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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on February 29, 2024

Crown Chakra Healing (2024) — A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Crown Chakra Healing (2024) — A Simple Beginner’s Guide

The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara, is the energy center that connects us to the spiritual realm. This chakra can be the source of our wisdom, inspiration, and purpose but when it’s blocked or unbalanced, it can make us feel lost. But with purposeful intention towards healing it, you can unlock your inner guru and find your soul’s purpose.

As a psychic that relies a lot on her Crown Chakra, I’ve experienced everything from an overactive to a blocked Crown Chakra. However, I feel confident that with this guide, you’ll be able to manage any imbalance in this energy center. Just remember to stay consistent with your routines and to maintain a realistic mentality when it comes to progress.

That said, in some cases you may see no improvement despite trying multiple remedies. This is when I’d recommend the support of an energy healer that can help move, activate, and eliminate energies from your Crown Chakra. My go-to healer is on Keen so you may want to consider checking it out and as a newbie, you can get your first 5 minutes for $1.

Connect With a Healer

What Is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, is the seventh energy center located at the top of the head. It represents our spiritual awareness, connection to higher consciousness, and the understanding of universal truths. When it’s activated, this chakra is linked to transcendence and a sense of oneness with the universe.

This energy center acts as the entry point for spiritual energy, serving as a gateway to higher states of consciousness. Vibrating with the color violet or sometimes white, the Crown Chakra embodies the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. Its color symbolizes purity, spiritual connection, and the integration of all colors within the chakra system.

What Is the Crown Chakra?

Image of Crown Chakra symbol and the significance behind it.
The seed mantra for the Crown Chakra is “Om” (pronounced Aum). Additionally, its mudra is the “Sahasrara Mudra,” where the tips of the index fingers touch each other, creating a triangle, symbolizing the unity of mind, body, and spirit. This mudra is used in meditation to enhance the flow of cosmic energy.

What Is Crown Chakra Healing?

This type of healing refers to practices and techniques aimed at restoring balance and promoting well-being in the Crown Chakra. More specifically, the goal is to target imbalances or blockages by counteracting them with remedies. Many people believe that by healing a dysfunctional chakra, that they’ll begin to see breakthroughs in their lives.

For the Crown Chakra, this can include heightened spiritual awareness, clarity of thought, a sense of purpose, and a deeper connection to one’s higher self. Therefore, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling life journey. You can approach this healing with meditation, energy work, sound therapy, crystals, and much more.

Is Your Crown Chakra Blocked, Overactive, or Underactive?

Before choosing a healing modality, you must evaluate the state of the chakra. This is because there are various remedies and healing techniques, but some work better at targeting specific issues. Check out the common symptoms of a blocked, overactive, or underactive Crown Chakra to get started.

Blocked Overactive Underactive
Persistent headaches or migraines

Lack of spiritual connection or purpose

Feelings of isolation and disconnection from others

Difficulty accessing intuition and higher wisdom

Closed-mindedness or resistance to new ideas

Lack of inspiration or creativity

Constant daydreaming or living in a fantasy world

Feeling disconnected from the physical body

Overemphasis on spiritual matters to the detriment of practical life

Mental confusion or over-intellectualization<

Difficulty grounding oneself in reality

Obsession with spiritual experiences

Lack of inspiration or spiritual curiosity

Difficulty grasping abstract concepts or spiritual ideas

Feeling aimless or without a higher purpose

Closed-mindedness and resistance to spiritual exploration

Lack of connection to universal energies

Difficulty accessing higher states of consciousness

10 Ways to Heal & Balance Your Crown Chakra

Now that you have a better idea for what you’re dealing with, you can begin to explore different approaches to healing. These are some of the most common and popular ways to deal with persistent issues associated with your Crown Chakra. You don’t have to keep up with all of these, but choose a few that you feel you can stay consistent with.

1. Do Visualization Meditations

Visualizing while in meditation can help unblock and rebalance your Crown Chakra, making it a great holistic practice. This is because you’re connecting to your higher self and the divine while meditating and the visualization has healing effects on the crown. While you engage in this practice, make sure you keep your focus at the top of your head.

