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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on August 24, 2023

How to Connect to Your Divine Feminine and Awaken It (2023)

How to Connect to Your Divine Feminine and Awaken It (2023)

When the influence of masculine energy becomes too much, harnessing your divine feminine can be a real challenge. This can make you feel misunderstood and emotionally unbalanced, which interferes with your spiritual development. And when you’re out of touch with your inner world, making positive changes becomes an uphill battle.

With proper guidance and support, you can develop your feminine energy and feel empowered. When you connect with your divine feminine, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and make a lasting impact on others. But how the divine feminine benefits everyone is different, as it largely depends on individual beliefs and practices.

If you’re continuously stuck in the overdrive of masculine energy, staying grounded can feel impossible. If you think you’d benefit from a personal touch, I suggest you connect with an advisor on California Psychics. You can receive unique insights that help you connect with your divine feminine.

Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

5 Ways to Connect to Your Divine Feminine

Being bombarded with societal expectations that predominantly require you to be in your masculine energy can leave you confused and isolated. Practicing the following tips will help you awaken your divine feminine energy and stay true to your beliefs.

Remember that regardless of sex or gender, anyone can connect with the divine feminine to balance their energies and live a more fulfilling life. The key is to find what works for you and stick with it, so stay patient and committed.

1. Bond with nature

Since you are trying to connect to the energy associated with birth, you need to be at one with mother Gaia (Mother Nature), the most important mother in the universe. The earth embodies a lot of feminine energy, so you can nurture your divine feminine by connecting with her.

Doing activities in nature is a great way to bond with Gaia. You can practice earthing, which is when you connect with the earth’s natural energy with your bare feet, or spend more time amongst animals and trees. Another pastime is to make art out of things you find in nature and decorate your home with the essence of Gaia.

Much like Gaia, the moon also directly corresponds with the divine feminine. This is because the moon is associated with goddesses, female deities, and other female figures from various spiritual and religious traditions and is therefore seen as a symbol of the universe’s nurturing, creative, and intuitive aspects.

The following suggestions will help you connect to the moon to make the most of its feminine energy.

  • Moon gazing: Moon gazing is as simple as it sounds; all you have to do is get comfortable, gaze at the moon, and focus on your breath. The point is to remain present and connect to the moon’s energy. Moon gazing is a type of meditation that is said to have a lot of physical benefits in addition to helping you strengthen your intuition and connect to your divine feminine.
  • Soaking in bodies of water: Soaking in bodies of water under a new moon or full moon is a powerful way to absorb the energy through its activation of the water. Since bodies of water and the moon are known to be associated, it’s often seen as a way to immerse yourself in the moon’s energy. Doing so will clear your aura and heighten your feminine energy.
  • Offerings: You can leave moon offerings under a new or full moon as an energy exchange. You would ask the moon for help connecting to your feminine energy and leave a small token of appreciation. The offering doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Some people make crystal grids, collect leaves, feathers, and stones to create mandalas, or even leave sacred herbs like sage and lavender as a thank you.
  • Moon jewelry: Wearing earrings, rings, or necklaces with moon imagery is yet another simple and effective way to embody more feminine energy. Jewelry connects you to divine feminine energy by helping you adorn yourself, while the moon is one of the most feminine representations of the universe.

2. Get your creativity flowing

Since feminine energy is all about creation, getting creative is a powerful way to connect. You can sing, paint, listen to music, dance, and even knit. Anything that connects you to your creative power will help you get into a state of flow, which enables you to connect with your feminine energy.

This is because the divine feminine embodies the energy of birth, so by creating something, you are symbolically birthing something new into the world. Working on creative projects that you have to nurture over time is especially helpful because you can continue to develop the growth of your creative vision and tap further into divine feminine energy.

Getting your creativity flowing also helps you connect to your inner child, the divine realm, and other intuitive gifts. Engaging in creative hobbies is a simple way to have some fun while becoming centered in the here and now, which is essential to connecting to your feminine flow.

Finding a way to be creative can also be very soothing, allowing you to step out of the masculine expectation of being hyper-competitive. When you embrace more fun in life, you can become more open to divine inspiration and begin to step away from the pressure of always being in your masculine.

3. Practice self-care & boundaries

Incorporating a self-care routine is helpful for divine feminine work because it amplifies the energy of self-love. This is because you embody the power of self-worth and unconditional love when you put time aside for self-care. This is a vital part of successfully being in your divine feminine.

One of my favorite ways to practice self-care is by doing bath cleanses. The spiritual protection and self-nurturing it provides can help you slow down, relax, and connect with your inner self, which can be a powerful way to connect with your divine feminine. If you don’t have a bath, you can still do a cleanse in the shower.

I suggest having a bath with herbs like rosemary, lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus because of their association with love and feminine energy. You can also use crystals like rose quartz, moonstone, and labradorite, as they also promote self-love, intuition, and femininity. Also, remember that you can customize self-love bath rituals to your preference.

