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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 27, 2022

A 2022 Guide to Cleaning, Storing & Programming Crystals

A 2022 Guide to Cleaning, Storing & Programming Crystals

Crystals are powerful sources of energy that react to your body’s chakras and bring healing to your mind and soul. There are a variety of crystals that can uplift, energize, and calm your spirit when they are used in their many forms.

Whether you’re an expert on the healing energy of crystals or you’re just getting started on your spiritual journey, proper crystal care is the most important part of ensuring that you receive the full benefits.

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Cleaning Your Crystals

1. Water

Water is a life force, so it’s one of the most effective ways to clean your crystals – sea or rainwater are the best options. However, if these are not accessible, you can simply soak your crystals in a bowl of saltwater or run them under a tap. Only use running water on harder, stronger crystals.

2. Natural Light

The sun and the moon are powerful forces capable of bringing new healing energy to your crystals. Be careful when using sunlight to cleanse certain crystal types, as the heat could react with the crystal and start a fire if left unattended. It could also result in discoloration, so it’s best to only leave your crystals in the sun for a few minutes. Moonlight is far more subtle and really effective when the moon is full. Your crystals can be left overnight on a window sill to recharge just in time for your morning meditation.

3. Earth

You can use the pure energy from the earth to clear your crystals of harmful energy by burying them directly in the ground for a day. The earth will draw out anything negative and unwanted. Just be certain to bury them somewhere safe and memorable so you don’t lose them!

4. Smoke

Sage cleansing, also known as smudging, is a popular and effective way to remove destructive energies from your crystals. You’ll need to ignite the sage and move your crystals through the smoke. If you don’t have sage handy, the flame of a candle is a great substitute.

5. Other Crystals

Some purifying crystals, like clear quartz or selenite, give off a cleansing aura. All you’ll need to do is make sure your crystals make physical contact with the cleansing crystals. Just a few minutes will do, but the longer they are connected, the better the final result.

6. Willpower

Through methods of meditation and focus, you can clear your crystals of negative energies by envisioning a cleansing ray over them. You’ll need to practice this technique before it becomes fully effective, but it’s a really great way to end your meditation sessions and prepare your crystals for their next use.

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Storing Your Crystals

Now for storing your crystals – here are some basic tips:

  • Stay Organized: You’ll need to know where to find the crystals you’re looking for at a moment’s notice, so categorize your crystals in a way that will make this easy for you.
  • Protection: Some crystals are really fragile or could get damaged when exposed to the elements. Keep your crystals safe by wrapping them in a silk cloth or velvet bag.
  • Storage: You can keep some crystals on display as a way to invite in the energies you are trying to attract. For those crystals that don’t make the cut, a chest of drawers or jewelry organizers will be helpful in keeping them safe.

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Programming Your Crystals

Lastly, let’s look at how you can program your crystals for maximum benefit.

1. Choose the right crystal

When you’re programming a crystal, you’re aiming to achieve a specific purpose, so it’s important to make sure you receive the right vibes from the crystal before you start programming it. Use your intuition to select one that gives off the energy you’re looking for.

2. Clear your mind

The state of your mind is the most important part of programming your crystal as it will reflect the energy you bring into its space. Clear any negative or unwanted thoughts from your aura so you feel light and refreshed.

3. Dedicate the crystal to the highest good

You can either say this out loud or strongly will it in your mind, but it’s vital to be purposeful in this step. You are aiming to attract positive energy and shut out any malevolent forces.

4. Visualize your intention for the crystal

Whether you’re using the crystal to attract a specific event or even if you’re just programming it to keep you calm, make sure you visualize your intentions as vividly as possible. Write your intention down in detail if this will make it easier to focus.

5. Place your crystals with purpose

Depending on what you’ve programmed your crystal for, store it somewhere that will allow its energy to permeate your space. For example, if you’ve programmed your crystal to keep you calm in stressful situations, it’s probably best to wear it on you at all times.

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Bottom Line

Crystals can literally change your life when you use them the right way. If you take special care to cleanse, store, and program your crystals to effectively match the things you’re trying to manifest, you will very soon be living your dreams.

With that being said, all crystals are special and have unique powers. Talking to a professional who has experience using crystals will give you the best insight on how to care for your specific crystals and get the most out of their abilities. Take advantage of the Psychic Source introductory offer and claim your free minutes.

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