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Written by Danelle Ferreira Updated on March 18, 2024

15 Ways To Clear a Room of Negative Energy

15 Ways To Clear a Room of Negative Energy

When a space feels more stifling than soothing, it can profoundly impact your well-being. Lingering stress, emotional residue from past events, or just a general sense of imbalance can all contribute to negative energy in a room that takes a toll.

Having done my Reiki 1 training, I understand the subtle yet significant influence that energy has on our daily lives. While every room has its unique aura, there are universal strategies to cleanse and rejuvenate any space. That’s why I’ve put together this essential guide to help you transform your living area into a haven of positive vibes.

However, sometimes the energy we’re dealing with is more complex than it seems. It’s at these moments that the expertise of a psychic energy healer from Psychic Source can be invaluable. They’re intuitive professionals who specialize in discerning and dissipating negative energies. With their guidance, you can achieve a deeper level of harmony and peace in your home.

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Quick Overview: 15 Ways To Clear A Room of Negative Energy

  1. Air everything out: Opening windows and doors can help negative energy flow out and positive energy flow in. Here’s how to thoroughly air out any space.
  2. Burn herbs, Palo Santo, or incense: The smoke from burning these natural materials is thought to clear negative energy. Learn the best way to burn them.
  3. Use crystals to protect your space: Certain crystals like black tourmaline and selenite can absorb negative energy. Discover how to effectively use crystals.
  4. Cleanse the room with salt: Salt can be used to energetically cleanse a space. Find out how to use salt to remove negativity.
  5. Add plants to the room: Houseplants can purify the air and raise positive energy. Learn the best plants to add to your rooms.
  6. Repair or remove broken things: Fixing broken items or removing them entirely eliminates an energetic drain. See why this makes such a difference.
  7. Spray orange essential oil around your home: The bright scent of orange oil can uplift energy. Follow this guide on how to make your own energizing spray.

Plus, 8 more ways to clear negative energy from a room.

Signs you Have Bad Energy in Your Home

It’s not uncommon for homes to accumulate negative energy over time. This manifests in subtle but noticeable ways that indicate something feels “off.” Paying attention to the following signs can clue you in to potential energetic imbalances in your living spaces:

  • Strange mood fluctuations happen among people in the house. Inhabitants can experience unexplained anger, anxiety, or sadness.
  • Sleep disturbances frequently plague those living in the home, like insomnia or nightmares.
  • Electrical disturbances occur like bulbs burning out at higher rates, appliances needing constant replacement, or devices randomly malfunctioning.
  • Rooms elicit feelings of heaviness or oppression when spending time in them. Some spaces seem stagnant.
  • Pets can act anxiously inside for no discernible reason or seem mysteriously drawn to certain areas.
  • Houseplants struggle or wither without environmental cause.
  • There’s an eerie, uncomfortable vibe that makes it difficult to relax.

15 Ways To Clear a Room of Negative Energy

1. Air Everything Out

Stagnant air can collect and hold negative energy. Opening windows and doors creates airflow that pushes out old energy and pulls in fresh, positive energy. Start by opening windows and exterior doors in the room. Create a cross-breeze by opening them on opposite sides. The best times to air out a space are early morning and after it rains.

The fresh, revitalizing outdoor air aids the clearing. Leave windows and doors open for at least 10-15 minutes. Use fans to maximize circulation. Step outside the room temporarily while it airs out. This prevents human energy from interfering with the process. When you re-enter, notice how much lighter and brighter the space feels.

2. Burn Herbs, Palo Santo, or Incense

Burning certain natural materials like herbs, Palo Santo, and incense cleanse spaces of negative energy through the purifying smoke. The practice is called smudging. Start by gathering your materials and charcoal discs if needed. Use a small, heat-proof container, ensuring proper ventilation. Carefully light the materials, visualizing the smoke lifting away impurities.

3. Use Crystals To Protect Your Space

Crystals hold unique energetic vibrations that can influence spaces. For clearing negative energy, black tourmaline and selenite work well. Black tourmaline shields against negativity while selenite cleanses and purifies spaces. To introduce calming, relaxing energy, choose crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, or blue lace agate.

Strategically place crystals in corners to promote security, near windows to filter incoming energy, or around electronic devices to neutralize electromagnetic fields. Before using new crystals, cleanse away residual vibrations by leaving them in moonlight or sunlight, smudging with herbs or Palo Santo, or rinsing with water. Clear, charged crystals work best.

