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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On April 01, 2023

Interview with a Psychic Medium - Colby Rebel

Interview with a Psychic Medium - Colby Rebel

This week, we’ve had a chance of interviewing Colby Rebel – a worldwide Psychic and Medium dedicated to serving spirit. She spoke about her beginnings and the importance of being honest with your clients.

What inspired you to start your psychic reading business?

Colby Rebel: Prior to starting my own spiritual business, I was a tax manager for 14 years. I enjoyed that position and loved helping people maximize their potential growth within business, but it began to feel as if something was missing. I was getting this constant nudge from Spirit that I was meant to be doing something else. At the time, I was fearful of making any change. However, there were a few prolific experiences.

One instance was that I felt as if my neighbor was passing. I did not know him very well, but immediately called the police and upon arrival, they had to lift me through a tiny window. As I went inside, I found him passed away in his recliner. I immediately heard the voice of a woman (his mother Madonna who had passed away a few months prior) and she said “Thank You”. She didn’t want her son to be left alone. This was a major catalyst for me to understand that I had a larger purpose in life other than tax preparation.

I started my professional psychic business in May of 2013 and it soared. I found it to be extremely natural for me and I loved helping others find clarity and was amazed that I would just “know” things about them. Additionally, I studied professionally and went through several 3rd party testings  and certifications as I wanted to ensure that I was only serving for the highest good.

After leaving my career as a tax accountant, I immediately wrote a book called Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business as I wanted to share my knowledge of accounting and business practices to help other lightworkers build strong and successful business with potential for longevity.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

CR: For me the most popular type of session is psychic. People are finding themselves a bit lost at the moment and are seeking more clarity and direction. With the pandemic, people are revisiting their careers and relationships. Are they happy? Are they in the right profession and/or relationship? Are they serving their life purpose?

I have found these to be common questions and concerns among my clients. They are looking at the pandemic as an opportunity to start over so I have loved helping them through these challenging times to give them direction, inspiration and clarity.

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

CR: Absolutely. I would love to say that every reading is equal, but based on the needs there are some more emotionally challenging than others. For instance, I currently have a client who has stage IV cancer and is facing his transition as we speak. He is not looking for a new career, or worried about his next step. For him, it’s about ensuring there are no regrets being left behind and understanding the process of transition and anything his soul needs to know. So readings like this tend to be a bit more impactful for me personally as I want to ensure I am providing him the best possible guidance to give him peace and tranquility and of course, reflection as he faces his next journey.

I once had a client who had a reading and it was about a week before she passed. Unbeknownst to me, prior to her passing, she had told her brother to book a session with me after she passed that I would be able to connect to her. This is information neither she nor he ever expressed to me prior to his session. When we did his session, I was unaware that he was related to this prior client. She did indeed come through with absolutely incredible evidence. Gifts she gave him and physical evidence in her room that I would have no way to have known. I said to him “You are trying to get the sound of her voice”. He validated as he didn’t have any recordings of her and her friends didn’t have any.

After the session, he informed me of who he was and who his sister was that I was connecting to and it was very meaningful. After the session, I realized I had recorded her session. I was able to take a piece of that recording that did not have confidential information on it and share it with him so he would have the sound of her voice. I believe she helped to facilitate that whole connection which was beautiful and will always be a special moment for me in serving spirit.

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person. What about you? How has your work been affected by the pandemic?

CR: The pandemic has impacted so many people in various ways. I am fortunate to have a physical center in Los Angeles, CA, however, I have suspended in person classes and workshops and have opted to take them online. This has been truly a blessing as I’ve been able to meet clients and students from around the world that I may otherwise have not encountered.

The online classes and events have gone extremely well and has shown me to expand even further with how I offer my sessions. The clients have really adapted to Zoom readings and seem to really enjoy them just as much as in person. I am still able to offer one-on-one sessions in person so it gives my client an option that best fits their comfort level and desires.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

CR: For me the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with clients is vulnerability. I come into the session as an open vessel with no judgement and only work for the highest good of all. I absolutely trust the information coming through whether that be from Spirit or the soul and I deliver that information honestly.

It’s not always the fluffy happy news, but clients respect that because they know I am not telling them what they “want” to hear, but rather what they “need” to hear. If I am open within my connection, that allows the client to feel safe in knowing there are not prejudices or projections. I am  holding the space for them as we move them forward on their physical and spiritual experience.

In this field, it is often thought that word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are the most important when picking a psychic reader – is this true?

CR: Without a doubt, a referral is a wonderful way to make a connection with a new client. It’s really rewarding to know that someone had such an incredible experience they want to share that with those that matter most to them. I love referrals, but also love that my podcast and other appearances have led to new clients finding me and booking a session. I am always excited for anyone who chooses to do a session with me as it’s an opportunity to help and serve.

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