Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On December 03, 2022

Know Yourself and Be Yourself with Dana Childs

Know Yourself and Be Yourself with Dana Childs

Dana Childs gives MysticMag a snippet of insight into the Divine Blueprint and how important it is to be in perfect alignment with it. 

What is a Divine Blueprint and what role does it play?

I think of a Divine Blueprint as an architectural outlay of our lives. Before we incarnate, we design it with the help of our Higher Power(s). We are therefore choosing major intersections with others who play important roles, laying out life and death situations, as well as our major evolution opportunities and purpose awakeners. When we’re aligned with this blueprint, things like Deja Vu may be common, but we will also have a sense of peace no matter what is going on within or around us. In addition, a blueprint always leaves room for personal choice and free will, although ultimately it is like the rails beneath the train that keeps it on track. 

What is FEAR and how does it develop in the human psyche?

I think fear is a base survival response that was intended to fuel us for survival. When we have a fear reaction, our life force energy surges into our arms and legs to help propel us and guide us away from harm—the tigers and lions that would have once chased us. The energy leaves the “teamwork” part of our brain and our visceral organs, and leaves behind one single instinct –  survival. 

In these modern days, I think that trauma and tragedy have frozen our fear response, and then our lives atrophy. Vulnerability, for example, is required for intimate connection, and yet when we feel vulnerable, our brains interpret this as fear. So fear is something that can signal us to take stock of where we are and what’s happening in our environment, and yet, in today’s world, sometimes we have to feel the fear and do “it” anyway. 

How important are past lives in your opinion?

I like to frame past lives in two ways—either the idea of reincarnation or the scientific thought of carrying the genes of your previous ancestors. And they matter. They often come up in healing sessions. I don’t like the idea of just exploring or playing in past lives just to “see.” That’s not the purpose. When past lives are explored for healing, it can be profound. So to identify past lives, and to be able to see the link between the past and the present—what the patterns are, where we may be stuck—that’s when we hit the jackpot!

What do you mean by self-awareness and self-responsibility?

When we think of becoming a healer or tapping into our healer selves, we typically think of our energy going outward to help others. But ultimately being your healer self is always about self-healing. When we have self-awareness and are self-responsible, then we start to change. We react less; we don’t take things personally. We have awareness of who we are, and we can choose to be this way always, rather than meeting someone else’s “challenged” energy. When we know how we feel, what our wounds and triggers are, and what lights us up, then we are no longer projecting our pain out into the world. Knowing yourself deeply in all situations and only acting out of the integrity of who you are, shows self-awareness and responsibility.

How would you best describe the help you give others?

I shift perspective, offer more expansive points of view, and offer views filled with grace. But ultimately, I help someone connect to the essence of who they are and they then stop reacting to all the outward triggers around them. I help them align with their Divine Blueprint and own their self-awareness and self-responsibility. When we do that, our whole world spins differently.

Instinct vs intuition? Is there a difference?

Absolutely! Instinct tells you to draw your hand quickly away from the hot stove. Intuition tells you that it’s going to be hot so don’t touch it. While instinct is woven into the fabric of our biology, intuition is woven into the fabric of our spirituality that then connects into our body. I often think intuition can precede instinct if we are open and aware. Instinct, when I see a snake,  is to jump back and probably run. Intuition can warn me that I’m going to see a snake so I’m on the lookout and not as frightened when I see it.

Should we always trust our intuition?

Yes. Absolutely. If you don’t trust your own intuition, then you don’t own your power.

What words of wisdom would you share with us right now?

To be unashamedly yourself. I just wrote a book that will be released August 3rd, 2021. It’s called Chakras, Food, and You. And this little goldmine of a book contains a quiz that tells you what your Chakra Type is—basically what your personality is because of which chakra you hold most of your energy in. 

From there, it’s all about how to select the healthiest foods for exactly your type, as well as how to best exercise and relax, along with spiritual and intuitive exercises. However, the entire premise of the book is to be yourself and not feel like you must follow along with the fads and diets that everyone around you is doing. Know yourself. Then be that in every moment. 


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