Self-care also includes distancing yourself from toxic energies. I recommend keeping a tight circle and being around people who respect you and help you stay connected to your divine feminine. If you don’t have those types of individuals around you, practicing solitude can be a helpful way to practice self-care.

4. Take part in spiritual practices

It’s believed that you can connect to divine feminine energy by focusing on wellness. Some helpful practices include meditation, yoga, prayer, reading, and gaining knowledge through spiritual teachers. The more you can surrender to knowledge and be in the energy of receiving, the more you connect to your divine feminine.

Specifically, mirror gazing can be a helpful meditation practice if you struggle with self-acceptance and self-compassion. These two qualities are essential when trying to embody divine feminine energy. All you need is a mirror, some alone time, and to gaze into your own eyes to establish a connection.

It’s believed that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if you tend to avoid looking in the mirror, mirror gazing can help you develop a deeper connection to your soul. It’s the ultimate form of intimacy with self and can help you clear a lot of negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

In addition to mirror gazing, you can pray to female ancestors, ascended masters, goddesses, and deities. These connections can help gain knowledge and support on the quest to embody the divine feminine. However, always ensure you are safe and protecting your energy when working with spirits or deities.

5. Connect with those in their divine feminine

Bonding with other feminine energies can help heal feminine wounds, especially when you create nurturing routines together. Feminine wounds can happen from any toxic relationships and experiences you’ve had with females. They can create energetic blocks around connecting with your divine feminine.

To heal these wounds, you need to be around healthy feminine energies that are comfortable to be around. You can do this by joining groups of like-minded people and setting up activities together, which can also focus on the divine feminine.

The group activities I recommend are creative and nature-based pursuits. Hiking, swimming, creating art, sharing experiences, and engaging in inner reflection with other feminines can provide a sense of community. You’ll be compelled to inspire others when you’re part of a group with similar beliefs and values.

Tap into Feminine Energy

5 Benefits of Connecting to Your Divine Feminine

Understanding the benefits of divine feminine energy can aid in assessing your growth. This insight can also signal if you need a helping hand on your journey or if you’re doing just fine progressing on your own.

1. Your intuition strengthens

The most positive side effect of connecting to your divine feminine energy is that your intuition strengthens. Because being connected to your divine feminine is all about being receptive, you will begin to gather more insights about the world around you. As a result, you will notice your intuition leveling up.

As your intuition levels, you can unlock any dormant psychic gifts you possess. Since you’re honoring your peace and the inner world more, you will become more sensitive and attuned to the subtle energies around you. This is a powerful gift that helps you navigate situations in life with more confidence and ease.

The deeper your connection grows with your divine feminine and intuition, the less influenced you’ll be by external pressures. This signifies that your choices will increasingly resonate with who you are, enhancing your overall well-being and self-worth.

2. You begin to heal your body and soul

Embracing your divine feminine energy enables a profound healing process, to heal any imbalances on physical, emotional, and mental level. You will also nurture a deeper connection with yourself, fostering trust and self-honor once more.

This happens because the more you tap into divine feminine energy, the more you trust your inner guidance and the universe. As you do this, you move out of fight or flight mode and begin to trust energies outside yourself to get things done. This makes you feel more relaxed and at ease.

By connecting with your divine feminine, you start to heal your inner and outer world. This is the key to becoming more fulfilled because you will begin to embrace your unique energy rather than hiding it. When you connect with your inner self, you stop cheating yourself out of showing the authentic version of yourself.

3. Feelings of empowerment

On my personal journey to connect with my divine feminine, I noticed that I no longer ran away from my emotions. Instead, I began to nurture them and felt a newfound freedom to embrace my feelings without shame. This can be difficult to do in a society dominated by toxic masculinity.

Becoming vulnerable lifts immense pressure from your shoulders as you realize you no longer have to act tough all the time. Toxic masculinity equates emotions with weakness, but in reality, this view keeps us in repetitive toxic cycles.

Sitting in your divine feminine isn’t only empowering on an individual level and can have a profound societal effect. Openly embracing your divine feminine can be an inspiring force for those around you, which initiates change towards healing the earth and balancing societal norms.

The more we normalize a healthy balance between feminine and masculine energy, the more we can recalibrate toxic masculinity and its influence on society. This will yield positive action and change in people’s lives at an individual and collective level.

4. It makes you magnetic

When you align with your divine feminine, you’ll begin to attract the people and things you want. This happens because you move your focus away from only physical results and pay more attention to the energetic world. Then, you’ll attune to the correct frequencies and manifest with ease.

For example, if you wanted to attract more financial abundance, you’d focus on changing your energy. The most important thing is to clear away any energetic blocks you may have, which can be limiting beliefs or certain mentalities around earning money. Subliminals and affirmations are great for clearing energetic blocks.

