater spiritual connection. He gave a great deal of insights into the nature of consciousness, what life is like in the non-physical environments and what happens when you die.

We made recordings of the sessions and much of the valuable information he shared can be found on my website under My Truth Blog.

Do you believe healing comes with practice or are some of us simply more gifted than others?

I think the answer is both! If a person’s Inner Being has an interest in healing, the person is likely to be drawn to it. If the person’s connection with their Inner Being is already good, they will have a greater ability to flow the energy, because of their open connection.

People who are stressed, anxious and fairly negative overall, might find it more of a challenge. But by taking the steps to train in a healing modality, you start to expand your own connection, and every time you practice it, you expand it a little more. Regular meditation also helps in this way, as does learning to be more positive to raise your ‘Emotional Set Point’. This is the average of all your daily emotional highs and lows. I have several blog posts on my website giving tips on how to do this, for example: Improve your Emotional Set Point.

Can you relate one or two of your most profound healing experiences, either on yourself or on others?

A physical healing that happened very quickly was with my son’s tutor at college. She came to a meeting with a very bad back. She couldn’t sit and was in a lot of pain. I hadn’t talked to her about healing before, but I offered it there and then. 

The best she could manage was to lean against a wall in a classroom for 20 minutes while I did Reconnective Healing for her. As it’s a hands-off therapy, it lends itself well to this kind of circumstance. It also can be particularly effective for physical healing. After 20 minutes, her pain was gone. She could sit and even crouch down and the pain-free state remained afterwards.

A striking emotional shift happened more recently with the Blast Technique. Before we start a session, the client rates how much emotional trauma out of 10 a particular past issue or incident brings up. With this lady she had 8 different traumas that scored 9 or more out of 10. 

We did one session, but as we managed to pinpoint a key trauma early in her life that was at the root of other subsequent issues, after she reprocessed the emotions around that one issue, the other issues no longer had much impact on her either! It’s very rewarding when things that have bothered a person for decades are no longer an issue after a session of the Blast Technique.

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