4. Cleanse The Room With Salt

Salt is an ancient purifying and protective mineral used across cultures to energetically cleanse spaces. For clearing rooms, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and Epsom salts work well. Sprinkle salt along perimeter walls, at room corners, or any areas feeling dense. Place bowls filled with salt in problem spots to extract negativity.

Create saltwater solution to spritz over furnishings holding stale energies. Leave salt in place 1-3 days allowing purification to occur before sweeping up. Dispose of used salt properly as it tends to absorb what it cleared. Repeat salt applications whenever spaces feel clouded.

5. Add Plants To The Room

Incorporating plants into rooms not only enhances aesthetics but also purifies air while uplifting energy. Vibrant greenery represents revitalization. When selecting plants, consider air-purifying varieties like snake plants, aloe vera, spider plants, English ivy, and peace lilies. Boston and fern palms also filter air. Place them in stagnant areas needing rejuvenation.

6. Repair or Remove Broken Things

Items in disrepair or broken electronics and appliances can energetically stagnate and drain a space. Feelings of disorder, neglect, and frustration often accompany living with broken things that remain unaddressed. Repair or replace any torn furniture, non-functioning electronics, appliances that no longer serve you, and any other damaged items occupying your rooms.

7. Spray Orange Essential Oil Around Your Home

The bright, uplifting scent of orange essential oil can banish negativity. Smell profoundly impacts mood, sparking emotional memories and associations. A burst of fresh, citrusy orange aroma cleanses psychological pathways. Add several drops of food-grade orange essential oil into a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well before use.

Mist this solution generously throughout any space needing atmospheric purification. The air will fill with revitalizing sunny vibes. Spritz the orange mixture on curtains, linens, pillowcases, and upholstered furniture allowing the scent to gently emanate. Avoid slippery surfaces and floors to prevent falls. Let the cheerful aroma infuse each room, lightening gloomy spaces..

8. Ring a Bell or Going in Each Room

Bells and gongs are traditionally used in cleansing rituals for their ability to disrupt energy patterns. The loud, resonant tones create vibrations that break up stagnancy. Obtain a bell, gong, singing bowl, or wind chime. Ideally, choose an instrument made from materials containing purifying properties like brass, crystal, or copper.

Moving clockwise, stand in each room and ring the bell or strike the gong multiple times. Direct focused, crisp sounds specifically into the four corners and let the reverberations permeate before moving clockwise to the next space. Ring or strike with intentional, meaningful motions. Visualize the vibrations shaking loose negativity and refreshing the atmosphere.

9. Remove Sharp Corners

In feng shui and other energy healing traditions, sharp corners are believed to concentrate and divert energy in unsettling ways. Placing pointed edges around living spaces uncomfortably redirects natural, harmonious movement. Evaluate rooms for any contributing sharp angles like furniture corners, artwork edges, wall borders, or decor jutting into walkways.

Blunt unavoidable architectural corners with furnishings or plants. Strategically place small mirrors on exterior-facing walls to metaphorically “cut” pockets of stale energy attempting to wedge in. Visualize this shield protecting rooms. The goal is smoothing movement and promoting free, uninterrupted energetic flow throughout the space.

10. Add More Mirrors

Mirrors potentiate the energy, light, and feeling of openness within rooms. Strategically-placed mirrors make spaces feel more uplifted, expansive, and refreshed. Consider framing large wall mirrors to reflect exterior-facing windows and doors. This doubles natural light entering while symbolically gathering fresh outdoor energy.

Hang faceted mirrors or ones with soft edges to pleasantly scatter light rather than harshly deflect. Oval and round mirrors have the friendliest shapes. Position mirrors to complement seating arrangements, facing activity areas. Avoid placing mirrors directly across from beds. Too many mirrors can feel overwhelming in compact rooms.

11. Add More Light to the Space

Dim, dark spaces tend to feel heavier and more negative. Low lighting dampens moods while bright rooms feel uplifting and refreshed. Install higher wattage bulbs in fixtures or add table/floor lamps to naturally dark rooms like basements or bedrooms. Open window blinds fully during daylight hours, and hang lightweight curtains to maximize outside light.

12. Create an Altar

An altar is a purposeful arrangement of symbolic items. Altars create sacred spaces for focusing intentions. Craft an altar with the specific aim of cleansing away negative energy and calling in fresh, positive energy. Choose a quiet, uncluttered spot setting a peaceful foundation.