Imagine that you’re breathing out of your head and as you inhale, you receive healing violet light. As you exhale, this violet energy makes its way through your entire body. Repeat this throughout your meditation until you feel intuitively guided to stop. You can even pair this with the mantra I’ll cover below.

2. Chant the Seed Mantra

The Crown Chakra’s seed mantra “Om” is said to be the first sound of the universe. Not only does chanting it help you feel a connection to the universe, but its vibration clears out any energy blockages. Again, when you’re chanting you want to make sure you’re keeping your focus on the crown area and feeling the vibration of the chant.

Mudras are also typically used when chanting to increase the flow of energy to the specific chakra. To create the mudra for the Crown Chakra, connect your thumbs and pointer fingers to create a triangle and then spread the rest of your fingers apart. Again, these practices are suitable for clearing blockages and boosting energetic balance.

3. Incorporate the Color Violet

Surrounding yourself with the color violet can connect you to highly evolved spiritual energies, which is why it’s associated with the Crown Chakra. Consider a violet hat or headdress to stimulate your crown and even wear it during meditation to keep your chakra strong. However, you can also incorporate the color around your home through art or accents.

Wearing violet is beneficial when dealing with an underactive Crown Chakra because it infuses the essence of the color into your aura. And because an underactive chakra is indicative of a lack of energy, using the color technique is an effective way to introduce the energy you’re lacking.

4. Practice Yoga

Yoga poses that place an emphasis on the head, like the Headstand, increase blood flow and energy circulation to the Crown Chakra. Again, this energy flow is helpful when dealing with an underactive chakra because it helps bring it back to life. You can also try the Savasana pose to promote relaxation and a sense of surrender.

However, the most beneficial aspect of practicing yoga is that it forces you to be present. Since you must focus on your body and your breath while practicing it, you can begin to feel more grounded in your body. This is especially beneficial if you’re dealing with an overactive Crown Chakra and are oftentimes feeling spacey or disconnected from your body.

5. Eat Purple Foods

Purple foods are believed to have a positive influence on the energetic flow of the Crown Chakra because they boost mental clarity and heighten awareness. Not only that, but these foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to overall well-being. Grapes, blueberries, blackberries, beets, and eggplant are some great options.

Consuming purple foods is seen as a symbolic and practical way to align oneself with the spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra. These foods are thought to carry the essence of transformation, intuition, and enlightenment.

6. Expand Your Knowledge

A thriving Crown Chakra will manifest as being mentally curious and open to expanding your mental horizons. If you feel especially closed off to new perspectives, push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn something new. You can do this through traveling to a foreign country or even getting together with people from different walks of life.

In case you feel this is a bit too extreme to start, pick up a new book you wouldn’t normally try or take an online course on a unique philosophy. The highest expression of the Crown Chakra is a universal understanding of all that’s present. So even if you don’t agree with something, find a way to accept and understand it for what it is.

7. Work With Herbs, Oils & Crystals

Certain herbs, essential oils, and crystals carry energies that support crown chakra healing and balance. For instance, lavender essential oil has calming and purifying properties that are conducive for spiritual exploration. Amethyst corresponds to the Crown Chakra and can help open and stimulate the chakra if it’s blocked or underactive.

Lastly, sage purifies and transmutes negative energy which can remove any limiting and close minded beliefs. It’s also great for stagnant energy that’s blocking your energy center. You can place an amethyst next to your bed, anoint your crown with lavender oil, or move the sage’s smoke around your head to feel the positive effects.

8. Recite Affirmations

Reciting positive affirmations every morning right when you wake up can rewire your mind and therefore your reality. They’re especially effective right when you wake up because they can better penetrate your subconscious mind. ​​Basically, any affirmations that focus on connection and wisdom reinforce the desired state of a balanced crown chakra.

Repeat affirmations like “my mind is open to new possibilities and higher states of consciousness” or “I release all attachments and surrender to the flow of divine intelligence”. The more that you repeat affirmations like these, the more your mind will naturally begin to think this way, and therefore be this way.

9. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

Mindfulness cultivates clarity of thought, allowing for discernment and understanding beyond limitations. This heightened awareness fosters a deeper spiritual connection, aligning with the Crown Chakra’s role in transcending the material world. Additionally, mindfulness opens you to inspiration and insights from higher sources, reinforcing the Crown Chakra’s function.

