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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On October 07, 2022

Do Crystal Ball Readings Still Exist in 2022?

Do Crystal Ball Readings Still Exist in 2022?


If you are new to psychic readings, you might be picturing an old lady in a dark room, dressed in lots of shawls and beads, sitting in front of a crystal ball. Your visuals are not entirely wrong – most psychic readings had this setup, particularly in the past.

But what about modern psychic readings?

Are tools such as crystal balls just for theatrics or are they still used? This blog will tell you what you need to know.

Do Crystal Ball Readings Still Exist?

The short answer is yes, crystal ball readings do still exist. Just like some psychics use tarot, angel cards, numerology, or other tools to perform readings, others use crystal balls to provide clients with guidance.

How Crystal Ball Readings Work

While crystal ball readings do exist, they don’t quite work in the way you’ve seen in movies and on television. They’re not screens that project clear images of people, or future events. It’s way more abstract than that.

As with all psychic tools, each reader brings their own method and style to it. With crystal balls, some readers use them as a focal point for meditation and tapping into the energy that channels visions with answers to your questions. Think of the ball as their link between the physical and spiritual world.

So then what’s with all the gazing?

Some psychics deliver answers and predictions by interpreting the reflections and shadows that the ball casts.

This is why different readers prefer different environments and lighting. Depending on your energy, they decide what environment is needed in order for the ball to reveal your future. This might mean the psychic needs an open and sunny room, or maybe a dim room with only candlelight. I have even seen a reader submerge their crystal ball in water to deliver a reading based on the reflection and refraction the ball experiences in the water.

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What to Ask During a Crystal Ball Reading

While you can ask yes or no questions, crystal ball readings are actually best for more nuanced questions. Tarot is great for yes or no readings because the cards can have straightforward meanings.

Crystal balls are not nearly as straightforward as tarot and are generally considered to be a difficult tool to work with.

So think abstract – ask things like:

  1. What kind of happiness will the new season bring for me?
  1. How do I prevent my past experiences from impacting my future?
  1. Is there someone in my inner circle that can’t be trusted?
  1. What advancements will my career bring in the next 6 months?

You can expect every crystal ball reader to be different from the rest. The very size and shape of the crystal they’re using will be unique too. That’s why I recommend meeting with more than one reader and comparing their responses. If you see a common theme emerge across their interpretations, then you can assume you’ve landed on gifted readers, and that their predictions for the future are credible.

Top 3 Sites for Crystal Ball Readings

1. Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics has over 70 highly rated psychic readers on the site. And while they don’t have a crystal ball reading filter, it’s easy enough to find out which psychics use crystal balls as a tool during their readings via their profiles. New users on Keen Psychics get their first 3 minutes free.

2. Psychic Source

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a great site for video crystal ball readings. You can also filter psychics according to your preferred tool, with crystals being one of the available options. You’ll find that the site is home to over 35 talented crystal readers who you can consult with at an introductory rate of $1 per minute.

3. Kasamba


Kasamba is a veteran psychic reading site that is home to some of the best psychics across the globe. You’ll find over 40 advisors on the site that specialize in crystal ball readings, with high ratings from thousands of customer reviews.

If you’re a new user on Kasamba you’ll have the option to get your first reading at a 70% discount, plus the first 3 minutes are for free.

Bottom Line

Once you move away from the theatrical idea of crystal ball readings that the media has forced upon us, you might come to realize that this tool actually offers a great opportunity for you to find answers to those more abstract questions. 

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