Strategically place cleansing crystals like selenite, citrine, or black tourmaline as the focal points. Incorporate elements like incense, candles, and bells to purify energy. Include personal mementos holding significance, imagery representing positive change, and written intentions for the space. Arrange items deliberately to reflect releasing the old and welcoming the new.

13. Light Candles

Candlelight sets a soft, welcoming mood while the dancing flame infuses gentle, mobile energy. The warm glow counteracts heaviness, and strategically placed candles uplift spaces. Light organic soy or beeswax candles in bright scents like citrus, pine, spices, or flowers. Avoid synthetic fragrances, and allow the lively aromas to elevate spirits.

14. Use a Tuning Fork

Tuning forks emit specific sound frequency vibrations that shatter stuck energy patterns. Their concentrated tonal quality clears spaces. Obtain tuning fork sets keyed to body systems like chakras or acupressure points. Or use a weighted metal Om fork tuned to the Earth’s resonance.

To begin, firmly strike the fork’s stem on a soft surface activating the pure tone. Next, place the vibrating stems on parts of the body prone to holding negativity like your joints, head, and back. Let the reverberations penetrate before re-striking. Start energy rituals by sounding tuning forks in each room’s corners or entryways to break up dense pockets so fresh energy can enter.

15. Talk To an Energy Healer

Energy healers intuitively sense disturbances within spaces or auras and realign flow using various reading methods. Consulting professionals provides guidance when you feel stuck. In sessions, trusted healers discuss issues, evaluate energy patterns and give suggestions to restore balance.

They may utilize reiki, crystals, sound bowls, or other tools for cleansing, clearing blockages, and revitalizing spaces. Seek credentialed, referred healers who specialize in energy healing or feng shui.

3 Best Sites for Energy Healing

1. Keen – Best Overall For Energy Healing

Editor's Choice
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  • 23+ energy healers to choose from
  • Send your healer a message before booking
  • Chat or call readings
  • Keen rewards program
  • 5 minutes for $1

Keen has been providing energy healing services for over 25 years. With over two decades of experience, I feel assured that Keen psychics can provide meaningful guidance. Its long history specializing in this area gives me confidence I’ll receive trusted advice on techniques to effectively remove stagnant energy from my home.

I appreciate that I can send my chosen energy healer on Keen a message before booking a reading. I sometimes have very specific questions around clearing negative energy, and being able to communicate those upfront ensures my reader will be fully prepared.

Keen provides phone and chat consultations, but not video readings. Visual demonstrations can be useful when addressing in-home energy issues, but I found its introductory $1 for 5 minutes offer extremely helpful. During my initial consultation, my advisor offered excellent specific tips for clearing negative energy from my space based on my verbal description.

2. Psychic Source – Choose From a Large Variety of Energy Healers

Aura Reading
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  • 96+ energy healers
  • Audio message on each profile
  • Chat and call options
  • Schedule your reading in advance
  • $1 per minute + 3 minutes free

Psychic Source has a large and versatile variety of 96 energy healers to choose from. The vast selection of healers ensures multiple options and specialities to suit my preference. My go to healer has a compassionate communication style, which suits my nervous personality well. She also uses astrology to identify where a lot of my energetic blocks come from.

Being able to schedule appointments with my healer on Psychic Source is very convenient. The calendar booking system allows me to view availability in advance and select times that match my schedule. Having set sessions in the calendar also helps me remember to regularly check-in as I work on clearing negative energy over a period of time.

Psychic Source’s satisfaction guarantee gives you time back in minutes, not a direct refund. However, its live customer care service is very responsive and helpful. It makes it quick and easy to navigate any complications with the help from a representative, resulting in a fast resolution.

3. PathForward – Professional and Vetted Energy Healers To Choose From

  • 16+ healers to choose from
  • Strict vetting process
  • Chat or call options
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 10 mins for $10 plus 3 free minutes

PathForward makes the user experience easy with a simple to navigate interface and quick filtering system. I can search for practitioners using filters like specialty, reading style, tools used, or reading type, like chat or call. The booking process allows me to go from searching to scheduling an energy clearing session with my ideal advisor within just a few clicks.

I feel at ease that PathForward only accepts 5% of applicants. The rigorous screening gives me confidence that I will receive quality guidance tailored to truly help resolve any lingering energetic disturbances.

