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Imaginal Healing and Evolutionary Astrology with Diane Swanson

Imaginal Healing and Evolutionary Astrology with Diane Swanson

We chat with Diane Swanson, Certified, Master Level, Forrest Trained Evolutionary Astrologer, founder of Walela Institute of Imaginal Healing.

“Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (called Walnut Creek, CA) I dreamed of opening a healing center where magical things happened. That was in 2001. I put the vision to paper as a homework assignment given to me by a clairvoyant healer/teacher I was working with. I still have a copy of that assignment, called “My Dream Job”, and I am happy to say the dream has come true.”  

Does psychological and emotional healing have a direct impact on physical healing?

Yes… I absolutely ascribe to this. A study was conducted in the mid-1990’s between the CDC and Kaiser Permanente, on what was labeled Adverse Childhood Experiences, whose subjects were raised in abusive (emotional, psychological and physical) situations or had witnessed trauma such as domestic violence or abandonment. An assessment tool (Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey or ACES) comprised of questions was a result of the study. 

What was discovered through the study is that children, who have been exposed to six or more of these labeled traumas, can potentially experience a decrease in life expectancy of nineteen years, and an increase in adulthood of numerous diseases such as diabetes, COPD, cardio-vascular disease, stroke, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I have been a Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor for thirty years. I incorporated the use of ACES in client treatment plans. Treating trauma is essential to the healing process on every level, including the physical body.

Therefore, the toxic stress from emotional and psychological trauma certainly takes its toll on the body, and as this was a documented study, there is little room for doubt. It has also been found that these children, as adolescents, will have mysterious somatic complaints such as headaches and abdominal pain. 

Why are most of us held hostage by our patterns?

In the practice of Evolutionary Astrology, we not only look at all the planets in a chart, but we take a close look at the two lunar nodes and their planetary rulers. There is a south node, which is the karmic doorway through which we entered this world, and a north node, which is where we are aiming to go in this lifetime for our spiritual evolution. 

The south node has momentum and holds the karmic or emotional memory track from lifetime after lifetime. The south node IS our patterns. Due to the momentum, these patterns are easily unconsciously or subconsciously repeated, resulting in feeling “stuck” or held hostage. If we do not have the tools or conscious self-awareness to understand those patterns, then it is almost as if we are blinded, and hence the repetition. These patterns hold a specific resonance or energetic vibration. It’s as if a client is a tuning fork continuously resonating and attracting the same frequency of experiences and emotional reactions.

Working actively towards the north node and using the awareness and recognition of the south node patterns helps us to break free from the cycle. The ease or difficulty of this happening depends on the karma experienced by the person, and the depth of the pattern. 

What are the primary benefits of Imaginal healing?

Perhaps others have a different approach than I. In 2010, shortly after the planet Pluto had moved into the sign of Capricorn, I was thinking about transformation. I was moving away from certain things in my practice and moving more towards astrology. 

Imaginal healing involves recognizing the patterns and knowing that chaos sometimes precedes transformation. The benefit is that everything is put into perspective. If we are tenacious enough, we come out with our wings, just as a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis after a long and arduous journey. 

On a practical level, I look at the client’s birth chart and I look at the patterns that this soul has come in with. I also look at transits and progressions of the planets to see where the client is in the present time.

I work with flower essences and gem elixirs (each flower and gem or crystal holds its own healing property) to create vibrational remedies which are similar to homeopathy but more subtle. I then formulate personalized remedies to begin to shift the patterning, AKA energetic resonance or vibration. We then work together. A remedy will last for three to four weeks, and after this time we reassess. This is the fundamental premise of vibrational or imaginal healing…dreaming one can emerge from the chrysalis and become a butterfly!

Do you believe self-awareness to be a spiritual remedy?

Absolutely! Kriya yoga taught me this. Conscious self-awareness is a spiritual tool that helps us snap out of victim mentality, in other words, being at cause vs. effect. It allows us to take responsibility for ourselves and our choices, and the consequences of our choices. A lot of people think karma is retribution, but it is simply the result of making a choice. Conscious self-awareness assists us in negating or softening past or present karma so we can evolve and grow psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

How does the word ‘transformation’ resonate with you?

I can refer back to Imaginal healing and the image of the butterfly breaking free. We all have the ability to transform, even if it is harder for some than for others. 

Have you always listened to your inner voice?

No. I had always known from a very young age that I was very psychic and intuitive, but this was cast aside as I was often discounted. I grew up not trusting my intuition. However, as I matured and started working as a counselor and body worker, my abilities became more and more apparent. I would get messages through my hands (clairtangency), for example.

When the planet Neptune transited the sign of Aquarius (a 12-year transit), this was when the biggest shift happened for me. Patterns were brought to my attention, and I realized I needed to  heal. It was a very enlightening cycle in my life and I learnt not only to hear the intuition but to listen to it and pay heed to my prophetic dreams and synchronistic messages, particularly from nature. 

What hope and guidance can you offer for the future based on your wisdom?

Obviously we are living in extremely challenging times on our planet. I believe we are engaged in spiritual warfare that is bigger than any of us could ever have imagined. 

We are already feeling the energy of Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius in 2023. At its highest vibration, Aquarius is the sign of genius, individualism, and humanitarianism. At its lowest vibration it is madness, craziness, shock and trauma. We will be challenged with how to maintain our individuality, freedom and sovereignty with what will benefit all sentient beings, as well as the right use of technology including artificial intelligence.

To navigate these energies we need to hold a vibration of love vs fear and inclusion vs divisiveness. By recognizing the resonance we are vibrating at, through conscious self-awareness, we have a choice to create a future where all sentient beings are respected, free, loved and taken care of.

Aquarius also demands we honor our own unique path and gifts, and we allow others to do the same. Consider that “weird” is just another word for “genius”, and that psychic, intuitive, empathic and sensitive folks (including our children) are not crazy!

In short, honor thyself, stay in control of your own mind by practicing equanimity and grounding, love one another, expect the unexpected, and believe that what seems impossible now could be possible. If you wish to learn more about Imaginal healing or schedule a consultation, contact me via my website at www.walelahealinginstitute.com or [email protected]


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