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Embrace Your Spirituality with Elaine Somerville

Embrace Your Spirituality with Elaine Somerville

Elaine Somerville is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master. She uses her gifts to help you in turn, discover your gifts and incorporate them into your life. This can help you connect to spirit, empowering you to realise your potential to manifest what it is you want. Her mission is to help people embrace their spirituality and become spiritually rich.

Would you describe mediumship as a science?

Yes, mediumship is a science as it is the science of the mind and how we can all connect in many ways and on various levels of understanding. The mind is very intricate when you delve into it and so can mediumship be when you expand your awareness for the unfoldment.

How old were you when you had your first experience with Spirit?

Well I do have a memory of being in my cot and pointing to a bright light that I seemed to ‘connect’ with, and basically accepted whatever it was with no fear. I’d say that it was more just an awareness of something but I didn’t know what, at that young age. I do remember feeling love and happiness.
At age eight or nine, I remember I used to talk to myself in my head but I would also answer and the answers would be right; like who I would bump into or who would be around the corner, so my guide or higher self. Through this time I would be ‘seeing’ people and things but would mistakenly think they were ghosts.
I remember at school, a friend told me her gran had passed the night before and I described her even though I had never seen or met the woman: I was ‘seeing’ her. I didn’t question it out loud but I remember just wondering ‘what??’ I couldn’t find an answer, so put it to one side.

Do you feel that you had a calling from very early on?

I would have to say yes, as looking back I was looking or searching for something more, always in churches of different denominations. I would go to Sunday school from an early age, church clubs and any events churches put on. At one of the churches I went to (a pentecostal church) I enjoyed the singing and one of the people that ran the church would have a get together at their home and they would play guitar and we would all sing along and have snacks.
I loved the connection I felt when I was in a church. Any church just hearing about God gave me that feeling of something bigger and mightier than us, and it would give me the feeling of having somewhere better to go to when I died.
I felt this once I connected with spiritualism though it was never about the religion of any of the churches, it was the spiritual side and gradually through visiting spiritualist churches it began to make sense when I would ‘hear’ and ‘see’.

Is mediumship a tool to deal with the grief of a lost one?

I believe there are many ways to deal with grief, and mediumship is one of them. As a medium I don’t look at mediumship as a ‘tool’ but I suppose if I wasn’t a medium or had abilities and looking to deal with grief, I would consider it a way that I might want to explore, so I think it depends on your perspective.

What has been your most ‘extraordinary’ experience with mediumship?

I have so many but two really stand out for me:
I was in Vancouver and one of the events was a church service. When I was on my way, I sensed someone with me and as I stepped onto the platform I could sense his presence with me straight away. For my first connection with him, he made himself known for a Japanese man sitting in the audience. It turned out to be his father and he made it known to me he was a captain in the Japanese army and had been involved in Pearl Harbour. I conveyed the message and the man was tearful but thankful.
After the event, while having a coffee, the man came to me with his daughter and his daughter translated that they had come from Japan for a week to visit as many spiritualist churches as possible as he had been wanting to hear from his father for many years but had not.
That particular church wasn’t on their list of churches to visit, but somehow they noticed the sign while driving past in the taxi and asked to stop as they felt an overwhelming urge to come in. The man had been waiting a long time and I think that was their second last day in the country. Finally his father made the connection and the message couldn’t have come at a better time for him. He was tearful with thanks and so grateful. I felt blessed to have been able to make that connection for him.

Another time a lady contacted me to ask for a reading. It was the day before Xmas eve and I had planned to go last-minute xmas shopping. However, I agreed, and she said evening would be better but could she confirm a little later on. The evening came and she arrived explaining she had come across me on the internet and felt she wanted to see me so she had boarded a bus from London and travelled for a few hours to Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England. (She had actually been travelling when she had contacted me).
In her reading some of the guidance was to move homes and she would meet the man she would spend the rest of her life with. On New Year’s Eve a week later, I received a text from the lady to tell me she was at the airport awaiting her flight home…home was Mauritius…4 months later she contacted me to say she had been in church praying and wondered when she would meet her future partner.
She sat on a bench outside and a man sat next to her and they passed the time of day. She went home and her mother told her she had invited a friend for lunch and she was bringing her son as he was home from the Seychelles where he worked….the lady arrived with her son and it was the man she had been talking to outside the church. I was invited to their wedding 7 months later. They continue to live happily and I have contact with them as they continue to receive readings and reiki from me.
These are just a couple of times where I have been amazed at what mediumship can do for people by putting them on the right path, bringing healing and fulfilment for the future.

Are you able to contact spirits of your choice, or do they rather choose to visit you?

It depends. Usually the person making contact with me is usually the one the client has wanted to hear from. However, sometimes I can contact the spirits I choose.

Should we all use crystals in our daily lives, and if so how do they benefit us?

I don’t believe crystals are necessary in daily life, though for some it can be a necessity. For example rose quartz can be a necessity for those who struggle with self love, so carrying or holding a piece daily would benefit them.
I’ve had a time in my past relating to grief when I had a period of almost no self love and all negative thinking. A friend recommended I make an altar almost, of a candle surrounded by pink crystals, which I did. I kept the candle alight and replaced it regularly and it did work as my self love and confidence was boosted.
Unless you are working with crystals on a full time basis, I don’t feel there is a need to know the properties of each and every crystal, just pick the ones that resonate with you at that time.
I do have a variety of crystals at home and have gifted my son and daughter crystals for specific reasons over the years and they have kept them.

What are your views on the ‘afterlife’?

My thoughts are that the afterlife is a place of blissfulness, subtle hues of pastel colours with a brightness to each one, with never ending lightness and pure peace.
When we pass over, the same as on earth, we can choose to expand ourselves at a slower or faster rate.

What advice do you have for people who think they may have psychic and mediumship abilities?

Explore and discover what abilities you have. Discovering your abilities will bring you so much joy and you will also be surprised at how much guidance for yourself you can gain as your spirit grows.
I am a firm believer in personal growth alongside developing mediumship abilities. If you develop abilities for yourself to connect to your loved ones then greater awareness for others will come. Keep the ego or the mind out of it and the potential and possibilities in your life for you are endless. GO FOR IT!

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