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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 27, 2022

Common Dreams About Water & What They Mean

Common Dreams About Water & What They Mean


Some say our dreams are the gateway between two parallel universes— the one where our conscious mind rules, and another where our subconscious mind does. If you’ve been having dreams about water lately, you’re far from alone. In fact, dreams about water are so common, and yet have so much variety, that they encompass a whole dream category of their own. 

So while the best way to determine the meaning behind your dream is to consult with a dream expert, there are some universal themes that can help you figure out a few things on your own. Read on to discover what these common water themes mean.

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Common Water Dreams Explained

Dreams about Drowning

Drowning is a very common stress dream, like teeth falling out, or driving up a steep hill. If you can remember the details of the dream, you’ll be able to better identify the root of your stress. For example, if you’re the one who’s drowning, try to remember what’s causing it. Are you caught up in turbulent waters that are preventing you from making it to the surface? This type of dream tends to represent stressful scenarios that are out of your control.

If you’re drowning because something is attached to you and is anchoring you to the bottom, then your stress is related to someone or something holding you back in your life. You may be unwilling to consciously admit it to yourself, but your subconscious is very much aware of the weight.

And finally, if you dream that you’re seeing someone else drown, you should try to identify two important things: do you know the person, and are you able to help them? If it’s someone you know, then this dream is likely the source of stress that you are experiencing due to a conflict with this person. If you don’t know them, the source of your stress is likely an internal struggle. And whether or not you’re able or willing to help this person will reveal to you your inner feelings about this conflict.

Dreams about Breathing Underwater

Just because you’re underwater in your dream doesn’t necessarily mean you’re drowning. Another common water dream is being underwater and finding that you’re perfectly capable of breathing as if you were on the surface. These dreams differ from drowning dreams in that they represent inner peace, curiosity, and the exploration of new opportunities. 

If this is the type of water dream you’re having you should consider which areas of your life offer potential for growth. Getting insight from a qualified dream analyst on Keen is especially helpful in this situation. A dream psychic can offer an objective perspective and point out areas in your life that have potential you hadn’t previously considered.

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Dreams about Washing with Water

Another common water dream involves washing yourself, or an object, clean. This might manifest in the form of washing your hands, or your clothing, and attempting to get rid of dirt or other stains. Depending on the way the dream goes, this can either be a stress dream, or a dream about rebirth and new beginnings. 

The first thing you should consider is what it is that you’re trying to wash, and what is making it dirty. These two symbols play a key role in helping you understand the meaning behind the dream. If you succeed in cleansing whatever it is that you’re trying to wash, then your dream represents a successful transition to something better in your life. If you’re unable to remove this stain, this is a type of stress dream that speaks to feelings of anxiety that you are failing at something in your life.

Top Dream Experts on Keen Psychics

Dreams are never straightforward and obvious in their meaning. They’re the way that our subconscious tries to communicate with us, and oftentimes these are things we either had no way of anticipating in our conscious minds or are simply unwilling to consider. 

Understanding the true meaning behind your dreams can have a huge impact on your life, which is why you should consider consulting a psychic expert that specializes in dream interpretation. Check out these top 5 dream psychics on Keen:

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2. Scott Angel

Scott Angel

Scott Angel is a highly rated dream psychic that has helped many clients find the meaning behind their dreams. He has been on Keen since 2003 and has conducted over 1,000 readings. He is rated 4.8 stars, and many of his clients praise his accuracy in their reviews:

Always correct; breaks a situation down into its smallest examinable parts so you have a good idea of how to approach and what to expect.” 

3. Keaij24


Keaij is another highly rated psychic on Keen that specializes in dream analysis. She helps her clients identify symbols, signs, and number patterns in their dreams, and then provides insights into what they mean. She also helps clients understand the timing of their dreams, and why they receive them when they do. One of her clients wrote:

“This is the most incredible reading. I had a dream and she has given me a reading, helped me track down my ancestry lines, and even guessed my lineage and traced into my past life.”

4. Dream Power

Dream Power

Dream Power discovered her psychic abilities at a young age when she realized that she is a prophetic dreamer and possesses telepathic skills. She has spent her life learning from Native American Shamans, remote healers, and tarot masters, and now uses her gifts to help guide clients through their own dream exploration. One client wrote:

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Dream Power has been on Keen since 2005. She has delivered over 5,000 readings in that time and has a 5-star rating. 

5. TruthWithSoul


TruthWithSoul is a skilled dream reader that has spent years recording and analyzing her own dreams to discover the meaning behind their symbols and patterns. She has also studied dream symbolism in different cultures, which allows her to provide a nuanced perspective depending on her client’s background. 

Her philosophy is that dreams are more symbolic than premonition based, and she works with clients to help them understand the significance of the specific symbols in their own lives. She has been on Keen since 2007 and is rated 4.8 stars. 


There’s a reason why we wake from our dreams, and for those first few seconds, we find ourselves disoriented or confused. Sometimes our dreams feel so real, that we’re not so sure we can tell the difference between something that actually happened, and something we just imagined. And the reason for this is that our dreams have a significant impact on our state of mind and our lives, regardless of whether or not we choose to believe they do.

That’s why consulting with a dream analysis expert can lead us to discover the meaning behind these visions, and help us live fuller lives, connecting our conscious and subconscious minds.

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