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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

Tune In, Tap In and Turn On - with Eddie Conner

Tune In, Tap In and Turn On - with Eddie Conner

I had the huge pleasure of chatting with Eddie Conner from Soul Intuitive, who shared fragments of his soul journey, and life experiences. After our interview, I was super privileged to have been given the opportunity of having a reading with Eddie, which quite literally blew my socks off!

Eddie, what was your first experience with your spirit guides and did you understand it at the time?

My parents had a very volatile relationship, and my father was a total sadist. I was almost four when I had my first experience with spirits. My father came home one day and started attacking my mother who was eight months pregnant at the time with my third brother. My mother pushed me out of the way of my father, and as she did this, a little girl pulled me under the table. The little girl and I were huddling together under the table while my father continued to kick my mother. I was just praying for it to stop. 

When it eventually did, my father left the house and I turned to the little girl, but she was no longer there. I crawled out from under the table and sat with my unconscious mother just hoping and praying that everything would be okay. Then a light appeared in the kitchen and enveloped my mother. I could feel the light, as if it were love. I could see angels coming down through the light and they told me everything was going to be fine. I immediately felt safe and a sense of peace came over me. The angels left, then the light faded and my mum came to. The baby and my mother were fine, and my father was arrested shortly thereafter, having robbed a grocery store. We never saw him again! The little girl who was with me under the table was my twin sister (a miscarriage my mother had prior to my birth). 

How do you reach out to your spirit guides when in need? 

I don’t wait until I’m in need to connect. I walk around in a perpetual state of asking and receiving. This way my vibrations stay high so when I do have a wobble, it takes me almost no time at all to get back on track, connect and ask for help. Because I walk around in this perpetual state of thanksgiving, appreciation, and gratitude, and I’m a lover of beauty and aesthetics, I am, as Abraham Hicks would say, “tuned in, tapped in and turned on” to that stream almost ALWAYS.  

Spirit guides, angels, soul group, spirit messengers: One and the same thing?

We are indoctrinated into calling ‘them’ all sorts of different things. They are all the same group of beings, just with different names. Some of them have never lived in a physical body and many of them have. These beings have raised their vibrations and awareness so as when they go back to Spirit they will be an oversoul for humans or an oversoul for oversouls helping humans. It is a wonderful pool of vibrations, energies and consciousness. 

How do you define the ‘Divine Plan’ and convince the skeptics of this world?

From what I have learnt from my readings, the Divine Plan, in my opinion, is that we are all here to summon as much of our invisible, non-physical, pure, positive energy as possible while we are in these bodies, and to live our life as closely as possible to that ‘soul knowing’, ‘soul awareness’ or ‘expanded consciousness’ so that everything we touch, say, see or meet is imbued with that frequency. I never try to turn a skeptic, or even do readings for them. It is a waste of time and I abhor confrontation.

What affinities do you have with Peru particularly?

I LOVE Peru. I was watching a film called Resurrection in 1980 and I had never heard of Peru until then. One scene in the film made me sit back in my chair and cry.  I remember that I knew I had been there before, and I knew I was going to go there again. 

So my affinity with Peru is really that I know I have lived there before, in parallel lives. It is one of the purest, highest frequency places on Earth to visit, that helps you sift out the good stuff from your bad. I am drawn to it firstly, on a heart and soul level, then on a conscious level. We now go in groups on a total spiritual pilgrimage and the spiritual and emotional outcome for most people is incredible.  

Please tell us how you work with clients and what one can expect from a session with Eddie?

The first thing I do when someone comes to me for a reading is ask them their birth name and birth date. I use that information and their voice to tune into their energy as this is their unique frequency, their soul signature that nobody else possesses. I then ask upfront what areas they want me to tune into specifically. This usually involves love, career or finance. It is a beautiful soul intuitive integration of your soul and your human self and you marry the two together so that people are able to access a deeper awareness. I ask them what their intention is, and this usually concerns clarity, peace of mind or direction. I start with a prayer and then we dive into the areas being asked about; their angels, teachers and spirit guides all come in and they start unravelling the necessary information, which I then share with the client. 

What advice do you have for the world in general?

Never before on Earth have we had so much oppression, negativity and brainwashing. Since April last year, there have been over 2.1 billion commercials on TV alone, telling us about COVID. My advice right now with this oppressive energy, is to deliberately choose to look at, feel, daydream, see, pretend or think about higher thoughts, feelings and frequencies so as not to get sucked into the depression, poverty, insecurity and sadness. They have immersed us into a life or death darkness.

Send light to and through you and send it out to the world, walk around with your heart filled up, keep asking for that beautiful exchange of energy. Be grateful, show appreciation and gratitude, because that is love, and love is what connects you to Source. Keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies as high and as pure as you possibly can and this will draw love, like-minded, honest and integrous people to you. 

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