While some of the top-tier healers have high rates, PsychicSource makes initial consultations affordable with their $1 per minute introductory offer. New customers can get up to 30 minutes with gifted energy practitioners for only $1 per minute. This provides incredible value to receive guidance on clearing negative energy without overspending.


What are the symptoms of negative energy in a home?

There are signs of negative energy accumulating in your home. You may notice more frequent arguments or tensions rising between inhabitants. Specific rooms suddenly taking on a feeling of heaviness or oppression when spending time in them can indicate stagnancy.

Symptoms like insomnia, restlessness, or disturbing dreams that mainly plague residents while at home. Malfunctioning electronics, appliances needing frequent repairs, and devices mysteriously breaking are other possible signs. Pets displaying unexplained anxious behavior mostly when indoors can point to disturbances.

How do you cleanse a space of energy?

Cleansing a home’s energy requires an approach that targets the multiple layers of stagnancy. Begin by thoroughly airing out rooms to circulate fresh, revitalizing energy. Letting incense, sage, or other healing smoke permeate the space helps lift away lower vibrations. Introducing living plants into rooms raises oxygen flow and bright essence.

Mist rooms with orange oil, saltwater, or Palo Santo to permeate spaces with purification. High vibrational tools like singing bowls, bells, or drumming can shift energy patterns through resonant sound. Having sessions with experienced energy healers provides necessary guidance catered to effectively transforming your home’s unique energetic needs.

How often should I cleanse my room of negative energy?

It’s ideal to cleanse a room’s energy on a regular basis, such as once a month or at minimum every three months. Making energetic cleansing a consistent practice prevents heavy buildup from accumulating. It’s also important to scan spaces energetically on a daily or weekly basis to notice if negativity feels like it’s creeping back in.

Trust your intuition, if rooms start feeling off or inhabitants seem influenced by lower energies, perform a cleansing ritual regardless of timing. Staying on top of regularly refreshing your space ensures lightness remains.

Can I cleanse a room of negative energy without using smoke from sage or incense?

Yes, there are many smoke-free options for effectively cleansing room energy. Some alternatives include ringing bells or Tibetan singing bowls, misting natural scents like citrus, eucalyptus, or lavender, placing bowls of salt crystals in corners, and displaying stones like selenite or black tourmaline to absorb negativity.

You can also try using visualization techniques, burning candlelight, air ionizers to filter air, playing solfeggio frequencies and chimes, or performing simple rituals like sweeping. A professional energy healer will be able to give you the best cleansing method tailored to your space and needs.

Are there specific crystals that are best for clearing negative energy?

Yes, some crystals work better than others at clearing negative energy. Some of the most powerful crystals for clearing negative energy include black tourmaline, which is a strong purifying stone, and selenite, which is a light, airy crystal that clears lower vibrations.

Citrine is a bright, sunny stone that emits positive energy. Smoky quartz is a grounding stone that neutralizes negative energy. Fluorite is an absorptive crystal that stabilizes energy flow. Combining crystals around problem areas or by entryways creates an effective force field guarding against unwanted energy infiltration.

How do I know if I need professional energy healing services?

It’s reasonable to seek professional energy healing services if you’ve attempted home clearing techniques without success. Symptoms like ongoing sleep disruptions, arguments, pet anxiety, or electronic issues means negative energy will persist despite efforts.

Professional energy healers have refined senses for identifying stubborn energetic blockages and efficient remediation practices. Their outside objectivity also brings fresh perspective. They clear spaces where emotional, psychic, or generational imprints linger.

Is it necessary to believe in spiritual practices for energy cleansing to work?

While belief can empower the effectiveness of energy cleansing rituals, it is not an absolute requirement. Even skeptics find benefit from practices like airing out spaces, using cleansing plants and crystals, or burning Palo Santo for its meditative aromatherapy effects.

An open, inquisitive mindset while consistently putting preferred techniques into action can remove negative vibes from a space. Allow the results of energy clearing techniques to speak for themselves. With time, the fruition of intentions reveals the various paths leading inward.

Bottom Line

Using energy clearing techniques can transform the atmosphere of your home. By deliberately shifting stagnant energies, you regain control over the ambiance of your spaces. While at first this may seem impossible, the many accessible methods make home energy cleansing achievable.

That said, it can help to get personalized guidance from a professional. With so many online options, you can conveniently consult experienced energy healers without leaving your house. My go-to site for insights on energy cleansing is Keen because it has gifted advisors and introductory offers as low as $1 per minute.

To summarize, the best Psychic Sites for Energy Healing are…

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