To enhance mindfulness, observe your thoughts without judgment and let them pass without attachment. Make an effort to catch yourself when you’re going down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts and find a way to gently redirect them. A thought journal is an excellent tool for this because it allows you to pay attention to only the most important thoughts.

10. Connect to the Divine

Connecting to the divine involves practical steps that foster a deep and meaningful relationship with higher energies. Meditation, prayer, and contemplative practices open channels for a relationship with the divine. Additionally, sacred rituals and spending time in nature can be great ways to foster a sense of spiritual presence.

Setting clear intentions is crucial for effective connection and is a powerful focal point for spiritual practices. For instance, before meditation you can set the intention to feel the presence of your guides and higher self. This technique is especially useful for those who have an underactive Crown Chakra.

What If I Continue Having Issues With My Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra is a very subtle energy center that is not always easy to heal. This is especially true when there are other chakras within the system that are not working properly. In some cases you must address the issues in other chakras first, especially when dealing with an overactive crown that’s out of control.

That aside, there are many issues for why you may face persistent issues with your Crown Chakra. Some of which include deep-seated emotional issues, past traumas, and a lack of awareness. Emotional issues and traumas can be especially stubborn to clear, even moreso when you’ve been carrying them around for a long time.

Some examples include religious trauma or having experiences with authoritarian spiritual leaders. Even existential crises and situations that have stolen your sense of faith can be the cause for persistent energetic blocks in the crown. However, a skilled energetic healer can be a trusted ally and a powerful tool to work through these heavier experiences.

Energy healers employ various methods such as Reiki, pranic healing, or crystal therapy to cleanse and balance the chakra system. Further, they pinpoint specific blockages and provide insights into the emotional or spiritual aspects contributing to the imbalance. But, a skilled healer will tailor your sessions to work through your unique needs.

Best Sites for Energy Healing in 2024

These are some of the best sites for energy healing that I’ve personally tested and had great results. In case one option doesn’t work, you can try another and see if it’s a better fit. Regardless, these sites are all trustworthy options with affordable introduction packages and legitimate energy healers.

1. Keen — Best Overall for Energy Healing in 2024

Best Sites for Energy Healing in 2024

  • 50+ energy practitioners
  • First 5 minutes for only $1
  • Chat and call sessions
  • Contact healers via email
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Keen is my preferred site because it has two categories for healing, one is for aura cleansing and the other for chakra healing. It’s the only site with these categories and it gives you more than 50 readers to select from. More importantly, you can address any issues in your aura which may be affecting your chakras, and vice versa.

But, I think the biggest plus is Keen’s mail feature which lets you contact healers for free and before booking. I’ve used this feature plenty of times to make sure I felt confident with my healer before I proceeded with a paid session. It’s great because you can give your healer a brief rundown on your situation and make sure they’re equipped to support you.

The regular rates on Keen can get pricey with some healers charging up to $9/min for a session. However, there are plenty of affordable options you can opt for and as a newbie, you’ll get your first 5 minutes for $1. Personally, I feel that even the higher rates can be worth it in some instances because some healers have been on the site since 2001.

2. Psychic Source — Connect With Energy Healers via Chat, Call, & Video

Best Sites for Energy Healing in 2024

  • Explore 90+ energy healers
  • $1/min & 3 minutes free
  • Chat, call, and video readings
  • Extensive search filters
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Getting your healing done on Psychic Source is a great decision because I feel it offers a lot of flexibility. For example, it offers sessions over live chat, call, and video which isn’t always easy to come by. Although I’ve had no issues with healing sessions over call, there’s something about video calls that make the interaction feel more intimate.

I’m always impressed by the selection of healers on Psychic Source because so many are multitalented. Take my healer as an example, she’s a clairvoyant psychic who can see auras and tap into the chakras to send healing. Her clairvoyant abilities have identified the root cause for a lot of my blockages and I’ve felt physical sensations as she heals me.

