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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On June 06, 2023

Exploring the Psychic World with Echo Bodine

Exploring the Psychic World with Echo Bodine

This week, we are introducing Echo Bodine – a world renowned teacher of psychic development and spiritual healing. We talked in-detail about her career, expectations of her customers and what she loves about her work.

When did you first realize that you had a psychic gift and what was your inspiration to pursue a career as a psychic reader?

It all started when one of my brothers saw a ghost in our house, which led my mom to call a psychic. This happened when I was a senior in high school. The psychic said that this happened for an important reason, and she wanted to see my mother and me for a psychic reading. This was back in 1965, people did not talk a lot about this back then, so it was very new to us.

We went to see that psychic a week later, and she told my mother that she would be a well-known psychic and that my brother, sister, and I would come into our psychic gifts later. I went in for my reading and was told that I was born with all four psychic abilities, which I should first develop and proceed with teaching others how to develop their abilities. She also mentioned that a teacher would be coming along to help us develop our abilities.

Six weeks later, we got a call from a psychic saying that her spirit guides gave her our names along with four other people and told her to teach us how to develop our abilities. She gave us her address and suggested that we attend the classes in her home.

I had a lot of resistance to this. I did not want to grow up to be psychic, I wanted to be a social worker. I had already been accepted to go to the University of Minnesota. I went to college for a few years, I had many jobs, but the whole time my psychic abilities were getting stronger and stronger.

I had been in a bad car accident, at that time I was a barber for about four years and I could not keep my arms up the whole day, cutting hair. My doctor told me that I had to find a new career, my neck, and my back could not handle it. I was really angry. Again, I didn’t want to become a psychic, I wanted to be a “normal” person.

It was 1979 when I finally accepted my abilities, I had to go through a lot, mentally and emotionally to finally come out of the closet. It was a long journey for me. My job now is to teach young psychics how to get through the same humps I went through in the beginning. I actually wrote a small handbook called “Things I Wish I’d Known When I Got Started: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Professional Psychic”, available on my website.

What is the most popular reading that customers are looking for and what are the most common concerns that they are interested in?

Back in the old days, people came in with simple questions such as: “when am I going to meet Mr. Right?” or “am I going to win the lottery?”. Over the years, the questions have gotten much deeper. Health is probably the most common one, followed closely by career. A lot of people want to know what their past lives were.

What can a person expect from a reading?

Many people are coming with concerns about their health. I have a gift of healing, I can see if someone’s house is haunted. Clients can expect to get the answers that they need to have, not necessarily the ones they want to have. Whatever information comes, that’s what I share with them.

What do you love most about your profession?

I like helping people. Even when I give people the answers they did not expect, they are grateful for it. That’s what I love.

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

Some people are easy to read. They are open, they really want to hear the truth. When people work with me, the readings go really well. Some people are fighting me, trying to put up blocks. Sometimes I get someone who wants to know their future is wonderful, but they are not doing anything to create a wonderful future.

Some people try to control the reading by the way they word their questions. Others try sending very strong vibes about the answers they want.  They have to understand that I’m going to give them the information that I get. I’m not going to give them false information just because it makes them happy.

What do you hope people take away from working with you? Do you have any special message for our readers in these difficult times?

I hope that people get a better understanding of psychic gifts. A true psychic is going to tell them what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. We aren’t just fortune-tellers who are going to be entertaining. A true  psychic is someone who has worked on their gifts, often for many years, before doing this work for a living.

When you are picking a psychic, I would suggest that you do two things: do your research about the psychic and ask your intuition if this person is a good fit for you. If you get a weird gut feeling about them, don’t go. If you get a referral from a friend, ask them how the psychic works and what their specialty is so that you know what you’re walking into. Psychics work differently, so it’s important to know. People assume we can all see auras or ghosts, the future or the past. Health, career, relationship problems, etc. but we do not. Always trust your gut when going to a psychic to make sure they are right for you.

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