While you’ll still have to take physical action once you’ve aligned energetically, getting the results you want won’t feel like such an uphill battle. Since you focus more on the energetics of your goals first, the transition to actually getting what you want becomes more of a magnetic process than one full of chasing.

Being in your divine feminine also helps you understand when to continue or hold off on something. That means you’ll discover how to approach everything in life with balance and become wiser in your decisions. This wisdom increases your magnetism, which attracts more fulfillment in life.

5. You develop a sense of community

One of the beautiful parts about connecting to your divine feminine energy is the sense of community you develop with those around you. When you tap into your divine feminine, you will become more open to connecting with others because you will no longer see yourself as separate. It’s like a new level of interconnectedness is established.

Being a victim of toxic masculinity can feel very isolating, especially amongst feminines, because the external pressures to behave accordingly are far greater. When you embrace your divine feminine, you realize that everyone can thrive together because it’s not necessary to win at the expense of others.

When you heal yourself from toxic interactions, you will start to feel more open to letting healthy femininity into your life. This point also interconnects with the idea of healing your feminine wounds caused by negative experiences with other feminines that were toxic or unbalanced.

In addition to all of these benefits, developing a sense of community with like-minded feminists can also empower you to create positive change in the world. This can look like engaging in activism to protect the environment, standing up to toxic societal expectations, and being more open about typically taboo topics.

Connect with an Energy Healer

FAQs on the Divine Feminine

What is divine feminine energy?

Divine feminine energy is the more intuitive, creative, and nurturing energy we all have. It’s almost like the right side of your brain, which is more concerned with emotional intelligence, expression, and the imaginative part of life.

Traditionally, the concept refers to the feminine aspect of the divine, God, or spirit. The term is often linked to goddesses, female deities, and other female figures from various spiritual and religious traditions. Because of this, it’s often associated with the earth, nature, the cycles of life, wisdom, and divine knowledge.

The concept can even be extended to a metaphor representing the feminine aspects of the human experience, such as intuition, emotions, and the ability to nurture others. But remember that the concept is not limited only to women; anyone can embrace it — regardless of gender identity.

While some people have more feminine energy than others, we should all aim to connect with our divine feminine so we can lead more fulfilling lives. You can connect to your divine feminine by connecting with your creativity and nurturing that side of yourself.

What’s the difference between the divine feminine and masculine energy?

In our modern world, masculine energy manifests as logical, action-oriented, and results-focused, while divine feminine energy is more intuitive, goes with the flow, and experience focused. The divine feminine also represents the nurturing and creative aspects of the universe, while the divine masculine builds and protects.

It’s important to remember that neither energy is superior to the other, and they aren’t limited to only men or women. These terms aren’t meant to be divisive but complementary and interconnected to the human experience. Ultimately, both energies are needed to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

I also should highlight that the concepts of the divine feminine and divine masculine can be traced back to various cultures and traditions. Therefore, these terms can be interpreted differently depending on the lens you approach them from.

However, it has become evident that society has grown used to operating from mostly only masculine energy, which has caused many people to feel unbalanced. So if you find you operate more in your masculine, you should focus on your divine feminine. The best thing you can do is to nurture both energies and find a healthy way to express them.

Why is it important to connect to your divine feminine?

Connecting to your divine feminine energy is crucial because it can help you heal your nervous system and your physical body. Not only that, but you can begin to attract the experiences that you want in your life by learning more about divine feminine energy and how to tap into yours.

When connecting to your divine feminine, you will also experience more emotional balance, spiritual growth, and self-discovery. Our divine feminine energy is a powerful source of internal enrichment and a motivating force to make positive changes in our external realities.

The more you connect to your divine feminine, you begin to inspire others to become more conscious and in touch with the interconnected relationship we share with the universe and the earth. As a result, this is the catalyst to inspiring effective change in society so we can mold the future into a more balanced dynamic.

If you’re looking to strengthen your intuition, magnetism, and confidence along your path, you’ll want to connect to your divine feminine. There are so many benefits to doing so; you will notice that your energy will feel more at peace as you learn about your divine feminine essence.

Bottom Line

Connecting with your divine feminine can be challenging in a hyper-masculine world. Being consumed by your masculine energy can leave you feeling depleted and out of touch with your inner and outer world. Connecting to your divine feminine energy more will help you realize that embodying a balance of both energies is best.

When you nurture your divine feminine, you’ll notice a positive shift in how you see yourself and approach life. But be aware that it can take a lot of patience and personal understanding to reach balance and that this concept resonates differently for everyone.

If you feel you could benefit from individual guidance, you should seek insights from a psychic advisor. My personal favorite is California Psychics because its satisfaction guarantee protects you from unfair practices.

Balance Your Divine Energies

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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