One thing that may put you off is that you have to buy one of its packages to get the promotional rate and free minutes. But, its packages are worth it because you can get a lengthy healing session without breaking the bank. You’ll get to experience a full session and not walk away feeling disappointed because it was rushed.

3. PathForward — Audio Messages on Profiles to Find Your Ideal Healer

Psychic Source

  • 15+ healers on site
  • $0.83/min + up to 5 free minutes
  • Chat and call readings
  • Audio messages on profiles
  • Peace of mind guarantee

PathForward is a solid platform if it’s your first energy healing session online because of its audio messages. I found it made the selection process much easier when you don’t have the opportunity to meet your healer in advance and in real life. With the audio messages, you can truly get a feel for each healer and let your intuition guide you.

I recommend PathForward when working with a limited budget since it has the best offer for newcomers. You’ll qualify for a rate of $0.83/min and even get up to 5 minutes off. With the money I saved during my first session, I could afford to book more healing sessions in advance. Thanks to this, I saw incredible effects on my chakras and overall healing journey.

Keep in mind that PathForward has a limited selection of healers as there’s only 15+ on the site. However, this can be better when you struggle with decision paralysis since the selection process is much more intimate. Additionally, PathForward has very strict vetting and the small pool of healers is a sign it only accepts the best.

FAQs on Crown Chakra Healing

How can you protect your Crown Chakra?

You can protect your Crown Chakra with grounding practices and energetic shielding. Grounding techniques, such as spending time in nature and meditation can help stabilize and shield this chakra from any psychic attacks. Even things like wearing a baseball cap or headdress while in public can prevent you from picking up unwanted energy.

Additionally, protective crystals like amethyst and saging yourself frequently keep your Crown Chakra clear of negativity. But, the best way to protect this energy center is by maintaining healthy energetic boundaries and being mindful of the energy you allow in your space. Energy vampires and negative environments can be the biggest culprits for issues in this chakra.

Why is my Crown Chakra tingling?

This can indicate heightened spiritual awareness and energy flow. It may signify an activation or opening of the chakra because of a connection to higher states of consciousness. This tingling sensation is a positive sign of energy movement and alignment in the crown chakra, suggesting that you are in tune with your spiritual self.

The tingling can occur during meditation, moments of deep contemplation, or when you are engaged in activities that promote spiritual growth. It’s a signal that your Crown Chakra is responsive and receptive to divine energies. Embrace this sensation as a positive affirmation of your spiritual journey and a sign that you are attuned to higher frequencies.

What’s the meaning of a white Crown Chakra?

It represents purity, divine connection, and the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. When the Crown Chakra appears white, it indicates clarity of thought, profound spiritual insights, and a sense of oneness with the universe. This color chakra can be seen in highly evolved spiritual mentors but it’s not a common occurrence.

While violet is the most spiritually evolved color and also associated with the Crown Chakra, white is the closest to source energy. Ironically, this is why many new souls with little spiritual development often have white auras since they’ve only recently split from source. But, this is different from having a white Crown Chakra since it’s often a sign of enlightenment.

What is a Crown Chakra awakening?

It’s where one becomes more attuned to their spiritual nature and the universal consciousness. During a Crown Chakra awakening, there is an expansion of awareness, leading to a deeper understanding of one’s purpose, connection to higher realms, and the recognition of universal truths.

Those with an underactive Crown Chakra may have more difficulty with this, while those with an overactive chakra can spiral from it. They typically struggle with the lower chakras and as a result, aren’t able to stay grounded after spiritual experiences. While only speculation, some argue this is the cause for mental health illnesses like schizophrenia.

Bottom Line

The Crown Chakra is the energy center that keeps us connected to our pure consciousness and the divine realm. When we get too wrapped up in earthly matters, it’s the energy center that reminds us of our infinite interconnectedness. It’s ultimately what brings us a sense of serendipity, hope, and purpose along our walk through life.

That said, it’s not an easy chakra to master since it requires the complete harmony of every other chakra. And regardless of your experience level, it’s not easy to pinpoint the cause for a misaligned chakra system. The guidance and intuition of an energy healer on Keen can make your healing more streamlined and you can even get 5 minutes of healing for $1.

To summarize, the best sites for energy healing are…

Our Rank Provider Our Rating Review Visit Website

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